Official Sense UI comes to G1, unofficially

Last week HTC held a press conference to release the HTC Hero and, more importantly to some, the Sense UI. I, along with many other Android fans, was extremely excited for this great UI, then we found out that the magnificent Sense UI was not coming to Google branded phones. Well, not much time has passed and what appears to be a nearly final version of the Hero’s firmware, which just happens to be blessed with the Sense UI, has been bestowed upon the G1, and some HTC magic users. That is the good news, so what is the not so good news? While your G1 will be looking spiffy with a complete UI overhaul, the G1’s RAM limitations will make it a bit sluggish (but reports say it is still snappy), and there may be problems with WiFi and Bluetooth at the moment. At least you will get Flash 10 support (and that makes everything better). What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments.

Engadget and Mobile Crunch (follow these links if you want to learn how)

  • Whew, that’s tempting. The sluggish thing is disappointing, as the G1 gets occationally slow as it is. But if installing that ROM gets easy, I might have to try…

  • eYe

    Hero rom has Flash 8, Flash 10 is not coming out till October. Otherwise, this rom is not that much different then previous Hero roms that were circulating @ XDA. And yes, it is very sluggish on G1. Should be a lot better when MyTouch comes out, if it ends up having 288MB RAM.

  • Red

    Is Sense UI going to be pushed to the HTC Touch Pro 2 later?

  • me

    I’m gonna install this when I get home! I saw my friends phone that had it and it looks amazing!

  • g_willi

    Meh. I don’t care about the Sense UI and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Flash. Flash is dead. Long live HTML 5!!

  • U. Sharma

    Alright i downloaded the update, put it on my memory card, wiped all data and then tried to load the update but it doesnt work. Help please!

  • Ivansterr

    w a it ! . . . youuu Couldd donwload Thiss ? HOW ? ! lmaoo

  • Ryan

    SuperHero is not the build that is the full official “Hero Sence UI”. If you want that with the updated flash player you need JACHero 2.1. The person in the video with too many rings has an OLD cooked version of something dropped by Haykuro 3 months ago.

    JACHero 2.1

    You would think these “news” facets would be on the cutting edge of what they claim to know!


  • eYe

    JacHero, TwistedZero, Unwatermarked Hero… they are all sluggish and run terrible on G1. I’d much rather have CM rom with Hero theme and wait for Adobe to drop oficial Flash10. We waited for 6 months for A2DP, might as well wait for another 6 month for Flash.

  • moreno817

    How are we able to get the flash and sense UI update?

  • juliosan

    how do i get the sense UI on my phone? please let me know

  • MoneyMark

    Its not official, you have to hack/root your G1/Magic.

    So google won’t support HTCs sense UI because if, say, Samsung comes out w/ an Android handset, google probably doesn’t want to show favoritism over another manufacturer.

    After watching the vid though, it’s nice, but I don’t think I’d want it on a G1 due to the sluggishness. I got Open Home running w a bunch of widgets and that alone slows it down as it is. One thing I really do like w/ sense UI though is that web widget w/ preview pane bookmarks… very cool.

  • MoneyMark

    Besides, Adobe is working on Flash for Android anyway, so I can wait for it.

  • The fact the system takes a minute or more return to the home screen from any app makes the ROM rather blah.

  • ermac

    Ok has anybody tried it when u overclock? I bet it would do wonders even with the low ram.

  • Lance Romance

    ermac it is still unusable. You use it for an hr and then you get fed up with it and then go back to Cyanogen :). The newer Hero ROMS are customized to be overclocked out of the box…but still…it’s a little bit better but as Jak Crow said above you…having to wait for the home screen to load EVERY time is rather bothersome

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  • llxoxllxoxll

    last update – last week totally f-ked wifi, tmobile says do a factory reset, still nothing, f-ktard tech support sup is a smarmy little asswipe, f-k tmobile. if i could go to a different network that didn’t suck i’d jump in 1 minute.