Dash 3G shows off it's goods…


We recently obtained some very nice pictures in our inbox showcasing a much better view of the Dash 3G compared to the G1 and, of course, the MyTouch 3G. Doesn’t seem to leave much to the imagination when it comes to the thickness of a phone you can expect to put in your pocket – or wherever else you choose to store it. Current Dash users looking to upgrade can look forward to buttons that are bigger and appear much easier to reach than you’re used to, and a slightly more colorful look. Three more pics after the jump!

On a side note, along with this post comes a new way of previewing mages from here on out. We’re just testing it out… sound off in the comments if it works for you!


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  • Ronald

    Still getting the MYTOUCH 3G !!!!!

  • Kevin

    yes the previewing of the pictures works great a lot better than the picture having to open up in a new tab/window tmonews is awesome and i really want the mytouch 3g

  • Kyle

    I agree… This post just increased my myTouch lust while be written for the Dash.

  • Logan cook

    I am still planning on getting yhe mytouch! The previewing pic is awesome.

  • Big S

    nice job…

  • bk_brownie


  • angelo

    is it me or does the mytouch screen look bigger than the g1’s. how much bigger is it?

  • craig

    my G1 is being sold for 149.00 which is a better phone than the 3G dash by far so whats the price on the Dash 99.00? and as far as this mytouch 3G im staying with my G1 there’s not that much of a difference for me to switch over and plus i love my slide out keyboard :-)

  • Current User

    MyTouch! I can’t stand my current dash now that freezes so much. I think I am done with Windows.

  • Nubiandelights

    Does anyone know the actual cost of the My touch 3g or the dash 3g? I love my old dash but I am so ready for a new 3g version phone.

  • Mr. VIP

    Whilest it is obvious that the MyTouch 3G is the superior over the Dash 3G, it should be known that this is one mean little device. This makes the previous versions of the Dash look like complete garbage. If you’ve got a Dash right now and you like it, or even kind of like it, this phone will blow you away. Or if you’re using a Blackberry Curve and you’re wanting to make the transition over to Windows Mobile, this is the closest thing to a Curve to make an easy transition. While the MyTouch is obviously the better of the two, I would easily recommend this phone to a customer being a Retail Sales Associate.

  • SilverTM

    Enjoyed the new pic preview, mainly because it’s really fast.

    I have a Dash right now and I have loved this device since day one. I was convinced I wanted the myTouch until this aticle. Thanks TmoNews for giving me choices GRRRR :P