T-mobile launches web2go, yahoo search, slew of services that brings peace and joy to the world!


We’ve pretty much already covered most of what todays official unveilings brought to the T-mobile customer base. Web2go, data pricing and the app store are all starting their rollouts with this week. Oh yeah, in case 4 or 5 people cared, the Cameo launched as well.

Notable about the web2go that hasn’t really been covered on this blog is the yahoo based search bar that dominates the top of the screen of the new web2go interface. Personally, I’m a google fan but yahoo gets the job done and T-mobile has made a deal with yahoo that apparently includes the sharing of ad revenue. Ad revenue rocks. While T-mobile has the obvious agreement with Google over the G1, T-mobile stated that “yahoo was better suited for dealing with lower end phones.” I don’t know if thats a compliment or an insult but what do I know?!

Also launching with the web2go is the aforementioned appstore, which apparently has rolled out with the launch of the new web2go service. Expect a small selection of apps now with a larger rollout starting later this week. If you’ll recall, T-mobile has been pretty upfront with a specific list of requirements to gain entry into the app store deviating from the craze and mystery that surrounds “selection” into the application store for the iPhone. Hopefully the response to this store will be positive and some useful applications will come out of this as T-mobile disappoints me to no end by locking out most java apps.

Thoughts on the new services?

Read a little more at VentureBeat and picture courtesy of them

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  • Pythagoras

    i hope we will soon be getting a new winmo phone – death star keeps gettin ’em, we should too

  • T1 Connect

    yaay about time, i love new interfaces hope this one is nice.

  • DHa

    I kinda understand what’s going on here but does this mean the phones will be unlocked and we’ll be able to load the GMail, Opera Mini, etc. with the sanction of T-Mobile or is this just a lot of hoopla over a new mobile start page?

  • dan

    Any news on sidekicks inclusion in tmos app store? Sidekick apps suck…

  • Autumn

    Maybe t-mo wants a lock on all search engine/content providers for their phones. This could be strategic. Google and Yahoo are the top two, after all.

  • UrbanRio

    I cared that Cameo launched. :P

  • UrbanRio

    When is the service going to be ready to use? I have a ZN5 and when I go to t-zones icon it is still the same old crappy t-zone not web2go.

  • Andy27

    @UrbanRio: It is ready to use already. I just got my Samsung Behold this week and it’s already on there with the new web2go on it.

    PS: Don’t forget to buy Britney’s new album, Circus, December 2nd!!!

  • Zeke009

    I have to side with Pythagoras here, if T-Mo wants to bring “joy & peace” to my world then it’s time to release a new WinMo phone that’s worth a damn.

    The T-Mo Dash is a good phone on paper, but the one sitting on my desk is horribly underpowered and has nearly been thrown through a window countless times.

    If I wasn’t under contract I’d have gone back to AT&T where all the good phones land.

    Come on T-Mobile, it’s time to release something. Consider this my last year of my contract before I hit the Free Agent Market.

  • flyyphone

    Any blackberry news???

  • victor

    Cant wait to see how they are going to screw us on usb modem data plans. This is the worst country on earth for cell phone plans and services. Take a peak at tmobile Europe, and you’ll see that they are getting much better services, for far less than what american consumers are paying now.

  • Pythagoras

    @ victor

    Really? That’s not what I have seen in Europe. Their prices are sky high. Their monthly bills are far higher than ours for less service.

  • Snowy

    yeah i agree its a disgrace how carriers cripple the java ME run-time ecosystem. Its the most common upon mobile devices; nokia, sony erricson, moto, lg, winmo…..except G1 guys its java but different.

    Yahoo oneConnect is not as bad as you think, they had voice search for mobile before google, its works very well. Also there search bar offers predictative text like their counterpart pc search bar, which is not support by google mobile search(correct me if its available on the G1).
    Theres 2 reasons why i use a google search bar over yahoo. 1st for cosmic reasons, since its on my active display. 2nd it provides a more accurate filter for mobile sites search.

    Yes an No. Anywhere than the US offers better mobile devices. Europe way better premium service(better features, that will not see the light of day here, trust me, ive used it) But as data rates go, ill have to disagree, the best value data plans are by far is the United States.

  • T1 Connect

    c-mon david give us some hope vz-dub launched u know what today and at&cap lauched thier flagships new software today give us something to keep us in the loop please. i feel naked like we dont get any love like we should.

  • mafiaashish

    yeah it has a apn of epc.tmobile.com and this seems to be little bit faster than the wap.voicestream.com but it shrinks the picture and doesnt have the quality as near as the older one.

  • TomCruise

    i guess subscribing to tmobile we should only be contented with having a good CS and low price plans. we shouldn’t ask for more, like top of the line phones.

    i started the year with Dash, moved to unlocked Treo 750 and this week i bought a used E51 off Ebay. Its a good enough phone to keep me happy for next 12 months. If by then Tmo doesn’t introduce top of the line smartphones i think i’ll …………………………………….. buy another unlocked phone from ebay.

  • Kaminsky

    ROTFLMAO @ TomCruise…..

  • rommel

    i tried to load opera mini on the behold-it locked me out,go figure-one of many reasons to get a unlocked phone.

  • This is a good thread regarding the use of go2web. I’m curious how the Y! oneSearch stuff is working for you all.

    The new portal itself is just a different wig on the same pig. All the sites they want to route you to are mobile sites, and getting outside the garden (adding a URL to your start page) seems to require that the page have an RSS feed. (?)

    So they really haven’t “opened up the internet” but that could just be the phone I’m using.

    Again, curious as to your user experiences.

  • MadProfessor153

    @ Rommel
    Check out the Samsung section of the forums. There you can find out how to successfully have Opera Mini on your Behold.

  • rommel

    thanks mad professor,but i didnt buy it-tried it at the store,i was told to leave,oh well.

  • Snowy

    i popped my sim in my moms nokia 5600 to test web2go out, not bad. Pages r all in mobile form, when directed to a web page yahoo cuts it up to fit ur mobile browser, so not bad for non equiped html mobile browser.
    I do have a few QUESTIONS for u guys. I have a tmo total internet data plan. It worked fine on the web2go. There was talk about tmo detecting ur data plan. So there will be any downgrade of data plan? Or if higher tier ur left alone? The G1 an smartphone data plan seems to be a joke. Has anyone tried using a G1 data plan on a smartphone an a smartphone data plan on a G1 an c what is the outcome? AFAIK its usually based on ur webbrowser which is webkit used on the G1, S60, an iphone.

  • jssquared8

    does the t-mobile app store have any apps yet. i have a behold and when i got to the web2go main page(the one with the different downloads) i hit apps, and i got some kind of a data error. is the app store out yet? im really confused.

  • Bob

    Since the latest Yahoo Mobile for the Blackberry is FLOOPIN HORRIBLE, this new T-Zones homepage is a welcome addition.

  • Could any of you folks seeing the magenta headers for off portal websites please inform as to what device and APN you are using?

    There seems to be a disconnect on which phones/apns support this content transformation.

  • If I have a Family plan with several phones and I add this $35.00 web2phone, will this only cover one phone? I already pay the $19.99 for family text messaging. If they charge this for every phone on your plan then I may be better off going with someone else because that would add up fast.