T-Mobile Service Disruption?

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We’ve received quite a few emails about a T-Mobile service disruption, and now T-Mobile itself has officially confirmed the service disruption via its support forums.  T-Mobile claims that 5% of their customers were affected by the service disruption which impacted both data and voice features.  The company states that service has been restored for most customers. Anyone still experiencing problems with their T-Mobile data and/or voice features?  Let us know in the comments!

T-Mobile Support Forums

UPDATE: Looks like T-Mobile has fully restored service.  Statement from T-Mobile:

“T-Mobile has fully restored services for customers affected by intermittent service disruptions earlier today.  About five percent of our customers across various geographies were affected by diminished service levels. We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused some of our customers”

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  • Hey all, I’m in the Chicago area and I haven’t had service since about 6pm CST. It’s now about 8:25 and it looks like my 2G network just kicked back in. But still no 3G…

  • themetatron

    c’mon tmobile, this is why we get knocked so much. pull a verizon/at&t, pretend it’s not the network, it’s gotta be the phone, pull the battery and leave it out for 2 hours then call us back. i appreciate the honesty, but being too honest is detrimental to our health

  • Roger

    UMA is down for me but regular mobile works, providing I can get a signal.

  • paige

    my service is completely down and has been most of the day. I went to the t-mobile store 3/04/2010(houston,TX) and it was packed with people with no service trying to find out what was wrong. we were told one tower is down causing others to drop service due to overloads and that the supervisors say this could easily go through tomorrow. :(

    • Raymatthew

      Ditto, but its working now

    • I never had service issues and i am in houston tx

  • Bold has no UMA. Plus a weird issue – My wife’s phone can’t get incoming calls. SMS in and out, fine. Calls out, fine. Just nobody can call her.

    495 corridor in Boston Area

    • Kelsey

      Same here, last night in the Seattle area, could not get incoming calls for a little bit. Text worked fine…

  • Chris

    UMA is down and so is @Home service. I can’t say if 2g works since I never get reception where I live. It’s been down for well over 3 hours now. Of course I can’t call support and get any ETA until service is restored :(

  • abe

    Yo id like to check out that #1 customer satisfaction cause after this IDK. “themetatron” YOU ARE SO RIGHT! come on TMO at lease be real with us. really they said that….right….LOL it is of course not true….i pulled my battery did all and still not working. after over 2 1/2 hrs still not worken and im not the only one so….yesh! NOW WHAT :((

    • themetatron

      i think you misunderstood me, tmo admits when it’s a network outage. verizon and at&t blame you or the phone. there was a nationwide verizon data outage yesterday, who knew but the techs and the whistleblowers? no one, verizon told my father in law he needed to master reset his phone or exchange it.

      • abe

        oh…i was wrong. then in that case i retract my statement. thank you for pointing that out to me

  • melissa

    Posting from my tmo blackberry. However, as mentioned UMA isn’t working. It says network busy try later.

  • Fort

    Maryland has been good all day.

  • Will

    I never have signal at my house, so I rely on hotspot@home and dont have signal… not sure if its related to this outage or not

  • dustin

    Just east of Albuquerque in Tijeras, NM… UMA is out, has been since about 6PM Mountain time. Sure do miss it when it goes down, because I have no cell coverage here!

  • I know why tmobile is experiencing connectivity problems, for the same resaon im so proud of them right now, has anyone checked their data speeds im getting 4mbps right now and 1.5mbps upload.

  • J-Hop2o6

    me and my girlfriend had problems a couple of days ago.. i had no data, she had no call nor data.. tech support couldnt trobleshoot, so they to us to go to a tmobile store to get new sim cards for free.. so we did and voila! it works, with 2x the speed! i now get an avg of 250 kB/s (2mbps).. the manager (which she also told me i have an interview with her next friday!) told me when tmo upgrades the towers, the old sim cards might crap out.. so i dont know if thats true, but u guys havin problems should check into that.

    • J-Hop2o6

      im in SW Seattle

  • abe

    hey i forgot to mention. yonkers ny is out no calls and uma is out….internet is available but just the same

  • Stan

    My inbound calls are giving a fast busy, but I can make outbound calls just fine.

    214-566-xxxx Dallas, TX.

  • Gabriel Salgado

    IM from Puerto Rico, no noice service since 6pm, however data is working, still we dont got no 3G in here! T-Mobile 3G rollover = FAIL!

  • dave

    no uma in rochester, ny
    when i was able to connect to a regular cell signal it worked fine
    is this the death stroke for uma??

  • Demon09

    I’m here in Chicago, UMA on bb8900 won’t work, network keeps connecting and dropping still…… its 9 local time….

  • J

    Im in Kansas City, was out on Sat. and switched out SIM cards and got everything working. went in today and found out about the outage. its 9pm central and data is still down….

  • abe

    exactly 10:00 and uma has returned to me…8900 curve…OOOOHHH tmo this is getting old!

  • wiseguy

    9:05 in chicago and service has been on and off all day

  • Joanna

    In Cardiff, CA near San Diego. No incoming calls. My callers says it’s just busy. So bummed!!!

  • dave

    same here this is getting real old
    wonder if the ETF is gonna be waived

    • john

      uh, no. you missed like 5 phone calls and want your etf waive, that is beyond moronic. outages happen all the time, just t-mo owns up to theirs.

  • Josh Wahl

    noticed earlier today while at the gym i did not have any service or data (four bars just had an x on it) i didn’t think much of it until now. Humble, Texas with a 801 Utah area code =)

  • TrinNY

    My G1 was OK but my TP2 had no data. TP2 is back and all’s well in my block

  • Emmanuel

    no wonder. lol. ive been showing off my Nexus One all week. and got all wows and woahs from people and today it failed me. made me look bad. lol. hope they fix it soon. T-mobile 3G reception is great here where I’m at and fast.

  • abe

    wait a minute….some of our customers….how about a whole smack load of customers…especially rim and top smart phones…i think more than a “we’re sorry but its over now so no worries” are in order. i mean at lease be honest and use actual words not some. oh well im just a grain of sand in this anyway…

  • Daniel J.

    Connecting via Wi-Fi on my nexus one here in Dallas. The 3g network has been down for all of three hours but I’m getting 2g. This is post firmware update for the nexus too but my coverage has been spot on since I got the phone.

  • Andrew

    Sucks being the 5%. F my life!

    • Daniel J.

      Nah man. Be happy you don’t live in the boondocks where there’s no 3G at all :D

    • Ana

      It would be nice to be one of 5% who win the lottery.

  • Daniel J.

    Also as of right now the wifey’s Motorola Cliq is running 3g. I’m hoping this isn’t nexus one specific…

  • Newcleus

    My G1 was getting no service at all, yet my daughter’s Cliq was working just fine and she was only 5 feet from me. All is fine now and it only lasted for about an hour.

  • dominique

    its been a little over 5 hours for me and i still dont have no service for my mytouch (in miami)

    • Alex

      Have you tried rebooting your myTouch?

  • Lindsay Vonn

    I thought there was an outage here in Ohio, but it turns out T-mobile is just spotty everywhere, which is why they are the no. 4 carrier

    • john

      it’s not spotty, it’s just buckeye fans can’t figure out how to use a phone, the red key hangs up on people…lol jk.

  • AA

    Still no service here in my part of Houston, Texas. Stopped working for me about 6pm and still isnt working.

  • Roger

    UMA is working for me again

  • Eugene

    Houston, TX
    no network coverage for the entire day today..
    it’s not the first time this has happened…i remember the same thing a few months back..

  • Manny C

    I’m here in PA and my service was working fine all night until a little over 20 minutes ago. I rebooted my phone and have voice, but no 3G

  • AA

    called tmobile rep and she was really helpful and after many attempts concluded it was either: still a bad connection due to outage, bad sim card (which i actually got a new one today thinking it would fix this problem), or a bad phone.

  • fred

    I can make calls but im stuck on EDGE. DC area

  • Markus

    Seattle WA, No service whats so ever since 1pm here. Called my brother at TMO service and told me techs are trying to figure out why and it might take a while with ups and down. Went to another carrier and sign up with month to month contract and rolled over my number. Sweet 15min I was up and running. Good luck Bro. See you when you get back…


    my n1 was good all day I had no problems here in Kansas City even when I was on the phone and using the GPS at the same time

  • Trent

    I haven’t had any service since yesterday around 7 and I still don’t have any! I’m in Atlanta, GA.

  • AA

    Still no service here in Houston, Texas since yesterday afternoon

  • erin

    Aha! That explains why my phone was acting wacky about 6pm (PT) last evening (in Seattle). Came back up later sometime….

  • gakgak

    Tmobile down here (Colorado 3/05/10 12:49PM MST)

    It was working fine this morning, but now no data or voice services.

  • john jones

    we do not have service out here in Denmark SC. i know that we roam off of AT&T towers but we do not have anything at all and its been that way since this morning. i am on a college campus and everyone who has T-mobile cannot reach their parents and that is a major issue. thanks for any help at all.

  • chris bruno

    Glen Burnie MD, right outside Baltimore… on and off service past 2 days and no service at all for the last 3 hours. just a red circle with a line through it. past 2 days it was going from a min or 2 with no service to having edge to having no data then a few minutes of 3g. is it a coincidence that this happened right as i switched to the Cliq from the G! I kinda want my G! back now since this signal sucks with the Cliq

  • sg

    Still no UMA in San Diego since early this AM and only limited edge service.

  • DeAna

    My T-mobile BB Bold 9700 was getting no service yesterday from about 6:30-8:30 last night and today for the past 30 mins…

  • DeAna

    ooops mean to say.. in chicago, IL.

  • abe


  • JC


    I been with your company for almost 10 years and now have my own business. An I am losing business and customer because I cannnot aswer or text on my phone. This week is the second time it happen, I hope T-mobile is going to resolve the issue asap before I switch to Verizon or AT&t.

  • It was an HLR issue, all three of them were experiencing issues at the time, hence the outage, it certainly wasn’t planned.

  • Gabriel A

    Today I got 7 vmails… from calls that I NEVER got on Sunday! Man first the sidekick issue .. Now this!… I still dnt believe its fixed

  • Lalah

    Both my roommate and I cant use our phones at all. They dont send or receive call or texts. This is becoming a HUGE problem and annoyance for me because I may have missed the call from my boss telling me when I start my first day of work. If this doesnt get resolved within the next couple days I’m most certainly switching to Verizon. Even though they are more expensive than tmobile I would willingly pay the extra money to have reliable service.

  • maria

    No service today, April 8, 2010. Talking to the rep now, see below:
    ^Tajuana T: Do you have any signal bars on your phone
    me: yes, that’s the strange thing … i have a full deck
    ^Tajuana T: Okay.
    ^Tajuana T: What I would like to do is get your phone refreshed on the network.
    ^Tajuana T: Can you please remove the battery from your phone
    me: i opened the case and to removed the battery, now you tell me where this is going, OK?
    ^Tajuana T: Okay.
    ^Tajuana T: Please allow me 1-2 minutes to get your phone refreshed.
    ^Tajuana T: Thank you so much for waiting for me Maria.
    ^Tajuana T: Can you please replace the battery back into the phone?
    maria szulc: it’s in
    ^Tajuana T: Great!
    maria szulc: geezie plzx
    ^Tajuana T: We now need to wait for the phone to load.
    maria szulc: now what
    maria szulc: still no network coverage
    ^Tajuana T: Thank you so much for waiting for me Maria.
    ^Tajuana T: Can you please replace the battery back into the phone?
    maria szulc: it’s in
    ^Tajuana T: Great!
    maria szulc: geezie plzx
    ^Tajuana T: We now need to wait for the phone to load.
    maria szulc: now what
    maria szulc: still no network coverage
    ^Tajuana T: Thank you so much for waiting for me Maria.
    ^Tajuana T: Can you please replace the battery back into the phone?
    maria szulc: it’s in
    ^Tajuana T: Great!
    maria szulc: geezie plzx
    ^Tajuana T: We now need to wait for the phone to load.
    maria szulc: now what
    maria szulc: still no network coverage
    ^Tajuana T: Are you recieving an error message Maria
    me: yes
    me: error in connection
    ^Tajuana T: Okay.
    ^Tajuana T: Okay.
    ^Tajuana T: Maria, is there a way for you to test your sim card into another T-Mobile phone?
    me: no

    well, i am going to hit the wall for a while now.bye

    • shan

      That’s funny. I just got off “live chat, doing the same thing. I have not been able to use my phone since 4/23/10… So tom, I have to plan my day around going to Tmobile to get a new…FREE sim card! This is the worst phone service! I can not text, call out nor recv calls.

  • Ana

    My daughter got a G1 when they first came out and had all types of problems after the first 30 days. Problems such as: not able to text, not able to call out, not able to send email, not able to receive calls or voicemails or texts, etc… After 8 months of back and forth with Tmobile, including being treated rudely twice, they changed out her phone three times with new G1s. One was defective and the other two had the same issue. we’ve changed sim cards and batteries. Then my sons G1 started having the same issues.

    In February, they offered us a deal on upgrades since they couldn’t fix the phones. My daughter opted for the MyTouch which they gave us at the new customer rate and extended the contract. My son opted for a samsung phone without android technology. They promised this would fix the issues. My sons problems are resolved. My daughter, with her MyTouch have not. Her phone works 50% of the time at best. I’ve been on the phone with tmobile three times this week. One rep, Jonathan arranged a call back appointment with me and never called me back. The time before that, I kept getting transferred to the wrong people. Today I spoke, well more like yelled at a supervisor named Mike. He’s sending a new handset, which I think is stupid if the issues continued from G1 to the MyTouch it’s clearly either a software issue on the basic phone software, or a software issue internally at tmobile.

    At this point, all I want is out of the contract on that phone line only, so my daughter can have android technology and a reliable phone. I’m really frustrated because we’re going on a year without decent service on that one line.

    Most of the Tmobile staff are nice, but haven’t been able to help us. They tell us they will open a trouble ticket after they run us through some tests (factory reset, put sim card in another phone, clear memory, etc…) Then they test by sending two texts and if the texts get through they consider the problem resolved then state that they can’t put the trouble ticket in. FRUSTRATING! When I got them to put the trouble ticket in, the technical department that handles trouble tickets didn’t accept it.

    I LOATHE THIS SITUATION. If the new handset doesn’t fix the issue I’m either getting a lawyer or calling my local news Call For Action line. I’m not taking this bull crap any more.

    • shan

      Ok, let me know. I will join you.

  • Timothy Garvin

    I woke up to my phone saying no service at all, i walked in to my kitchen thinking it was my room causing the issue or something but still has not come on for hours now. Im very pissed 0ff, i have missed important calls and cant get or send text either and i want this fixed! asap or im switching to Verizon myself and i have been a t-mobile customer for years.

  • Vvninan

    It’s been two days and I still have no service in my area. To make a phone call I have to drive 6miles away from my house. I’ve been calling T-Mobile just to hear “We are looking into it, it normally takes 24 – 72 hrs. T-mobile expects us to wait 72hrs before service can be restored? Is this america or a third world country?

    • UnderTheBridge

      I have 0 problem with my land line I pay 20 dollars a year for….

  • Info

    My home used to get excellent T-Mobile service, expecially on the second floor in direct line to an AT&T tower about a mile away (tower is located near the corner of Oak Grove Road and La Vista Road in Decatur, Georgia, 30030. Now for about one-quarter of every hour, I get SOS non-service on data and phone. Outgoing calls fail. Outgoing emails hang. Incoming calls fail to ring.
    When the service restores, I get a whole bunch of incoming email traffic at once, with the phone in the same location as when if was on SOS. So it’s not a matter of moving to a different part of the house.
    I wonder if AT&T is intentionally and periodically interrupting the service it sells to T-Mobile to preserve bandwidth for its own customers.