All In For The MyTouch 3G

Today just seems full of MyTouch 3G news, so why not some more?  T-mobile seems to be putting all their chips into the middle when it comes to this poker game of releasing phones (I’m done with the poker references, I promise).  Along with a plethora of accessories, an included warranty, and visual voicemail, T-mobile will be collecting the best that the Android Market has to offer in a nice and tidy “app pack.”  This is where T-mobile will eventually include their own visual voicemail app, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  Tmobile will also include Sherpa, a location based entertainment discovery app that learns your preferences in food, stores, and attractions over time based on your ratings, in this “app pack.”


  • WazzuKirk


    And I will stick with my unlocked iPhone, thank you for listening. :-)

  • cDAWG

    horray to ppl who make dumb remarks that no one asked for!!!!! woo yeah wazzukirk

  • Icopydat

    T-Mobile has totally dropped the ball. I live in Portland, OR and have been trying to pre-order the my touch since 7:00 this morning and it’s now 5:15. IT CONTINUES TO SAY “UNABLE TO SUBMIT ORDER.” I have refreshed and tried logging off and on at least 30-40 times. I have been on the phone with CSR and all they say is “oh, it looks like the problem has been fixed.” NOT. I even had the CSR try and order the phone for me using their computers with my account info and still a no go. The CSR was all, “I know this will work..I have not seen a problem yet…” A minute later she said, “what, it didn’t work!” Thanks for telling me something I didn’t already know. WT$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody having the same problem??

  • Taya

    Correction visual voicemail app does not work with flexpay customers because they cannot bill you accourding 2 the company who made the app. My cousin has a G1 and shevdownloaded the visual voicemail app & it says it does not work with flex pay customers so if you a post pay customer it will work for you!

  • Taya

    Tmobile not at&t, tmobile not sprint, tmobile couldnt even hold verizon fuckin jockstrap virgin mobile has more phones then tmobile COME ON TMOBILE STEP IT UP!!

  • Zapote21

    Wow… What is up with all this negativity??
    its a free country! If you dont like the phone, or Tmobile, then just go to ATT, or Sprint, or somewhere else and get a different phone!
    Its not rocket science!
    I for one, have had Tmobile for about 10 years… I also have the ‘pleasure’ of having ATT for my company provided work cell phone (currently a BB 8320). So i can tell you that ATT’s service is in no way shape or form any better…
    But its very simple… I love TMO, and Android, and my G1…
    If you dont, then go somewhere else… And be happy! LOL

  • Taya

    Negativity is the key 2 success to make your business better before you used the word negativity learn about it what it means zapotec21 you gotta remmeber something im a hater if you didnt know now you no!

  • santana

    Haters are good…that means somebody is doing something right…get a life taya…android is the future…F*** the iphone and apple…. ya dig taya…let the haters keep on hating…that’s there damn job.

  • Marco

    Look, I’m not a hater but I’ve had t-mo for 6 years. I really need a better data phone with UMA ’cause my house is right in a dead zone. The other 3 companies are not dead zones around my house but I stuck it out. Hoping for 3g, uma, better plans…I like T-mobile. I want it to be the best it can be but they don’t have any 3g Blackberries….nor are the ‘google/android’ phones UMA. T-mo give one or the other but not both. I wanted a G1 but it didn’t have UMA so I can actually get service in my home then I tried a t-mo blackberry but no 3g…why pay for a 2 year contract on a device that isn’t 3g? sooo…I’ve making the choice…talked to a guy at work who just switch to sprint for $99 with unlimited data and he’s happy….that’s about equal to T-mo’s deal…so…I’m gunna jump to Sprint and they have 3g…and a much larger network.

    You’ve been good to me T-mobile but I needed more;)

  • Butler

    How can you stay with a cell phone provider that has a DEAD ZONE AT YOUR HOUSE??? That’s flipping ridiculous… And you response is that you are ‘sticking it out’ for uma, better plans, etc… SMH

  • Marco

    I just moved to this housea year and half ago. I had t-mobile before I moved here. It’s like a 200 foot dead zone. If you go 200 feet in any direction you pick up signal. T-mobiles response was to use a UMA phone that is basically voice over IP. So my cell phone (and only certain cell phones have UMA as a ‘band’) would seamlessly switch to my comcast cable cable wirelss from the cell towers as I got to the house. This worked out fine but Look…it’s a 3g world now. The UMA has worked great for me but I want 3g speed away from home (home uses wifi speeds which is better)…so I would need UMA and 3g….OR Sprint and AT&T are not dead at my home so I don’t need UMA (and they don’t have it anyway) and I could then get 3g. Sprint is offering the Everything plan for $99.99 which is about the same as T-mo would charge for Unlimited data, voice and messaging…so I really have no choice.

  • Marco

    NO eric,
    At sprint it’s $99 for voice, DATA and messaging (it’s callled the EVERYTHING plan because it’s everything!) I called corporate and visited and store well I think about it. Sprint is being VERY competitive

  • MY3G

    My guess is that no one noticed the new Tmo 3G network coming online by the end of this year (already started to roll it out I believe in New York) and if the map is any indication it will be just as big and vast as any of the other 3G networks.