Partial unboxing + TP2 = Success

If the MyTouch 3G doesn’t interest you (or maybe it does but you hunger for more) then we have just the pictures for you. Showing itself in all it’s marvelous glory is a big white box with graphics and text on it – also known as the Touch Pro2 box. For those of you waiting for unboxing pictures for this highly anticipated device, look no further as we’ve got ’em right here! So why is this only a “partial” unboxing? That nice little jumble of accessories in the box still doesn’t count, they’re supposed to be spread out on the table so TP2 junkies can get their fix an idea of what to expect when they get to open their own box on launch day. Enough talking, more picture showing! As always, a few more pics after the break…

[singlepic=12,275,350] [singlepic=16,300,300]

[singlepic=14,300,300] [singlepic=15,300,300]


  • Tito

    First…awesome cant wait..this looks like the best product T-mobile has launched in a while…definetly excited and ready to have this beauty in my hands!

  • J5

    Glad to see more TP2 love.

    Still I think Tmo is screwing themselves by pushing back this phone.
    It’s obviously ready to go, they just dont want it to compete with the MyTouch.

    Oh well.

  • Kat

    Is it me.. or is WIFI not mentioned anywhere?? =[

  • andsam

    unboxed the tp2 and i jizzed in my pants!

  • Say-Low

    I think.. even if this thing came out, Tmo is probably going to pay more attention to the MT3G then the TouchPro2. That mean, more updates, fixes, apps, etc. for MT3G. You see where I’m getting?

  • ASDF

    more pix pls!

  • jtotothada

    i really want this phone but i really like the the hero, i been using wimo since the Audiovox SMT5600 & mpx 220(look it up if u dont know how old they are) and i’m happy to see it come so far but the sense ui on android with the 5mega and 3.5mm plus the capacitive touch screen speaks, but winmo is my 1st love and i can tether with 3g with out having to root the phone plus slingbox right right out the box, but anyone that has had windows mobile know that they get mad buggy after awhile and really becomes unusable…..people help me decided

    tp2: 3g, keyboard, large screen, tether(without rooting), no3.5mm and ave cam


    hero: 3.5mm, 5mega, great ui, teflon coating, no keyboard and slo edge

  • docprego

    Things are really starting to happen with this phone. I might be in the minority but each time I see photos of it I am liking the styling more and more. I would love to see high resolution clear images of the device from all possible angles, can anyone help out?

    Even better an unboxing video?

  • michy1589

    hi does anyone know what colors tmobile is coming out with the tp2? thanks

  • kjk

    silver keyboard + chrome ring>>>> this bullsh.t… very disappointed

  • Kumar

    Is it that hard to just start selling is online or over the phone only? Yeah, I get that they want a phone with a completely different platform, targeting different users to not have it’s sale affected, but goodness, throw us business users a bone!

    Needing and update for my MDA for exchange, for work, I don’t even notice the other formats, as most don’t work or don’t work well enough with the push email.

    Unfortunately for T-Mobile USA, I think that many of their business users defected to other carriers for the TP1, so they may be in no rush to bring a long overdue winmo querty refresh to their shrinking business users.

  • Galen20K

    SOooo Beautiful. Can’t come soon ENough!

  • Miguel

    HTC Hero = Free w/ 2 Year Agreement T-Mobile UK

    HTC MyTouch3g = $199 w/ 2 year Agreement T-Mobile USA

    Anyone else see a problem here?


  • Str8fromHellsKitchen

    windows mobile fanatic… i already placed my touch diamond on ebay and may actually leave my iphone3g alone for a while when this comes out… unlocked Hero with no 3G support (same boat on my iphone) or back to my roots w/TP2 (3G and all…)


  • Orbitalz

    Now to post an unboxing video…. plz :)

  • I hope they show a pic of the phone on. I also would like to know what data speeds are being reported with the phone.

  • MLL

    T-Mobile mutilated this gorgeous, amazing device with their changes, and at this point, I am purchasing the unlocked version than using this branded mess they are trying to push on people.

  • MCBrian

    I guess some people wanted a TP2 that looked like an iPhone… But why respond to that disappointment by buying an unlocked version that won’t work on any USA 3G bands…AND costs a lot more? I guess superficial appearance is more important to some people than functionality and other practical considerations.

    I think it’s fine and am sure that I’ll be a happy boy come 12-Aug.


    The Paint coating on The TP2 will be pealing off in time just like the sidekick. Tmobile sucks they should of kept the original looks of the htc thats what what caught my eyes at first. So sad tmobile always gotta mess up a good phone, all the original applications are gone now tmo has inserted their own factory settings applications. I wont be getting this phone even if i got it for free on an upgrade which im due july 11. The whole specs on this phone has been engraved with tmobile customization and works. Slow 3g of course gotta mention the edge is the worst frequency tmo has to offer, tmo in the uk is the best. I would stay with tmo if they had uk works. so long tmo so long winmo and in with at&t…

  • The Bat

    No visual voicemail noted – you think it would be on the box (if it had it) since its a new feature. Won’t stop me from getting one though.

  • Webbie

    Come on with some good pictures already. It is 2009 and everyone is posting blurry cam Bigfoot Pics

  • i still can’t beleive there’s no 4way controller, trackball… SOMETHING other than just touch screen control (of course theres the 4 buttons, but i mean for movement thru menus)… that’s why after waiting 3 years for a new phone after my MDA i gave up on the touchpro2 and am now the happy owner of a G1. Even with all its problems, I’ll always love winmo, but i don’t think i’ll ever in my life see a winmo phone with all the features i want… meaning, an MDA/Wing style phone with all of todays new features (highter quality bigger screen, faster processor, more ram, more onboard storage, gps, etc etc etc) but not missing any of the old features like a slide out qwerty, touchscreen AND a 4 way controller on the face… blah. i love my g1. bring on the donuts.

  • Taya

    The bottom fxckin line is the touch pro 2 isn’t a htc hero and the tp2 cannot render real webpages the tp2 uses htlm the same web broswer as the samsung behold uses.. like a adroid phone it can at least somewhat render real webpages but the tp2 is a attactive phone but its a waste of money buying because the tp2 looks like its cheap quality phone, If you look at the original tp2 unlocked version and the tmobile version there a big difference tmobile had to cut back on sum of the design and features to stay in there budget remmeber they dont wanna go over there means. but if i had a choice to choose either the tp2 or mytouch ill fxck with the tp2 why?? its is a nicer sleaker phone and its worth the money to buy the tmobile mytouch is just a fun phone.

  • Heidy Ho

    The box is more attractive than the phone itself. The phone looks as plain and boring as an old worn-out leather shoe. But then most business-type people look that way so if the shoe fits…

  • jay

    anyone have a guess at what the outright purchase price is? and also iwll i be able to use this on rogers network (canada) with my sim card. thanks

  • MCBrian

    Any idea what the button/thing is on the left side, below the 2 volume buttons? The generic/Euro version doesn’t show this.


    By the way it’s about time Tmo Reps use this source to inform customers on dates for upcoming devices, because they had no idea on any upcoming phones the customers new more than the reps.

  • Rhino

    One question I can’t find a definitive answer to anywhere is whether or not the TP2 will have UMA calling. Anyone know the answer to this?

  • Tmo rep is a complete ***hole. Being rude to people because they have serious complaints… encouraging them to go to sprint. If T-Mobile knew who you were they would fire you in 5 seconds.

    I loved the phone when HTC announced, and I love the HTC design. Unfortunately two things have caused me to ditch my desire for this phone. #1 I hate brown/bronze. Why does T-Mobile make all their phones brown/bronze. You have it with the G1 (atleast you have a choice there), you have it with the Shadow and now with this phone. I would have rather they called it the Wing 2 and made it blue.

    #2 I don’t use data enough to warrant $25 a month. I’m at home or work most of the time and can use WiFi or better yet hit a computer. The only thing I used data for on my AT&T Tilt that I unlocked was weather and Exchange Push Email. Most months I would stay under 10MB of usage. The required $25 showed me I need to get a 3rd party phone to keep my bill the way it is, so I got an iPhone as my AT&T Tilt was starting to wear.

    Overall T-Mobile can do better. The myTouch3G has less ram than the same hardware on Vodafone and other carriers overseas. The TP2 makes me drool when I see it on, but here its just blah. Oh well… I’ve been a customer for 6+ years and have yet to official upgrade my phone.

  • K
  • Josh.

    pushback date = more time to get money. :D.

  • Craig

    I don’t understand why they would leave out UMA WiFi calling. I’ve got poor reception in my office so that is now an essential feature for me. It seems like they put everything else on the phone it makes no sense to leave that out. I was hoping to upgrade from my Shadow, but no UMA is a deal killer for me.

  • jtothada

    lol i know what ui is im a c+ major at LSU, and have u seen videos of the hero, the sense ui is 100 % better than TF3D, its more customizeable, seems more easy to use and looks easyer on the eye,the hero ui has tweeter and facebook integrated on the home screen amd many more widgets unlike TF3D, the only bad things about the hero is lack of keyboard and tmobile 3g bands, of couse windows mobile is more advance than android in a few ways, but its not about be the most advance today, its about easy of use and features oh cant forget about apps, idont get me wrong i luv windows mobile but i really havent seen any change since wm 2003, im ah get tha tp2 and if i get sick of it im ah just unlock it sell it on ebay and use the money to buy a hero hopefully by then there will be a released us version that work on both tmobile and att

  • needsmyUMA

    I was devistated when the final myt3g specs came out and it had no mention of UMA.

    I have yet to see a mention of UMA for the tp2.

    I really need UMA. My curve works brilliantly with UMA. It seems like they are abandoning this technology. Anyone got info on UMA in the future? PLEASE!

  • MiaK

    Do you think it would be a better fit going with the MyTouch vs. the Touchpro if you loved the Dash…but hated the freezing?!!! I also like the G1 but feel it is too similiar to the infamous IPhone. Will Tmobile not have as much “stuff” for the Touchpro as they will the MyTouch?…Thanks for the help, i am trying to figure out if I want to preorder or hold out for the Touchpro


    Only One tmo rep knew about this site and advise me that it was official do ur research.

  • David C

    was told today that the each of the tmo stores will have these in stock on the release date next month. This supports the position that they most likely planned to release this month. With the delay they now have time to stock the stores.

  • yor PAPPI

    hey the partial unboxing of the tp2 is badazz , i recently went 2 them electronics stores that are run by dem foreiners U kno wut imean rite middle eastern ppl n had an oppertunity 2 play with the unlocked version MANNNN its badazz , but then when i look @ this BULLS… that TMO did with it WTF ware did its nice overall looks an screen go 2 not happy with the outcome , maybe someone at TMO needs 2 be slappd cuz i would i will just hav 2 wait but hey the G2 looks great huh nope

  • Sumguy7787

    I Played with it today , very nice, amazingly high def scrreen , and sexy

  • remainsunknown

    you ask and you shall receive. i have the phone i’ll take some pics tonight and send off to these guys..

  • terrell

    ahh man I can’t wait to get this phone in my hand

  • Brandie

    I really hope this phone comes out next week on the 22nd, I have been waiting too long for T-mobile to come out with someting up-to-date. When will T-mobile catch up with everyone eles,you dont have much to chose from, and when a phone good do come out it gets delayed, come on T-mobile get with the program. I see why so many people left and went to AT&T.

  • MLL

    I’m not understanding with people why its such a turn off to have to take off the cover to insert your memory card, which most people do only once. You put it in when you get the phone, and your done!

  • Mike

    While I agree that the International version of this phone is a bit more pleasing to the eye, I will overlook this little nuance and focus on the feature rich aspects of the phone. However I can’t help but laugh when reading some of these posts, especially the overly opinionated ones regarding the phone’s appearance. It’s absolutely hilarious to read some of the comments in which the author is going to jump ship from T-Mobile and become a customer of AT&T for no other reason than to have a “sexy” phone. Of course they have every right to do as they please, but I would place economics over aesthetics any day.
    I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 10 years, in fact, since the Voice Stream days. In all of this time I believe I have had two different plans with T-Mobile, with the current plan remaining unchanged for at least five years and it is actually a downgrade of my previous plan. I have a national plan with 1600 minutes and also a data plan with unlimited data for less than $70 per month. These prices remain locked in as long as I am a customer of T-Mobile. If I was a new customer to T-Mobile and wanted to get the same minutes and features today I would pay more at T-Mobile, but still not as much as AT&T or the other big carriers.
    Just for kicks I went to AT&T’s website and worked up a plan that would have the same features that met or exceeded my current plan. The minute plan alone would cost me $99 per month as their next lower priced plan at 1350 minutes did not contain enough minutes to match my current T-Mobile plan. Plus, it was still $79 which is almost double the cost of my current plan. Tack on the unlimited data and now I tack on $30 per month additional to my bill. Total cost of the AT&T monthly plan minus taxes is $129. I’m saving over $60 per month by remaining a customer of T-Mobile, which of course works up to $720 per year. It’s hardly worth it to me to jump ship for a “sexy” phone as long as it meets my needs, which according to reviews and blogs, it will.
    Bottom line is this; if you are going to constantly change your plan, jump ship, bounce between carriers, etc. for the sake of the next “cool” or “sexy” phone, then also be prepared to experience increases in the pricing of the service plans as they are constantly evolving and never seem to go lower. Then look at the big picture and ask yourself if the phone is really worth the total cost you will eventually be paying out of pocket just to say to your friends, “Look what I have”.
    T-Mobile has definitely been lagging in their handsets offerings, but they are finally coming around. From all appearances they have been catering to the younger generation with their music playing, picture taking, pastel colored phones, but I have patiently waited for several years for a phone like this one to make it into their lineup. The features are a match for my needs and overall it really doesn’t look unattractive or as one other comment described it, “fugly”. I’ll be getting this phone and still be able to say, “Look at how much money I saved”. Loyalty does have its benefits.
    Moral of the story; Always remember that patience is a virtue and it keeps money in your pocket.

  • Gpymp

    I am like Mike, I am also a Tmo Grandfather of 10 plus years. Mike and I represent less than 1% of the current Tmo base. And as for me, I have seen nothing but good stuff since the ‘stream days.

  • Retardo

    Great photos of the TP2 are available at

  • Sprint on 042410

    I agree, 22 months seems like they are worried about the customer leaving so they have to basically bribe them with a cheap plan to stay and put up with their super fast EDGE network. I asked about the loyalty plan but they wanted a new commitment yet I’d rather have access to a 3G network so I declined.

  • chip

    I’m not angry, but I am disapointed. I looked at the HTC version again, and compared them to the box photos. I can’t complain about Tmobile service or my bill, but why do I have to settle for some jerk’s idea of fashion on this phone. I’ve waited for it patiently for over a 8 months, and was excited about a tmobile branded handset which actually met my needs. I don’t care about the buttons. I’m cool with that. What is up with the brown? Does Tmobile have a massive United Parcel Service contract? I’m told when 3G actually comes to my town, it won’t be available to the majority of the coverage area. I am honestly considering going with the HTC version on looks because I don’t expect to gain a great benefit from 3G. I’m a professional. I don’t want to pull out a brown bar of soap to make my phone calls.



    like. samsung memoir was great phone till it made it over to usa. same thing with touch pro 2. original htc touch pro 2 is better than the one for tmobile.

    sucks man. you wait for months to before it launches nad when it comes out. its not what you have been waiting for. why tmobile keeps doing this to its customers. i guess business is business.

  • anonymous

    the way they did the hardware buttons makes it look cheap. like some cheap little LG phone. they should have left them all at the same level, like the original HTC version, instead of putting a space in between all of them.

  • Michael Mortimer

    JB6464… is your loyalty plan $50 for each line. I assume it is because mine is two lines, unlimited talking, for $90 total. And separately (not part of the loyalty plan) $25 ea for data. So for the two lines after taxes I am paying $149 a month.

    Let me know if you are getting a better deal. If so, I’m dialing 611. :)

    Thanks for the help.

  • Michael Mortimer

    I was almost ready to buy a myTouch. But I talked to a CSR today and asked what phones were coming up. He looked on his list and said the TP2 is on his list to debut on or before Aug. 12. So I am going to get the TP2. We will have the Android G1 and the MS TP2 and I can see which I like better.

    Different phones, for sure. I LOVE the G1 and it’s Android apps. But the TP2 has the ability to open MS Office programs/files which I also like (and need).

    Also, at the official T-Mo forums there is a member who posted that he has the TP2 and has been using it for two weeks. He likes it. He also has a G1 to compare it with.

    I asked him for further info.

    Here is the link:


    texas is the shit! bitch. hate on us.

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