Wirefly Nominations For Best Cell Phone News Blog

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Warning, completely shameless self-promotion ahead!

TmoNews has enjoyed tremendous success in such a short time and its all thanks to our fantastic readers, fans and faithful. We wish to add a little more success and therefore we need your help. Our good friends at Wirefly have alerted us to the Best Cell Phone News Blog of 2010 competition and we want to win. Of course, there is also an Android, Review site, Windows Mobile and Blackberry competition but we are focused on the News portion. So help us win, there is a $250 prize, which if won would surely find its way back to our users in the form of giveaways! You have shown quite a bit of loyalty to our site and we, I am thankful and gracious for all the success we have gained. So take just a moment, head on over to Wirefly and vote for TmoNews, your very favorite Cell Phone News site!!!!!

Vote. Now. Wirefly.