More MyTouch 3G Action [User manual ftw?]

Want some more MyTouch action? Your wish is our command. The guys over at Engadget received a tip which included unboxing of the MyTouch 3G and the MyTouch 3G User Guide. C’mon, who couldn’t go for a little user manual action?

Hit the jump for a few pages from the user guide.

Via Engadget Mobile




Full manual on Engadget Mobile


  • Sprint on 042410

    David, t-mobile better give you a percentage of all mytouch sales as your promotion of this device is outstanding. I’ll be surprised if at least half of the visitors here don’t buy this phone when released. Great work on an excellent site.

  • MonkeyK

    Why does the manual say that it has 192MB RAM when HTC lists the Magic with 288?

  • TaTo22

    niceeeeee cant wait man this shhhh taking long

  • RJ

    All I know is if Grace Fuller calls me I’m answering.

  • So which phone is T-Mobile USA getting?…. the one with 192MB ram…. or the one with 288MB ram?