Even the press event is personalized


Further adding to the personalization of the MyTouch, T-Mobile is getting the point across by allowing each attending member of their MyTouch press event to choose their own nametag. With a wealth of absolutely incredible images to choose from, it looks as if they’ve covered a wide range of people: the coffee junkie, the overly (and obviously exaggerated) happy people, people who do stuff with stopwatches, people who… need passports (???)… musicians, movie buffs, and undecided types. Both David and I have spent countless hours seconds trying to choose which would best represent us at the event at home watching our inbox for late emails. I’m sure there are plenty of press attendees out there in this same difficult predicament… good luck to all of you.


  • FILA

    im Mr. Music

  • m3tric

    I wish we could choose between the myTouch 3G hardware and hardware that isn’t outdated.

  • Texan

    so you got invited?

  • I’m Mr. Music as well. This is so nice, can’t wait to get my MyTouch3G

  • bk_brownie

    Mrs. Music……I went to a tmobile store today and held the phone I love it, saw it in all 3 colors….I love the red…now!!

  • TaTo22

    really nice

  • math

    Used the device yesterday for 6 hours. It really is awesome .. everything the G1 could have been. Scrolling is really smooth, touch response is far better, bigger battery , app market downloads and installs no issues, camera the same as 1.5 update, device feels really sweet in your hand. not very heavy or too bulky. i do however, miss the keyboard of the G1… the virtual keyboard is nice and works in both orientations but my fingers are too big. The merlot color is kind of a dull maroon.

  • Tay

    i know this has nothing to do with anything! but does anyone know if you get a my touch and donut 2.0 comes out will we be able to get it just like g1’s were able to! or will they pull an apple and make us buy a new phone to experience the new stuff?

  • Eric

    I don’t understand why people are saying the mytouch is “more responsive” and “everything the G1 should have been.” This phone has the SAME EXACT SPECS AS THE G1! I guess if you don’t have a G1 yet, the mytouch gives you a nice option (if you don’t want a physical keyboard and prefer Android’s half-a$$ keyboard that doesn’t utilize multi-touch for fast typing). I think TMO really dropped the ball here. I’d LOVE to spend some money on an upgraded Android phone, but the mytouch is hardly an upgrade. After some great stuff from TMO recently, this is really disappointing. No physical keyboard. Same processor. Same amount of RAM. Same size screen. No 3.5 headphone jack. Why should us G1 owners upgrade? I hope the Hero comes to tmo soon…what a waste the mytouch is.