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As the snow starts to fall and the holiday music starts taking over the radio we all begin to long for a getaway. Luckily T-mobile has a solution for your problems, fly for free! We’ve previewed this before and given a round-up of the requirements for your reading pleasure. Just a quick recap, starting today walk into a T-mobile store/T-mobile.com and add a new line, upgrade (2 year qualified) or both and voila, free flights! Purchase one regular priced ticket and receive a free companion flight! Getting 5 lines of service? Great! That’s 5 free companion flights you’ve just earned. Seriously, that simple. Get your phones, head over to flywitht-mobile.com and register and that’s it…you’re done.

Promotion starts today and runs through December 24th…


  • Tim Taricco

    It looks to me that the airlines are partnering with lots of companies for this deal. I got something in the mail yesterday from Bank of America with the same deal; however I didn’t have to buy anything to get the deal. I already qualified as a B of A customer. The problem is, I live in Seattle and Seattle is not a city that is part of the B of A offer. I see T-Mobile offers “over 100 US Destinations.” Is Seattle one of those. You’d think so with Seattle being home of T-Mobile USA.

  • Kory

    So, if I buy the G1 at Walmart today, can I still get the free flight with T-Mobile?

  • Is it just me or are their plane ticket prices a little expensive?

  • Daniel
  • Benny

    Remember its companion flight, you would have to purchased a ticket at regular price in order to get the free flight, with these offers most of time the regular ticket cost more.

  • gweilo8888

    Sorry, T-Mob. The idea of paying full-price for one ticket and getting a second ticket “free” does nothing to sway me towards you, when I can purchase two tickets on the same flight from Hotwire or the like for less than that one full-price ticket would cost.

    This is a truly terrible deal and not worthy of all the hype it’s gotten on TmoNews. “Sign up with T-Mob and pay more for two tickets than you’d ordinarily pay!” Errrrrm…. no thanks.

    I just signed up for a new phone with one of your rivals, T-Mobile. Had your deal been better, I might’ve considered signing up with you.

  • Kyle

    I did the math on this for a flight from the Northeast to Northwest region priced way ahead, and every way I sliced it, the flight was more expensive using this deal than buying 2 separate tickets through Travelocity.

    “Here’s the note I emailed to myself. It contains my rough math:

    Don’t these rates seem high to you?


    Fees are also $12.75 for booking and roughly an additional 10% in govt taxes and fees for the free ticket (say about $68 for NE to NW flight).

    So cost per ticket is about:

    ( $680 + $13 + $68 ) / 2 = $380.50 per ticket.

    A quick Travelocity flight serch shows I can get a flight from BWI to Seattle next August for $301 after taxes on American ($348 on Delta).

    Seems like it’d take a lot of work to make T-Mo’s “Free” flight cheaper than buying your own this year. I find it hard to believe that their promotion is that worthless. Is the only person making $$ on this deal the company they hired to handle the flight deal for them??”

  • Alan

    They say that they do price match and then add 15%… does anyone know if there is a catch to this.

  • Guatiao

    This promo began just this week in Puerto Rico also…

  • Julie

    I took advantage of this deal, and I personally didn’t find any flights cheaper on the web right now. I’m flying to LA next year for a fraction of what it would have costed me and my husband. AND, it was very convenient and easy to do. Can’t wait!