Daylight Photos/Video: Touch Pro2


Been looking forward to seeing the Touch Pro2 in daylight for once? Pictures have surfaced of T-Mobile’s next Windows Mobile device that actually do not feature the device in a somewhat dark room. Not that we don’t appreciate ALL photos of this phone that we’ve seen, but it’s great to actually see it in a room full of sunlight. Our photographer had this to say during the 45 minutes he had to use it and take pictures (and video!): “All my concerns about color are now gone, I love it! The phone feels like a precision instrument, build quality is off the charts! It also felt amazingly slim in my hand, no concerns about being a brick at all! It was thinner than my iPhone I had with me in its leather case. Absolutely incredible device.”


Huge thanks to our forum member docprego, who provided the photography and links to his YouTube videos in this thread. If you’re not yet a member of our forums, feel free to join and get any questions you have regarding docprego’s experience in his thread and maybe he’ll reply – he’s sitting on a pile of footage you might be able to see if you request nicely.

Note that these pictures/videos were taken with an iPhone so that would explain the image quality, not that it makes them unappreciated by any means from TP2 fanatics all over.

Lots more after the break…

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More pics and video links on our forums.. CLICK HERE


  • J-Hop2o6

    Fuck a FIRST!! but yea, nice shit.. cant wait for it to hurry up and get released.. i think this really makes it look better.. the OP even said its as slim as the iPhone in its case and that its not a “brick” or “blocky” :thumbsup:

  • J-Hop2o6

    no watermark?

  • docprego

    What is the significance of the watermark?

  • docprego

    I see, well they are in my Photobucket account so I wonder if that will count for anything?

  • Winbadd

    Celebration TIme, for sureeee

  • jtothada

    if i had to say, i think the black/chrome looked better but i like this it has its own flavor in somekinda way, but im still getting the phone i dont care if it way yellow and mint green TOUCH PRO 2 FTW!!!! mytouch go shoot yourself!!!!!

  • Hype

    Thanks for all this – It’s about time I saw a Tmobile phone I actually wanted. I’ve had my same tmo phone since like 2005/6. August 12th eh? I’m gettin one. And if it turns out to be crap, my 6-year post-sprint run with tmo is done. But honestly I’m pretty excited right now and the phone looks like everything I need and want. How do the pre-sales or sales work?

    It’s so funny, I’ve never actually wanted a phone (i could have) on release day, so I don’t know what to do to make sure I have one of these puppies on its way to me (I’m not near a tmobile store) on August 12th.

  • Galen20K

    Thank you so Much for the Pics and Video’s, they are Truly Amazing!

  • FILA

    very nice, but not to excited about the Windows Mobile, excited about the phone but not the OS. Can somebody please Flash Android on this!!!!! That would be the ultimate phone then

  • Say-Low

    Hmmm.. I heard this was more of a business / work type phone that’s why I skipped this one. Overall, it’s nice. I still love my MT3G =D.

  • dee_shock

    I really thought that it was going to be an issue with the color of this phone because I’d already set my hopes on the original color. But after seeing this phone in better lighting I honestly like this version better, besides it blends in with my skin tone. My one complaint other then no 3.5mm jack is the tilting screen not tilting upward enough. Great pictures n videos please keep it coming.

  • Mike

    Does the TP2 have an app store like the MT3G? Are there apps that you can download to the phone like the ones andriod offers?

  • imjussayin

    Great vids….i asked about the the TP2 and all they brought out was the D3G and the MT3G. These vids are as good as it gets w/o actually holding one tho. I was set on the Blk/silver/chrome version also but after seeing the vids i’m willing to wait a ‘lil longer for a test drive. Hope the color scheme wows when i see the real deal as they are a little washed out on the PC. Bring it on Magenta!

  • tyrel@tmo




  • ignorance

    wow that makes it look so sexy i havent seen the back till now they dropped the fake grill look of the factory direct i actualy think they made the phone look nicer for tmo wich is so nice i was afraid they were going to botch it up like when they made the touch pro into the fuze for at&t.

    SO NICE!!!

  • jiggasupreme

    does the screen have a glassy feel to it or a plasticy one?

  • mrssherico

    Very nice pics and video. Just enough to hold my obsession under control for a little while longer!

  • fortknox

    Does T-mobile offer front video chat for any of their phones?


    Damn thats an ugly brick!!!!