Second Generation Garmin Phone Coming To T-Mobile?


While the tech world watches Las Vegas this week for any surprise mobile tech new,s the depths of the FCC contain secrets. For those of us who are T-Mobile faithful, seeing the phrase “AWS” in a FCC doc always makes our eyes widen. Though in this case, given the mega-fail of the first Garmin phone with AT&T I’m not so sure we shouldn’t just look at this and move on. Asustek, maker of the Garmin Nuvifone for AT&T has something brewing with 1700/2100 MHz on board. We should mention that while 3 or 4 months ago this might have excited us more, now we face the reality that with Wind mobile out of Canada also using AWS frequencies not everything passing through the FCC with 1700/2100 on board will be coming stateside. More to the point is that Asustek needs to come out with something impressive in order to release memories of their first go around.

With CES at hand, perhaps we’ll learn more this week.