Touch Pro2… videos, please

Thanks to a tipster by the name of undertmocover, we now have two exclusive videos of the Touch Pro2 in all it’s glory. Don’t expect any sound though as they both came completely mute, but there’s plenty of sliding and screen touching action on the visual side! These videos may not be of HD quality but they get the job done….and I think that’s all we can ask for at this point. Well, besides more videos. One more (longer) video after the jump!

[flv: 320 320]

[flv: 320 320]


  • fsshariq

    i really hope tmo doesnt cripple this phone with a weighed down custom firmware as they did with the wing, aside from that, cant wait!

  • VeryEXCITEDgirl

    Ooooh looks so sexy and sleek….can’t wait!!!!!
    I was very disappointed about the new release date but what can I do. ;-(

  • God damn, bring me my TP2, T-Mobile, NOW!

  • deemota

    Stop Teasing me…..LOL

  • Red


    You wanna release this phone to the public sometime this decade, t-mobile?

  • Galen20K

    Freaking *HOTT***!!!!

    You guys LOVED the Form factor of the Dash 3G but hated the Windows Mobile experience, I really Hope it Improves by the time the Touch Pro2 is released.

    I’m an ANdroid Fanatic but do not want the MyTouch 3G so that leaves the TOuch Pro2 by default thanks to the Keyboard. Does anybody have any word on a “HIGH END” Android device this year WITH a Hard keyboard for Tmob this year? And I’m not talking about the Moto one, bleh!

  • Tarusdg

    was it just me……did i see the person press the start button and the old classic start screen options came up. WTF!! in all the reviews of the TP2 foreign models, the start button takes you to the HTC customized start screen. Please dont take that away, tmobile.

  • docprego

    Wow it looks incredible, the color scheme works really well IMO. Can’t wait to buy this phone!

  • Brian

    I hate to be negative but Verizon and Sprint have the first version of this HTC phone and I was in a mall store looking at one and it looked really cool until I broke one in two seconds trying to get that tilt screen out. The phone guy who said he had sprint out of the Sprint, Verizon, T-mobile they sold (it was a ‘combo store) said, “Yeah, we don’t sell too many of those or recommend them ’cause they break easy'” Now that is the Touch pro 1 BUT if quality is the same???

  • It looks wide like iphone wide. I hope that isn’t an issue, when I check out the phone.

  • Say-Low

    NIce and tempting.. But I’ll stick with the MyTouch 3G. Only a few hours to go and few weeks to wait until it get here. Mauphahahahahahaha!!

  • ChampagneDreams

    I love this phone and cant wait to get it.Great videos also!

  • ..!..

    .. patiently waits ..

  • Trill

    I cant see myself leaving andriod and going back to windows mobile, I REFUSE

  • mfabela

    am i missing something??…tp2 hardware very nice, software very bad! mt3g hardware pretty good, software… after seeing “Sense” just plain android-eh just ok. why is it hard for t-mo usa to combine both hardware & software that has great functionality but also looks beautiful together???? i guess their phones are a metaphor for life….”can’t have your cake and eat it too” unless your with at&t, verizon, or sprint! then your can have cake, pie, muffins, etc…

  • Rene

    I only have 1 request, and that is to see the color of this device…I want to see what BRONZE or BROWN or TAN looks like….I hate that T-Mobile can’t just be normal with the colors >,>

    …with all that said, can someone with this device please post clear, angled, true color/daylight shots of the device to show what the color really looks like..PLEASE!!??! I’m really hoping it doesn’t look like a penny…

  • answerman

    eww it looks ugly they screwed the tp2. Anyhow who cares about window mobile smartphones give us a 3.5 in android phone like you are in the U.K I want the huewi Phone in the U.S. why is the U.S alway get second hand crap tmobile

  • Mike

    If you really want to know what it looks and feels like just go into any Tmo store. Just about every store got a few free ones given to their managers. Many of the managers have them strapped to their hips while walking around the store. Just ask them if you can check it out. I’ve gone into 3 different stores in Seattle and all three stores have let me check out their TP2. Its a sweet phone. My concerns about the looks are mostly gone. the Buttons are fairly flat and the lack of chrome isnt really that bad.

  • Sgt. Cell

    RIM needs to release that touchscreen BB for T Mobile, too much competition coming out to wait forever.

  • Simone

    i cannot wait to get this phone omg!!

  • c’mon, with all the Technology these days..why still blurry cams!!
    if you can get your hands on such a “High end” phone whats the problem with some decent footage…. August 12th…its look aight’

  • Webbie

    DANG!!! They just keep stringing us along. I am so sick of hearing about the Mytouch. Please release this phone yesterday!!!!!!

  • FILA

    VERY nice phone, very very very nice, lol, but after seeing the UI, and thinking about windows mobile, I just dont know, i rather have this phone but I rather have Android, only gonna be able to tell till i get my hands on both the phones.

  • flush

    why does the us version have to be so [comparably] ugly? what happend to the full length “grille” on the back and whats up with the keyboard color, and the chrome, and the sleek front. some kind of weird texture between screen and hard keys.

  • Flgirll_99

    TP2 is PERFECT for me!!! I just wish they would release this phone right now. It was hard to decide when I see how nice the MyTouch3G looks but I think I’m going to wait until next year to jump into the Android platform. The TP2 is one sexy phone and a physical keyboard is a must for me! YAY TP2!!