Motorola Cliq Getting Android 2.1 Soon


Coming out of Motorola’s CES 2010 Event is word that the Motorola Cliq will receive Android 2.1 sometime in the future. Exactly when the “future” is unknown. More as it develops!



  • *Gets ride of MyTouch 3G*

    • Someone

      I have it from a source that develops the firmware. It is coming out January 2010. So any day now. :0)

      • squishy

        looks like its out huh? ahahha your dum

  • Wicked1

    Good. That’s all we wanted, a confirmation of an eventual update. We’ll see if my time prediction is right

    • Crystal Ball

      What is your time prediction????

  • mike

    thank effin god, im getting sick a tired of 1.5

  • *rid*

    • Joel

      hahaha already done!

  • niididy

    Better not before the myTouch 3G. I am waiting on some new for the myTouch, try it out with the new os before deciding if I was to stick with it longer (if it runs decent)…else I’d be more dissatisfied and go get another device…nexus one maybe at unlocked price!!

    • 2FR35H

      not before my behold 2 I mean damn we have been waiting for an update for a hell long while

  • The more often android devices can get upgraded the better. Adding features AFTER you’ve bought the device is awesome….it’s like getting new firmware updates on ps3 and 360. Added bonus that makes people like the OS.

  • jkspike3

    bout damn time!

  • timmyjoe42

    Can I get a w00t w00t?

    • AllanEmartinez

      w00t w00t!

      • phonegeek

        woot woot woot

      • MichMan

        w00t w00t

    • jkspike3

      woot woot

    • JakeMG

      What, what! What?

    • epic

      bow chicka bow wow. woot woot!

      • timmyjoe42

        Apparently, Yes!

        (I love this board.)

  • Orison

    Sounds like my late Christmases present, and maybe the best one. Now if only it comes before Easter.

  • Ritchie

    Ifand wait for adobe flash

    • phonegeek

      now THATS what im waiting for

  • Jay

    This is a great way to start the New Year!…..Thank you Motorola and please bring us some new updates for MotoBlur!……I love it but Id really like to see some new features…..2.1 could not come any sooner…..Cliq owners rejoice!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Great, this just proves that the X10 is completely capable of running Android 2.1. Yay, X10 will be mine!!!

  • Jason

    Will the mytouch get an upgrade also??

  • jordan

    Can’t wait so happy!!

  • FILA

    What da fuck man, why them first. what happened to MT3G? Come on, its ok, T-mobile will be making announcements very soon within 2 months. Remember 2 cell shows comign in Feb and March

    • Mcjjashik

      Are you talking about the X10 and Dell? Dell’s probably AT&T though =(

  • Clarke

    TMobile has no control over whether the Cliq gets 2.1 before the MT3G… Motorola does the firmware development for the Cliq… and either Tmobile or HTC does it for the MT3G…

  • Liam

    Good to hear. Hope the processor can handle it. My Cliq seems slow as is. Loading it with 2.1 might be a trojan horse.

    Either way, my Nexus comes tomorrow so goodbye Cliq.

  • MichMan

    It’s not a real surprise – it’s what I expected. They’ll release a Cliq update whenever they release a new motoblur phone, as that phone will run the latest android version. The dev’s have already most of the work, all you need to do is push it out to the other devices. It’s really more of a test cost than a dev cost at that point.

  • Trill

    Google is responsible for all updates unless its regarding a custon UI such as Sens or Motoblur. Tmobile part in this is just distributing and nothing more so stop complaining and do more research.

    • Liam

      Trill is right. Google might give Motorola the 2.1 framework but it’s Motorola’s job to work on a version that will work with MotoBlur so you can thank them for the delay. T-Mobile really has nothing to do with the OTA updates.

    • JakeMG

      This is true…but…it’s been confirmed that the Magic (on Rogers) in Canada is definitely getting the upgrade (in the form of being converted to Sense running 1.6, then Sense with 2.1). I just would like that confirmation from Tmo that US MT3G customers will definitely get the update as well. It’s possible for us to have it on the MT3G, but Tmo will not confirm that they plan to push the update.

  • supaspydaman

    I jumped and screamed when I saw this headline. Bout damn time!

  • Andrew

    Here’s a tip for all you cliq users experiencing sluggish response. Take the messaging widget off your home screens, it saved me so much heart ache.

    • chebus

      moterolla better do a damn googd job joining Moto blur and 2.1, I mean the cliq can bearlly handle blur with its battery life right.

    • chebus

      Motorola better do a damn good job joining Moto blur and 2.1, I mean the cliq can barely handle blur with its battery life right.

  • superdroid 313

    Does anybody have an estimate date on when cliq will be sent the ota update?

  • Cephas

    They really need to put out a definite date on ANY android build update. This is ridiculous. The itch to root my phone is getting worse and worse. Roms for the Cliq are already out with 2.1 that work well

  • John F.

    Yup, Gitty Up, Rawhide….

  • dizznutt

    About time…I kind like the cliq but I got my eyes on the Nexus. like the bigger screen.

  • ne

    I’m late to the party ..WOOT WOOT!!

  • Brandon

    On January 12, Motorola announced a future update to Android 2.1 on the Motorola CLIQ. The availability date has not yet been announced.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    Why is motorola on a roll again? They’re days were numbered with the Razr and Razr 2. My MyTouch needs updating bad!! I hate lags. I don’t care much for the Cliq but I would so get one for the keyboard at this point. The G1 is just too dated for me, sorry. Plus the camera is ultra crisp. Anyone want to trade?

  • Stacyrocks

    YAY!!!!! I only had to bear the outdated Android 1.5 for 3 weeks so far. I sure hope “in the future” and “soon” means this month… or the latest by Valentine’s Day! :)

  • shawn1224

    I hope this means the Behold 2 will be getting soon as well.

    Samsung needs to get off their ass and get on it.

  • Anonimo

    Why? Dont put android 2.0 in the mytocuh3g and why tmobile dont put 3g network in puerto rico

  • Bout time, & yes i am thrilled, but the ADOBE FLASH IS WAT I REALLY WANT!!!! Motorola please keep up with all updates????

  • aeth

    Everyone that’s complaining about the myt 3g not upgrading well its already 1.6 cupcake as the cliq is 1.5 os. It needs a upfrade. And for your cliq complainers about battery life get a file task manager astro or advanced task manager work great it runs always and you can turn of all apps you don’t want running if your cliqs sluggish then its a must need if you don’t believe me hold down the home key till a window pops up and that’s what’s running programs that you probaly didn’t know where running. Email me with any other qeustions to

  • seth

    My last message messed my name up but email me at with any qeustions with cliq etc… I may help I’m a well of info believe me. I have a website but to be frank the website is being overwhelmed to here’s your chance. Seth

  • alex

    i heard january 22

    • jkspike3

      by who? credible website? or???

  • Jordan (Cincinnati)

    well if you heard the 22nd we shall see what happens today then

    • Ronweez

      i hope its today but its already 2 o clock and no update… so ??

      • misha

        So, no update. Whaddya expect?

  • anonimo

    nutting yet it 1:35 am no updates…. ugh i am getting sick of waiting

  • misha

    Oh well, not much we can do, right? DEMAND an update for the Cliq? And is it true that Blur interferes with updating the android OS? Anyone with expertise in this area?

  • iam

    Does anyone know the release date?

    It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen if Motorola isn’t telling anyone. I would think that the company would want to create a buzz about the update. I’m disappointed with having an outdated phone and will make sure that I look at a different manufacturer next time when I purchase a phone so I’m not stuck like this again. Live and learn!

    Bye Bye Moto :wave:

  • kddupcak

    patience my grasshoppers!! Your cliq will be great one day soon! I have a rooted g1 and a cliq and I LOVE the cliq so far. Take off all your widgets and it should be fine. I have all my apps running and I still have an average of 64-98megs of system memory. Try that even with a rooted g1 with apps on sd and you still only get 20 megs average. So relax, anticipation is such a great drug!!

  • Wow! Valentines is coming! Thanks for the Post, great job!

  • Jason

    Well, Feb 1st is here and still no 2.1 update. I checked 3 times throughout Jan 31-Feb 1st. Crappy!!!!!

  • Patrick

    Here’s the link I got on the Cliq getting 2.1 . It tells you a bit more but not a when.

  • Jason

    I read from Motorola on facebook that the 2.1 update for droid is coming this week. yay!!!

  • Tai

    The word on the block is that the update for the Motorola cliq will be released the first or second week of April! woot woot!

    • Harsh

      no they r not….trust me
      it will be at the end of q2

  • fallenangel

    when is this coming out? we’ve been waiting forever.. this is getting frustrating.

  • Beth

    From some of the forums I have been reading they said the update should come out sometime before June. Lets see whats happens =]

  • Shawn Rubin

    Come on Motorola. Hurry the hell up already and give us 2.1

  • tyrodome

    A T-Mobile employee at a T-Mobile store near San Francisco told me today
    that the over-the-air upgrades to Android 2.1 for the Motorola CLIQ and
    CLIQ XT will begin to occur on Monday, May 24. I hope that she was right.

  • bobby

    I hope she’s right to.

  • json

    still no update for the cliq yet, its the 26th!

  • Carlosc

    ASH!!!!, and still waiting…..

  • motohate

    I’m sick of waiting for the update! This will be last time I get a motorola – especially with blur. What’s the point of having a device that has unreliable os updates? I’ll finish my contract and change devices and maybe carriers! Hear that t-mobile? Motorola? Geez!

  • King


  • mattapocalypse

    and now its august 15th when the hell will this come out? this is very discouraging….

  • anonymous

    Wtf! Why does it take forever to update, all the other android phones got an update why is the motorola cliq taking soo long.