T-Mobile@Home Unplugs March 23rd


As we have been telling you for a while now, T-Mobile is finally pulling the plug on their T-Mobile@Home service on March 23rd.  While you will not be able to purchase it as a consumer, it will continue to be available for business accounts.  In addition, T-Mobile will continue to service and support T-Mobile@Home customers.  If you are still looking for a landline alternative, get out to a T-Mobile store today and activate your Even More Plus plan with T-Mobile@Home for an additional $10 per month, or $15 for Even More plans, before March 23rd.  While it seems sad that they are killing off this great feature, do you really need it when you have unlimited plans?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • Davidohio

    I suppose if you have an unlimited plan there is no need for the @home service.

  • Spineless

    I am literally going to be pissed off if they turn off the @Home service. This is the only way can get reliable coverage at our house.


      They won’t cut it off if you already have it. They just won’t offer it for purchase anymore.

  • I Still Want That Vtech Phone Even Though I Have Vonage. I Like The Phone And Base x)

  • Tito

    The only downside to this is people who live in an area where there is no T-Mobile service and do *NOT* have a UMA-Capable Phone (i.e. ANYTHING ANDROID!)

    I really wish they would make an adroid set UMA-Capable.

    • Tito

      *android, sorry for the quick-typed typo. LOL.

    • Tito

      Sorry for the typo… that last line should say ‘android’, not ‘adroid’.

      • abe

        that would be awesome!

      • kathi17

        I would also love to see an Android UMA phone. I have to have a family plan to use UMA if I don’t want to keep swapping my sim. My G1 is the phone I love, but no T-Mo service at home, so I got a stupid Sammsung T339 and a family plan for home use.

  • Omar

    Well for people that ravel it is a great feature i think just underexploited go to any country un the world find a hotspot and bam make calls like you are in the US from your cell. Or am i confused and that is another feature?

  • Dominick

    I don’t see the point in landline I house anymore period. Except for people with monitored house alarms, other than that I think you might be wasting money.

  • wow, love my @Home, least I will be able to keep it. Having a landline is a security blanket I suppose but it does come in handy.

  • abe

    yea well for those of us who live in a dead zone who need UMA are screwed! have not been able to use my phone for over an hour and a half. This sucks. this is exactly what im talking about. ok good on 3g. now how about signal strength :(

  • Chris

    Thank God IT’S DEAD!!!

  • abe

    and hey UMA should still be optional cause i know im not the only one who could use it.

  • abe

    i mean it should be optional

  • B

    I am not subcribed to any @home service but do make calls from home and work over wi-fi with out being charged minutes. Does this mean I will no longer be able to do this?

    • T

      No, you will still be able to make these calls for free. T-Mobile is not taking this service away from you, nor are they taking the @Home service away from customers who currently have it. Just not going to be signing up new/existing customer for it.

  • dave

    UMA must soon be following cuz right now i can’t connect to it

    • abe

      wow dont know what i may do with out uma in my home on my blackberry 8900 i have no phone

  • Mockerfab4

    I love my Tmobile at home service. voicemail, Long distance and 3 way calling for only $10. The router they give you is great. By far the best router I’ve owned with amazing range. Other router I’ve tried, even long range ones don’t compare.

  • Hi Rev

    The confusion people have with the @Home service is reflected in the comments. It was badly named and marketed. Even the T-Mobile fans get it mixed up with the other “@” services. Too bad. Four months ago we switched from ATT, ported our local landline home phone number, and switched to @Home. It has worked perfectly. We are saving $40/month and have unlimited long distance. Long live @Home.

    • kathi17

      I’m one of the people who does no the difference, but T-Mobile seems to be ignoring UMA now too. A few months ago they removed the option to serch for phones by UMA capability, and now the only phones that use UMA are Blackberries.

      I don’t know whether you are allowed to get a Blackberry with no data or not like you could with the dumb phones, but if you have to have data, then things will get even more expensive for those of us who have to have a family plan just to make phone calls from home.

      I can’t drop my landline because the power is out here too often, but I need the UMA phone because my mom and son live out of state, and it’s cheaper to pay for a family plan than the long distance was.

      • kathi17

        no=know. I really am not illiterate!

    • TheDude

      True dat. @home was plugging in a landline phone to a router to get pretty much unlimited VOIP and your own number for $10/month.

      UMA is completely different. That’s people using UMA phones to boost their reception using wifi.

      It was a pretty idiotic naming scheme.

  • JBLmobileG1

    @Home service is Great! I say get it while you still can. I know I will be holding onto mine. Heck even with the plans out there now having this is a better deal for me. The kids can use it to call their friends all they want without having to get an unlimited plan for them on a cell phone. Plus I like to be able to talk on a house phone at home instead of a cell…. if you need to talk to someone for a long period of time in beats holding a cell. (True there is Bluetooth but I don’t like something in my ear all day either). And for $10 who can complain? Plus it still includes mobile to mobile so when I call my Kid Connect line which is only $20 a month we get unlimited calling. It beats out my old plan that I had with Embarq (now Century Link). Heck I paid almost $20 for that and it didn’t include voicemail, caller id, and worse it was only local calling not unlimited long distance. Plus I get a 15% discount through my work so it makes it even less! The only thing I worry about is if my router ever goes out on me will Tmobile still supply a replacement? I hope so because when I ported my home phone line to @home I already had a tmobile router (given to me by a family member) so I signed for 2 years even after I had the equipment. Its still worth it though and saves me money.

  • I liked this since it gave me phone service in my basement. Without @Home, calls would drop all the time. Not sure why they are dropping this as ATT, Verizon and Sprint are jumping into the Femtocell market.

  • DJ

    Best VOIP service I ever had. Beat Vonage and Comcast VOIP hands down on both pricing, services and quality!

  • TmoFan

    @Home is a great service. I have friends who use it, due to none/barely-one-bar tmobile cell signal in their home.

    I would have @Home in my home, but use my phone line for faxing.
    @Home does not properly transmit/receive faxes all the time.

    Tmobile needs a better marketing department. They have great services, but do not market them well.

  • tivoman

    I have 3 @Home lines (3 differnet location), just for one line we used 1,300 minutes last month. Theonly complaint i have is, I wish they would not count the @Home lines towards the 5 line limit on one account. It would be nice to have 5 cell lines and 3 @Home lines on one account. :/

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