Go Birmingham, its your birthday…


Birmingham, Alabama has officially launched 3G this morning and thereby joined the ranks of T-mobile fans everywhere can take advantage of all the grandiose aspects of 3G life. Admittedly I know nothing about Birmingham, so no funny jokes or quips are forthcoming. However, on behalf of all of us at Tmonews I’d like to formally extend our congratulations for becoming a member of the elite 3G club, high speed services just rock.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • Ben

    That’s great news for my hometown! Question, do you know the answer or where I can find it for when Connecticut will be getting 3G?

  • Casey

    Fantastic. The last barrier being lifted that kept me from the G1.

    (that’s actually a nice image of the city. must have been a very good photographer since it actually looks like a major metro city)

  • Cindy

    Woo Hoo!

  • D

    Good news for my hometown. I assume that it got an upgrade pretty quick because it was a pretty big hub of Powertel which was sold to T-Mobile (then Voicestream) back in the day.

  • boreddabob

    i need my phone fCK!
    im at school and they took
    it up well i have it late maybe
    i can finally forcus!!

  • mingkee

    check hofo
    a member confirms that Huntsville, AL has 3G

  • curlin31

    You gotta be kiddin me… I’m happy about any T-Mobile progress, but Birmingham… Population of around 250,000 gets 3G before Milwaukee… Population around 550,000??? And before Madison (which has the same size population as Birmingham) even has native GSM coverage! Wtf T-Mobile!

  • Casey

    3G coverage in birmingham is across the entire greater metro area which is 1+ million. most people live outside the birmingham city limits (better schools, better everything, really).

    but, yeah.. i wonder what factors go into deciding the order of cities getting 3g.

  • Chris

    YAY! It’s about time

    Great job on finding a nice picture of downtown Tmonews.com

  • Bham

    Birmingham gets 3G before Milwaukee because it has more T-Mobile subscribers than Milwaukee has. Furthermore, city population is not relevant to determine a market’s size. The more accurate indicator of market size is metropolitan population.

  • mww0128

    the big ole salty ham finally has it..
    sucks i wont be able to experience
    it til xmas holidays when i go home =/

  • Galen20K

    Congratulations Birmingham!!!!

    ….too bad its a hole in a wall of a city, very low class.

  • ciocpa

    What’s with the dissing Birmingham. I can think of a lot more cities with low/no class…

  • Lil’ B

    All I have to say is we here in the Greater Birmingham Area never demeaned any other city for getting 3G service…we didn’t give ourselves 3G, apparently T-Mobile saw enough in us to grant us that luxury. And anybody who characterizes a whole city as being low class before they’ve met every individual in that city should really take a look in the mirror. Go T-Mobile!

  • Tee

    Like cleveland, ohio? The top of holes in the wall. Lol but hey its where i live and when will we get 3g? Any kudos for the home of the rock and roll hall of fame?

  • Chris

    It’s understandable that people not from here will think that we don’t deserve 3G before others.

    But I would think that t-mo wouldn’t go by population alone, but where they have the most subscribers at. Now other cities may have double our population but how many are on t-mo?

    When it comes down we don’t know why we got it before others but in the end *sticks tongue out* WE GOT IT!

  • Tee

    But all we have in cleveland are cell phones… Nothing else to do around here but text, talk on the phone, im. Come here, you’ll see. Get on a train here and see how many people have their faces glued to mobile device and are ignoring their neighbor! Lol we deserve it. Its dang cold here!! ;)

  • Galen20K

    I got it too and I still think Birmingham stinks lol

  • Joseph

    I’ve lived in Birmingham for the past 22 years and it is a wonderful city. If you’ve never lived here for an extended period of time you obviously have no basis for your claims. I guess some people on these boards just don’t have that southern charm and hospitality.

  • Hey, I work for T-Mobile in Bham and that’s just mean to diss us like that. Our engineers put a lot of love and take a lot of pride in our network here in Bham. I know some of them and they have been in and out of our store (we have a tower) since early this year to make it happen. I hope to get the G1 one day but the big T is rightly putting our customers first. Peace! And Hooray!

  • Brandon

    3G finally comes to the rocket city. Time to see how much this affects my battery life.

  • Juan

    Please, enough with the hate on B-ham!

    I got some classy family there. :D

  • curlin31

    Geez! Sorry! No diss was intended! lol. I was just simply making a statement from a business perspective. And the 550,000 figure for Milwaukee is just counting the city, if you count the outer lying areas, then it would be one million plus as well. And I know for a fact that there are tons of T-Mobile customers in Milwaukee, cause i’m the one that signs them up! lol….. The Wisconsin Market of The Mobile Solution (don’t start) has been #1 in the country for the past 7 out of 9 months and yes, with no fraud! And our market consists solely of Milwaukee and Racine. So Milwaukee is indeed a huge market for T-Mobile. But anways, congrats Birmingham… no diss was intended lol.

  • timmyjoe42

    All I know about Birmingham is they have a lot of golf courses.

    When oh when is Cincinnati getting 3G?

  • Dirty Vegas

    yeaaaaaaaah boy its about time and yall need to stop hatin on the HAM u Have to actually be here before u start talkin about it…but on a another note yay for us

  • SteveT

    I didn’t think curlin31 was dissing Birmingham at all, just stating a fact. MIlwaukee does in fact have over 1.5 million people in its’ metro area, and as someone who lives there and has been a subscriber since the VoiceStream days, I can say that 3G can’t come here fast enough. I too wonder what the criteria for rolling out 3G in markets is. I’m sure it’s more complicated than existing subscriber base, and agree with “D” that the speed with which some markets get online quicker than others would include existing infrastructure. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I would guess that the Milwaukee/Madison corridor install can’t be too far off in the future, but it would be nice to know.
    Population FAQ: Milwaukee city=550,000 Milw Metro=1.5 million, Madison city=223,400 Madison metro=543,000. The cities are 68 miles apart (edge to edge not center to center), but the metro areas converge at less than 40.

  • JW

    I can’t believe Birmingham has gotten 3G before St. Louis! I am from Huntsville, Al; which is just north of B’ham, but I live in St. Louis now. I mean really, STL is larger than Birmingham or a lot of the cities that have gotten the T-mobile 3G, not that my phone has 3G or anything, but still one would think they would release 3G in the larger cities first then on down to the smaller, and eventually the sticks.

  • mr g1

    What about CT ok let’s get on the ball stop this one by one city crap. when your rolling something out it should work everywhere I hate t-mobile lol! My job is sales rep for t-mobile and I have the g1 funny