White G1 before Thanksgiving?! Someone needs to make up their minds!

Last week, based on no part to information I still consider absolutely accurate we wrote about the White G1 and its oft-discussed delay. The information gave credence and hope that ordering would start right after the Thanksgiving holiday with shipping to complete by December 8th. T-mobile however, is apparently in a holiday gift mood and is looking to start offering the device a few days earlier than anticipated. After a sudden and unanticipated appearance on the upgrade page for many T-mobile users, we now have suspicion that the phone will be in stores November 24th??


You know, considering what was posted last week, info was either updated or we were thrown a curveball regarding release dates. So, while we’re still marking this one in the “hopeful” column, we still have some hope about the phones actually being in the hands of the customer before Thanksgiving.


  • 123

    Whatever color it is, it still looks like crap!

  • leslie

    does anyone have the bronze g1, i have ordered it because i figure the black was sort of bold looking for females and that makes it look alot bigger than it actually is. I hope it looks nice too. It just seems like the only colors mentioned is the black and white!

  • leslie

    i agreee with that. my husband has the black and i am getting so jealous waiting on mine. i had the behold first and that sucks

  • Mike Down

    TM CS says that G1 White can be ordered TODAY by calling the CS number.

  • Godbolt

    I can confirm what Mike Down said. the white G1 is available. i just ordered through customer service!

  • Stetson

    Yep, they’re both correct! I can order mine through MyTmobile!

  • MikeK

    I just received my white G1 today through the employee program. Not sure about availability to the general public though.

  • MikeB

    I kno this has nothin to do with this topic but, I heard that if u turn ur phone off it will recharge it…. it sounds crazy but that’s what I heard 2 day. Just curious but that would b HOT!!!!

  • Alex

    I just went to my.tmobile and the white one is available for upgrade right now! I’m going to place an order at once!

  • tlfelder

    Yea I have the bronze one and its sweet lookin, the black is cool lookin online but in. Person it looks dull, you will love the bronze.

  • tlfelder

    Does anyone know how to delete ringtones, when I got to settings and change ringtone it will show my list but won’t let me delete any of them can someone help me out please

  • deezy

    if you ordered the white off tmo.com you will receive it around but no later that dec 9th. you should have just went into a store on nov 24th. my store just got 32 white in to sell on the 24th..

  • Matt

    I already ordered a white G1 from T-Mobile as of the 18th as an existing customer. Since releases are usually earlier for existing customers I’m pretty sure this is the correct release date.

  • Jay

    I ordered mines a couple of days ago as soon as Tmo mentioned it via upgrade I cant wait 2 get it!!!

  • tlfelder

    Why all you guys want a white phone, guys white is for girls, it looks cool
    But come on a white phone, I don’t care if it is a g1, white is for woman,
    The bronze is the way to go, so fellas leave the white for the ladies and
    get the bronze.

  • Amber

    Just wondering how employees of T-Mobile are able to order their white G1s. My husband works there & says they are on backorder for employees only?

  • IznastY

    Well I ordered the white t mobile g1 to replace my broken bronze, it actually arrived today (11/21) pleasant surprise!

  • leslie

    UPDATE!! I ordered my Bronze on the 17th and finally UPS has given me a schedule date of 11-24!! So I will NOT be waiting on it up to the 8th of Dec. So relieved and cant wait!!

  • MikeK

    @Amber – there was a special ’employee only’ sale on Nov. 17th for a limited number of units. My wife was able to order 2 of them – a white and a black one. They both arrived on Wednesday.

    Your husband should keep an eye on the Streamline internal website for news on more becoming available.

  • Raul

    I upgraded to the white one because t-mobile guy said that they had just gotten them in and in stock for upgrade customers. It’s since has been a week and it hasn’t shipped yet because…yup you guessed it. They lied about it and now I’m looking at getting sometime between Dec.1 but most likely after the 8th of Dec. Not a happy camper here.
    So guys, gals, don’t get you’re hopes up high for before thanksgiving.

  • Amber

    Thanks MikeK. My husband is in trouble now! I am the phone geek of the family & he is the one that works there. Go figure! I’ve been wanting the G1, and paitently waiting for the white one for awhile now. Seeing other people with theirs is making the wait even harder. Hopefully there will be another employee sale soon!