Confirming The Confirmed


It is now July and we are fast approaching an onslaught of phone releases on our favorite carrier.  While none of these phones are huge surprises, since they have all been outed already, they can still be important to some people and think of this as a friendly reminder.  The launch dates have also been confirmed, but this will be a nifty roundup of upcoming phones.  First off, we have the Dash 3G releasing July 8th (hey wait, that’s tomorrow).  After that you can expect the qwerty goodness of the Samsung Comeback on July 15th.  If qwerty keyboards isn’t your thing, you can pick up the touchable Samsung Highlight on the same day.  Lastly, the Blackberry Curve 8520 is slated for an August 5th launch (with a price point so low you will be shocked, reportedly at least).  Leave your thoughts in the comments and hit up the read link for more documents like the one above.




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