T-mobile launches Samsung Gravity


This one goes out to text messaging fanatics across the US, T-mobile has launched the Samsung Gravity. Available today via T-mobile, magenta is gearing up with holiday releases to ensure that cell phone fans from tweens to adults are covered from top to bottom with a multitude of devices to choose from. Sporting a full qwerty keyboard, the Gravity will sell for $49.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Not bad for that text messaging afficianado who doesn’t need the blackberry or G1 feature set.

Add in a 1.3 megapixel camera, up to 4gb microsd, 6 hour talktime and access to popular im/email services and you’ve got a winner the whole family will love.

As of this writing, the phone has yet to appear on T-mobile.com but I’ll update the article when the phone is available.



  • 123

    Is it too much to ask for a nice looking phone from T-Mobile like the Blackberry Storm? All these phones look like they’re from back in the day.

  • Benny

    Why does T-Mobile have so many cheap Samsung phones? Is T-Mobile in love with Samsung, or something? I not a fan of Samsung phones, and if T-Mobile doesn’t do something to their phone lineups by next year, I going back to AT&T. And no G1 and the Behold is not enough. Until then … I would keep my lovely BlackBerry Curve.

  • WXman

    I thought the G1 and Behold would save the day. Alas, they have not. The G1 is currently a joke (can’t even get corporate e-mail on a $400 smartphone??) and the Behold doesn’t do half the stuff it should be able to do. Not to mention T-Mobile’s giant mess of web/email/data plans is impossible to decypher. I’m with Benny…I’m considering giving AT&T a shot. At least they have some handsets to choose from.

  • LadyT

    I bought the gravity yesterday cause I admit Im one who loves to text but cant afford the pricey data plans..I hate Samsung phones myself the graphics on the phone look cheap but its probably worth a lil less than the 49.99 after MIR but Im still dealing with the phone cause of the aqua color and keyboard and at the end of the day for now I kinda like it..I have 13 days anyways til buyers remorse

  • DudeMan

    Yeah, watch out for this phone.

    If the email support is anything like last year’s Blast (which was also billed as having email, and has about the same feature set, aside from a diff keypad), it’s a huge, HUGE disappointment.

  • LadyT

    DudeMan ..what do you mean? I havent had a samsung in about 2yrs with tmobile so explain to me please!!

  • diirtyboii

    I actually like this phone its cheap has a full keyboard I think its a good phone 4 people who don’t need a smartphone if I didn’t have my pearl I would get that but 1.3 mp camera come on samsung!!

  • Leslie

    @LADY T- How the aim on the phone, cuz it sucks on the behold and im about to return it cuz im a AIM person..Please let me know

  • DigitalC

    @LadyT – what he’s saying is that the Samsung Blast also has ‘e-mail’ which it does… but it was very poorly done. If the Gravity’s e-mail is anything like the Blast, it will surely disappoint, trust me… I’m an unfortunate Blast owner :(

    But, as far as the QWERTY slide is concerned, I like the idea since its a cheap alternative for avid texters (I got my Blast for its BB style double tap QWERTY).

  • J

    Hey, they needed something for parents of teenage kids. There is no way I’m dropping a couple bills on my kids for a sidekick. This is what you call a parent/teenager compromise phone.

  • DaveC

    J, you are absolutely correct. I have three teens on my plan who do nothing but talk and text. This is EXACTLY the kind of phone I’ve been waiting for T-Mobile to come out with.

  • LadyT

    Hey Leslie I havent tried the aim yet but I will just for you :) Im using the yahoo and that seems to be okay.

    DigitalC I didnt know that I actually hate Samsungs, and I went in the store today complaining about my email not working and they said I needed a data package for the email to work I cant believe that I thought this phone was suppose to be different. If I wanted to pay for a data plan I wouldve upgraded to the G1 or something on a phone thats worth it

  • tlfelder

    yea i gotta agree with benny these samsung phones do look cheap,
    and this phone looks like the rumor from sprint or something come on
    T-mobile yall can come up wit somethin betta than that

  • LadyT

    I was the 1st person to buy the phone out of 4 stores in the atlanta area when it came out on Monday..nobody else has bought the phone their saying so thats crazy. I like the physical appearance and the concept..but turn the phone on it looks cheap from a dollar store.Ive been having problems since the 1st day and today is the 4th day Ive had the phone and its still acting crazy. I cant win with a Samsung this is crazy business tmobile whats wrong with yall yall need to be slapped for this!

  • boreddabob

    co0l! i want da lime one!!!

  • tokomoto

    What I don’t think people realize is that T-Mobile is a Family oriented phone service and a more affordable one at that. If they always tried to get phones like the Bold, Storm or iPhone customers would ultimately be spending more money. The reason the Rate plans for T-Mobile are lower than the rest are because of the lower end phones.

    T-Mobile doesn’t have the money of say, AT&T or customer base to spend that kind of money on “good” phones. AT&T’s customers are more for businesses per say. So unless everyone wants to start spending more money on rate plans or just more money in general, just try to stick it out for now.

  • mando

    I just ordered this phone about an hour ago in grey with lime. I currently have a broken sidekick 3 so I can’t wait to get it.

  • LadyT

    Well mando like i said pretty cool phone just problems with the email and thats it. Oh and the battery life is supposed to be 6hrs yet its only doing like 2 or 3hrs. Im exchanging mine to give it another try

  • Leslie

    @LAdy T- You been very helpful.. i also will give my review of the phone.. im getting mine today.. is a good phone if u text alot. in my opion i was getting tired of the service in the sidekick, I was a true fan of them but their plans are going to change n the service sucks. As of now im using the BEHOLD. but i also want to see other options. Will give my verse of the phone later on this week.

  • nicole

    I now own the sidekick slide and im getting tired of it 2. The catalog to purchase ringtones and applications suck, so I’m thinking about getting the gravity it looks like a pretty nice phone and I love to text. So if anybody is getting it please let me know how it works out.

  • mando

    Ok thanks ladyT. But I hardly even use email so it shouldn’t be that big of a problem for me. I’ll tell you how mine is.

  • LadyT

    Welcome Leslie! Wow if you have the behold why switch? I definitely think the Behold would be better, but I heard the graphics on there suck too? Well Mando let me know if your email works cause mine still isnt working

  • Claire

    I just bought a Gravity and notice it has an e-mail feature. Do any of you know if I have to buy some sort of special plan to access my yahoo e-mail? I’m hoping not ;^D

  • Lizzie

    Well, I’m getting this phone today, and I want to know if it’s a rip-off phone. I understand that T-Mobile is a more affordable plan, so please don’t say, “It’s a cheap phone”. How does this phone work? Is the e-mail good on it?

  • Monie

    i gt da fone da otha day n its not a bad fone. my only disappointments r u cnt customize da message tones or da shortcut keys but bsides dat its great. i used 2 hav a pearl n i hated da updating constantly n i didnt wnt 2 pay $90 every mnth 2 up keep a sidekick (pretty much if u dnt gt da $55/mnth internet plan its worthless) so i gt dis. i dnt gt on da internet or email n im so its perfect 4 me. so far i havent had battery problems. its a lil chunky but its all gud so if u dnt do much but txt talk n listen 2 sum music…dis is yo kinda fone!

  • PinkLemonade

    I have a had the samsung gravity and i LOVE IT! and for people who say it has cheap graphics or whatever it doesnt its a rlly rlly nice phone easy to use. and if you love texting you will love this phone i mean only complaint i have is it dies too quikly but thats prolly because i over use it i actually got a text from my service[t-mobile] telling me that i have been over using my phone rofl. but yeahh i have wanted a sidekick for the longest of time but uhh when i got it i wanted my gravity back. [i did get it back] soo im just saying for people that dont like that phone are crazy! because its a wonderfull phone.

  • Unknown