Good news for G1 fans, who haven't bought the phone yet!


One of the larger complaint prior to the G1 launch was the lack of a genuine 3.5mm headset jack. You had access to all the tracks Amazon’s music store could offer, but no way to listen to them without a fancy little get up headset style. Fear not, now included and shipping with the G1 is a 3.5mm adapater for all your music listening pleasure. According to the forums, at least one user had no luck calling up customer service asking for a replacement headset.

Sound off in the comments if you received one in your G1 box or if you were able to receive one via customer service.


  • maxwell

    My phone shipped with one, shipped nov. 11

  • gar

    I called Tmo customer service tonight and was not able to get a 3.5mm adapater. They did say there was one available for purchase, but could not give me a price because the accessories department was closed. I’ll try again tomorrow when the accessories department is open, maybe they will be free.

    I did get them to send me a new battery for FREE.

  • Zach

    That’s great news I didn’t purchase a G1 yet but have been waiting for the white one to release and now this. Can it get any better??

  • Persia

    1st, yaaaa. dammit i want an adaptor. WAT R U DOING T-MOBILE?

  • g willi

    I still don’t understand how the included stereo headset is not a headset just because it has a different plug. It comes with a very usable headset! Can someone please explain this nonsense to me?

  • Lukasz

    ima call them later today.. that thing looks sexy

  • Chorca

    I tried calling to get them to send me one, but I was not successful. The customer service lady transferred me to accessories, who said that they did not have any available to sell either, and that she would have to send me to HTC directly to get them to give me one.

  • Persia

    @gwill, u ever try to use that thing at the gym? pain in the a$$. it dangels and its clutterin.

    @gar, how did u get them to send u a new battery

    @anyone, i was first in this post. how did i get pushed to 4th?

  • sam

    awww man, not fair! i want one!

  • Joe

    I think it’s unfair to exclude the customers who pre-ordered. If T-mobile includes it now with new orders, they should at least “offer” it to the existing users who pre-ordered.

  • Mike Down

    I got my G1 on wed from a retail store and it came with the adapter. :)

  • JesseCuster

    Because earbuds suck. Unless they are the earbuds w/ soft rubber tips that actually fit IN your ear canal, ear buds are a pain in the groin unles you’re Dumbo. I have never used earbuds that came w/ any device.

    2nd… I listen to more music in my car than anywhere else… I would like to be able to connect using the aux jack, so 3.5mm would have been nice.

    3rd. F.U. T-mobile. How are you going to ignore the people who made this phone a sell-out from day one? Horrible. Thanks for taking my money and then forgetting about me. A-holes.

  • stillonskLX

    i still havent gotten a G1 cuz im hesitant about the battery life.

    is it still horrible or what?
    can anyone answer me pls?

  • Michael

    give it time guys, they did the same thing with the Shadow’s extended batter. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer a free adapter not to long from now. This is a dirt cheap cable compared to the battery. I have faith.

  • Alan

    So, from the picture it looks like this thing is quite long… why do they do that? Just what I need… a 2 foot extension hooked to a 3 foot headphone cable!

  • Sun.ny

    Yup I got mine. My first g1 didn’t come with one. On oct22
    Just got another on the 9th of november and it came with one. Pretty nice.
    I havenet figure out why it has a call button but no mic though. With the adapter plugged in does it use the mic on the phone

  • minki

    Bought my phone 2 days ago and I got the adapter too. Yeay!

  • dan

    @Alan. dude have you ever had one of the ones that was just a little hard piece? it sticks out atleast an inch. trust me, the cable is way better, it makes the whole thing feel like one piece and is more comfortable when its in your pocket. atleast htc stepped up instead of making most of us drive to our nearest electronics store to spend $10 bucks on one of these.

  • jtothada

    it has a button my the mic for you to answer calls lol…. i’m their shipping them with phones now cuz my girl is so pissed cuz she didnt get one with hers…. i’m listen to tunewiki right now on some v-moda vibes and it sound just as good as my zune… your average user wouldn’t tell the difference.. and yes its ridiculously long…. but one time i brought sony headphones of ebay and they were 3 or 2.5ft and i think they would work perfect..

  • timmydale

    I sent back my first G1 because of Battery life. But I missed the intergration (SP?) with google calendar and what not so I got a new one from the store and it came with the adaptor so I am happy.

  • Albert

    I pre ordered 3 phones for my family and I would like Tmobile to be fair and supply me with 3 free ones if they are now coming with them. I called customer service and they didn’t know anything about it. I did call 3 stores in my neighborhood and none of their G1 phones come with the 3.5mm adapters.
    I guess i have to wait till they show up here before i can demand anything.

  • Rolando

    yea. it looks like it would be pain. i will just use the 2 inch converter that I have been using for my shadow

  • Robert Konzelman

    I got T-mo to send me a new battery because my original would die after 4 hours and i had everything off (wifi, gps, bluetooth) Since i got the new battery it works awesome its lasts about 2 days with normal use and gps and bluetooth on. When i got the new battery i let it charge over night. Then a let it drain all the way 3 times. Now it works great.

  • jtothada

    ok here’s the deal people…(at least with my g1) the phone feels great in hand and very sturdy… apps or good tunewiki (media player in the app store)is like a knock off itunes on the iphone… quick easy to use plus you can make playlist in two touches…. battery life is good i’m a heavy users( like surf the web all day…. listen to music about 4 hours at least.. and heavy texting) and the phone holds up i can go all day on 1 charge….umm browser is the best out if you ask me…. loads pages pretty quick and render them almost perfect… camera kinda sucks the auto focus is slow and they need a better menu with more settings….my problem is i think they sent me a beta phone cuz it crashes like crazy… i got it yesterday and it crashed like 3 or 4 times and a pop up saying sorry unexpected error comes up more than i touched the phone… and my girl has one see preordered when it was 1st released and her never crashed or froze and had to reboot so idk anyone else having these issues?

  • ChloeDee

    I just unboxed my G1 that I bought at a retail location. It did come with the headphone adapter.
    As far as battery life goes, the retail guy said it gets 3 hrs of talk time, I’m not sure how accurate that is. I rarely talk on my phone as it is. It’s not quite as ugly in person, it’s just plain. It’s been 2 hours, and it still won’t let me log into webservices.

    if you have this problem, call CC and theyll probably issue you bonus minutes for the inconvenience.

  • MikeK

    The battery is no better or worse than any other smartphone/PDA such as the iphone, MDA or Wing. You just have to know how to manage it.

    The device has GPS and wi-fi which are notorious energy hogs. If you want to save battery then simply turn these features off when you don’t need them. Keeping your backlight at a low setting also helps.

    I downloaded a great utility from the market called “power manager” that lets you configure different power profiles just like you can on a laptop. It’s very easy to switch on/off all of the phone features.

    otherwise you’ll just have to get used to keeping your phone tethered to a power cord or USB. I keep mine plugged into my computer at the office and I also have a car charger.

    They can’t just magically engineer a battery that will power all of the cool features, last for days without recharging that isn’t also 3″ thick.

  • laphoneuser


    Battery life in the beginning was horrible for me, but it has definitely improved to the point where it’s not an issue. I let it run out a few times in the beginning on purpose so that I would get a full charge on it. I’ve heard about “conditioning” a new battery. Not sure if there’s truth in it, but my battery life has certainly improved.

    I can get through a whole day of use, no problem, even with wifi, gps, and bluetooth radios turned on.

  • MikeK

    @laphoneuser –

    The G1s use lithium-ion batteries and these do not have a “memory” like the old NiCad type.

    Letting the battery run all the way down and recharging it does not “condition” it -rather it puts strain on the cells and will prematurely age the battery and shorten it’s life. I suggest you don’t do it.

    What you experienced was probably an issue with the software not recognizing the correct power state of the battery and not with the battery itself. Rebooting is the best way to resolve it.

  • D

    Guys whats all the talk about making a fix for the battery.All they have to do since its a battery is make one to last longer.The G1 comes with an 1150mAH i think which is the problem.Eventually they will make a 1600mAH like they did with the wing if there isnt one out for a similar phone already.Thats the simplest resolution.its possible theres a phone thats been out for a couple years that uses a compatible battery with more mAH and u can just buy one.I myself will search for it and get back to you.

  • D

    Ok I just checked ebay and there are to option since u guys are so lazy to research yourselves.
    Option 1: There’s a imax iphone/G1 external battery that looks cool but its pluged in via usb so u gotta listen to music without the headphones unless u kept the 2way split that came with the wing like I did.It gives you 38 hrs or life on one single charge which is a pro.but like I said the con is it’s a external and I’m not sure if its something you may wanna take on the go.
    Option 2: The phone comes with 1150 mAh and there’s another one.Pro is, its more mAH but the con is its only 1200 mAh. That will only give you 1hr extended max.
    Those are your options so now you no what to do.I suggest you guys contact the battery company instead an complain so u can force em to make a 1600 mAh.

  • laphoneuser


    Interesting. Thanks for the info. I’ve obviously rebooted my phone several times since I’ve had it, so according to your info, it’s very possible that the reboot fixed things. Good to know!

  • D

    Sorry but I left out a third option which is the best in my opinion.There is a cradle on ebay for $15 that charges 2 battery(if u had the wing this isn’t new).You get ur $ worth cuzz its a descent cradle and charges 2 batteries at once so u can have double the life on the go.

  • david

    T-Mobile Relaunches T-Zones as Web2Go, Raises Prices and Adds Caps

    So are folks still grandfathered with the contacted previous plans in or is T-mobile breaking the 2 yr contract so folks can leave.

  • vic

    Just goes to show how poorly this product launch phase was planned.
    All US telecoms suck. They all want your money, providing you with as
    Less as possible.

  • D

    So get this,i just got of the phone with T-mobile.They will not give us presale customers the 3.5mm adapter(i already had the one from my Wing with no wire so it last literally 4eva) be acessories change so often that you can only get what your phone came with.Thats what they told me.As for option 3 of my last post i would get the cradle since you all have 2 batteries.All you do to get your 2nd battery is call tmo like i did and tell em that your battery is lasting less than 2 hrs(you wont qualify if you say 2hrs or more.they told me that an i hung up and called back with a different story lol).they will send you one via UPS for free.Also they gave me 100 min free to use with 90 days because i told em ive been having dropped call issues and the girl said they really have been experiencing those issues with the G1 so i would advise you to do that to get your free minutes from them cheap bast***s.I think once the adapter is seperately sold(its not at this point,and so they cant open a box an give it to us)then i might be able to get em to give it to me free of charge. Your welcome everyone,i got my tracking # and im bout to get the cradle so i’ll have 8hrs of full use a day. :)

  • bobby

    oh ya my came with one I got it on november 10th. but i didn’t look at the earbud pack untill yesterday lol and i noticed i had one. I thought everyone had it but everyone was complaining because it is really long.

  • D

    For those who want the adapter i have which last forever because theres no wires check it out at this link.Its small and blends in perfect.The adapter thats coming with the G1 will last only a few months like any other headset because of the wires.

  • D

    If the url i posted is not showing up you can just click on my name and it will pop up

  • D

    Problem solved.On there is 1600mAh batter which should give you atleast 5hrs of life at full use.Its $55 but to me its worth it.Also forget about the cradle i mention on ebay as the have one for $50 that is by far the best i’ve seen.Not only can you charge to and extra battery but you can plug in your 3.5mm headphone and listen to music while its charging.There is also a slot to plug in your usb headset or it can be used to sync the G1 to the pc.

  • Dominick

    im going to call t-mobile customer service or go in the store and ask for one since it come with it in the box

  • Dominick

    To Bobby:I also recieved mine on the 10th Of Nov, And didnt recieve it. Your lucky
    I might just ask for it in the store

  • J

    I called today to see if I could get the headphone adapters (got my g1 @ launch). The guy on the phone went into his g1 manual and told me that there was huge, bold type at the top of his page that said “the 3mm headphone jack does not come standard with the phone, it must be purchased separately.” From reading above, it looks like this is either untrue or that’s what they’re telling people who already own the phone.

  • jtothada

    has anybody g1 been crashing?

  • not my name

    ok.. im going to try this.. and im sure this will work. if you call customer service.. its not a matter of telling them you didnt recieve the adapter.. its a matter of telling them it doesnt work. “pretend” to plug the device in.. tell them you have a working pair of headphones that will not work when plugged in. within in 90 days, the warranty for accessories is valid and they will send you out a “replacement” … i’ll try this later today.. i’ll post my results.. just a tip from an “insider” hah.

  • not my name

    ok.. edit that last post or delete it.. i called customer care, as an employee thinking maybe they were just holding out.. that is NOT the case… HTC has not provided replacement units to t-mobile for defective units, they can only be replaced on units they were sold with… with the buyers remorse period, meaning that if you are sold on and its broken you’d have to send in the whole phone just to get the accessory replaced. i was given HTCs accesory number where WE CAN request a “replacement” 1*888*716*3594. you can call them, tell them the one you requested is defective and have a replacement sent out. sorry for the previous post guys.. but heres the real way to get a new one!

  • Justin

    Bought mine the 18th of November and it came with one.

  • Smoku

    what if u didnt get one can u stil call them ask em for one.. i mean call htc

  • dward

    I called HTC Accesory line — they do not carry it (yet)…unfortunately, they *do not* honor warranty replacements. They offered two sites that might carry the adapter: –>it’s here


  • D

    Guys i was right on my 1st thoughts of flash for android.I just got some info noting that flash would be on at least a million devices by early Q1 of 09.It will be full flash but by then there may be a flash 11 so im not sure if we will get 10 or a newer version.Go G1 Woot woot :D

  • G Dog

    That number to HTC 1*888*716*3594 is a total bust , there is no way they were willing to send me a “replacement” they claim to be a repair center for the phone only and dont even have access to the parts in question, unlesss I was willing to purchase it, which was out of the questions if mine was “not working” right out of the box.

  • nick

    This is gay. I recieve mine on the 12, in the mail and never got an adapter. Is it becauseim from nyc that why

  • dontae

    I had to send my first g1 back, but I just got my brand new one on Wednesday and it did come with the adaptor. I love it!!!

  • Adam

    Yeah I’ve been talking with Tmobile and HTC and they told me straight out that they are not going to give these to the early adopters. So a surprisingly backhanded stance for Tmo to take, but that’s it.

    Crummy, really crummy.

  • Renesandy

    Just bought my G1 today and I can’t imagine this phone being shipped without the adapter. Mine had it included; amazing phone.

  • kidvid666

    i got mine with one!and i only paid 100$ for it thanks black friday!

  • Omar

    Perhaps you lads should stop blaming T-Mobile when this is clearly a hardware problem, for which HTC is to blame. They’re the ones that didn’t build the G1 with a 3.5 millimetre jack, and they’re the ones who didn’t opt to include an adapter in the box. Blaming your service provider for HTC’s shortcoming (which any of you had to be clearly aware of) sounds pretty stupid to me.

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