White G1 before Thanksgiving?! Someone needs to make up their minds!

Last week, based on no part to information I still consider absolutely accurate we wrote about the White G1 and its oft-discussed delay. The information gave credence and hope that ordering would start right after the Thanksgiving holiday with shipping to complete by December 8th. T-mobile however, is apparently in a holiday gift mood and is looking to start offering the device a few days earlier than anticipated. After a sudden and unanticipated appearance on the upgrade page for many T-mobile users, we now have suspicion that the phone will be in stores November 24th??


You know, considering what was posted last week, info was either updated or we were thrown a curveball regarding release dates. So, while we’re still marking this one in the “hopeful” column, we still have some hope about the phones actually being in the hands of the customer before Thanksgiving.