Some MyTouch 3G Slide Impressions

Maybe you have looking at the MyTouch 3G Slide thinking “I’d buy that, but I really wish I knew more about it.”  Well, this may be time for you to find out some more about the next MyTouch phone.  According to Android and Me, who know a guy, the screen is 3.5 inches diagonally and may, or may not, be an AMOLED screen.  Around back you will find a 5 MP camera with LED flash and autofocus.  The whole thing will be humming along with a 600 MHz ARM11 processor with 512 MB ROM and 512 MB RAM, powered by a 1300 mAH battery.  What is interesting is that this phone might be capable of running on the very fast HSPA+ speeds (or at least HSPA 7.2), and used to promote these speeds.  In addition, it will sport HTC’s newest Espresso Sense UI over Android 2.1 (so you get all those nifty benefits).  There will be a lot of apps  included, like the AppPack, My Account, myTouch Music, Quick Office, some games (one is Abduction), and Swype is the stock keyboard, though the HTC keyboard and Dragon Dictionary can be used.  It also appears that this is slimmer than the G1, which is always a good thing.  Stay tuned for future updates and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Android and Me

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