Samsung Devices Leak!


Thanks to a tipster who managed to have a camera phone at the right moment we are getting a sneak preview of a portion of the Samsung 3G lineup for later this year. Shown above is the Gravity replacement, currently shown as the Gravity 2 along with the T349, which we came to our attention at the end of April. Two color schemes shown above for the Gravity 2 are Red/Pink and Graphite/Orange, lovely color combinations!


Little is known about this phone but our tipster said its running the same software as the Memoir, aka Touchwiz, has a 3.0 megapixel camera, will come in two color choices and at a very attractive price point. 


While our tipster could not recall the future name of this device, he did reveal a full Qwerty keyboard inside along with an outside color lcd. Hardly groundbreaking but this device could be another attempt at T-mobile to continue to pursure messaging fans who don’t want or need the Sidekick, G1, Blackberry lifestyle.

Thanks VtotheZ!! 

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  • I want the 2nd one, the Samsung Touchscreen. I’m glad even thou their like mid-end/low-end, T-Mobile is putting out more selections/varieties of QWERTY Keyboard, texting phones.

  • nikita o

    wow! this almost made me pee myself! way to go t-mobile, these phones may not be the absolute best, buts its getting there! my hopes are getting up for t-mobile!

  • Jasmine

    I want to know what the last one is called.
    That one is interesting looking, lmao.

  • pokemon cather

    ahh so theres where my pokedex went!!!

  • uknowme…

    The touchscreen Samsung is basically Sprints S30 touchscreen phone aka the instinct 2.

    Good to hear that t-mobile is bumping it up with texting phones.

    And I can understand why t-mobile has dropped the Nokia sliding Text Messaging phone now… eventhough its a stupid part on t-mobiles behalf.

    Not bad big magenta!

  • Dezden

    I wonder when these (esp. the first one) will come out. That’s the type of phone my sister wants, and she wants to buy now, but T-mo has slim pickins.

  • marc goldstein

    the last one is the XO its expected to b released in mid july

  • jessiiee

    I so want this phone! the purple one. it looks amazing!

  • Michelle

    hi, i too am a tmobile customer and find their phones to be horrible! these new ones will deffinitly bring some competition though

    according to these phones and many more (new blackberry and G2 yay!) will be released between late july and august.