Unboxing Goodness: MyTouch 3G

We all knew it was bound to happen sometime soon, an actual MyTouch 3G unboxing video! Be sure to turn your speakers up if you wanna hear the (very low) audio and keep in mind that it cuts out at 1:22 so no, it’s not your speakers. What more can be said? I’ll let the video do the talking:

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  • dqnny

    Id like to see the white and merlot unboxed soon.

  • MadProfessor

    I definitely want to see the merlot. The image of the three colors side-by-side makes it look sexy.

  • c-phresh

    yes i love this phone.. i got mine today at work and i havent put it down since lol

  • TaTo22

    really nice i love it

  • Ash

    Ohh Nick wherever you are, you are soo lucky lol!! This has to be the coolest unboxing I have ever seen.. (I bascially mean the way this phone is packaged lol)! I am soo excited, the wait is killing me lol! Now its just a matter of which color I want to get lol!!

  • cDAWG

    AHHHHH he works for t-mobile!! and so do i!!! maybe we’ll get ours soon!! i recognize that land line phone on his desk like i recognize my own mother

  • Mikey

    dam that sucks for the people who doesn’t work for t-mobile. =(

  • Ran

    The guy who posted that video is a crippletard.

  • We have the same phone system at work and we don’t work for TMo.

    TP2 baby. Though if this is taking from June to August to come out, how long ’till we can actually use the TP2 as ordinary folk?

  • Biohazard827

    All T-mo Android experts will recive the myTouch before they goto trainning, that’s about one person per store. Mine came in, I’ll get it when I goto work today!

  • TmoRep

    we got ours at the store yesterday, youtube HD looks amazing on it, and they made the speakers louder so you can acuatly hear youtube videos out in public without headphones now !

  • I got the phone as well. Great that he was brave enough to post it on here. But that guy probably just got himself fired. Only certain individuals got the phone and its tracked to our sim cards. He didn’t even try to mask his voice.

  • pdxduckfan

    By far the worst unboxing video I’ve ever seen. Overlooking the obvious audio problems….the lighting is poor and he moves the phone so fast and often you never get a good look at it. Also, I’ve never seen a phone come preloaded with the battery. I agree with Ran….the guy is a crippletard….whatever the hell that is…..

  • Me :)

    Question for all the people on here who have actually gotten the chance to see & play with the phone, does it have UMA?

  • Tmo_rep

    That is definatly a T-mobile rep and or manager. we got our My touch yesterday. No UMA because it runs Cupcake. The phone goes to the HTC “Rep” in every store. Its a G1 with no keyboard with a better design.

  • Tmo_rep

    The Phone System is a dead give away! lol

  • FILA

    that was funny to me at the end, like he was searching for the SIM or something, throwing shit over the place to find it, like he was pan acing, lol. Anyways wonder how long the battery lasts compared to the 1, and how this thing is for tying. i have to wait yet another full month to wait to play with this damn thing. christ man, they should of released it now, cuz the G1v2 isnt gonna be to far off when this gets released in august.

  • Cirrob

    ***Yawn*** Its cute compared to the TP2. The lil travel bag thing was cool.

  • sam

    i think this guy was on drugs… lol