Samsung Trade-In Offer


Are you interested in purchasing a Samsung Behold 2 or a Samsung Comeback?  Looking to save an extra $50-$75? Well, do we have an deal for you!  Beginning March 1st through April 30th, customers who trade in any working phone when purchasing a new Samsung Comeback or Samsung Behold 2 are eligible for an additional discount off the handset (participating locations only).  If you’re looking to purchase the Samsung Comeback, you can receive a minimum of $50.  After purchase, if you decide that you do not like the Comeback  and you want some Android goodness instead, you can get a minimum of $75 credit toward a new Samsung Behold 2 when you trade in any working phone.

Promotion Details:

  • Devices (Samsung Behold 2/Samsung Comeback) must be purchased be purchased at any dealer location
  • Activations, Add-a-lines, and Handset Upgrades qualify for this offer
  • Data plan not required to receive the trade-in promotion
  • Trade-ins with the appropriate paperwork must be mailed or postmarked on or before 15 days after the promotion ends
  • Customers MUST purchase a Samsung Behold 2 or Samsung Comeback
  • To qualify for this offer, the trade-in handset must meet the following criteria:

-Functional and in working condition

-Screen not broken, damaged, or leaking

-No liquid damage or corrosion

The promotion may end before April 30th, so don’t wait to take advantage of this offer!

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  • Ray

    So does this mean I can get the Behold II without being forced into a data plan?

    • Mark

      This doesn’t have anything to do w/ data plans… I think you still need to get one. But why would you buy a smart phone w/ no data plan? Like getting a computer w/ no internet.

      At first I thought that you meant I could trade in my Behold 2 for a better phone… and I was all excited. After second reading, less exciting.

      • Ray

        I have no use for the data plan when I have Wifi the majority of the time when I use my phone. I’m just looking to upgrade from my Blackberry and the Android OS seems like a good choice.

    • Bobomo

      Anytime you sign an agreement/accept a subsidy on a smartphone, you will be required to get a data plan. The only way to get a smartphone without a data plan is to pay FULL PRICE for it.

  • microhaxo

    Anyone can and has been able to buy a behold2 without being forced into a data plan..

    • Davidohio

      Umm…that was just answered in the above posts. You are required to have a data plan on a data device that is discounted and on a 2 yr contract.

  • Ray

    Really? When I went to the T-mobile store on Monday the guy refused to sell me the phone at a discounted price without a data plan on it. Even though I saw nothing about one on the T-Mobile website. Even then, when I try to buy the phone online it required me to have a data plan.

  • Bobomo

    Man, T-Mobile is really trying to clear out the Behold II. I fiddled with it at the store, and it’s not bad for the MyTouch crowd. I couldn’t get over the the hardware button for the menu cube. Just a completely useless gimmick.

  • shawn1224

    This further solidifies the rumor of a T959 handset (possibly the Memoir 2) in the near future. First the marketing campaign with the Behold commercial, then the weekend price drop, then the Bogo offer and now this scrumptious discount.

    BTW – you have to buy a data plan with the subsidized price but you can cancel it a month later. Even a TMO rep told me this.

    • Bobomo

      When did you hear this? I had heard that they closed this loophole and now data plans come with a 24 month commitment (for 2 year agreements, obviously).

      • shawn1224

        I don’t that applies to the even more plus plan which is what I’m on

  • TMORep89

    Just as an added FYI, this is an RPS-only deal and is *probably* not available at corporate locations. Some Market Managers may participate in the offer, however, this deal was only initially extended to authorized dealers.

  • eYe

    Wasn’t there a promo just a week ago for Behold 2 where you could get it for $79 without mail-in/trade-in crap?

    • TMORep89

      Yea. It was only a weekend offer.

  • mj

    can I do this deal with even more + buying handset from tmo and putting it on my account?

  • joanna

    It’s only available in very select markets and T-mobile customer service says that don’t have a list of participating retailers. :-( Definitely not valid in Southern California. Darn.

  • bon

    Does anybody know promotion code for this offer? I see that you could fill the form here but it requires promotion code.

  • Lilbugzbunny11

    i have a question thou how long ago did this get posted thou cuz my daughter and i whent into the tmobile store and we were told it was discontinued? plz answer i need this before her birthday july 23 2011