The HTC HD2 Marketing Campaign Courtesy Of HTC

Looking for more HTC HD2 news?  Good, because we’ve got it but THIS time it’s actually something we’ve been awaiting for quite some time.  That’s right.  It’s a marketing campaign for the HTC HD2, the newest, most exciting, best multimedia and possibly the best phone in the T-Mobile lineup.  Check out the video above and the video after the break and fall in love with the HD2 or shrug it off and wait for the next Android device.

These videos come straight from the HTC YouTube account as we wait to see if T-Mobile will drop their own marketing spots for this 4.3-inch bad boy.

HTC YouTube

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  • Cybersedan


    This is what we need to see blanketing the airwaves… when seen in person this phone simply sells itself, this is coming from a diehard Android fan who owns a Nexus One and has an HD2 on order after seeing it in person.

    Can’t wait for my ridiculously big screen phone to get here.

    Oh yeah… First!!

    • Davidohio

      First what? First grade?

  • enjoijams

    Had the tv on last night tuned into Bravo.
    There were serioulsy 3 or 4 commercials for the HD2 in one hour.

    • enjoijams


  • beej

    Love the commercials. Love the “ridiculously big screen” emphasis. Fun! Loving my HD2!!

    BTW, David ME…just had to mention Android, huh? LOL!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Yeah you know, you’re going to fight about it in the comments anyway, so why not just stir things up!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I noticed that too. I chuckled at his throwing the first rock, a preemptive kind of thing.

      I figured he was saying “Yeah, yeah, we all know some of want Android, go away.” :)

    • Spike

      I saw these ads for the first time on TV last night… I was laughing cause it really was exactly the first thing I thought when I saw the HD2 display at T-mobile: ‘Thats a ridiculousy big screen!’ LMAO. Loving this phone!!

  • Dwight Schrute

    Great commercials….saw them during March Madness yesterday. Very cool…

  • max

    Ill wait for the next android phones

    • john

      Lol foreshadowing came true…had 2 be one here.

  • steve

    Loving this phone so far…Great commercials

  • Mockerfab4

    This rocks! Hope it’s a a winner for Tmo! Now I can finally ohhh and awe at the screen again when a Tmo commericial comes on. Those MT3G ads were not doing it for me. ;)

  • Col. Batitong

    Im still waiting on mine. :( all i can do now is stop by at the nearest TMO store in my house and play with it, every time i have a chance. I love this beast. This is a no. 1 phone for T-mobile right now, IMHO. Rock on…..

  • Phalosopher

    LOVE MY HD2!!!!

  • lebron1189

    anyone know how to get volume on sky fire app?

  • Jshin

    When you start Skyfire you will see an audio icon at the bottom left hand side of the screen, Make sure it doesnt have a line going through it. If it does then just tap it. ALso you can go into the menu.

    • lebron1189

      yea im preessing it and like there still is no volume. the phone is turned.idk its weird

  • Joe Pa


  • Ruufus

    I was 2nd in line and 1st out the door with my HD2 Wednesday morning. It does not 99% disappointment. Damn fast at everything. I love Swipe. I love the HTC Sense interface. It feels luxurious (sp). (Windows Phone 7 seems stark/cold in contrast.)

    For those Android naysayers – just stop and go play with your icons in their grids. Boring.

    Yes, its a Windows phone. I am used to and like to tweek with Windows under the hoods so I actually like and am familiar with the Windows Mobile quirks. I feel like am in a computer adjusting settings etc.

    Only 2 wishes so far – merge Internet Explorer and Opera so I can pinch zoom and have Flash together; and a stronger battery (but maybe its because I having stopped using with it in 3 days

    • john

      Go to, wish granted pinch to zoom and flash

  • B’more

    It would have being a better phone or best phone to say it it were operating on android, because at the moment it does lack some sense.
    Think about it !!!

    • mmaxxsooner

      Doh! Or duh! Android fan. Let’s see is that 1.5, 1.6 2.0 or 2. What thehellever, the fracture in releases will kill android for 2nd half fy10. At least ms has a clue. Let the manufacturers cover it all they like, then people will know what they are getting in a product… That hd2 rocks all android phones. Sorry to rant but the google fan boys annoy me. Like android will ever be a finished product. Emm NOT!

      • kershon

        I wholeheartedly agree. Rant on brother. Some of the android fanboys sound like the isheep.

  • Mixer Mel

    there is already an android hack for window 6.5 devices. It was posted here in tmonews but do it @ your own risk! They have it running on the TP2

    • TehAndroid

      Just because its running on the TP2 doesn’t mean it will work with the HD2.

  • justsomedude

    Of course you had to include the word Android in your post, It should have Blackberry OS on it.

    • john

      Why in the hell would they waste the hardware on a crackberry, lol…let’s stir it up some more, needs to be maemo. Jk the phone is in awesome form, the best phone on the market…period.

  • alan

    now if only they wouldve actually planned ahead and actually provided us with a decent amount of inventory…. we have like 30 people on the waiting list and another 20 that rather not get on the waiting list…. its BS like this that differs apple from htc IMO…. my $.02

    • Dane

      Although I have to agree my dealer order more right before they went on back order and we have 3 left which is awesome because the corprate store up stairs is still sold out xD I Had a guy buy it straight out for $700!!!

  • eYe

    Was going to get HD2 but the amount of coverage it got completely turned me away. I started to hate it actually. It is sickening how much attention this phone got. Worse then apple. Have fun with it guys and girls, I’m sure it’s a great phone but I will be “waiting for another Android device” or something else that isn’t that hyped up.

    • Cybersedan

      WOW, that’s a good reason not to get something… I’ve always thought that people purchase something because they like it plain and simple, not based on how well hyped it is or isn’t, or how many other people like it or get it.. but maybe it’s just me ;-).

    • Erick

      grow up.

  • Davidohio

    You mean to say …”worse THAN apple”

    • eYe

      Yes, thank you. 12 hour work-day is catching up to me.

      • Davidohio

        I feel your pain my friend.

  • hdeezy

    I love my phone!!! Everyone who sees it does too. It’s funny how everyone complained about tmo not advertising the phone but yet they are sold out everywhere. Imagine the chaos if they advertised prior to release? It would have been pandemonium! Everyone at my job wants one now. That includes a few iphone and N1 users. I have my outlook running like a champ on this baby. People who need an awesome phone for business and fun is what this phone is for. If you want android, stop bitchin on OUR forum and go to the sprint htc evo forum and talk about how shitty their service is going to be on your android phone. Let us enjoy our forum peacefully. This is an HD2 forum. The HD2 comes with windows mobile so the people that bought the phone are happy with it. Thank you VERY much!

  • gargoyle999

    slingbox mobile is awesome on this phone!

  • Shannon

    Never had any interest in the HD2. After seeing these TV spots, I think I love it.


    • Cybersedan

      I think you’ll see a second wave of buyers now that some ads are running, I think the HTC ads are simple yet very effective… “Hellllloooooooooooooo”.

  • analog spirit

    I haven’t seen any of the ads about the HD2, but I did get a chance to see it “in person” again at my local T-Mo shops on the way to work.
    After playing with it the second time, and learning a little more about WinMo 6.5, how it works, and how to use it, I’m finding myself actually considering it again. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of typing on it. Maybe it’s just because I’m so used to typing on my old BB 8320’s hardware keyboard that it just took some time and patience on my part…
    During my second hands-on with the HD2, it dawned on me that it isn’t just a phone that can do some computer-like functions; it basically IS a mini-computer (that can make phone calls as well). It has more CPU speed, ROM, and RAM than the desktops of about 10 years ago, and roughly the same as the laptops of about 5 years ago, if I remember correctly. Almost anything I can do on a laptop, I could probably figure out a way to do on the HD2 if I dig deep enough and learn how to do it myself. I’m not much of a tech guy, but I’m always willing to learn…
    I’m still going to stay patient and wait a while to see how the HD2’s initial growing pains get dealt with, as they inevitably must be on any new device, but I like the hardware so much that now I’m thinking that I can live with the software, which can always be updated, tweaked and modified to one’s tastes, unlike a lot of other devices out there. I can live perfectly fine without Android, and besides, regardless of the OS, it would still be a huge upgrade over my old BB 8320.
    It also dawned on me that I paid roughly the same amount for my BB 8320 back in 2007 that I’d be paying for the HD2 if I were to get it now. So I’d be getting a vastly superior phone for about the same price I paid for my Berry back then.
    So now I’m reconsidering my earlier take on the HD2, and I’m not quite ready to give up on WinMo 6.5 Professional just yet (I think that’s what MS are calling it now; I like that name), as I’m convinced that it’s still a solid, viable platform that will continue to be developed as a useful business-oriented OS, and that MS did the right thing by keeping it around for business/professional use, while they develop WP7 for the heavy games/media users (I still don’t like how they’ve closed WP7 off and locked it down just like Apple have done with their iPhone, tho).
    I have an iMac, but the lack of Mac compatibility can be addressed by using SyncMate, if I’m not mistaken (someone please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).
    The HD2 really is impressive, and I see no real justification for hating on it. I think its sheer bang-for-the-buck value is unmatched in the smartphone market, at least for now. US$450 is actually a really good deal for all the features and capabilities you’re getting in it, IMHO.

    • kershon

      A little over a year ago I switched from winmo to blackberries. I had the 8320, 8900, and the bold 9700. The bold dropped calls like there was no tomorrow and would not keep a 3G signal. I was waiting on the HD2 release but jumped the gun and bought a TP2 a month or so ago. I almost forgot how much more u can do with winmo than bb. I have not looked back. Now I’m saving up for the HD2.

      • analog spirit

        Yeah, I used to get that exact same issue a lot with my BB 8320; dropped calls, failed calls, and overall poor reception. But over the past year, T-Mo have apparently been fixing their network, so happily those issues don’t occur anywhere near as often as they used to, at least in my area (Southern CA).
        The main reason I’ve been wanting to upgrade from my BB 8320 is that it’s so slow, and takes forever to do anything (but then what do you expect from a mere 312 Mhz CPU, I guess). And I really want a bigger screen, ‘cos I’m tired of squinting to see text (e.g. e-mails and webpages)and photos on my little 2.5 inch screen.
        I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many useful apps WinMo 6.5 Professional really does have; it has some apps I might actually find useful at work, where I spend most of my waking hours these days (I might as well live there now! LOL!).
        And if worst ever comes to worst, and MS were to pull the plug on WinMo 6.5 entirely (they wouldn’t be THAT stupid… would they?), by that time someone will have probably figured out how to put Android or some other OS on it, if they haven’t already.
        I really like HTC’s Sense UI, and the way it makes everything just “flow” so well; sometimes I think they should just go ahead and make their own Sense-based OS for their devices and be done with it…
        Getting back on topic, I think that had Google put out a few strategically-placed TV ads like the one shown above for the HD2, and provided a lot better customer support, they would’ve sold a LOT more Nexus Ones.
        I almost pulled the trigger on buying a Nexus One, but from what I’ve seen of it thus far, it just seems too buggy and prototype-ish for me to spend that much money on it, and take that big of a risk. Maybe once Google and HTC work all the bugs out of it, I’d get one, but not until then.

  • chicago081

    I gurantee that these people hating on the HD2 have not had any hands on time with it. Go somewhere and check it out.

    • analog spirit

      Agreed; so far I’ve had the chance to take the HD2 for a spin twice, and the first thing I noticed was that they didn’t really need to advertise it that much, as this thing practically sells itself, mainly due to its big, gorgeous screen, and all the media features it has to go with that screen. It’s just that impressive.
      It just goes to show that regardless of a phone’s OS, with the right screen size and resolution, it’ll still sell big time (it also helps that WM 6.5 is a more open and customizable OS; that’s why I’m glad MS won’t be abandoning it, despite WP7). I can easily see how someone would walk into a T-Mo shop, like I did, possibly intending to get a different phone, but then they see the HD2 and say, “Whoa! Hello, what’s this?” Then they play around with it and start checking out that screen and they’re hooked.
      So I’m not the least bit surprised that the HD2 is sold out now. This thing just might be such a big hit that I can even picture it outselling the WP7 phones, once they come out.

  • huh

    am i the only one that noticed the hd2 is sold out on the website

    • analog spirit

      Nope, I saw it too. And it’ll probably stay sold out for a while, at this rate…

    • Dane

      Superstition mall mesa az Wireless 4U we have 3 left xD awesome phone i got it the day it came out but theyll be on back order pretty much intell further notice at this rate

  • analog spirit

    I just went to T- Mo and took the HD2 for a spin the third time, and after familiarizing myself with it some more, I have to say it’s grown on me.
    So I just decided to go ahead and have T-Mo put me on their wait list for it. The third time’s the charm, I guess…

  • Dalton

    Thank you jesus T-Mobile isn’t in charge of advertising this. Well, that they aren’t. We’d probably have some more “stars” showing off how ggrreeattt the phone is… yeah. *yawn.* I like HTC’s commercials :)
    Wish i could get this phone, but I’m not very good at keeping scratches off of my screen. So…back to G1 it is :(

  • Johnny C

    i downloaded the skyfire but the browser doesnt have pinch to zoom

    • Sirmac

      Aw damn, I was hoping it had both.

  • Mr. Multimedia

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  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I posted a demo of the HD2 camcorder feature.

  • naps1saps

    I laugh at the people wishing it had Android.

    Wish granted:

    I just wish this phone had WM on it. This one definately beats the HD2 but will not work with Tmobile.