That’s right, to ensure that the very best T-mobile news site has well informed readers I’ve come back from the pool to give you all a little more info. That and some people keep doubting the Behold release date! This is it for now…more teasers which I know you all hate and love at the same time.

  • T-mobile Cameo releases November 15th, I’ll have more pictures up soon
  • Samsung Behold launches November 10th
  • Web2go launches November 15th—–lots of stuff  to sift through but I’ll make sure this article is up before the weekend is out
  • Free Companion Flight launches November 17th—-two separate articles to read
  • Ohhh what else do I have up my sleeve!
  • Androidguys launch their G1 application store!! 20% off till November 15th!