T-mobile launches web2go, yahoo search, slew of services that brings peace and joy to the world!


We’ve pretty much already covered most of what todays official unveilings brought to the T-mobile customer base. Web2go, data pricing and the app store are all starting their rollouts with this week. Oh yeah, in case 4 or 5 people cared, the Cameo launched as well.

Notable about the web2go that hasn’t really been covered on this blog is the yahoo based search bar that dominates the top of the screen of the new web2go interface. Personally, I’m a google fan but yahoo gets the job done and T-mobile has made a deal with yahoo that apparently includes the sharing of ad revenue. Ad revenue rocks. While T-mobile has the obvious agreement with Google over the G1, T-mobile stated that “yahoo was better suited for dealing with lower end phones.” I don’t know if thats a compliment or an insult but what do I know?!

Also launching with the web2go is the aforementioned appstore, which apparently has rolled out with the launch of the new web2go service. Expect a small selection of apps now with a larger rollout starting later this week. If you’ll recall, T-mobile has been pretty upfront with a specific list of requirements to gain entry into the app store deviating from the craze and mystery that surrounds “selection” into the application store for the iPhone. Hopefully the response to this store will be positive and some useful applications will come out of this as T-mobile disappoints me to no end by locking out most java apps.

Thoughts on the new services?

Read a little more at VentureBeat and picture courtesy of them

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