I've been wanting this moment for a while

For the uninformed, adobe flash is one of the most sought after “products” that has yet to become available for most mainstream popular cell phones, ie the G1 and the iPhone. While the wait for G1 owners has been significantly shorter than iPhone owners, G1 users may not have to wait much longer. As a recent “Adobe Max 2008” developer conference, Adobe showed off flash 10 running on Android and the G1. In laymens terms this basically means you will able to enjoy most websites in their desktop form, video’s, ad’s the whole shebang. Of course this also means you could endure the “congratulations, you’ve just won a free ipod nano” ad that has won soooo many fans over the years. Thank goodness for firefox and adblock but that’s neither here nor there.

Check out the video for a look at just how wonderful Adobe Flash is with the G1…

No release date was of course mentioned but the mere fact that its being demonstrated and available for public demonstration is just a positive sign and one I personally have been waiting for for quite sometime. Not having flash has been a hindrance on more than one occasion while web surfing for me which makes this is a much welcomed addition to the mobile world.


  • Tim

    Can’t wait to see all those banner ads running on the G1. Fun

  • TmoChicago

    Man I thought the G1 was already sweet now it just get better.

  • Naz

    ok the g1 just got 1,000,000,000,000 times better ;]

  • Brady

    will this allow ‘ad subsidized’ data pricing? (i seem to remember reading something along those lines at one point)

  • T1 Connect

    the jobsphone is a jock that plays high school football and thats probably all its gonna accomplish, the G1 is in high school with a scholarship to harvard waiting. my point is, in the long run we all know who the real brain is between the both of them.

  • tah

    and that was only on edge network! Really looking forward to this..

  • ireallywanttoupgrade

    i dont like da g1.
    its werid.
    and it doesnt have a touchscreen
    writing thingy!
    are any new touch screens coming
    out before febuary cause i want to upgrade
    but i dont like none of da selections!

  • D

    Wow David your a bit late with the article.Can I get some credit for introducing it to tmonews this morning on the white G1 article?T1 is my witness lol.that’s not cool dude but non the less every1z happy for the Flash player.:)

  • D

    Dude there is a touch screen keypad but there not releasing it till Q1 of 09.If you want a good touch screen phone then I suggest u wait for the Wing 2,G2,experia or go to another company. :)

  • T1 Connect

    check it out look at the upcoming phones page. by the way the g1 is cute its not that bad looking it looks big onscreen but in your hand its really nice i’ve even developed a little one hand sliding technique.

  • T1 Connect

    na dont send them to another company. just wait, good things happen to people that wait. we are doing better than the jobsphone when it comes to addressing an issue when found. so thats a plus on our side. still wanna see the herald 2

  • D

    @any G1 users
    Which weather app are u guys using cuzz I like both weather channel and weather bug an so I can’t decide which is better to keep.I figure I can choose based on my tmonews fellows lol

  • Armytank

    Looks great. looks like we will get it pretty soon. Does anybody know anout costs?

  • D

    I would guess anywhere between $10-$25 unless there charging monthly cuzz once they launch this there will be no more “grrr I can’t see the video or here the music on my myspace profile”lmao..maybe more than that cuzz EA is planning to charge either $7.99 or $14.99 for the monopoly and flash is a game breaker for the G1 and tmo since they’ll gain more customers the longer stuppid apple turns adobe down.How could they say its cause it’l compete with itunes?that was so lame.

  • mingkee

    now some flash video sites (trutv.com, mauryshow.com, 7online.com), as well as espnradio will work on G1, while it still doesn’t work properly with WM

  • T1 Connect

    one thing i noticed about this video is that the g1 is running on edge while it was playing that video and it was smooth. cant wait. but D weather channelis the best one

  • T1 Connect

    yes tmo news i se another little enhancment on the page. a search tab.n or was it there before.

  • D

    thanks T1.is it that much better though cuzz weather channel is 1.3MB and weather bug is 485kb.whats your thoughts on that.Also the search bar was always there.i hope google fixes that issue where u get a small blurry screen on the youtube player if ur not using wifi.The way it plays with wifi is excellent.they need to fix it to play like that without wifi.

  • Galen20K

    Excellent News for Sure!!!

    – D

  • Johnny

    damn i wish my g1 loaded anything that fast.

  • ay wassup

    this means we cud listen to music on myspace profiles?
    sorry if its explained in the video.

  • Kevman420

    hello all

    how is it skyfire can do it already?

    I e-mailed them 5 times to no avail asking for android release of skyfire. never get an email back.

    won’t need it now that this is coming out.

    This is the holy grail!!!

  • macho

    I can’t wait for this flashplayer I love my g1 to me g1can pretty much do anything iphone does but better and d I’m with t1 weather channel is the shit #1 hands down

  • T1 Connect

    @kev you’ll have a better chance emailing htc you get back 2 responses auto generated and a person reply.

    @macho yea man i’ve been using it since day one and it’s eating the rest alive call it the weather canibal channel.

    i cant wait to get flash but i gotta say when the wing 2 comes out android is gonna be a weekend thing. im a atlas lover.

  • D

    Then weather channel it is.
    skyfire is making the browser for android but the inside feed i have is that it wont be released most likely till atleast next summer.They might take longer now that they no android will have a flash player.
    Now for the next step:SLING PLAYER where are youuuuu?I miss using my slingbox on the go.This better be done quick or im going to the Wing 2 as i’ve had the wing 1 and just sold it on ebay when i got my G1

  • T1 Connect

    ORB IS FREE no special software works with my media center coming before sling.

  • Kevman420

    Have you ever heard of this for slingbox? Once flash comes this should allow sling access I think. Check it out…

  • FINALLY!!! (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  • Orb is good but its no sling box

  • macho

    T1 you think the wing2 is gonna be better then the g1?

  • Joey

    anyone else notice he was on Edge, and the arrows didn’t show anything being downloaded and uploaded? if it wasn’t a big conference, i totally would call hoax

  • earzkick


  • T1 Connect

    Yes comment number 16 I noticed too that’s murda right there

  • craig

    has anyone fix the squeak noise when flipping up the keyboard on the G1? :-(

  • craig

    wow… t-mobile wing 2, well i know it will be better than wing 1 so this phone will be awesome. i thought the wing was a pretty good phone as i always say a phone before its time. what exciting about the G1 are the apps you can download, but i think i will grab the wing 2 when it hits and call my buddy D to help me figure it out. Lol…

  • Agent

    The so-called Wing 2 (isn’t the Wing the MDA 2?) probably wont be any better than the Touch Pro, which is inferior to the G1.

  • craig

    if that’s the case not buying that phone. holding on to king G1 :-)

  • T1 Connect

    @agent na i think the mda series are up to IV right now plus the wing is also known as the herald, altas and p4350, and im guessing that since the att 8525 was the tytyn I and the tilt(8925)is the tytyn II, im guessing that the wing 2 will be a herald II.

  • Snowy

    this is good news!!! Now add bluetooth 2.0 support and ill be ready to move over to the G1!
    In G2 news go over to engadget mobile for pic specs and launch. Still ugly form :( IMO.

  • Snowy

    Any words if this will be flash PC based because i know thats in the works or will it be its mobile version flash lite?

  • bobby

    @snowy what g2 news? i check engadget mobile all the time and havn’t seen anything

  • David

    The Engadgetmobile “G2” was not the “G2” in the way we think about it, the successor to the G1…instead it was some ugly looking model from a part of world where design isn’t important.

  • Snowy

    lol. Any answer about the flash?

  • Snowy

    ORB is of the chain. I started playing with 2 years ago when it first came out for the nokia n80. Theres also other similiar solutions i use. But one thing i never got to try was the tv streamin b/c i dont have a tv card. U got any exp?

  • D

    @T1 & Snowy
    Can orb stream mms url(Live radio stations)?

  • Snowy

    Are u speaking for mobile or pc? If mobile than u r better using a different service b/c orb will be relaying off ur pc, it will hinder ur exp. Im not currently aware of which device u r using to suggest any mobile applications. In my case i use nokia internet radio for now. Theres mobbler, social player an theres some more. U r speaking of internet radio right?

  • D

    I’m on my G1 but with my wing I used to stream live radio through mms url(thestreamcenter.com) on my tcpmp.Jeez if orb can do it I’m begging TCPMP PLEASE make a player for android because I can’t listen to my sports radio on am or any fm on the go.

  • Snowy

    Yo D im goin to make this quick since its a re-type.
    If orb gots it supporting iphone…..u know the rest ;)
    Check their web, its PC software based, accessed via mobile url browser. Orb is located in the bay, so lets assume they got google luv;)
    Try accessing stream via website. Most are based internet radio stations for pc, than agrigated through a mobile app playa engine.
    Shoucast is one of those engine. Search for it. Its whats behind nokia internet playa, the app is just UI, where shoucast does the rest.
    Yo u know anythin about 2.0 bluetooth support comin to G1! Gotta 200$ stereo headset, before i get on a 175$ G1.

  • D

    Thanks but im better of just waiting for the flash and streaming it from the radio website.
    The bluetooth 2.0 support is not on the phone but that is defintely a software which means a 3rd party or google and put it in a fix or sell it as an app.It prob will be added but i would say not anytime soon since there is no outcry for it.Everyone is more about flash,saving apps to sd card and getting more memory for there phone.But if your looking for hope then you have it because im certain that 2.0 is something that just needs to be updated in a fix since the phone has basic bluetooth support.

  • Snowy

    Hmm……interesting. If ur sure its got hardware support than thats cool.
    Thx D

  • D

    your welcome and also under the article posted today about the 3.5mm adapter i posted some interesting information there bout the G1 so check out my comments.

  • flyyphone

    I’d take the g1 over a wing…the first wing looked like a big smurf, hope the design is improved

  • D

    The 1st wing may have been a big smurf but it could do everything from using slinplayer and streaming online radio to using skyfire browser which is way better right now than what the G1 can do no disrespect.I love my G1 but until Q1 it won’t be better than what the wing could do.I would say wing then G1 then iphone but the G1 will be better in janruary.

  • Snowy

    Thx cuz.
    If i get a chance to i will.
    I agree wit ya. Im not a winmo user, but for the moment G1 is only for early adoptier till more support, which is moving fast considering it being mobile OS. BUT one major advantage and difference at the moment for android(im goin to try an keep it simple) the java system being used. Its in some way common for pc coders making its widespread development easier an quicker. Bonus, no SUN licensing fee, disadvantage it does not incorporate the current JavaME supported by vast majority of mobile platforms, therefore no use of its vast repository.

  • Cindy

    Finally! I was wondering id G1 users now have to pay for it or will it be free from the market? I hope so!