Get A “Sense” Of The myTouch Slide


We’ve already shown you a load of pictures of the  myTouch Slide’s exterior, in all three variations, and now we’ve got additional exclusive images of the interface. As reported earlier, the myTouch Slide will feature the latest and greatest Android OS 2.1 along with HTC’s proprietary Sense UI.  But this isn’t your average HTC Sense as the Slide will sport HTC’s newest Espresso Sense UI.

Enjoy a load of interface pics after the break!

Thanks, Land Of Trill!

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  • Bryan

    very nice.. im so excited about this phone lol

  • tato22

    very very nice ill be getting one for me

  • Wow it makes “sense” now

  • Trill

    You guys know the new changes that you see to Sense 2.1 is specifically for this device and T-mobile requested these changes to the UI for this device.

  • Omeer

    It’s very nice and clean. The only real problem I have with this is the simple bar looking thing on the bottom. The original version of sense had a better looking one this alone makes it feel like a step backward in the UI.

    • dan

      But the screen is interchangeable even if you dont like the bar at the bottom

  • Dubteeff

    This will be a very nice upgrade from the g1. Its been worth the wait for another physical keypad.

  • Anand

    What resolution is the screen on this thing? The earliest specs I’d seen said 320×480 but those early specs also said this was basically the same guts as the G1/MyTouch which we know isn’t true now.

    • Trill

      its suppose to be 3.5″ screen so 480×320

  • B

    anyone else think that this doesn’t look very much like Sense with all the widget benefits (versus HTC Hero), sliding (horizontal functions at the bottom and weather? looks the same as what we are already running, just re-skinned.

  • Uchenna

    First phone from tmobile that i will consider buying this year!!

  • Shayne Carlos

    ima get this in orange! i like the design and interface of the phone && besides i have always wanted a orange phone, this will go along with my HD2!

  • Man, can TMO actually put out a phone that people other than an 8-year old would want to use? I have an Nexus and love it. But I also had the G1 from day one and the myTouch from day one. It’s been 18 months since the G1’s debut. Why can’t the update to the G1 be usable by those who actually used the G1? Early adopters get screwed in multiple ways. Where’s the love for us (Incredible to Verizon and EVO Sprint)? I have no problem with Sense on 2.1. It’s actually very nice (and can be turned off if not wanted). But this Espresso is just plain ugly and looks like no thought was put into its creation. It looks as though a bunch of catoonish icons were slapped together haphazardly. And an ARM11? Really. Can we get a really solid Android phone with a keyboard? This is close to being a really good device but falls short with Espresso (instead of the “regular” Sense) and 600Mhz ARM11 processor. Perhaps it will look and feel different in person. At least I have the amazing N1 to “hold me over.”

  • Hurlamania

    Please Excuse my Ignorance but My phone is a Nokia 6101. I like the my touch 3g my friend has it. Don’t know when I can afford a nice phone (probably never) but Id like to have one picked out just in case. I like a basically blank screen as default just my wallpaper on my phone. this sense UI seems to not have that. can the sense UI be disabled? Most picks I see have the big clock n weather etc… But Id prefer to have just a Image and then have the option to go to that screen if i so choose. Let me know whatever you can Thanks…

    • William

      Most sense phones allow you to disable the Sense UI, but it sounds like all you want to do is remove the clock and widgets, which you can do. Also keep in mind that Android phones so far have all had at LEAST 3 homescreens that you can slide between, so you could put widgets on two (or more) of them and keep one completely clean if you so choose.

      • dan

        this phone can have up to 7 home screens

  • Alex

    I will be headed back to a physical kb until google steps up the stock kb. Clean ui, 2.1, not a bad deal.

  • Ben

    I have to agree with several other commenters. I think the Android 2.1 items looks pretty good, but the Expresso Sense UI seriously looks like something that might have been “hip” 5 to 7 years ago.

    I am also pretty disappointed to hear it’s a 600mhz processor. I think it’s been proven that the snapdragon processor (1ghz roughly) is hot right now and I know it takes a while for hardware to be developed, but this thing is coming out AFTER the N1 and the HD2. I can’t help but imagine that it wouldn’t have taken too much effort for the designers to say, “Hey, lets slap a snapdragon in here and see what happens.” Not like we’re not already waiting for the phone…

    I had heard somewhere, and perhaps incorrectly, that this phone had Swype on it? As bummed as I am with the processor speed I think Swype might sell it.

    • Ryan

      Most likely the geniuses at Tmobile wanted to spread out there amazing MyTouch line up. I guarantee this phone could have been rolled out in January but they wanted to milk the MyTouch and Nexus One. Trust me, you can’t just “slap a cpu” in a mobile phone, it’s not like a PC.

      If you read the first set of comments, a ton of people are happy to buy a phone from 2008.

  • kismetj

    Does anyone know if there is a presale date?

  • rushmore

    Folks, do not get this if you want Flash 10.1 when released. Adobe announced just a few days ago that it must be an arm8 or better (Slide has arm11). At least if you do get it, please to no complain that there is no Flash 10.1

    Not happening and even if a rom is hacked for it, no GPU support in Flash 10.1 for this chipset.

    Arm 11 is four year old technology being milked because people keep buying devices with it and then wonder why their phone lags. Funny :)

  • Patrick

    Yea they COULD pop a snapdragon in it….but….if they can toss in a ARM11 and sell it for $75 cheaper….why not? Android runs AWESOME on a 528mhz device(try it on a Touch Pro 2 and you’ll see what I mean) so why not do it that way? This may not even be the successor to the G1…it may be a completely different line…we don’t know for SURE. It’s not a terrible device. As long as it give me more than 128mb of ram then we’re good lol

    • Ryan

      $75??? So compared to a 1ghz HD2 that sells for 199, you think this phone will be 125 when it comes out? In case you haven’t noticed, the MyTouch is still 150. For the extra 50, anyone with half a brain would spring for a 1ghz cpu and a 4.3-inch, 800 x 480 screen.

      • Timo

        Have you used an HD2? I have, and I hated it. The Sense UI can’t compensate for the crappy WM6.5 underpinnings. The phone is a serious letdown.

      • Ryan

        @Timo, I know you’re barely literate but WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HARDWARE. HARDWARE. HARDWARE. HARDWARE.

        1GHZ VS 528MHZ



        I know your brain is bleeding from having to think but you’ll be ok. Just breath slowly.

  • vib

    if its 75 dollars i would definatly buy it how much will it be for the even more plus custumors they never tell that

  • Vlad

    You all are forgetting that you just dont need a high-end processor to have a fast, sleek phone. This thing has 512MB RAM onboard. Think about it before you hate on this phone for not having the latest processor.

  • tomato

    This is getting exciting!!!

  • billydontknowbetter

    WOW!! this phone looks REALLY nice, I wish it would come with WinMo 6.5!! Then it would be the BEST EVER!!..

  • Fred

    Boycott this phone!..I’m a proud owner of a G1, but I’m confused as to the total lack of strategy T-mobile is exhibiting. Is this truly the successor to the G1?? If it is, it’s a total slap in the face to the loyal android heads like myself who waited patiently for T-mobile to reward us with hardware becoming common on the other more powerful networks. Honestly, how can a phone with an arm 11 processor clocked at 600mHz, be released in 2010?? It’s like buying the same laptop you used two years ago at the same specs and same price..only the gullable and incompetent would do that. Anybody like myself who owns a G1 can testify as to how frustrating it is to deal with serious lag when only performing simple tasks. I don’t even use the youtube app because it’s too frustrating. T-mobile is trying to energize us with the SAME phone, but now with sense bloatware that’s going to slow it down even more. How can I honestly tell friends not to go to sprint now, especially with their better network and cheaper everything unlimited plan. Get it together T-mobile, your time is running short.

    • Ryan

      Thank God for you Fred. Sometimes I read these comments and think I’m the only person that sees what’s going on.

      I think the problem is most Tmobile customers are retarded and will wait in line for a POS like this. I am sure they probably paid pennies on the dollar for an outdated phone like this and they’ll have NO problem selling it for $150 w/ a 2yr contract.

      • sorandkairi

        Ryan, calm down…. Most consumers are ignorant in their purchases but they are not us. We, being that we are here, are not really in that group. We know the pitfalls of this phone and for the people that still want to buy, great, good for them. You basically are bashing and bitching about people that dont concern you. I dont like that fact that we, Tmobile, dont have any android phones that really are up to speed with, lets just say it, Verizon at this current time but, there is nothing that I can do about.

        If you have that big of a problem with Tmobile’s phone or their services then, DROP TMOBILE OR STOP BITCHING! Nobody made you sign a contract!

      • Ryan

        you need to calm down

      • sorandkairi

        @ Ryan Yeah ur right man, I’m so sorry. I just i cant help it tho. I’m tired of hearing grown men cry like babies…

    • sorandkairi

      When did Tmobile ever say that this phone would be a real “successor” to the G1. If they ever did, I really must have missed it. It, to my knowledge, is being deemed a “successor” only by the people. For instance, when the original Mytouch came out in the US, everyone was say it was the sole “successor” to the G1 but in reality all Androids after the G1 are its successors. With that said, I agree with you regarding the “power’ of the Androids that Tmobile has on is line up in the USA. But just give it more time I’m sure they will have smoething else to catch ur attention; til then u have 3 options wait, buy, or leave! Its your choose. Enough people leave, the harder they will try!

    • ihatefanboys

      i also have the G1 but i have not much lag at all…and as for youtube running slow, i guess u mean when u wait when it says “loading video” …the lag had nothing to do with the hardware and everything to do with your 3G or WIfi signal….even i know that. I think the phone is cool, and i love the physical keyboard but i think ill wait for the galaxy or desire later this year. theres nothing wrong with the G1, it can still hold its own amongst many of the newer phones that have come out since, and its nearly 2 yrs old…so theres nothing wrong with 2 yr old hardware dude.

  • tmorep

    its funny how people are so stuck with their G1 and EXPECT to still get updates… its technology people, it moves very fast and if you want the latest and the greatest, be ready to spend lots of money constantly…. its like me saying “damn i own a classic 88 BMW M3 why dont they make new better performing part for it?”

    Move on people….

    BTW this should be a good seller for tmo…

    • claudio

      i am sure this will be a good one for entry level android phones. as for technology moving fast, you are so, so , right, i mean 2.2 is almost out. (rumored) \we just want tmo to move along with it as well

  • Ray

    I have a N1 the processor is used at 1Ghz less than you think. It changes clock freq all the time. Its MORE about the Ram, 600 is plenty for a smart phone, and remember cost and battery life comes into play with the snapdragon.

    • Ryan

      In 6 months you’ll max out the cpu all the time. Supposedly, Bill Gates once said “640kb ought to be enough for anybody.” The problem is that everything keeps moving forward. If someone buys a phone that’s barely making it today (read as mytouch), it will be obsolete in 3 months. At least a snapdragon phone will probably last the full 24 months people need before they can get new hardware.

  • Alessandra

    This looks nice but I wonder if you can use your OWN picture as the background with the time on it instead of the preloaded themes although the themes are nice but what if the user would like to use their own picture? Are you able to do that or no? I know you can set your own picture on the keyguard on the Sidekick (I’m a Sidekick user) but I wonder if you can do it on this phone, it looks really nice. Out of all the colors though I love the red one.

  • Alex

    The sense ui can be turned off. Thats where its genius lies.

  • Hurlamania

    Thanks William and Alex

  • Granddaddy G1

    I believe who ever has a problem with the way things are going should apply for a job at either tmo or a smart phone producer and create more phones that would be up to your standards. i will say i am not that phone savvy but this phone does not tickle my fancy and also who ever said anything about an update can kill it. we are Americans…we love free stuff and updates save us from getting a new phone but i am awaiting that one phone that will awe me. i personally adore the htc incredible. too bad it is not on the tmo network (yet). Until we get an INCREDIBLE phone i am sticking with my G1 it is very satisfying!!!

  • Alex

    Two phones I see answering these complaints are the GS and the mysterious compatible HSDPA speeds. The samsung one is a clear winner. Especially because you can turn off the horrible touchwiz…

  • Heezy

    I can honestly say I wasn’t a big fan of the UI initially, but after playing with the espresso rom on my Sprint Hero, I’m actually kinda getting excited = ) Also, the UI is pretty damn snappy on the Hero so I’m pretty sure the extra processing power and ram upgrade will make this phone fly! Trust me guys, you gotta play around with this rom and you’ll see what I mean

  • Tomato

    This phone is looking better and better cool!

  • dan

    This is for everyone, If you dont know this is going to be T-MObile’s best phone since forever. The functionality, customization, user interface and custome ftres along with the three main ftres of this phone blow all others out of the water even the EVO—- It doesnt matter what you say, you get this phone in your hands and you will not be able to put it down, I promise.

  • hannah

    i cant wait for Wednesday im getting this phone then eep so excited