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Shameless self promotion starting now…

Remember that WireFly blog awards that we told you about earlier, well TmoNews has made it to the finals!!!! Now, I know we asked you to vote already, but that was for nominations. This is to win it all, or at least the “Best Cell Phone New Blog” division.  Go forth and vote, any and all support is welcome. So please, go and vote to help promote and support your favorite cell phone news site!  A win for us, will be a win for you, and we all like to win, right?

Vote. Now. WireFly


  • Voted.

  • Manny

    You got my vote!

  • J-Hop2o6

    Voted! we’re in the lead right now @ 65%

  • sirphunkee

    Just voted, and according to the current results, tmonews is kicking ASS so far, with 65% of the votes in this category…the next closest contender has only 26% :D

  • Teko

    Looks like tmonews & crackberry has their categories in the bag

  • Mobile Nut

    Voted, we are still in the lead!!

  • Dalton

    First link doesn’t work. Other then that, I voted :D

  • Jonathan 60% (201 votes)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Now wait just a gosh durn minute here. You are aware that there’s a sign over my front door that says “Everything In Here Is For Sale” And underneath that is a parenthetical that says (including my vote).

    So the only question I have, do you have my PayPal account address?

    And remember, I vote early and often. ($50 a vote, a bargain at twice the price.)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Come on people, post how you voted for all categories. This is fun. Here is how I voted:

    Best Android Blog: Android Community

    Best BlackBerry: Crackberry (no contest IMHO).

    Best Cell Phone News: TMoNews (no contest, plus its cited all over the Net).

    Best Cell Phone Review Blog: PhoneDog (close call, I like PhoneScoop and MobileBurn a lot. But Noah makes PhoneDog tops for me).

    Best Windows Mobile Blog: PocketNow (no contest, they always have the best tips and tricks, especially on YouTube).

  • Namo

    Voted! Tmonews!

  • Jshin


  • RCornelous

    All done!!

  • BoomBoomBang


  • Matt

    Voted and as of 8:30am on the 17th got a 4% lead over

  • redman12


  • chotpy


  • akawik

    not mine. haha first to stay that you monkeys who powder at the feets of your master

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Voted!!! GO MAGGYNEWS!!!!