Ready for some Touch Pro2 action? We are!

Heads up, incoming Touch Pro 2 shots!


Well well, what do we have here? The hotly anticipated Touch Pro2, courtesy of a very generous and photo happy tipster (thanks!), and finally some varied enough out-of-the-shadows pictures to give us a little more detail. They may not be in the sunlight (sans those white flash spots) but who are we to complain? We think the photo up top, front and center, showcases a particular detail which seems to have been “hotly debated” ever since the Needs Meet Solutions promo shots came around – the row of buttons at the bottom of the phone.

Unlike what many have come to believe to be some heavily protruding buttons, it appears the design is only slightly raised out of the body of the phone. If we’re not going to have flush buttons, this has got to be the second best thing, well, at least compared to horrible depictions of buttons as thick as M&M’s. You can also notice the look of the phone seems much smoother than in that scary promo shot, and not quite so dull. Here’s a direct link to the image if you really can’t remember. Alright, let’s open up the phone and check out some palm of your hand goodness


Fans of QWERTY and touchscreen rejoice! You’ve probably all had your eyes on this device already and just can’t get enough to look at, but here’s one where you can imagine the device in YOUR hand. For anyone on the fence about the looks of this lovely device, you ready to commit? You know you want to… sound off in the comments. Three more pics past the break.