HTC Touch Pro2, Official


Well, well, well, what do we have here.  It seems as if T-Mobile has outed its very own Touch Pro2 variant in an official manner, with Twitter of course.  The twitter post leaves much to be desired (seriously? no picture link, special webpage or launch date).  They do however, get our mouths watering by tempting us with keeping the very special Touch Pro2 in our very own holster.  We are staying firm with an August 12th launch date though, look for it then.



  • Galen20K

    Excellent! But I’m just curious about one thing now. Did they completely drop the name “Wing II”? Will it be a completely different device than this or was it only a code name?

    Anybody know?

  • FILA

    August 12th huh, how bout that date

  • docprego

    It’s definitely August 12th. About 3 days ago I asked a rep at a local store who had never heard of the phone about it. She looked it up in her system and replied that it would be available on August 12th.

  • Cirrob

    OH MY GOODNESS! Just release the damn phone already. I swear I would by it straight from the developer for 1k this instant if it was available and leave tmobile the next instant… they have pissed me off so much with this joke of a release. WHo cares about a holster or android… just release it so I can buy it.

  • Duck Dodgers

    T-minus 37 days and counting… Woot! My MDA died over a week ago. I have been painfully using the SDA I had in the drawer since. Going to pick the TP2 the day it comes out, hopefully with a 1 yr contract with some loyalty discount to sweeten the pie.

  • Cirrob

    BEcause everyone knew they were going to release it on July 22nd. Tmobile knew everyone else knew. If you deny that very obvious reality, this conversation is pointless. So given that truth, it is delayed. Most likely because they know the phone will plow through their precious android sales-I digress.

    Anyway, they are always a day late and a dollar short: they never have descent phones not event halfway descent phones; their 3g is just now rolling out when everyone else is preparing -or releasing- 4g; and know when they finally get something not just descent, but theoretically great, they maul it cosmetically, and shame it by a pathetic release strategy (if they even have one).

    I have been with tmobile since 99, and when ridiculed I could fall back on the savings, and hope someday the damn carrier would be a competitor. Well the day is kinda here (minus the 3g) and we get a descent phone. This is my pay off. Finally its here. And now I have to wait MORE? Screw that, they owe me for a decade of pathetic services and devices. I am pissed because this is the FIRST official announcement yet we’ve all known about the phone for half a year. Just say it, commit to it, and give me a price and I will at least consider staying with them.

  • docprego

    BTW is anyone reading into this part of the tweet “coming to a holster near you this summer!”

    Being that the original version of this phone comes only with a leather case which does not have a belt attachment, I wonder if that is any sort of a clue about a holster accessory that may come bundled?

  • dcbrotha

    if u hate tmobile that bad, u can move on and check another site…this is for tmobile people…i hate hearing all this stuff people say about tmobile. i like tmobile, the only place i can get unlimited mins for 50 dollars….and 20 for my sidekick limited messaging….i been with them for yrs and they know how to make a brotha happy with the plans and stuff….like dude said it was a date that tmobile said….i want the phone bad also…

  • math

    i’m confused. is this news? the touch po 2 has been on tmo streamline site about 5 days now. hardly earth shaking revelation.

  • It’s all about the TP2, baby! 33 days and a wake up! Ooh rah!

  • Cellular Stan

    I’m glad to see a confirmed date for the TP2; but I cannot recall if there is a preorder date set?
    I might have missed it…

  • DR

    I still see no mention of GPS for the TP2. Did they drop it?