@Home No Longer To Be Sold For Your Home


Previously, BoyGenius Report informed us that T-Mobile would be discontinuing their T-Mobile@Home Service, due to Magenta not profiting off the service. Today, thanks to one of our trusty tipsters, we can confirm this “rumor”. T-Mobile states that it has halted future investment in the @Home service. Current @Home customers will not be affected and will still be able to use the service. T-Mobile claims that it will continue to support and service @Home, meaning that T-Mobile will continue to sell the remaining inventory to customers.

Do you think this was a good decision on T-Mobile’s part? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • tmogeek

    Great, now lets move onto the femtocells that they are already using in mall kiosks and multi-line business accounts.

  • Dia

    I understand, for economic reasons, and now that T Mobile has unlimited plans, the service seems silly. Except for when you take into account the idea that it can ease up their bandwith usage, and also for people that have poor or no reception in the home, but do have wifi. I still use it when I’m in my parents basement for instance, where the reception is terrible, but no problem over their wifi. Guess I’m just going to have to keep my Samsung Catalyst.

  • frenchy99

    I hope that does not mean they will discontinue UMA also

  • mbear

    As always folks are confusing @Home phone service with phone-based UMA.

    @Home is the custom T-Mobile router for plugging home phones into for $10/month unlimited service.

    UMA is the WiFi-based voice-over-the-internet technology integrated into a number of T-Mobile phones, including all of their current BlackBerries.

    Now, T-Mobile has done an appallingly bad job of branding these, to the extent even T-Mobile is often unsure what to call which, but they are different things and only one is going away at this time.

    FWIW, I’ve used the @Home service since it came out and been very pleased with it. After not having a landline for many years it was nice to have a house phone again, a number I could give out and not be called wherever I was, that houseguests could use when I wasn’t there etc. It beats the pants off the $40 & $50 plans from my local telco & still undercuts the bundled ‘double-play’ & ‘triple-play’ offers by at least $20/month ($480 savings over 2 years? Hell yeah!)

    I’m sorry to see new @Homes being discontinued, but not surprised. T-Mobile struggled mightily how to present it to customers, and failed miserably at it. Great concept, good product, everyone involved in marketing it should be forever unemployable afterward.

    • Tim

      mbear’s comment should be used for the body of the blog post. I’ve enjoyed having the @home service as well since it was simply the cheapest way to have a landline at home. Service has been fine, we use the phone occasionally. I understand why they’re dumping it though, it didn’t really seem to take off. Hopefully they really will continue to support current customers for as long as they want to use it.

      It costs money because T-Mobile has to has to make the connection from internet to a real phone. It’s comparable to services like Vonage.

    • Joseph Singer

      You hit the reason why @home never worked. T-Mobile in their own “wisdom” decided to call the service practically the same as another non-related service. They did the same thing with T-Zones.

    • Bill48105

      @mbear Exactly! Great product, HORRIBLE naming & marketing. It’s clear by the comments whenever @Home comes up that many people have no clue & I’ve posted comments in here before about how even TMo reps can be lost when talking about @Home vs WiFi@Home or UMA or Hotpot@Home or the numerous other names for the often confused services. Hopefully TMo will keep the HiPort adapters available for awhile for existing customers & tech savvy people who wish to throw a SIM in when needed (very handy when you have a poor signal & have high-speed internet or ::COUGH:: ::COUGH:: when you need to make calls ::COUGH:: from outside the ::COUGH:: US) Honestly I believe a big reason TMo is canning @Home & UMA WiFi@Home is their loss of control of where you make calls from and it’s huge potential for abuse. I mean ship an active sim & HiPort adapter to another country & voila they are ‘on’ the US Tmo network and can make unlimited calls to all Tmo customers & anyone during N&W. I fear that at some point they’ll ban all HiPort adapters & UMA-capable phones just to eliminate that. Very sad because both are very handy and have very legitimate uses. But TMo needs to get a femtocell on the market like yesterday if they’re dumping these services.

  • Want2CBetter

    I don’t understand the ‘losing money’ part. All Tmo does is sell the customer a wifi router that has the ability to plug a regular phone in it. Then the phone runs off of the customer’s internet connection. Maybe i’m missing something, but where’s the cost? Cable companies offer this service as do others….. if there is really a need, double the cost and Tmo will still only be charging $20/month – a bargain compared to local phone service.

    I think the true issue here is that they can get more money for the company if that line is a cell phone instead of an unlimited home phone line.

    • vikingfan45

      magic jack my friend lol…. in every best buy in America.

      • Viper

        Magic Jack? Seriously? I’m not leaving my computer on all day and all night if I want to receive calls over that thing. Though my router/modem I am much more apt to leave on – doesn’t draw as much electricity

      • jtomm

        ooma, my friend. ~$200 upfront and free domestic calling (incl. call waiting, caller id, 911, and vm)forever.

      • Bill48105

        Magic Jack works but is a joke until they support # porting and don’t require a stupid USB dongle that requires a computer being left on 24×7. Their software has annoying ads & gets in the way every time a call comes in or someone even picks up the phone. Yeah there are hacks to help or some people just use a spare computer dedicated to MJ but in this day & age they should be kicked in the nads for pushing a product that promotes wasting power like that. If they let you (officially) use a VOIP adapter like vonage etc then my biggest gripes about MJ would go away but until then it’s a toy 1 step above Skype.

        ooma sounds good until you think about it. First, $200 up front is same as 2 years prepaid on voipo so with a 2 year break-even point odds are you think “chock one up for ooma” then you realize that if your ooma box dies you’re SOL & you need to spend another $200 (or whatever the current price is). Voipo just sends you a replacement adapter. Or with @Home you could (at least for the time being) buy one from TMo or buy one off ebay for $20. Second is that the so-called ‘free’ ooma service is really crippled & they try to force you to buy the extras which can really add up. Third, ooma started charging taxes/fees (as required by law so no shocker) so you can’t really say it’s free. And please don’t say forever either. Forth, ooma seems to love changing what is included. For all you know next month they’ll decide voicemail or caller id isn’t included. They’ve already changed things & luckily changed back after enough people complained but don’t believe for a second they won’t try it again. Anyway to me the biggest drawback is you’re playing the odds that the equipment won’t need to be replaced. If it breaks every 2 years you’re about even but if it broke yearly you’d be crying.

        Plus @Home gave you free TMo M2M minute which meant if you called your family cells you didn’t waste THEIR minutes. That could be really huge for some people. With MJ, ooma, voipo, vonage or any voip line you might get unlimited calling on that line but you waste their minuts vs picking up your TMo cell & calling with that. Something to be said about TMo @Home and definitely a great feature that’ll be missed since there is no real substitute aside from perhaps adding a line & having a cell linked by bluetooth to a XLink box that has your cordless phones plugged into it, assuming you have a good signal. Of course call quality isn’t as good and you might need unlimited plan but if you did then just put the SIM in an @Home HiPort adapter and use it like @Home anyway. (That is partly why I hope TMo keeps selling them even if the service isn’t officially offered otherwise we’ll be forced to ebay & hope the stock lasts)

    • mike

      if you (you = someone with @Home) are calling from your @home line, to a person with a regular phone line, or even a cell phone, that voip call has to terminate on the POTS (plain ole telephone service) phone network, aka the PSTN (publicly switched phone network) which costs t-m-mobile money. they do not own the phone lines, they pay “ma bell” , or whoever is the LEC, ILEC, or CLEC in the area, (local, incumbent, or competitive – exchange carrier, respectively), to terminate those calls and rout them to their destination.

      It’s not free. Additionally, even voip to voip isn’t free, internet bandwidth does cost money, and so does the addition of capacity t-mobile may have had to add to provide good service for @home to work, perhaps they didn’t get a good ROI (return on investment).

      • Bill48105

        Yes what you say is true but you mean to tell me connecting @Home calls costs TMo more than calls made on their cell network if you used a tower instead? I’d sooner say any cell carrier (esp ATT who’s network is getting beat to hell by iphone users) would love to move traffic off towers to the customer’s internet connection! (What do you think the push for femtocells & wifi hotspots is for??) Yes @Home costs TMo money but come on TMo should be begging every one of their customers to have an @Home line, heck even give many away for free to people who make tons of calls from their home tower(s). It boils down to poor marketing by TMo and failing to understand the pros/cons of the service let alone filling in the sales/support staff on why @Home is win win had it been done right.

  • brian1966

    I would not have TMO hotspot@home if my signal did not continuiously drop. But if they are going to upgrade the towers so that dosent happen then by all means nix the hotspot@home service. Also TMO please bring on the 3G roll out :-)

  • trdjohn

    I lived in a sort of dead spot for TMobile cell coverage in suburban Chicago so I subscribed to the @Home and 2 months after I signed the 2 yr contract they put a cell tower literally 1.5 blocks away in a park. So I went from weak 1 bar, to 4 bars in my concrete bunker of condo. I had even checked their upcoming coverage maps before signing up, but no dice on letting me out of contract. Prolly have used less than 1000 minutes over 1.5 yrs. Seems to be a good service, but definitely dropping it in June. On the bright side I did get my Nexus today!

  • vikingfan45

    @ home was the worst idea ever. Can you guys honestly believe that t-mobile put that product out there to go against AT&T/COMCAST or the all powerful MAGICJACK. NO the only reason they released that product was to try and reduce CHURN that is it. Lets think about it if you have a home phone chances are your going to keep your service instead of just dropping the early termination fee and heading for the hills. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in conclusion @ HOME = FAIL

    HURRY UP AND GET THE HTC HD2 t-mobile…………………………(not knocking the nexus lovers) lol

    • colinnwn

      AT&T & Comcast charge between $20-40 monthly for home phone even with bundled discounts. That is $5-25 more per month than @home. Magicjack has terrible customer service and requires you to keep your computer on 24/7 with buggy software running, probably costing $10 per month in electricity.

      @home failure was purely a marketing problem on selling more, and support problem between them and Linksys regarding the problems a decent number of users had. But as far as cost competitive VOIP, I know of nothing in the same class, except maybe Ooma.

  • Garmhy

    Yeah im not surprised they aren’t profiting from that, they need to focus on getting the best handsets, thats what todays market is about. Why would you still be considering the HD2? well never mind…different strokes for different folks.

    • vikingfan45

      like the SENSE UI i think it will cover up ugly windows mobile operating system… plus the screen is huge lol lots of video’s will be on my device…

  • Bryan

    Glad to see it go. It has been a lot of trouble for employees since it relies on the customer to set up the router with their existing broadband internet connection. From what I have seen in store T-Mobile is loosing money simply having to provide tech support for the setup. The problems are not with the service itself but due to relying on broadband internet providers (ATT and Comcast in my area).

    Employees dont want to sell it since the commission is to small to be worth dealing with customers setup issues.

    It has always been an odd product for a cell phone company with no wireline division to be selling.

    • joe

      I agree and a big problem was always needing the hi speed internet and service with T-Mobile. Lots of people interested but not shelling out the money for the required services. Not worth the hassle for most of the customers I’ve seen…

  • RoyWentz

    Want2CBetter, the cost is in the fact that the product has a very high rate of failure, and the poor, non-tech savvy saps that were sold the service based on price alone clog up hours upon hours of resources on the phone with customer care to keep it working. In the first few months of the service’s life, hold times were literally HOURS for the @Home department.

    As an employee, this is the best New Years gift ever! I don’t think I’ve met an employee who would recommend it if management wasn’t riding our backs about it.

  • erbal210

    Oh @home you were such a great concept at COMPLETELY the wrong time lol.

    I am a TMO dealer and all of our employees had the same feeling when it was annouced to us that we were gonna have to sell this service:


    I mean good price, great call quality, but honestly…why?

    I do have the service myself but I am not sad to see it go as a dealer.

  • ItsMANgenta

    I am friggin GITTY that T-Mo is finally getting rid of this service and all of its lackluster! UMA unfortunately to say will be on its way out as well pretty soon. Inside info.

  • Oce

    Just told a friend today about @home service and he was ready to leave Verizon and sign up for Tmobile. He gets little to no signal at his home with The “V” which is his primary line. Now what?

    • mike

      if he has wifi in his house, tell him to get a blackberry to utilize the uma feature with tmobile. If u dont know what uma is, its technology that uses a wifi signal to boost cell phone signal

    • Bill48105

      Psst. For your buddy with poor signal you can put any active TMo SIM in an @Home adapter and make calls over the internet (as in no wireless signal required) so even if you have to buy one off ebay you can use it long after it’s no longer officially available. But remember your usage will be the same as if the call was placed on the cell (as in using daytime minutes during day, N&W at night, M2M or even Faves if your plan has it vs unlimited calling if it was true @Home service) I’d assume even after it’s no longer available TMo reps should let you activate a fresh SIM on the $10/m unlimited option but you never know they might grandfather it so only existing customers can get true unlimited @Home service. So anyway if your buddy has a poor signal he can either deal with hassle of swapping sim’s between cell & @Home adapter or just add-a-line & use that SIM in it “at home” ;)

  • mike

    this was long over due

  • Shane

    I agree with all the other dealers. This will not be missed. I live in a mainly flexpay based area, and they were not even eligible for the service which made it a hassle you hope the customer doesn’t notice or ask about then a great product everyone should want. Good riddance.

  • Shane


    All stores are still allowed to sell through there current stock. It just won’t be replenished.

  • nutzareus

    Cool, I should be able to pick up a backup router at closeout prices. I’m using T-Mobile@Home currently, sent Vonage to the curb.

  • here777

    Have this “@home” service. It is very good. It is keeping us with T-mobile.

    But ironically, months ago, TMO would not allow us to have “Loyalty Plan” solely because we had @Home. Must make sense to them, makes no sense to me. Am beginning to explore other phone companies…

    • Bill48105

      We moved our Vonage line to @Home and were very happy to save the money even though call quality seemed lower. ($10/m vs $25/m) And it was an added bonus that it was all on 1 bill & saved us a few cell minutes since it is on TMo’s M2M network. We recently added a voipo.com line (it’s part of HostGator) and although the Linksys adapter isn’t as cool & slick looking as the TMo HiPort adapter we definitely noticed better call quality than @Home & @ $8/month when prepaid for a year it’s a steal. Now that TMo is dumping @Home odds are we’ll follow suit & move our @Home line to voipo once our contract ends. We’d lose out on TMo M2M calling but we rarely call from the @Home line to each others cell anyway so no huge loss there since we don’t know anyone else with TMo service. And odds are if TMo doesn’t fix the dead zones around us & finally get the numerous GPRS-only towers upgraded ASAP we’ll be shopping for new cell service too.

    • coloradogray

      If I was a gambling man, I would guess the issue was because you have a family plan. There was a long standing issue there adding the @Home service to any Unlimited family plan because they couldn’t get the extra line priced correctly.
      Not that it matters much moving forward, but this was resolved with the even more/even more plus plans.

      • Bill48105

        Heck if he was on unlimited family plan they shoulda just given him an @Home line for free! It’d cut down tower usage & make the customer happy. :)

  • tmobile employee

    Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!i hated selling this forsaken product, out managers would hound us to sell this bs to customers, who are too dumb to read the manual, returning it saying it didnt work and they never even tried to set the f*cker up. They would make us hound people at the bill payment machine “hey you want @home?” it got returned every time, you have no idea how annoying it is to be pushed to sell a sucky product that was reliant on comcast or at&t and we couldnt support, we sometime had to go to customers houses to install this stuff just to get it to work so it wouldnt get returned. thank god for the end of this era, phewwwwwwww also the worst part about it is that if a customer had a loyalty family plan 89.99 they could not get the @home and i wasted 20 minutes trying to sell it convinced them to buy it, then for activations to tell me sorry get them to get rid of thier loyalty so they can get@home and they would never do it.

  • skyler L

    We use the @Home service at our house and I really like it. I don’t think that we can get a much cheaper phone bill than we have. I hope that Tmo never discontinues the service completely, cause I can’t see us going to any other type of wired phone system.

  • B

    Well if it was unprofitable for T-Mobile, then you can’t say this is a stupid move. I don’t personally know anyone who used it either. It’s been around long enough to make a solid decision either way with the service, and I guess they are going with the best business decision.

  • Are we talking @Home as the landline or Hotspot@Home as the UMA? We need to stop getting this confused please, they’re not the same.

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know Tmobile is REALLY pissing me off lately. First I can’t get a Nexus One because they won’t let me keep my old plan (or atleast let me switch back to my grandfather plan even though I can switch to any other plan they offer) and now they get rid of @home service. I just picked it up not even a few months back to help cut down my landline bill (still have it because the number has been with me since 2000 and the kids use it a lot). To top it all off Tmobile made me sign a 2 year contract for the service even though I already owned the equipment (which was given to me by a family member who didn’t care for the service). So…. not only did I have to sign a 2 year contract (I wanted only a 1 yr since I owned the router already but Tmobile said no) if anything happends to my router your telling me I may be stuck in a contract but the chances are I may not be able to replace what I have? What happends when they are out of product? Are they going to still help the customer or just say screw you your outta luck… now you must cancel the service??? I really wish Tmobile would make up their minds. Heck just before I signed up for the service they were giving people $200 just to port your number over. Not only did they just give out free money which they could have used on bringing us (BETTER PHONES SOONER??)…. what a joke Tmobile… you can bet you’ll hear from me tomorrow! I am sick of playing games… I want a reliable phone service no someone who may not be here tomorrow and the way your going its going to be that way. If I was dutch telekom Id probably start the bidding… because your a waste of time and money.

  • JBLmobileG1

    On an added note… how come EVERY plan that I own with Tmobile is no longer avalible anymore? I mean I have been with Tmobile since 2004 but its as if every plan or product they offer is only around for a limited time. I have MyFavs (gone) $24.99 Android Unlimited Web with 400 Messages (gone). A kid connect plan for $19.99 a month with 50 mins unlimited m2m and weekends (gone) and now the @home service for $9.99…. gone! WTH I understand that they grandfather you into your plan but eventually it will end. I say this because of the Nexus One ordeal. True its being sold by Google and true they make you switch to the 500 min plan but how come Tmobile will let me switch to any other plan besides my grandfatherd one? Exactly because even though they say Grandfathered you won’t be able to keep it around forever like you think you will. I am sure when my next Kid Connect upgrade comes around I will run into an issue where I won’t be able to upgrade the line… oh wait! Probably will happen if say I get a blackberry because I won’t be able to add the data or text messaging because the plan is OLD and no longer offered…. I will probably be told to go and buy a prepaid phone from WalMart and use that. Anyone else think its funny that almost every service Tmobile EVER offered is no longer around? Heck I had to toss my $4.99 tzones plan for the $24.99 data plan when I picked up my G1. And now they want to do the same except charge me $5.00 more for the SAME PLAN but with no messages because I want to upgrade. Man I feel ripped off. I don’t even feel like a loyal customer. Speaking of which… I once had the Loyaty Plan for $49.99 and was getting my corp discount for almost 6 months until one day they stopped and told me I couldn’t get it anymore. And the only reason I was able to get my 1,000 min plan back for $39.99 from years ago is because it was a current promo that was back for… you guessed it! A LIMITED TIME! I am really starting to dislike Tmobile…. heck I could write a book of all the things they do wrong.

  • Lee

    Love my @Home service, but once again TMobiles complete failure to understand how to market a product comes through. This was a fantastic deal especially for families w/ children, but you have to keep it active and promoted until people drop off of their current home phone commitments.

    Oh, and they should also have forbidden anyone under 30 to sell it, they just don’t get the product :)

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  • F

    The service is still available on T-Mobile website.

  • J

    The reason they are getting rid of it is no tied to not being able to sell it. It is just not profitable and never was meant to be. It was meant as an attempt to decrease money going to the competitor’s landline services. I’ve used the @home services since 3 months before it was release commericially. I was actually testing it as a technician for my market. I personally have loved the service and still use it today. I’ve never had any issue whatsoever with it. I guess supporting the product, contiuing development of the product, and trying to get more UMA phones to work with it just was costing T-Mobile more than it was hurting the competition. The future is in pico/femtacells anyway. It gives the same home coverage without having to have a UMA capable phone.

  • jtomm

    i have @ home and it works just fine, but again…ooma is the answer.

  • nutzareus

    I guess this means we won’t see fax support for this. Broken promise by T-Mobile. That’s why I still kept one Vonage line, because it supports fax over IP.

    • Bill48105

      FYI: Voipo doesn’t officially support faxing (aside from their efax-like fax service) but it works for me with my Brother MFC all-in-one with the settings I used previously with Vonage. I’m pretty sure I never got faxing to work on my @Home line but I don’t fax too often & had Vonage the longest which was intermittent at best with faxing. I found if I power cycled my PAP2 before faxing I’d have better luck but it was still hit or miss.

  • beastly

    Bummer that new customers won’t be able to buy @home, but I can see why they’re discontinuing it. I like having an unlimited home phone for $10 a month, but the first couple of months were one big headache. First, it turned out my internet upload speed was all jacked, so I had to keep calling my ISP to get it fixed, since no one could hear me on my @home phone. When they finally got it fixed, the @home router took a crap and had to be replaced. And I can only imagine the trouble T-Mobile had with the non-computer-literate, trying to walk them through setting up the darn thing in the first place.


    no UMA, no mikeeeee.

    that verizon nexus-1 with their network extender femtocell and a 19% corporate discount looks a lot more attractive than the dreck t-mo offers.

    • Bill48105

      They are talking about @Home home phone line but yeah your precious UMA is next. It’s been on life support since the Even More plans were released & they got their hand on the plug, ready to yank..

      TMo really needs to release a femtocell like yesterday if they’re dropping @Home & WiFi@Home services! Either way @Home & especially UMA will be sorely missed. All it takes is one time where you have no cell signal & you enable wifi & see full UMA bars and make your call that you’re hooked. And unless people put femtocells for every cell company (since they are incompatible) everywhere there’s WiFi (not holding my breath especially since most are closed & require cells to be registered to use them) then even femtocells are not a true replacement because WiFi is EVERYWHERE & that is what made WiFi@Home UMA so great. Alas, RIP @Home & soon WiFi@Home, we’ll miss you.

  • Noah

    Unless Tmobile plans to uma UMA in all their phones this this is not going to cut it.

    Deutsche Telekom might as well close Tmobile USA.

    • Bill48105

      UMA is dead too, just not officially yet. TMo is going the femtocell route like the rest of the industry. Maybe they’ll make it official once they release their femtocell but it couldn’t come soon enough for people with poor coverage who rely on @Home & WiFi@Home UMA calling. (Granted we are all grandfathered in but they will seriously lose out on new customers unless they get us a femtocell)

      Btw, I do wonder what makes TMo think a femtocell will be any less of a headache to sell/setup/support than @Home or WiFi@Home. Seriously though, they have more in common that not. I mean a box you buy & plug into your home network that uses your hi-speed internet as the backhaul. I see them running into many of the same issues. The differences are no confusing conflicting naming (please help us if they call it cell@Home or some crap), they’ll have more control over it (GPS to know where the box is to stop people from using outside of TMo areas or outside of country and all femtocell boxes need to be registered & odds are cell phones that work on them reg’d too stopping ‘sharing’ like happens on WiFi) and a biggie being no special UMA-enabled handsets required.

      Anyway TMo is blowing hot air if they claim they are dropping @Home & WiFI@Home UMA because it’s difficult to sell & support then turn around & sell femtocell’s that are nearly the same thing!

  • dave

    if and it sounds like when they drop uma i am gone. what is the business sense ending two services which extend your network and reduce traffic on them. i need uma since the coverage dies at then beginning of my street even tho their coverage map says i have the best coverage. what a headache

    • Bill48105

      Odds are they’ll grandfather everyone in like we are now, for the foreseeable future anyway. And soon they’ll release a femtocell (sure as hell hope it’s reasonably priced especially for current @Home & WiFi@Home users) so people with coverage problems will have a replacement solution even if it lacks some of the freedoms of UMA. At least it won’t require a special phone (which will be a major bonus), other than likely 3G only like ATT’s microcell. That could be a problem for many TMo users who don’t have 3G phones because of TMo’s relatively recent jump into 3G compared to other carriers.

  • Hi Rev

    I’ve got @Home landline and love it. It works beautifully. I hope T-Mobile keeps me grandfathered in. I’m tech savvy and was able to install this with no problem. Our home phone bill went from $50 to $10. The marketing people in charge of this project should be flogged. It took me forever to figure out the differences in the @Home and HotSpot services. Very confusing.

  • Ryan

    It was a good idea. It really was. The landline is still being used. Not a lot, which is why the $10 mark was reasonable. But T-Mobile messed up 3 ways.

    1. Flex pay should have the right to have it. There was more of a demand for the flex pay customers. So to single out the people who really want to spend the money was just dumb.
    2. No advertising. They spent all their money on Bret Favre and never aired the commercial. Tisk Tisk.
    3. Even more (plus) plans ruined it. 15 dollars a month if you want to pay 40 dollars for a wireless router. Or 10 dollars a month for 150 dollar router. The bargain went out the window there.

    Auf Wiedersehn @home

  • Ryan

    It was a good idea. It really was. The landline is still being used. Not a lot, which is why the $10 mark was reasonable. But T-Mobile messed up 3 ways.

    1. Flex pay should have the right to have it. There was more of a demand for the flex pay customers. So to single out the people who really want to spend the money was just dumb.
    2. No advertising. They spent all their money on Bret Favre and never aired the commercial. Tisk Tisk.
    3. Even more (plus) plans ruined it. 15 dollars a month if you want to pay 40 dollars for a wireless router. Or 10 dollars a month for 150 dollar router. The bargain went out the window there.

    Auf Wiedersehn @home

  • ala

    this was coming. if you check http://www.t-mobile.com/templates/ListAllPhones.aspx/?features=4ce9c948-6b53-4b76-a3f7-9116f33bd25b&WT.mc_n=TMHSDevice_WiFiLP&WT.mc_t=Offsite , they have pretty much eliminated all uma-capable phones except blackberries, which SUCKS. i need a uma phone to get reception at my house. i never had the service though.

  • OmegaJB

    I’m bummed that it didn’t take off and I hope they just don’t cancel the service when your agreement runs out. For $10.00 per month it’s the best deal going. The sound quality is just as good a Vonage and it costs a lot less.

  • Bill48105

    Speaking of MagicJack, anyone see this? http://tech.yahoo.com/news/ap/us_tec_gadget_show_magicjack
    Supposedly will give free calling for GSM phone users! And here TMo & other carriers were sweating Google Voice! Does make me wonder hth it won’t interfere with legit cell service especially in congested areas like apartment complexes etc where the footprints would overlap & possibly overpower the real towers. Guess we’ll see assuming TMo & ATT don’t file lawsuit trying to stop them 1st anyway.

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