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T-Mobile LineLink home phone service offers HD-quality calls for $10 per month with T-Mo voice line

Remember T-Mobile @Home, the service that gave you unlimited home phone calling using a router with SIM card slots? @Home was officially discontinued back in 2010, but T-Mobile has now introduced a new, similar product. LineLink is a new device from T-Mobile that gives you home phone service with “HD-quality” calls and unlimited calling from the US to the US, Mexico, and Canada. … [read full article]

T-Mobile@Home Unplugs March 23rd

As we have been telling you for a while now, T-Mobile is finally pulling the plug on their T-Mobile@Home service on March 23rd.  While you will not be able to purchase it as a consumer, it will continue to be available for business accounts.  In addition, T-Mobile will continue to service and support T-Mobile@Home customers.  If you are still looking for a landline alternative, get out to a T-Mobile store today and activate your Even More … [read full article]

@Home No Longer To Be Sold For Your Home

Previously, BoyGenius Report informed us that T-Mobile would be discontinuing their T-Mobile@Home Service, due to Magenta not profiting off the service. Today, thanks to one of our trusty tipsters, we can confirm this “rumor”. T-Mobile states that it has halted future investment in the @Home service. Current @Home customers will not be affected and will still be able to use the service. T-Mobile claims that it will continue to support and service @Home, meaning that T-Mobile … [read full article]

T-Mobile Considering Discontinuing T-Mobile@Home Service?

If you aren’t familiar with T-Mobile’s @Home service, basically it’s a service that gives you unlimited nationwide calling from your home phone, including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and call conferencing. It’s a landline service that operates by hooking up T-Mobile’s @Home router to your internet connection. This is not to be confused with T-Mobile’s UMA service, which uses a WiFi connection to strength a wireless signal. Rumor has it that T-Mobile is looking to … [read full article]