Trade In Your iPhone For An HD2

2010-04-02 20.29.59

Looking to score a hell of a deal for the HTC HD2, provided you know when you can get it? Well, trade in your iPhone through participating T-Mobile dealers, through 1-800-TMOBILE and if you know how to find them, your Business Direct Sales Representative. Now let us be clear, this offer IS NOT good at corporate locations, only PARTICIPATING T-Mobile dealers. Start with a minimum $100 credit and you can get as much as $350 toward the purchase of an HD2. I don’t know how many of the T-Mobile faithful are walking around with iPhones these days and among those how many are interested in trading in for the HD2. However, if you are one of those interested, this offer is damn attractive, provided you can find one of the participating dealers and we can’t help with that.

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  • tato22

    nice cool beans

  • HR

    My HD2 is making me feel like I have an iPhone with AT&T quality service and performance.

    It’s driving me mad. Freezes, call drops.

    Microsoft should really give this thing Windows Phone 7 as a thank you.

  • Nova504

    I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy a used iphone, than trade it in for the HD2? Hmmmmm, maybe save 100 buck by doing that! Just a thought! LOL!

  • Bbswany

    I went the other way on that one. The HD2 is an awesome device, just not for me.

  • evilbox

    I hate my iphone. I haven’t used it as a phone in months, just been an internet tablet when I’m sitting on the couch. I’m getting on this asap!

  • evilbox

    I hate my iphone. I haven’t used it as a phone in months, just been an internet tablet when I’m sitting on the couch. I’m getting on this asap! But isn’t this good at the corp stores?

  • jawash22

    haha..that’s a good one TMO! I CAN’T BUY ONE THEY ARE SOLD OUT….

  • jawash22

    haha..that’s a good one TMO! First commercial s for a phone you can’t get, and now you want us to trade in an iPhone for an out of stock item…..

    • rjwisniewski

      My store is participating and we have HD2s in stock. Not all T-Mobiles are out of stock.

  • James

    Just called… It’s only $100 for the 2g iphone… I’m sure I can get more than that on eBay.

    • Ceddy Ced

      I sold my iphone 2g for $200 on craigslist. just to get this phone. i bought the HD@ and then took it back smh. i wish i kept my damn iphone! if you guys have your iphone… KEEP IT.

      • Torie

        Y didn’t u like it??

  • wasup

    so this either means, the iphone will def. not be coming to tmo or they want you to buy a new one from tmo, when they do come out :D, hope its the latter, the stuff that tmo is offering now, is just a joke, including the htchd2

  • andrew

    this sould like a late april fools joke why would tmobile do these

  • chops

    This is in fact real and the customer service rep I spoke to said it does include corporate stores!

    • david

      i just went to the tmobile corp store, they said, they never heard of it..

      • David, Managing Editor

        Wouldn’t that be because we explicitly said a retail store wouldn’t know of it?!?!?!

  • alexis

    Makes you wonder why tmo would be creating a stockpile old iphones…..

  • Derrick

    Why trade it in when you can sell it on ebay for more? My friend just sold his 8gb 2g iphone for $208 on ebay, u can get like $300 for a 3g and anywhere from $400-500 for a 3gs. If you got a half hour to post it and another half hour to ship it, why not make enough money to pay for ur HD2 without having to get a new contract. Tmobile will probably take the recycled ones and resell them at a profit for vendors to sell in other countries. If you got an hour of your life to spare, make that extra cash yourself!

  • Mockerfab4

    Just curious. What do they do to the used iPhones?

    • bill

      They’ll sell them as refurbs to someone.

  • Toast mmm

    I just called 1800-TMOBILE and they told me they never heard of this offer.

    Did anyone have any luck in confirming this?

  • Henry

    I just called 2 tmobiles they said they have never heard of this….is it fake?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Did you call corporate locations?!

  • how much is the hd2 at full price from tmob

    • Alex

      The T-Mobile HTC HD2 is $449.99 retail (sans contract).

  • fred

    i call and they said they dont know anything about it i guess its a april fool joke a late one

  • Angello

    I have an iPhone but I saw the hd2 and looks better than my 3gs i think I gone sell my to a friend to get the hd2 but to bring it to mobile and get 100 o 350 I must be crazy if I can get 550 for my 3gs

  • Thomas

    Sounds like TMo is trying to get iPhones off its network. No luck with me. I’m keeping mine.

  • Scott

    Wish they would let me trade in my Nexus One