The strangely named Cameo surfaces again!


It’s been a month now since we last mentioned this device and there’s no better time to bring it up again than now. The T-Mobile Cameo, a picture frame that can receive pictures via e-mail and/or picture message (MMS), is nearing its release and some details have surfaced.

So first off, sending pictures to your picture frame at home via E-MAIL? Who can say that doesn’t just sound cool? Not only can you send pictures directly from your phone to the frame by picture message (and not just your phone, but any phone) but anywhere you can get access to your email. On vacation out of state? Take a really good photo that you know your friend/family member would love to display, or just know you’ll want it on your own frame? The Cameo makes it really easy to receive and display sent pictures from afar, an easy way to display a great picture that anyone would love to show off.

The Cameo does have its own line, so technically it has its own number and a sim card which of course can make it relatively easy to know where to send the photos, and the number (as well as signal strength, IMEI, etc) can be retrieved from the photo frame itself. Numbers can be blocked directly from the frame, so if you’re known to send disturbing photos to friends and you happen to have found the number to their Cameo somewhere, you might already be blocked – sorry, you’ll have to post those pictures on MySpace/Facebook or whatever your preferred “embarrass my friend” medium is :)

Being another line, you would think it might cost a possible activation fee but fortunately, this is not the case. T-Mobile will not be charging any activation fee, nor will they be charging an ETF fee if you decide to cut off the service early (one more time: No ETF. No activation fee.) You can even add the Cameo line if you’ve maxed out the number of lines allowed for your account, BUT you must have at least one active line of service. All this does cost money though, $10/month to be exact, which of course seems to give it the actual ability to receive the pictures, but it looks like you’ll be covered if you decide to cut off the $10/month service – 64mb of onboard memory, ability to transfer files directly from your PC, and transfer directly to/from memory cards. The memory cards the Cameo accepts are:

  • Micro-SD and Mini-SD
  • SDhC (class 2, 4, 6) and Mini-SDhC
  • MMC, MMC Plus, MMC Mobile, MMC Micro, RS-MMC

Be sure to purchase a memory card adapter if you do plan on using a memory card, as it is sold separately.

The Cameo will be sold at a price point of $99, can be set to display three different slideshows, and will not work on 850mhz roaming. Current information sets the release date for next Saturday (November 15th)

Please note: Even though we have documentation that says that email can be used to send photos to the Cameo, there isn’t any mention anywhere else on how that functionality is used, so we can’t elaborate too much on how it actually works.


  • lauren

    i hope there are nicer looking frames, that one looks cheap

  • johnnySprockets

    greatest phone/frame evaarr!

  • Supes

    The name isn’t that strange is it? I think I’ve seen antique cameos that hold photos inside, or have a portrait carved into the cameo itself.

    Wish they had made this frame a little more nondescript. Does the fake leather come off?

  • James

    I think this is a waste of money.

  • I think this could be very useful, but the service isn’t really that necessary.

    I cold make use of this without having the ability to send pictures from my phone. Even though that would be quite convenient, it isn’t worth 10 bucks a month.

  • brian

    This cameo I thinks is very cool and a nice step to communication success.

  • tmoftlcsr

    The email functionality will use the address to receive pictures on the Cameo.

  • Robert

    This has potential for relatives/friends that are far away and are technology phobic but like to get pictures of the rest of the family/friends. it doesn’t take long to spend $10 printing and mailing pictures (remember they are unwilling or unable to get pictures from e-mail). You might need to call them if the pictures change. Any idea how its powered? For the audience I’m talking about wall power is better than batteries because replacing batteries is too complicated.

  • James

    Kind of stupid, I’d say. Looks like one on those things you’d use a few times, the get borred.

  • librapaj

    I do have to say this is ridiculous. The 10.00 fee is not worth it to me. You can easily buy a digital frame for a one time fee and not have the necessity to pay 10.00 a month. You lose some functionality? Who cares.

    Enough with the crap already, can you get to the good stuff and give us the release date on the 8900/Javelin?

  • lambdachi493

    The Exec that thought up this concept should be shot!

  • Scott

    This is honestly one of the cheapest solutions to the lets-get-a-pictureframe-for-the-grandparents-but-they-dont-have-internet-or-wifi problems out there. This will do well, but its not for you.

  • Pythagoras

    What is so strange about the name?

  • Nick

    I would totally get this, but for $5.99 or less per month. $10 is too pricey, and for that price you can get unlimited calling with @Home service. I know they need ARPU, but $10 is reaching. I’ll have to pass, even though it sounds cool. The pricing is out of touch.

  • redbd

    Also, if the Cameo service is canceled for more than 60 days, the SIM is then “dead” and cannot be reactivated and a new SIM cannot be inserted due to it being built into the Cameo. But you can still get pictures onto it from a computer vie USB cable.

    Also only available at Tmobile stores, not customer care, sales or online.

  • SpirituallyInsane

    This is an interesting concept, albeit one I probably will not purchase. If it had a little more functionality, such as WiFi or the ability to manage photos online or get them from other sites like Picasa wirelessly, then it’d be a better mix of functions. Some of this functionality could be added with a firmware update. Nevertheless, I can see it being a great device for certain folks.

    Regarding e-mailing to the frame, T-Mobile has an MMS gateway for standard e-mails. I would venture this will be the same for the Cameo. This means that would probably work for e-mailing photos to this frame. The network strips most formatting from the e-mail and forwards the items as attachments to the MMS.

  • Pythagoras

    wait a second. if redbd is right (above post) that would be extremely messed up. i find that hard to believe.

  • After a year you will have spent $220. At that price you could buy a wifi photo frame that supports Media RSS, so it would work with Flickr, Picasa, OurDoings, etc. Some photo-sharing sites let you upload by email.

  • T1 Connect

    don’t wanna knock pinky but this sounds like waste of money no removable sim that’s stuuuuuuupid. ewnd that to sprint or something its better off suited for cdma.

  • g1 pat

    i have a feeling this will be one of the most UNsuccessful devices ever. It’s a great idea, but poorly executed. 10 dollars a month is not worth it, unless they pop in waayyy more features, and even then, this is such a poor concept. Paying for service to a picture frame? Wow, the economy is bad and you throw this in our faces like we’re really gonna buy into it. C’mon T-mobile, i know you’re desperate but GIMME A BREAK!

  • T1 Connect

    yea i would say 1.99 a month for service and a 20 gig ssd drive for storage with wifi and free picture transfer from your phone. ill be all over that like steve balmer on sweat.

  • Craig

    This product is AWFUL!! Please if you’re a T-mobile customer do not fall for this. Why in the world would you ever need a cell-phone connected picture frame? OK, I’m on a vacation and I’ve got photos to share. Great. I’ll email them to my family and friends that are most likely at HOME or WORK. You know, inside a wifi network, which there are picture frames with wifi capability already out there – without monthly fees.

    Can we get less blatantly obvious I’m-on-T-mobile’s-leash product ads? Just say it, the idea is a total flop and T-mobile needs to know it.

  • Mystictrust


    The facts are in the post. Nobody is on T-Mobile’s leash and we write about information we receive. And yes, I think it sounds cool that the picture frame can instantly display a picture sent to it by email… OOOHHH NOOOO I’M ON T-MOBILE’S LEASH!!

  • Bought a Cameo yesterday. Got an text message stating I would be charged a $35 activation fee today. Called 611…told it would stick and to call the store. Called the store. They said they will take care of it. Horrible customer service.

  • Justhanging

    Can anyone tell me if T-Mobile will still sell this service (last reported to be @$1.99/mo) ?
    I have a chance to get a used one of these units from a friend and was wondering.