Trade In Your iPhone For An HD2

2010-04-02 20.29.59

Looking to score a hell of a deal for the HTC HD2, provided you know when you can get it? Well, trade in your iPhone through participating T-Mobile dealers, through 1-800-TMOBILE and if you know how to find them, your Business Direct Sales Representative. Now let us be clear, this offer IS NOT good at corporate locations, only PARTICIPATING T-Mobile dealers. Start with a minimum $100 credit and you can get as much as $350 toward the purchase of an HD2. I don’t know how many of the T-Mobile faithful are walking around with iPhones these days and among those how many are interested in trading in for the HD2. However, if you are one of those interested, this offer is damn attractive, provided you can find one of the participating dealers and we can’t help with that.

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