Samsung Devices Leak!


Thanks to a tipster who managed to have a camera phone at the right moment we are getting a sneak preview of a portion of the Samsung 3G lineup for later this year. Shown above is the Gravity replacement, currently shown as the Gravity 2 along with the T349, which we came to our attention at the end of April. Two color schemes shown above for the Gravity 2 are Red/Pink and Graphite/Orange, lovely color combinations!


Little is known about this phone but our tipster said its running the same software as the Memoir, aka Touchwiz, has a 3.0 megapixel camera, will come in two color choices and at a very attractive price point. 


While our tipster could not recall the future name of this device, he did reveal a full Qwerty keyboard inside along with an outside color lcd. Hardly groundbreaking but this device could be another attempt at T-mobile to continue to pursure messaging fans who don’t want or need the Sidekick, G1, Blackberry lifestyle.

Thanks VtotheZ!! 

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