T-Mobile Advertising The HTC HD2?

Now I should say I was not looking for this as I perused through the T-Mobile YouTube channel.  I was actually looking for a separate unrelated commercial for posting and came across this.  We’ve seen the HTC ads for the HTC HD2 but we wondered when and where T-Mobile would begin its own marketing campaign for what seems to be nothing less than the device of the moment.  On that note, I have yet to  see this during regular television watching but I hope this minute commercial makes its debut soon on all the networks as it shows off the phone’s highlights.  Does this sway anyone or does it just make you even more frustrated that you cannot get your hands on one?

T-Mobile YouTube


  • poopman

    still on the fence about this phone. hows the battery life everyone?

    • gargoyle999

      Plan to charge every evening! I ordered several spare batteries and a charger.

      • laphoneuser

        Really? My HD2 battery is lasting longer than my G1 ever did.

    • gargoyle999

      I’m slightly frustrated. I got one on release day, but it wouldn’t charge so had to return it. So now I’m on three lists with local T-Mo stores.

  • Flgirll

    I’ve only seen the HTC commercial for the phone played on TV a lot, especially on MTV. I’ve never seen this commercial played on TV. I feel like they advertised MyTouch far more than they did the HD2.

    Looking at that video makes me more impatient waiting until they have more in stock.


  • Anthony


  • DK Brothers

    I need a replacement also. The radio rom on my unit is CRAP. Won’t keep a 3G connection. Switch from 3G to Egde to G to off all the time. As soon as I attempt to launch the internet, the phone drops from 3G to G.

    • sirphunkee

      Requesting a replacement unit (if you can) will just get you another unit with the same stock radio in it. If you need to get better reception, you’ll need to try out different radios to see which gives you the best reception.

    • laphoneuser

      Wait for a software update, or head to XDA developers and try flashing a different Radio. It will get fixed.


    I love mine. I typed this using swype. now what should I do with my nexus1? its just sitting there

    • Luckout

      Good condition? Might be interested…

    • Suamhirs

      Well I missed the release date so i dont have the HD2 but if you want rid of the Nexus one hit me up lol

  • sirphunkee

    I haven’t seen any of the TV commercials yet, but yesterday I did happen to notice some tmo HD2 banner ads floating around online

    • Oce

      Man the online ads are all over the place! I love this phone!

      • Suamhirs

        I have seen the adds in the TV a lot, which make me so upset because i started calling the store because i tough it was back on stock!!! and T-Mobile actually toke the add like 5 days later that the phone sold out!!

  • Pythagoras

    To me that is a very boring commercial. I don’t think it shows of the HD2 very well. I guess, like the iPhone, they are trying to target older folks who have never used anything but a free $10 Nokia.

    I personally plan to buy this phone but that commercial actually makes me like the phone less.

  • TheAnalyst

    I have seen this commercial on TV several times now. I don’t own the phone, but it is possible choice for an upgrade in the summer (assuming it will be in stock).

  • TheAnalyst

    I’ve seen this commercial on TV several times. I don’t own the phone, but it is a possible upgrade choice this summer (assuming the phone will be in stock).

  • Davidohio

    I actually have that commercial downloaded into my G1, I found it on youtube 2 weeks before launch but it did not have the t-mobile branding at the end, just HTC.

  • Vern

    Actually I saw the new t-mobile $5 add a line commercial last night quite a few times and they mention the HD2 at the end.

  • Matt

    It’s frustrating that they are sold out, and continue to advertise it. Why not at least announce when they are going to replenish their stocks!

  • Justin

    Commercial ran last night during Fringe. I actually stopped FF through the commercial to rewind and watch it…thought T-Mo was launching a new Android phone but then I saw it in real-time and realized it was WinMo… :( Oh well…

    • cockpitinferno

      For the 2 gazillioneth time: no, this is not an Android phone. Sprint’s releasing the Evo in the coming months and it’s the same as this phone running Android. Seriously, you thought this was an Android phone? Do you visit Tmonews often?

      • Justin

        Listen fool…if you spent the time to actually read my post you will notice I was fast forwarding my DVR and when I saw the HTC screen pass by I hit stop, then rewind, then play. At this point I immediately realized it was an WinMo phone. Fool – why don’t you learn to read!

        “but then I saw it in real-time and realized it was WinMo”

    • WTF

      His point is that only a fool would have to see the commercial to know the OS since all the details have been on the net for months and months.

      • cockpitinferno

        Thank you. @Justin: maybe you should learn to read, along with refraining from using the word “fool” as a derogatory comment. BTW, nice photo. Stick with the stock avatars from now on.

  • Jonstonson

    David, this is an internal video T-Mobile posted on an HD2 training that they did for the sales reps. Probably will not be on TV.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Its on the public T-Mobile YouTube, I don’t see how its private?!

      • Jonstonson

        hmmm. i guess i’m wrong! haha

  • ceddy ced

    lol great advertising. i bought this phone on launch day, returned it the next! smh wasnt what i thought it was gonna be at all. the only really cool thing about the phone is the weather animation. but that gets old

  • Johnny C

    Had the hd2 returned it in two days really laggy can’t keep a 3g signal in an area where 3g is full blast. Froze many times had to remove the battery thought it was just my phone so I returned it and got another one same thing happen so I returned it and got my money back wins mobile looks like its 20 yrs old such a great hardware gone to waste on a crappy os …..nexus shall be my next stop (shudda gone this phone from jump)


      Its ok, we know you’re lying to try and turn people off. I have the phone right now, that’s what I’m using to type this. Lag? Not a problem. 3G? Most Places I go. Winmo crappy OS? Negative. Htc Sense rocks? Definitely. HTC HD2 + t-mobile (and 10 dollar internet {I’ll never tell my secret!}) FOR THE WIN!!!

  • analog spirit

    Well, at least this commercial has a fairly digable and funky beat…

  • rushmore

    They had one in stock at my local Walmart for $149 with 2yr contract. Not seeing the point due to the poor Tmo coverage where I live and the Flash 10.1 issue (lack of). Nice big screen and slow data speeds are not a good combo.

  • dkrcubsfan

    Can anyone verify that if I buy a HD2 and don not have a data plan, that the phone will not function at all? I was just told by a supervisor at Customer Care that this was the case.

    • HARVEY

      I want to say that is true. My phone was useless while I waited for my smartphone data plan to take effect. Was told it was like the myTouch or something like that. Essentially this phone requires the data for it to work.

  • Nain

    i love my HD2, battery life runs out after about 15 hours of moderate use with 3g/2g, havent had any problems with it, no crashing/freezing/lagging. nothing, my nexus one gave me tons of problems, had to do about 3-6 battery pullouts a day, for simple things it couldnt do like pick up wifi singnals that were a few feet away, and even with the 1ghz pro. my nexus one still felt like a mytouch on steroids =/

  • Rocko

    Still not sure if i should get this phone. So im trying out the 9700 since everyone seems to complain about the hd2 freezing up every other day. Anyone not having that issue with the hd2 ? I really want that phone but til then i guess im sticking with the 9700 til tmobile has more of these in stock :(

  • Onemangang

    In theory the HD2 is the perfect phone, in practice it sucks. The hardware is great but the software makes it unusable. I received my HD2 last friday. I returned it yesterday. In that time frame I had to do at least three master resets and pull the battery at least two to three times a day. I could have muddled throuth the third party apps. issues and waited for some kind of patch. But it got to the point i could not even make a phone call. The phone would not wake up or if i was on a call I could not hang up. I went a couple of rounds with tech support. They said it was nothing they could do and I should get my money back. I then went a couple rounds with customer service. They wanted me to come out of my own pocket to ship it back and they could not even offer a warrenty replacement. After voicing my complete and total customer disatisfaction and pointing out T-mobile was suppoed to be #1 in customer satisfaction a Supervisor noted on my account that the next time I purchase a phone I will get the full discount price. So I will wait until the issues are fixed and then Get the HD2 for $199.

    I still Love you t-Mobile

  • Onemangang

    Additional note called back and had another Rep check my account. I will get the full discount even though I am on the even more plus, and that without signing any kind of contract. The squeaky will gets greased.

  • deeznutz

    @Onemangang: you likely meant “the squeaky WHEEL gets the grease.”

  • Stephen

    I’ve actually seen a commercial for this phone from T-Mobile…It appeared during American Idol…
    It was at the end of T-Mobile’s rate plan ad about $5/month add a lines…

  • brian goodman

    fedex is bringing mine on monday ive already called into work sick lol i cant wait

  • Nain

    i dont understand why people are having problems.. are u guys downloading 3rd party apps?? cause mines been working great since day 1 (launch date)

  • I received mine on Wed. March 31st. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my phone it works just fine. Oh did I mention I LOVE IT! :)

  • hdeezy

    Battery lasts WAY longer than my G1’s battery. I love this phone. I brought this phone to work and now 5 people from my department alone are getting one. A few others from other depts want one too. Everywhere I go, people who see my phone fall in love! For all the cry babies whining about resetting their phones from time to time, thats pretty normal when you have a smartphone. For those of you up in the air about this phone, go to a store and play with one and check it out for yourself. It’s not like your going to be charged for that. I am VERY happy with my HD2. For those of you HD2 owners that like bubble breaker and solitaire, they are on the phone but hidden.To find them click on Start/file explorer/my device/windows. List it by size and scroll down. Copy one and paste it in your games folder.

  • Duck Dodgers

    I purchased my HD2 on launch day too. I have had issues with my SMS and swype lagging when I first start a text message. Had it replace on Monday and after syncing up with my Outlook it locked up. Did a hard reset, but this time I have not synced my Outlook yet. I have not had one issue since the hard reset. Going slow on syncing up my Outlook because I think that is the issue I was having. I currently only have my calendar synced and will try my email in a few days to see how it will handle it. I’m beginning to think that Outlook is having a major issue with Sense. How many people out there that are having issues sync up with their Outlook? Try a hard rest and go without syncing a few days to see if your issues will be less.

  • Stephen

    It seems there is a bug in the Sense UI when a certain number of Contacts are added…see this article here: BUG: HD2’s Sense May Freeze With Contact Favorites http://bit.ly/cTUdKY

    • Duck Dodgers

      @Stephen, I tried that, it didn’t help.

  • FILA

    this wont be on tv, its to long and drawn out

  • JethroGibbs

    Doesnt make any sense to run ads when its so out of stock and selling on its own. why put on an advertising blitz only to have people go to a store or call in only to find out its out of stock

  • Giles

    exactly as Onemangang said Im going to be returning my 2nd HD2 on Tue before my 14days are up.
    Great phone in concept bad software.

    Multiple lockups, hard resets, phone dialer unusable/unresponsive .

    Too much to deal with when i need it for business.

    When it does work right it is an awesome phone.

  • Mr. Multimedia

    If you have a TP2 and you want the multimedia T-Mobile HD2 apps on your TP2 get them here and more http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 …You will find the HD2 multimedia apps in post #’s 1, 2, and 3…

  • Mr. Multimedia

    My HD2 works perfect like a charm and I have a SecondToday screen, plus Spb Mobile Shell 3.5 running on it with no Mr. Freeze stuff….