Samsung Behold unboxing and mini-Review

Hello Tmonews fans, once again my apologies for the slowness for which news is coming out these last few days.

Today, our fellow blogger and T-mobile aficianado Noah from Phonedog posted two videos of the Samsung Behold…

I’ll try and get a full post up sometime tomorrow about T-mobile’s official holiday announcements but with regards to the Samsung Behold we are still looking at a $149.99 price. There has been mention of a $50 dollar mail in rebate but unfortunately in my hurry to post I haven’t doublechecked to see if that’s post rebate or before rebate.

Check out the videos below for a full unboxing and review of this exciting addition to the magenta lineup!



  • peestandingup

    I know this has been beaten to death, but they REALLY did this phone a disservice by not giving it WiFi, or at least UMA.

    Otherwise, I would be first in line. Oh well, there’s always the Curve 2 to look forward to (without 3G of course! Another gotcha!!).

  • T1 Connect

    this phone was carved out of the sun cause it is hot.

  • g diddy

    stupid samsung proprietary inputs!

  • oakie

    omg i cant watch this guy… he’s just so damn annoying. can’t you guys get a review unit instead? i’m sure you guys could manage to put together a much less irritating unboxing and demo video.


    @OAKIE, He isn’t annoying. Infact he is my FAVORITE phone reviewer/unboxer by far. :) REALLY informative and humorous. :)

  • David

    @Oakie, while it pains me to agree with Cow (haha just kidding) I in fact find his sense of humor rather refreshing especially when compared to the likes of Bonnie Cha or Kent German who could easily retrieve information out of enemy combatants with their doldrum reviews.

    I am sure I would put together a terrific video review and I would certainly model it after a number of other video reviewers (including Noah) and then tailor it to my style. Sadly, not sure T-mobile will ever let that day come.

  • SneakerFiend

    ….this phone basically sucks….
    it looks hot….it has 3G….with a nerfed browser.
    i wanted him to go aim to see what it looks like. im pretty much undecisive on whether to get a G1 wait for the t-mo wing 2 or get an iphone till then….fxcking bullshxt v_v
    well he did a pretty much overall demo i liked the demo but….i just wish it was hotter. samsung needs to release bigger SCREENS and ON BOARD MEMORY like 16GB or 32GB. they’re just giving apple the goods. apple probably made a contract so they cant sell or put onboard memory onto their phones v_v

  • Snowy

    How much will the device cost without contract.
    @Sneakerfiend-Do You sure know what you are talkin about? It looks to me you dont. First off, on board memory is not a good option. 2nd Samsung couldnt give a dam about the iphone……..and heres the irony in ur rant, samsung sells them the memory an ram. Lol. Now aint that funny, u ask 4 somethin and its already there in front of you(mixed up). Be sure to have prior knowledge before choosing to speak and embarrase urself. I dont mean to be a dick, but hey somebodys gotta say it.

  • WXman

    You can call this phone “butter”….cause it’s on a roll! Dayum that’s what T-Mobile has been needing for SO long.

  • Damouse

    Perfect. I LOVE IT! Also its a great review! Woohoo!

  • T-Mo,T-Larry, & T-Curly

    What is the date? Of the 5 phones featured in T-mo’s latest ‘Shop Early’ ad online, it’s the only phone still not listed on their site. How you gonna tell people to ‘Upgrade Now’! when it’s not even available yet? BLAH!

  • JesseCuster

    I have to agree w/ Snowy… onboard mem is pointless unless you’re looking for some dedicated Music/Video player. Would it be nice? Sure… but I’d rather have the option to have a less expensive phone rather than have Samsung shoehorn 16GB into it and upping the price.

    Also, I appreciate all the new wireless tech for pics… we can send them via wi-fi, bluetooth, 3G, etc. We can even up them to Flickr or whoever directly from the phone. But you know, and I know you all know… but when you’re at a friend’s house and you want to copy some of your pics to their PC… you know the easiest and fastest is to just link via USB cable, or you pop out that mem card and slip it into their card reader. So it’s nice to have removable media.

  • OMG I am more excited now about this phone. Seriously I waited a year for the G1 only to be let down by how ugly that phone is. it’s like the red headed step son. Although the more and more I see commercials, the more I start to like it, again like that damn red headed step son. On a serious note, I love this phone, I was on the fence before, and now I love it. I have held onto my Dash for 2 years, and am now ready to move on to touch screen. Why do I hate phones with the slide out feature, because the wing is annoying to me, and so is the Sidekick

  • macho

    Is this phone better then the g1?

  • WXman

    The fact that is HAS removeable memory is killed by the fact that you have to remove the battery to get to it. Might as well shoehorn 16 Gigs into it if you’re going to do something stupid like that. Good job Samsung.

    So first I read that t-zones will work fine…now people are saying you need a data plan for it…etc. etc. What’s the solid word here? Will the 5.99 T-MobileWeb work fine with the Behold or not?

  • lazee_smurf

    To all those wishing for 16g of memory inside the Samsung behold check out the Samsung Omnia! Even though it’s still over seas you can get it online of course and unlocked. It makes the iphone look like a childs toy compared to what this thing can but you’re looking to spend about 6-$800. Also comes in 8gb too.

  • ratchet

    Im sooooo giddy. :D
    Cant wait for the 10th!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ WXman

    I went to the Tmo store yesterday and asked them about the Data Plan. You have to get the Total Internet Plan for 9.99… i’ve hard the T-Zones for 5.99 will get “grandfathered” but i dunno if that’s a fact.

  • deeoh

    NOT HOT SWAPPABLE!!!! what a big big disappointment!!! but i’m still gonna get it though.. CAN’T WAIT!!!! and i wish it was 3.5 mm for the headset at least… oh well..

  • DR

    I am going to wait to look at this one, but this is th ebest looking phone that T-mo has offered in a really long time. I am not going to miss the 3.5 jack since I have: . With the Jabra bluetooth, you get stereo and your choice of buds. (it has a 3.5 jack!!) The sound from this is amazing, and it conforms to the new CA handsfree jack@$$ law.

    I am truly excited about this phone. My only wish is if it would allow me to d/l google maps as my gps program. I know that with Telenav you get voice turn-by-turn, and local location based business search, but I just want to get route maps from my location with update positions, which goggle maps does for free.

  • Shawn

    WXman: “The fact that is HAS removeable memory is killed by the fact that you have to remove the battery to get to it.”

    It comes with a data cable!!! You don’t have to take the card out!

  • Shawn

    More about memory: I think it’s lame to have built-in memory because I can buy an 8 gig card (sufficient for me) and transfer it from phone to phone. That way I don’t have to pay for the memory EVERY time I get a different phone. And an 8 gig card costs $40 and the extra 8 gigs on the iphone is $100!

  • Some Dude

    This isn’t a smartphone folks. Try thinking of it as a regular-ass phone with a touch screen and some really nice features and maybe then you may not be quite so disappointed. It is meant as an alternative to iPhone/G1/WinMo devices, not to go head to head.

  • mingkee

    I may pick it up next week, but I have to test it intensively before getting a new unit to avoid returning hassle
    as a hard core mobile data player, tethering support is required, as well as Google Maps as Opera Mobile support
    and I have to compare 3G reception with other phones, T639 was a disappointment
    and the camera… of the major selling point, I read reports that the sister unit, F480/488, takes red tint pics
    it’s said $15 or higher data and/or messaging must be added in order to get rebate, I can live with it because I have VPN, but I’d go for 1 more year instead of 2

  • Kaminsky

    cool looking device…

  • macho

    I don’t like the browser its not real pc like browser like g1/iphone. I guess over all not bad

  • mark

    @j-hop, if you dont want internet, the internet plan is not required

  • Theicool

    Well, I think where able to use tzones bcuz if u look at the video, he accessed the browser thru tzones and it worked just fine… ima buy tzones b4 they add the new data plans.

  • ratchet

    Er, what if you want internet but not unlimited internet?

  • afrobling

    Phone looks good but that browser is a let down. My g1 will lose on looks but the browser on the g1 will totally destroy this thing

  • so real

    Looks cool but that browser is a let down. The browser on my g1 will destroy this thing. Should b a good device tho

  • Snowy

    Dam no stereo head jack, that a shame. Same here im pullin the nokia bh-903 stereo bluetooth headset, best thing ever. Uhm im not sure but make sure the device has stereo bluetooth support(ad2ap) unlike the G1. I dont know why u worry about nav, u can install google maps on it. But yeah the telenav is the best solution for other things.

  • DR


    Last I heard T-Mo was back to locking down phones. I thought that I read they weren’t allowing downloading and installing of 3rd party apps. If I am wrong, then all doubts are gone and this phone is mine!

  • Buzzz

    @ DR
    i just got back from a t-mo store where i got to play with a demo Behold. i asked a rep if i could install java apps, such as google maps, and she told me that i would be able to. unfortunately i couldn’t convince them to sell me any of the 10 boxes they said they had in the back… :-(

  • DR


    You sir, are my HERO!!!! I don’t see the need to spend $10/month on something when my normal sense of direction is decent enough to get my unlost. Free sounds so much better. Espresso here I come!

    And, BOO on them for not helping out a techno-geek with a little early hands on Beholding.

  • Cool_c

    Typing on it is top notch! I didn’t get a chance to check out the browser, but I’m not expecting much.

  • Mike

    I wonder how loud the speaker is on this phone??

  • alexis

    u can get a 16gb i hard it.. hehe either that or it was for another fone but i heard it for the beholdd

  • Snowy

    Your so right. Thx 4 pointing that out for me, whilie im soo used to unbranded phones, i did not stop to think if tmo still plays with the firmware.
    Great work on the info, but sad to say that will not fully answer the question if the java runtime will be bogged, i only say this because java apps can/may be installed but depending on their security access other functions. So some may work an some not unless the system has not been tampered. So yes it may run & yes some might not run, depending if the system is tampered with an tmo policys. I guess the only way to know is to tinker with the phone. I dont mean to be steppin on ur wind, just bein skeptical ;)
    I know from previes examples. Thats why i hate branded phones, i always pay full price and am glad to. Ive joined tmobile since returnin to the states in jan 05, never used a device from them, purchase manufacture direct an change on an avg 6 months. But now im compelled to look over tmo options for 3G connectivity and their change in device polices is improving, might try to use their price benefit thats if i re-sign. Ive kept my contract open since 06 hehe

  • Dallas

    The phone is 199.99 with a 50 dollar mail in rebate.

  • thaone&only

    Great phone! Can’t wait till the 10th!! Does anyone know what kind of Flash it has? ( I hope not a LED flash!)

  • ratchet

    Lets say opera mini can be installed on this phone, will I have to get the unlimited web?

  • Danielle

    I love the way the samsung looks can’t wait to get it

  • thaone&only

    Hey, can this phone stream Videos?

  • D

    Hey Macho
    Just got my RC30 update this morning.It makes my GPS not find me but when it does its more accurate than b4.Now its only off my 1 block here in the bronx and b4 it was of by almost a mile.Also its supposed to be a security fix so accept it and don’t listen to them other bloggers out there saying dont accept it.

  • Sampsy

    Anyone have any more info on the widgets? Is it just standard menu stuff you’d find on any phone?

    Or do you think you can download things like sports scores or maybe apps to use with that whole widget system? (I think other Samsung phones have had it?)

  • joshman

    I’ve been using the Samsung Behold for about 24 hours and wanted answer some questions. Yes t-zones for $5.99 works just fine. I took my sim out of my iphone and the t-zones internet worked just fine.

    The phone does require a data plan for the mail in rebate and the t-zones for 5.99 does not qualify nor does FT Messaging Unlimited.

    Unfortunately third party apps are blocked like other T-Mobile dumb phones, so that means no Opera Mini or Google Maps. The integrated web browser is pretty decent, very similar to the G1 but still no iphone when it comes to browsing.

  • Mike

    How is the texting on it? Does the OS lag?

  • WXman

    @joshman…thanks! I got my wife the iPhone but she can’t type on it because it won’t recognize her fingernails! LOL. So she wants this Samsung as soon as I can get my hands on one. But we also want to keep t-zones for 5.99 so that sounds great.

  • macho

    @ d I haven’t even gotten the first ota yet what should I do holla atcha boy bx in the building lol

  • thaone&only

    Can this stream video?? Do u (anyone) think the “Behold’s” Web Browser is better then the “Sidekick’s” (LX) Web Browser?

  • D

    Call T-mobile and see what they can do.They told me the RC29 would be on everyones phone by the 11th so if you dont get it by tues then call em.I think it may have been calcelled though because supposedly the security issues that caused google to released the RC30 was caused by the RC29 so you should call T-Mobile to confirm….BX

    Every browser is better than the sidekick browser lol.The sidekick is old news dude it has the worst browser i’ve ever known for any mobile.

  • thaone&only

    Not Exactly, did u even try the Behold’s Web Browser yet??

  • Matthew

    I just upgraded today and got the G1 but I talked to a Store Associate and she said the Behold will hit stores on the 17th and she had a Pink version of the phone in the store which she let me see for a few seconds and the only thing I messed with was messaging and I really liked the Haptic feedback. Does anyone know if the the Widget sidebar will be customizable with other apps and widgets?

  • Theicool

    No, the beholds browser is not like the the sidekick browser, the sidekick’s is better.. the sidekick has a awsome web browser. Iphone has the best browser, G1 has the 2nd best, and sidekick has the 3rd only because the sidekick can’t stream video from the browser like the G1.

  • ratchet

    Yea, the sidekick has a great web browser now.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Mark

    I didn’t say i did not want the internet. I was juss repeating what the TmoRep said to me. Of course im gettin internet

  • Interesting piece of hardware, the problem with samsung phones they have a weak signal reception, also the propietary connections and micro-sd not been on the phone side makes the phone let say stupid!.

  • thaone&only

    Does anyone know what kind of flash this has?? -i hope not a LED flash..

  • Theicool

    Yes! Its LED flash, and I just called tmo to add tzones to my plan and they said I can’t add it bcuz I have the sidekick data plan! WTF?!?! I use to have tzones and sk data plan a coupple yrs ago.

  • D

    no i havent tried it but the sidekick is only known for AIM and its probably the only mobile browser i can think of with no type of flash or java support.You can only get things done via a mobile website on the sidekick as with most phones you can do it via px version but it has it limits.

  • Tom

    I just wanted to clarify something about the Samsung phone that everyone seems to be referring to as the Samsung Behold. I am a manufacturers representative that pitches T-Mobile on accessories for their growing lineup of cell phones. Working so closely with T-Mo the cell phone being referred to as the Behold is actually know within T-Mo as the Samsung T919 or Roxie. One of the accessories that T-Mo will be offering to consumers is a military grade film screen protector. It was developed by a company called eShields, LLC and their Patented product is called iShieldz. For those curious about their product their web address is:

  • mark

    @jhop, my bad man I just said that cuz I’m not gonna get Internet so I won’t be using a data plan…

  • robert

    Does it have video streaming? The Sidekick 3 internet is horrible and I never would have brought it if I knew beforehand as I use it for internet all day. I will for sure go to Best Buy to test out the Behold first before buying it. Was planning to switch with ATT but want a $500 deposit. Get real! No way.

  • Matt

    I was playing with the Behold all day at work today, Im a sales rep at a Retail T-mobile store. The phone is awesome, think of it as a suped up phone. Texting on it is very easy and works great. The browser is very good too, it is full HTML they just put it in pages, so if its a really big page it will be divided into pages. The touch screen is very responsive and fun to use. Its no G1 as for as apps and web browsing, but overall its a pretty solid phone and I definately recommend it to people looking for a phone touch screen phone.

  • robert
  • robert

    Thanks for ur info Matt. I would hate it if I got another phone with the same web browser as the Sidekick 3. Can you play videos that you find on web pages like I am Deaf and love going to for their videos with American Sign Language devotions every day but the Sidekick 3 does not play bideos at all. Thanks again. Robert

  • mark

    I just heard that the release date was pushed back?

  • Agent

    @ Joel “also the propietary connections and micro-sd not been on the phone side makes the phone let say stupid!.”

    You don’t ever need to take the SD card out. It comes with a USB cord!

    @Tom “I just wanted to clarify something about the Samsung phone that everyone seems to be referring to as the Samsung Behold.”

    Dude, it is ultimately the Behold. It had the codename t919 (not Roxy – that was one of the names overseas) but it is absolutely being sold as the Behold.

  • Agent

    Date pushed back!?!?!?! Say it ain’t so. Where did you hear this?

  • Agent

    Robert I really doubt it will play movies from websites. The iphone and G1 have Youtube players but they don’t generally plays movies from other sites.

  • Chuong

    @ Agent “You don’t ever need to take the SD card out. It comes with a USB cord!”

    The a big plus of removable memory is to have it hot-swap so you could access multiple memory cards instantly without shutting it down.

    Do you want to shutdown your phone every time you want to swap your memory cards? With or without USB cable, it’s stupid to have it behind the battery. Most if not all new phones have hot-swappable memory card. Even my 3-year old Nokia 6126 has it just behind the battery cover.

  • B.

    i am typing this on the behold right now. i have had the phone for a week now and i am loving it. the browser on it is very well done and works much better than the one on my curve. it streams videos from youtube like the g1. it is a littke hard to type on with my big thumbs but not a deal breaker. widgets are awesome. overall its quite amazing.

  • ally

    does anyon eknow what the aim is like?

  • Kyle


    Does the Behold have a good IM client. Like can you log on to all of them at the same time like the Sidekick(which i have)
    Iam planning on getting this phone for christmas im so tired of the sidekick

  • thaone&only

    @B can u download other Widgets, like a Weather kind or a Sports Score..or sumthing like that..??

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ B

    can u DL OperaMini? thats the dealbreaker for me since i keep hearin the 919’s browser is not FULL HTML (aka stays fit in the screen)

  • WXman

    I called two T-Mobile stores today, and both of them told me that they have the Behold in stock and it’s going on sale tomorrow. So…I’m hoping the rumors about the date being pushed back are false.

  • thaone&only

    So, I can get the T-Zones and Txting Unlimted? And it will work??

  • mingkee

    I will pick up T919 tomorrow evening, but I have to test it first
    it’s confirmed from hofo members “corys00” and “ryanm”, that there’s no way Google Maps and Opera Mobile getting connected
    I have no problem to obtain rebate, as I have $20 VPN, just don’t force me to use Smartphone $25 service, or I’ll downgrade my voice plan
    btw, A707 and T819 battery will work on this phone (same model number)

  • Theicool

    It still dosent show up on my upgrade page

  • Leslie

    i have to agree wit “THEICOOL” is not on the upgrade yet, does anyone know if i go to the store will i have to pay up in front or can they put it on my bill?

  • This sucks. does not have this phone for upgrade, in fact when you click on the phone it says

    T-Mobile Customers:
    Add a line now, get the same price (or better)!
    Log in to add a line ›

    UMMM I don’t want to add another line to my package, I already have three lines!!

  • WXman

    Stores around here open in 15 minutes. Anybody going to get a Behold this morning??

  • sssax2003

    Does the phone have FM radio like the F480?

  • Ali

    It’s the same thing with me, not avialable yet as an upgrade.

  • zayra

    i already upgraded…at first it wasnt there but around 10am i did an upgraded….i should receive it on thursday…

  • thaone&only

    Has anybody tried ordering it by phone??

  • Leslie

    i ordered mine online already and at the same time i had a rep on the phone. is good to order now. they have the info now…

  • mando

    How much is the phone with out a full upgrade?

  • A

    Went to the store and got it today. You can add Mini Opera (not Opera Mobile). It works with a few quirks.

  • Hugo84

    I bought the first box at my downtown Chicago T-Mobile store today. They hadn’t even set up the demo unit! It’s still charging, and I’ve been in meetings all morning, so I hope to start playing soon. Looks and feels very nice. The Rose (pink) model has a brushed aluminium back plate while the Espresso has an espresso or dark brown back plate. I selected the $24.95 data plan with 400 messages, the only other option was the $39.95 data plan. That is if you intend to use 3G. Otherwise I was led to believe that my pre-existing $4.99 message plan would be enough to get going. The upgrade cost was $199 with a $50 mail-in rebate. The camera is fabbo!

    The staff at my store still weren’t fully up-to-speed for answering questions, but I assume this will get better as the day wears on. They were only sent 10 copies, so I would say visit your local store quick.


  • mercie

    I just ordered mine today. I did it over the phone-they said it should be here by Thursday-no later than Friday..I can’t wait!

  • A

    Just an update. The $19.99 data plan works perfectly fine for full HTML (or what what they call full HTML).

  • Theicool

    just upgraded with a partial upgrade.. coust me $389.14.. thats what i payed for my sidekick uhh

  • Ali

    I checked mine and with a partial discount it will cost me 383.00 thats F**KING insane I refuse to pay that much for this phone. The G1 was going to cost me 299.99 and after tax and upgrade fee $340.00 at the time of the pre-order what the heck is T-Mobile thinking.

  • saruh

    ahhhh i LOVE IT. i got it today, and i got the rose because i am personally not a fan of brown phones [: but it’s amazing, i love the hands on features and the simplicity. adding music and pictures was a piece of cake, and i can finally set songs as my message ringtones! i haven’t put it down yet, i advise anyone looking for a cool ‘dumb phone’ to get the Behold! It’s a great phone and I love it already !

  • mercie

    wow..u can set songs as message ringtones! thats great! i was hoping it had that feature! i upgraded for only $149…

  • thaone&only

    Yay! I order it for $392.82..<– lol! We’ll I can’t wait!! I hope it comes in on Friday!!!

  • thaone&only

    Oh, can u put MP4 Videos on it??

  • ms_honey

    OMG i upgraded today over the phone…price for the phone was $199.99 with a $50 mail in rebate making the phone $149 much cheaper than the G1 which i returned today haha! I asked for expressed shipping which means I’ll get the phone tomorrow or wednesday. Im soo jealous of u ppl who got the phone already!! I can tell from the comments the phone is awesome!!

  • Snowy

    well on price point the behold offers much more on the hardware end compared to the G1 plus there is liceneseing fees involved, where the G1 is cost free OS and they played a nice trick to avoid java fees(thats a bit more complicated to explain) but when you click the about feature on devices u will c what licenses are involved.

  • Hugo84

    @A How did you get Opera Mini to work?

    Doesn’t appear to have FM – bummer! But I’m still exploring. The keyboard is a little funky, and on some websites the accelerometer doesn’t setup the virtual keyboard in the correct orientation. I wish Samsung had kept the earlier simplicity of one key to switch between different input options, now you have to remember several combinations, despite the enlarged screen space.

  • sssax2003

    Ali why not get the Samsung F480? Same thing as the Behold except it has FM radio, and MicroSD capacity up to 16GB. Its unlocked as well. You can probably get it lower than $383 on ebay. Check it out.

  • sssax2003

    Is the battery life the same on the Samsung F480? Since the Behold and the F480 are the same phone. Can anybody answer my question. Thanks.

  • ally

    anyone knows how the aim works if u can read aways etc?

  • weezy

    what the hell is opera mini?

  • A

    @Hugo84 go to Don’t download what it suggests. Click the link that says “If this version fails to install or you would like to install a previous version, please click here.” Then pick the one that has the VeriSign Security Certificate. When you get to the settings for Opera, pick socket as the protocol.

    @weezy Opera Mini is a true HTML browser.

  • weezy

    and the one that comes with the phone is not? What can you do differently? thanks by the way

  • thaone&only

    Can it dowload Google Maps??

  • Jay

    Wow this dude is such a cornball; anyway.. got to play w/ this phone today at the tmo store.. its sooo small and feels very very fragile, but very neat and sleek. too bad i have to wait until my plan w/ sprint is up in december to get it. =/

  • A

    @ weezy You can see a webpage as it would appear on the computer. The original phone browser does not do this. And if it does…I haven’t figured out how to change the format.

  • Hugo84

    @A Many thx. Still cleaning up my old phone before I can completely switch over. As I need to upgrade the PC Studio sync software to the latest version. I guess I should have done that over the weekend! Oh well.

    The SIM card is very difficult to remove from the Behold, there is no built in spring release system. I needed tweezers to grab it and extract. I wouldn’t recommend removing it once inserted unless you really need to do so. However you can insert it without removing the battery. The SD card does require the battery to be pulled. videos look decent and can be accessed very easily. So far I like the video playback and the built-in sound.

  • leslie

    @HUGO84- how’s the “AIM”? Is it like the sidekick ? Or a regular AIM on a regular phone? Or anyon knows?

  • thaone&only

    Can it go on the desktop version on YouTube, besides the mobile..??

  • Hugo84

    @Leslie Still haven’t tried AIM. That’s on my list for tonight. I’m hoping for a performance kick from 3G, as my previous phone was very slow.

    @thaone&only It seems to be OK to reach, but regular youtube is difficult to navigate on such a small screen. I haven’t actually launched vids there yet. Ran out of power after playing with it too much! Later today perhaps.

  • thaone&only

    Ok, thx! Hugo…

  • thaone&only

    @ Hugo
    Can it download Google Maps??

  • Ali

    Thanks for looking out I did check on that Samsung F480 the only thing I dont like about that phone is that it doesnt seem like it has a full qwerty keyboard.

  • leslie

    does any one know if i can download another version of AIM. if so can someone let me know thanks.

  • Sarah

    i really want this phone. and i just discovered it today. i’m hoping i can get it, but i’ll have to save up a lot of money!

  • Hugo84

    @A Thanks for the Opera mini help. Got it installed and working. Although I’m not sure if I like it or not. Will have to play with it more. Having to manually update the setting for landscape mode is annoying, also the two screen process for entering screen input. I tried various other install methods and yours was the only one that worked successfully.

  • Hugo84

    @thaone&only Google Maps doesn’t install on the T919 at present. I tried all the various Java app install methods and it fails each time. Bummer!

  • Yail Bloor

    @Hugo84 – When you say “Having to manually update the setting for landscape mode” does that mean when you’re viewing a page in portrait view and physically turn the phone 90 degrees in your hand the landscape view won’t automatically kick in? If so, @A, is there a solution for this in Opera settings? Thanks.

  • Lee

    This phone is BA but it can’t run 3rd party apps and doesn’t have wifi…the G1 blows it out of the water

  • matthew

    hey guys i have had the behold for 4 days now and have come across 2 major problems. first the battery life sucks. it only last about a day with normal use. if you use the web, bluetooth, or music player. you’ll have to reCHARGE BEFORE DAYS END. 2nd the melody ringtone doesn’t work the way it should. it slowly increases instead of simply jsut starting loud. so for incoming sms you cant here a melody unless its like 9 seconds long otherwise all you can use is vibe.

  • me

    it is an awesome phone. i have only had it for about a day now but i haven’t found anything the is a major problem except i have noticed the battery doesn’t last very long.

  • i am i am

    worst phone ever! i had it for a total of 5 hours and i put it back in the box and returned it. it looks nice, and thats about it. typing on it is very annoying and its not loud enough. im going for the g1 no i hope its better then the behold, if not then i will be going back to the sidekick.

  • this phone is for only $79.88 if u go to a t-mobile store. its fu@##n awesome!