Official Sense UI comes to G1, unofficially

Last week HTC held a press conference to release the HTC Hero and, more importantly to some, the Sense UI. I, along with many other Android fans, was extremely excited for this great UI, then we found out that the magnificent Sense UI was not coming to Google branded phones. Well, not much time has passed and what appears to be a nearly final version of the Hero’s firmware, which just happens to be blessed with the Sense UI, has been bestowed upon the G1, and some HTC magic users. That is the good news, so what is the not so good news? While your G1 will be looking spiffy with a complete UI overhaul, the G1’s RAM limitations will make it a bit sluggish (but reports say it is still snappy), and there may be problems with WiFi and Bluetooth at the moment. At least you will get Flash 10 support (and that makes everything better). What do you think? Leave your opinions in the comments.

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