Flash For Android


Just keeps getting better and better for the Android folks huh? With the recent official announcement of the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, here comes some more good info! Android users rejoice! Flash hath come. Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen, announced in the Q2 audio press release that a version of Flash Player 10 beta will be available for Smartphone’s browsers starting this October (during Adobe MAX). The FP10 will be available on Google Android. As of yet there is no official news regarding Air support.

Via Android Unleashed

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  • Max-Andre

    Sweet I’m first. the question is will it come with Donut(Android 2.0)

  • David

    I was wondering when this would happen! Was getting tired of so many sights not loading because flash player is required. Now I can use my G1 to its fullest. Thanks Adobe!

  • Oh my! Such great news. Here’s hoping it comes in Donut 2.0 and that it doesn’t take 5 years to get to my G1.

  • Ajdinb


  • Aita

    HELLZ YEA! finally! oh the joys i will have with my android in the fall

  • rudy

    hopefully it’ll be me useable than flash on the nokia n810. flash would always slow it down and lock it up.

    and here’s to a flashblock extension so that i don’t have to watch flash ads on a samrtphone.

  • Galen20K

    NOW we’re Talking!!! I’m Very Glad to hear New Information on Flash for Mobile Phones and specifically Android.

    Thank you David!!!

    – D

    p.s. Which Netbook did you purchase David, just Curious?

  • The Swagganaut

    Well, another first for Android over the iPhone. Its sad Apple had to developed a whole another phone to get video to the Apple world. Now its another thing we’re getting before them….sad.

  • Solrac924

    This is great news.

    Anyone notice that the Android platform is now leading the iPhones in many ways (i.e. compass, Opera Mini, Camcorder, Flash, etc)?

    It’s too bad Google plays nice with others & gives away gmail, Google Maps, & YouTube. maybe it’s just my pride for my G1, but if Google were to make these products exclusive for the Android OS, others would be SO envious…and i’d be enjoying it.

  • hoop

    lol i’ve had flash on the g1 for over a month now :)

  • eroars

    finally! another reason to gloat about my g1.

  • I think Tony Hawk skateboarding in the white house was absolutly amazing. I guys if you and old fart you would see it as repulsive. I wish i could grind on Obamas dinner table,lol.

  • Is it for all smartphones or just android?

  • igor

    I suppose better late then never applies to this the g2 is coming out soon but there was no news wutsoever all this time about flash except “we dont got it”

  • Mockerfab4

    And this will be the #1 reason for me to buy this phone. So basically we can streat flash sites, I’m assuming. I wonder if this means sites like Hulu.com? Anyone know?

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  • shadowlight

    Any new news on this?