That’s right, to ensure that the very best T-mobile news site has well informed readers I’ve come back from the pool to give you all a little more info. That and some people keep doubting the Behold release date! This is it for now…more teasers which I know you all hate and love at the same time.

  • T-mobile Cameo releases November 15th, I’ll have more pictures up soon
  • Samsung Behold launches November 10th
  • Web2go launches November 15th—–lots of stuff  to sift through but I’ll make sure this article is up before the weekend is out
  • Free Companion Flight launches November 17th—-two separate articles to read
  • Ohhh what else do I have up my sleeve!
  • Androidguys launch their G1 application store!! 20% off till November 15th!
  • Rommel

    Please tell me your hiding an n-series phone in there.

  • J

    If you are holding your breath for an N-series phone this year, you are going to suffocate.

  • Damon

    Shadow II?????

  • Brady

    Your on vacation brah…we understand if you don’t update man!

  • T1 Connect

    same here on the vacation thing. get drunk and chill wid some dames. on another note tmo seems like their making some real positive steps, most carriers are just releasing phones but these guys are making positive steps to give the customers a little advantage through services that could b benefit us, and they have cool phones too.

  • Ben

    Could the Curve 8900 be the phone up your sleeve???????

  • Sean LeRoy

    tmo is going squeeze another $10 (plus freakin’ gov’t taxes) a month for a stupid picture frame? c’mon…i was just talkin’ up tmo to a verizon friend…don’t make me re-nig!

  • Snowy

    please say its plans for the nokia tube with comes with music service…..(i know, its a long shot)

  • Librapaj

    I hope you have an 8900 up your sleeve because that is all i want to know about. I heard a Black Friday release date. please have your Ninja’s confirm this for me.

  • Buzzz

    i just got off the phone with t-mo CS and can certainly confirm the Nov. 10th release of the Behold. HOWEVER, i learned something that none of the blogs have been publishing: the rep told me that not only would i get full discount to $149.99, but that i would ALSO qualify for a $50 mail-in rebate (no data plan required; just for purchasing the phone).

    i’m happy to say that you’ll be able to pick up the Behold on Nov. 10th for only $99.99. this thing should sell like crazy.

  • stillonskLX

    hey man, i agree with some of these guys.

    we know your on vacation so party it up, get drunk and give us an update when your drunk. haha, just kidding..maybe

  • ViMin

    I guess the Behold is coming very soon. It’s already in the November edition of T-mobile Scoop. Go to and sign in.

  • Kaminsky

    Thanks for the info…but enjoy your vacation bruh…

  • Snowy

    heyy @buzz do u know what the cost will be with out contract?

  • HerbBlaiser

    I don’t give a crap about anything except the Curve 2/Javelin/8900 whatever the hell it is. WHERE IS IT? Nothing else matters