Surprise, more "Behold" info!


Well I’m not gone yet so I’m going to keep you guys guessing on how many more articles go up today before I take off. That or I just want to get as much done before I leave so I can enjoy the beach! Either way, I’m sure you guys won’t mind! So please, forgive the shortness of this article as I am focused on the info at hand rather than witty remarks that I KNOW keep you all coming back!

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  • Launch date is still penciled in for November 10th
  • Advanced Responsive Touch Screen with Widgets-This has a large
    color touch screen that responds to the touch of a fingernail, a
    fingertip, or a stylus, and can be adjusted to match your customer’s
    individual touch pressure. Your customers can touch, drag and drop,
    tilt, maneuver, and modify menu items by moving their finger across
    the screen. The phone also has Widgets – small icons that provide
    fast access to the items they use most often.
  • 5 Megapixel Camera, with video capture and playback, 4x digital
    zoom and settings for scene modes, resolution, and effects, plus a
  • High-Speed Internet with HTML Browser-This enables your
    customers to view full HTML web pages, visit their favorite sites, and
    get their downloads through T-Mobile’s 3G network.
  • Assisted GPS Navigation (AGPS)* provided by Telenav. This will
    also give turn by turn directions with automatic re-routing. **Free for 14 days, then $9.99 a month
  • QWERTY Keyboard-When your customers compose a text message,
    tilting the phone to a horizontal position displays the QWERTY
    keyboard, while holding the phone in the vertical position displays the
    numeric keypad.
  • No corporate email/Supports Yahoo, AOL, Gmail etc via E-mail Client
  • In the box: Travel Adapter, Ear Bud, 1 GB microSD card expandable to 16 GB, and Data Cable.
  • Size: 4.12” x 2.10” x .5”
  • Display: 1.61” x 2.64” LCD
  • 5hours talktime, 300 hours standby
  • Those without a data plan will have limited (whatever limited means) access to tzones and no access to the full html browser, the data plan is required for the AGPS with telenav
  • NO WIFI, NO UMA!!!
  • Customers should have a Data Add-on feature of $24.99 or $34.99 to optimize the web capability of this handset.
  • A Data/Messaging Add-on feature of $14.98 or higher is required to qualify for the mail-in rebate.


  • blazer222

    Wow 1st?… nice to see the half pink version and all the details… cant wait for release

  • kickstar

    im second lol! nice thanks for this Dark. =]

  • casillas05

    This phone was so worth the wait! Novemebr 10th can’t come fast enough :)

  • librapaj

    I know this is off-topic, but would you happen to have any info at all on the Blackberry Javelin/8900?

  • neesh

    i kant wait til xmas. im sooooo getting this.

  • RC

    Any word on whether this will be a quad-band phone?

  • MaxAndre

    wonder if the web browser will rotate?

  • Jenni


  • s

    I can’t understand why the new T-mobile phones DON’T have UMA, 3g & My Faves… That is the ONLY reason I have stayed with T-mobile. My plan with the My Faves 300 & Hotspot@home (UMA) I’m paying $50.00 a month for approximately 5000 min’s (my average monthly usage), 90% of the time I’m somewhere that has Wi-Fi (my house/office, friends house, restaurant, etc…). The javelin is supposed to have UMA, My Faves & full qwerty keyboard but no 3G, why should I have to choose, T-Mobile should offer a GOOD phone that is UMA, 3G, My Faves & have a full qwerty keyboard (virtual or actual keys), the Behold, G1, BB Javelin all are 1 or the other, what the hell T-Mo?

  • David

    @Max, the browser does rotate.

  • Fan Po Tai

    With no WiFi or 3G network, this is a huge disappointment.

  • librapaj

    Why don’t blackberry’s get no love on this site? I am a frequent visitor and rarely see any blackberry coverage on here.

    By the way, you guys do a great job.

  • ratchet

    Ewww… data plan. I DON’T want it. I just wanna talk and occasionally browse the web sheesh.

  • bobby

    looks nice and the 5 megapixel camera will be nice but i’ll stick with the G1

  • Lamarr

    No Wi-Fi?
    That is the deal breaker. I guess the Curve will have to suffice because the sliding keyboard on the G1 will break after six months if I use it.

  • T1 Connect

    gotta get 1 on rep my carrier

  • freeQwnC

    Do you have to get the data plan to get the phone like the G1? or is it optional?? .. Im hoping optional.. :P

  • Kaminsky

    Cool phone…can’t wait till it drops…what’s the price tag looking like?

  • harri

    So which data plans will be compatible with the Behold?

    And what will the 15 dollar data plan get you?

  • dopeguy

    wow. Read people. it has 3G.

  • Rochester

    What does a $14.98 data plan buys you? Anyone?

  • macho

    is this phone suppose to be better then the g1?

  • Ali

    The only thing that throws me off about this phone is the no WiFi but T-Mobile’s 3G is pretty fast so im sure when I do get this it’ll be fine. I read that the browser does rotate so is the browser going to be similar to that of the G1 and I phone? and do you get the full qwerty keyboard when the phone is actually rotated? or do you need to activate it like you do on the Samsung Instinct?

  • peestandingup

    No WiFi or UMA?? WTF, T-Mobile??? Are you guys gonna embrace this feature by putting it on more phones, half-ass it from here on out like you have been doing, or are you just gonna retire it altogether? Please do one or the other.

    Thanks for shi*ting on the people who rely on Hotspot@Home once again, guys.

  • David

    @Ali, read the post again, the qwerty keyboard question is answered. PLEASE read the post twice if you need to, most of your questions are already answered!

  • ores

    well it looks like a cool phone but i still want to get the G1, everytime i read the reviews im more in to the g1 phone, thou im also thinking on the iphone im kind of confuse i already play with both phones and im kind if undecided.

  • Astar4u

    So that data plan of 14.98 would be my unlmtd texting plan then right? Like that would qualify for the full rebate?
    Also…just so we are clear and I have read this more than once: by me not buying the internet/Telenav thingy means I get NO internet and lmtd Tzones…basically the Tzones I’m using now? If so I’m cool with that. I don’t want internet accesss on my phone.

  • uconn huskies

    I love the g1

  • Steve

    So does this mean the $5.99 unlimited Tmobile web is useless on this phone?

  • Snowy

    I think it will have wi-fi. Its not bad without either. Ive went with a non wi-fi, using tmo edge full time, pulled in 1.5 gig on my first 2 weeks heh. Wit 3G at least double it. So wit out wi-fi would be no problem IMO, but it will stress on batterY. Does anyone know on what OS platform and if java run-time? Also concerning the G1 does it run the java run time, has anyone tried running java-ME apps on it? I know its a java-SE, but im curious.

  • David

    @Snowy…it doesn’t have wifi. Its not a maybe, it doesn’t. Plain and simple.

  • Texan

    people need to realize if they put UMA on a phone or not is up to the manufacture T-mobile will support anyone who puts it on there so instead of yelling at T-mobile get mad at Samsung. y

  • mark

    i just talked to a rep.. this phone does NOT require a data plan.

  • Charlie

    well…I can carry the G1 for the web and my-faves calls most of the time- once I get to my home or workplace- take the sim and put it on my UMA Curve for free calls. Not practical but for now this might work.

  • mrssherico

    Does anyone know if this phone supports flash or streaming video?

  • Snowy

    OK, ease up on the attitude.
    Samsung is known to implement flash lite on their devices, but for this device i dont know yet. Video streaming should be a yes, depending on the type of player built-in, depending if flash lite built in & depending on the sites u visit, some allow steaming while some require download. Also if this has a java-runtime then its possible to use the available 3rd party apps that compliment it.

  • Tee

    Ok i read the posts. Still confused. Is the phone a 3 g phone?

  • weezy

    i work at tmobile the behold will not have wifi it is however 3g.. As far as being released in pink i have not heard anything about that…

  • Theicool

    Yes! Its 3G

  • Leslie212

    so I just got the G1 should i trade it i mean its a good phone but its not all that like i expected it to be so any advice

  • Hugo84

    Talked to a local Tmo Rep, they expect final details and pricing this Friday. They are expecting a usual order quantity of 25 units on Monday and reckon this will be enough initially. We will see!! I’m going to be there as soon as they open to make a final decision on my new phone. I’m guessing this is the one. No Wi-fi is sad, although people, this has been known for at least 2 months or more!

  • hdnat

    Guys, i work for t-mobile. There is not a phone that comes out now that does not have myfaves. look at the picture, see the paw print in the bottom right corner? thats a myfaves symbol.

  • Adhoc


  • mrssherico

    Thanks,you just helped in my decision about what phone I’m gonna scoop up.

  • I just wanna know what is the exact Data/Messaging plan for this, cause i’m confused. I would like to know the prices, and what exactly it comes with, and how much data, and messaging

  • weezy

    we use edge here in the state i live in, i tried the g1 on edge surprising its not that slow as far as having wifi i do not think that its an importart to have… I have never used 3g before but i imagine its much faster then edge..

  • ryan

    just talked to a t-mobile rep and she said that you just need the total internet for $20 and that has unlimited browsing but not unlimited texting you have to have another text messaging package for the text messaging the total internet is for the full web browsing on the Behold

  • weezy

    gemaster34 as far as the internet package its now just 19.99 just internet but the g1 has special packages 24.99 w/400sms or 34.99 w/unlimited sms. Tmobile is going to eventually convert to the 24.99 w/400 4.99 or 34.99 w/unlimited sms pretty soon.. So those who has the 19.99 for internet only will keep it…

  • I am so dang, confused. I thought they had new plans for this, like the one that says Phone First was supposed to be for this. TmoNews you need to make a new post, explaining this, and the data plans, messaging

  • Land Of The Trill

    This is going to be hard I’m between this device and the G1 but a touch screen phone with no keys I don’t know about that one.

  • alexis

    um btw it does have 3g just not wifi/uma so it sucks but oh well its eithe this or da g1 for me if we do get the new version of the storm which passed the ffc thingg (i read about it a few minutes ago) then i would drop and get that fone bt who knowss

  • alexis

    um btw it does have 3g just not wifi/uma so it sucks but oh well its eithe this or da g1 for me if we do get the new version of the storm which got accepted
    the ffc thingg (i read about it a few minutes ago) then i would drop and get that fone bt who knowss

  • 20tibby_gt06


    I’m the same way.

    I was hoping to get this phone and get the 19.99 100mb/ unlimited text plan that was for “Phone first” phones, but I don’t think this phone is going to be a “phone first” phone. I’m so confused. Someone want explain things to me?

  • billy

    I’ve used the behold. The browser is DISAPPOINTING. “Full HTML” my ass. It’s better than normal t-zones WAP crap but nowhere near as good as the G1.

  • iswearimcool

    what sucks is that it wont be black but rather espresso

  • iswearimcool

    also, ill have some live pics tomorrow of the phone ;)

  • rudy

    sucks that tmo is making us sign up for a 20 dollar net plan.

    i don’ need something that expensive. all i do is check my email some occasionel browsing on my phone.

  • mingkee

    I am considering this phone as it has 3G support and decent cam (I think, with QVGA video cap)
    I don’t worry will I get rebate as I have $20 VPN all the time
    the only concern is reception, as I had bad experience with T639 with 3G

  • blurmotions

    Im pretty sure I would only find this feature with windows mobile phones, but I wonder if the above device has internet sharing. If yes, I’m getting it ASAP! (but highly doubt it…) hurry up SonyE with the Xperia x1!!! TMOBILE, you need to get that phone!!

  • jimbo

    The data plan is NOT REQUIRED if you desire not to have internet or data.

  • Magnito

    no Wifi… I guess I’ll have to wait for the next one T-Mobile will bring out!

  • Leslie212


  • Saul

    what are those 2 dots on the left of the speaker!!?????

  • Snowy

    My guess is the ambeint light(light sensor) if using two. If not then the 2nd should be a proximity sensor.

  • cassie

    i’m so excited for the phone. it’s a late birthday present to myself. =]

  • David

    Yeah for birthday gifts!!

  • Snowy

    DAMM!!!(for me that is)this device will not do for me, which leaves me to the G1 for my 3G solution, an its not my first choice of a device.
    In ways the behold is similar to g1 an in ways OPPOSITE. Behold holds the beauty, excellent hardware and great form factor where the G1 fails terribly with the “ahhh hide that thing”(jk), weak hardware features and rush build. Now come over the platform end, greatly executed, offering true smartphone capabilities and openness, this is where the Behold fails, in not offering a true “smartphone” platform(thats where it holds me back). While still a good phone platform allowing java runtime & widgets(from what is said) it does provide smartphone capabilites without the full extent hardcore users would use. Someone mentioned poor real time web browsing well it supports wap, document says HTML web browsing(but thats still too sketchy for me).
    All in all great device for the not so tech savy, giving glamour an ease for all functions with quality.(tmos iphone in a way, but still better). Just not for me. Back to waiting for the next 3G device.

  • flyyphone

    You guys do realize that this phone doesn’t have a regular keyboard…as in the on-screen keyboard is made like the keyboard on the traditional phone. When you send messages…the you have to push the number until you get the letter you want.

  • Erika

    why isnt there a front picture of the pink one? is it black in the front or what?

  • David

    @flyyphone, that is umm incorrect. It has 3 keyboards if I remember correctly, qwerty horizontally, qwerty vertically and then a traditional style for text vertically.

    @Erika, that’s all that I got…no front pics.

  • Chloe

    yeah, does anyone know how much behold will cost?

  • Yaniv C

    NO WIFI!!!!!! GARBAGE!

  • WXman

    @flyyphone… you sure? It already lists a QWERTY keyboard as one of the features.

    What sucks is no WiFi and no FM radio. Why delete a feature that’s already there on the F480?? Stupid… If they really do require a data plan on this phone it’ll kill it. F paying $25 per month just to browse the Web on a phone.

  • Gabe

    Wait so I’m seeing some conflicts on the keyboard. I know it has a landscape qwerty keyboard and a numeric vertical keyboard. My question is does it have a vertical qwerty keyboard?? Maybe ala the blackberry pearl? If so that would be amazing!!!

  • Ali

    The no wifi thing isnt that bad. I returned my G1 I was carrying it in the pouch it comes with as I was walking the thing fell out! after the screen got all loose and the thing got all scratched up.. the phone still worked but I returned it cause if the same thing happened again I really dont think that flip out screen could have taken it. So im just going to wait for this phone to come out and see how I like it.

  • mark

    yeah im with you WXman.. thats why i didnt get the g1. im sure t-mobile wouldnt require this phone to have a data plan

  • Petemax13

    David I like you for your reviews but your responses to my fellow Tmobilers are very sarcastic and filled with attitude. I suggest you be a little bit more nicer in your response. We are not all electronics savvy as yourself. In any case keep up the good work.

    I sure wish Tmobile could pickup the Blackberry Storm. Now that is a 3G phone to have, Blackberry all the way.

    For all you G1 lovers out there I am sorry to say, the phone is a total disappointment at least in my eyes. The G1 should have been released as the HTC Touch HD that is a beautiful phone and Google really made the G1 undersirable at least to me.

  • Petemax13

    The Behold is a kinda disappointing that it does not have WiFi. I sure hope it has voice command, that was one of my biggest dislike about the G1. Today we need voice command for driving. Voice dialing on the G1 was a big problem. Tmobile wake up and stop putting out boring phones because ur going to see a good amount of customers migrating and porting numbers elsewhere. G1=Sidekick whoops did I say that!!!.

  • T1 Connect

    ok big boy my upgrade on my second line is now clear just for u. so anytime your ready swing that over here.

  • David

    @Pete, I’m sorry my sarcasm is offensive to you. You have no idea how frustrating it is to constantly sift through emails and comments for questions that are already answered in the post itself. I can’t help it if people can’t take sarcasm at face value and take it as a personal insult. That’s not my intention and perhaps I hope that those reading can read between the lines and see said sarcasm. That being said there is NO excuse for inundating the comments or my emails with questions that are already answered in the post or comments prior to “your” question. Please take the time to read the post carefully and the world will be a joyous place.

  • Sasha

    From what i’ve heard it runs on s60 ver5(touch)

  • G. Krusch

    I was curious. Why is the Behold being labled a “dumbphone” and not a Smartphone. My understanding is a smartphone is a phone that can handle e-mail, go onto the internet etc… can someone explain why the Behold is not a “smartphone”? thank you

  • weezy

    it does have the landscape qwerty key board once you turn the phone sideways, you can use either the landscape or the regular 0-9 numbers to text

  • weezy

    why couldnt it just be black dam it!!!!!

  • Snowy

    No it does not, sadlly to say. I wish it ran the upcoming s60 5th edition on symbian 9.4. It runs on “properitwy” (dont ask, i dont understand either) like dumb phone + some smartphone capabilities, somethin like that.

  • Dan

    I have heard of this being not a ‘smartphone’
    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a smartphone and a dumbphone? What does this not do that a smartphone will?

  • mak

    Does the version where getting in the states still have the 2nd camera above the screen? Can someone confirm?

  • superC00Lgeek

    i wonder if it will have good battery or will it b a repeat of the shadow

  • Well without the help of any of those who do the blogging here for TmoNews. I figured out the Samsung Behold was getting charged the Smartphone pricing for the new Data/Messaging add on plans. But, to my dismay, I thought the Samsung Behold wasn’t a smartphone, so, with that said, why is it being charged as Smartphone pricing or on the same level as it? I mean in my opinion even thou people might have different likes/styles, it just leaves open to people wanting the G1, since their basically getting charged the same thing.

  • mark

    Wait, a tmo rep told me you could purchase the phone without a data plan… You just won’t have any data or Internet

  • Gary

    Can you confirm if it has “true” html web browsing? Someone made the comment that it was just an advanced version of t-zones, but not true browsing like the G1. Ive used the G1 on several occasions, when you access any site, it loads just like it would on a normal pc.

  • Chuong

    @ G. Krusch & Dan

    Smartphones: real email capability including push/pull (not just crappy built-in email client), real 3rd party apps (dumb phones only allow Java apps), desktop like web browser, and true multitasking (many apps running at one time)

    This phone is a feature phone, which is a dumb phones with some smartphone features (HTML browser and widgets) but it’s still locked in a sandbox (Java apps only, no true email capability, and multitasking).

  • Chuong

    @ G. Krusch & Dan

    You could see the smartphone vs. feature phone debate here:

  • Agent

    Hey I “beheld” a dummy phone at my local Tmo store tonight. To all worried about the Expresso color: don’t worry because it looks awesome!

  • Amy

    Does anyone know if you can you zoom in and out in the web browswer and on pictures like the iphone?

  • deeoh

    ok people just like David said… read the article first then ask questions… most of the questions on the post you can actually be found in the article itself!!! YES!! it does have 3G and myfaves but NO WIFI!!! if your going to complain that it doesn’t have WIFI just don’t even think about getting this phone!!! it’s simple!! and the 3g plan should be the same as G1 and you don’t need the data plan for this phone it’s not required like the G1 but this is a 3g phone so if you want to browse the web minimum data plan is 24.99

  • Gary

    I heard from someone that recently tried the phone out. He said the touch screen wasnt as sensitive as the G1 and you really have to press down on the screen for it to respond.

  • Mike

    Just waiting for it to get here.
    I love that it has a 5 megapixel cam with flash and
    that it is touchscreen. That’s all I want it for.

  • Shawn

    Gary, it is true that it won’t be as smooth as the G1. This is because the Behold has a resistive touchscreen and they are inferior to capacitive screens (iphone, G1, Storm). BUT..resistive is cheaper, why is why this awesome phone will be $150.

  • cassie

    i thought the data plan for the behold wasn’t going to be as expensive as the g1? am i wrong?

    + what are the differences between the pricing of t-zones or the internet plan. what do you get with the 9.99 version, the 14.99 version & the 29.99 version?

    thanks in advance.

  • neesh

    can this phone get ringtones?
    and can you make your own ringtones and download them too the phone so that they can be ringtones??
    …thanks to whoever answers.

  • SneakerFiend

    Well in all seriousness i think companies are taking off the wifi on phones because a lot of people dont really need internet if they live in an area that has a lot of wifi hotspots.
    And this phone is nerfed in my eyes. Hopefully its an opensource OS or easy to develop on because if not this will be soo hott till the 2nd week you have it and you want to do something differnet and you look at people with an iphone say look at my better screen ha then they take out their apps and you’re just stuck with a crappy pink phone that cant get new games….OPEN SOURCE IS THE WAY YOU DUMB CORPORATE BASTARDS v_v its that simple.

  • thaone&only

    does anyone know what kind of Flash this has?? (I hope not a LED flash)

  • robert s

    laaame t9 when holding normal!!

  • who?

    Well in all seriousness i think companies are taking off the wifi on phones because a lot of people dont really need internet if they live in an area that has a lot of wifi hotspots.

    -If there are a lot of hotspots why would a company take out wifi when they could benefit from that?
    -How does the iphone screen compare to the Touch HD screen?
    -Sure the iphone has a bunch of apps but here’s the kicker, those apps need approval before ANYTHING can happen. Can’t even run two at the same time.

  • Matt

    I’m a T-Mobile Direct dealer, I saw the Behold Today, it is much smaller than I thought. It has 3G and a great touch screen. It almost looks black when you hold it, the back of the phone has an espresso brown look but the front is a darker brown. This is considered an “all in on device” so the data plan will be 24.99 a month for unlimited email, web browsing and 400 text or 34.99 with unlimited text. The camera is great and yes when you are in text mode and you turn the phone horizontally it has a full qwerty keyboard. It looks almost identical to the LG Prada phone.

  • cassie

    what if you decide to get the 34.99 data plan for the phone & you want to switch to a different phone, say the blackberry pearl, is it still considered unlimited texts or is it going to charge you? plus when it says “unlimited texts” does that include all types of texts or just regular text messages?

  • Matt

    Hi Cassie, 34.99 plan will be the standard for blackberrys, sidekicks and HTC phones which will include unlim tex, IM, pic mess, video messages, web browsing and email…

  • cassie

    thanks matt. that’s just the answer i needed. =]

  • pimp

    I have one thing to say,,,,” no wifi??? WTF?? ” that a deal breaker for me. F the behold.

  • Tiger

    does it have “pinch to zoom” on web and pics?

  • Mike

    Matt or anyone else, is it still coming out on the 10th?
    I have been calling dealers.

  • cassie

    as far as i know, yes it’s still coming out the 10th. i’ve called customer care about a million times. & each time i’ve had to i’ve asked to make sure.

  • Mike

    Awesome, thanks.

  • Joey

    does anyone know if it will be available in store on the launch date? this is gonna be my next phone for sure!

  • Joey

    will this phone be available in store on the release date??
    this is gonna be my next phone!

  • Goofy

    This phone looks promising. I might actually get one. But does anyone know if Tmo will release the BB Bold?

  • lazee_smurf

    Well someone said this phone was actually smaller in person but it supposed to be the US version of the Tocco. If you check Youtube and search the Tocco it’s a decent size but the Behold looks smaller. Hmmmm

  • cassie

    i went to a t-mobile store today & picked up the dumby phone of it. it’s a decent size. not huge but not tiny either.

  • Mike

    Well, looks like it’s coming this Monday.
    Get ready guys and gals.
    I will be there at 10 am. It is most likely there will
    a lot of people wanting one.

  • Gary

    I have been playing around with this phone for a few hours now. I was bascially sold on it until I realized its not “true web browsing” like the G1 or iphone. Its basically a mobile wap version of all websites. The pages dont load like a laptop or desktop would. This may be the one thing that turns me away from this phone. The camera is awesome and the overall layout is nice though.

  • Kevman420

    I wait forever to get my G1 updates so I can play with the open source ness once the stuff starts coming out.
    Well today I get notice for another update Rc30. Like an A S S I do the update only to realize it takes away the right for me to modify the phone the way I want to. Now I can forget about apps to sd card and customization cause google just locked it.
    This bites!!!
    Google Stinks!!!

  • thaone&only

    Can it stream videos, lets say YouTube?

  • Snowy

    Just curious, what capabilities are givin with the android hack(security break)?
    Ive have not used the G1 yet, is there a system file browser such like S60 devices?
    Are you saying you can run application from the memory card?
    Sorry for the questions, i know this aint the right thread to be postin em.

  • mark

    wait wait wait wait. If I don’t want Internet or data… Do I still need to purchase a data plan?

  • Gary

    You cannot get the rebate if you dont subscribe to a data plan. From my understanding, the 5.99 or 14.99 data plans will work.

  • Jeremy

    This phone rocks. Im playing with it right now and it’s better than G1.

  • cassie

    gary; from my understandings the data plan has to be 14.99 or higher to recieve the rebate.

  • mark

    was the release date pushed back?

  • Tom

    I just wanted to clarify something about the Samsung phone that everyone seems to be referring to as the Samsung Behold. I am a manufacturers representative that pitches T-Mobile on accessories for their growing lineup of cell phones. Working so closely with T-Mo the cell phone being referred to as the Behold is actually know within T-Mo as the Samsung T919 or Roxie, at least in the US, not sure how it’s being marketed overseas. One of the accessories that T-Mo will be offering to consumers is a military grade film screen protector. It was developed by a company called eShields, LLC and their Patented product is called iShieldz. For those curious about their product their web address is:

  • cassie

    not that i’m aware of. everytime i’ve talked to someone who works for tmobile & mention it. i say something about monday & they don’t correct me. i just talked to someone yesterday about at the t-mobile store up from my house. they already have their shipment.

  • I can’t believe I only heard about this today, it looks like an awesome phone! I was pretty sure I’d be getting the new sidekick but now I’m leaning toward this. I just can’t decide between physical QWERTY or awesome touch screen…

  • mark

    yeah ive talked to about 6 reps and the fifth one told me it was pushed back.. i guess not though..

  • cassie

    well that’s crazy. & if it’s true, i’m going to be very disappointed.

  • Slater

    i played with this phone yesterday and can’t say that i was all too impressed. however, it would be a great phone for my wife b/c it has the touch surface technology, and the operation of the phone is extremely straight forward. i did find that the desktop was a little funky as far as trying to drag the icons up and down to get to the app i wanted to use. in fact, the very last app icon didn’t even show fully (the click & drag simply wouldn’t bring it up into full view). also, it seemed to be a little to excited to pull up an app when i was merely trying to scroll up and down on the desktop’s app list. perhaps this could be adjusted with the touch sensitivity option that is built into the phone. if not, i would say that the phone is not very intuitive about what the user is trying to do.

    the major drawback to me on this phone was the web browsing. I don’t know if having a data plan would change this (i’m not sure how the store’s demo was set up in regards to this), but all the web pages (even yahoo) were in the text format only. so good luck on flashing your brand new Behold and then not even being able to pull up an actual page that you want to view or show someone.

    my post-disclaimer to this comment/mini-review is that i probably spent no more than 10 minutes with the Behold. honestly, it simply didn’t keep my attention. it sort of seemed like a glammed out phone for people who want the appearance of modern technology without the functionality of it. but, again, that’s exactly what my wife would want. good luck.

  • thaone&only

    @ Slater
    Wat? It dnt show the actual page!! In your opinion, do u thinl the Sidekick’s (LX) Web Browser is better?

  • Sal

    Can you use google maps or opera mini on this phone? I heard taht you can’t since Tmobile blocks 3rd party apps.

  • Worst phone ever release by tmo …. played with it at work and hate the design the workings of the touch interface and dont get me started on the gps that never works!!!!

  • Atlanta Person

    im staying buyinh it

  • Darren

    I have this phone, got it on the first day it came out when i was going to get a new phone (blackberry flip or G1) but was talked into this by TMO rep. Terrible phone unless you want a souped up regular phone that has a touch screen. Def not a smartphone.

    To answer some questions: the brown looks black, I didn’t even know it was espresso or whatever till i read it here. No Wifi, doesn’t remember passwords, can’t minimize browser if you get a text or something. Yahoo mail won’t work and you have to use built in t-mobile e-mail app. Won’t let you download/install Google maps, gmail app or anything, have to use workaround to use opera (which won’t work in landscape mode), camera looks nice but they want you to save to an online album or something, but then it complains that attachment too big (also to send mms). Can’t add any new widgets, won’t push e-mail from gmail so it tells you you have a message and then you have to wait for it to log in to gmail after starting the app, then it shows you the subject or sender, if you want to read the message it has to download that (not worth it unless i get like 3 e-mails a day), quicker to log in to gmail on website.

    GPS is useless, looks nice but can’t get a signal for nothing.

    copy and paste is apparently on here but can’t figure out how to do it, tired of typing username/passwords over and over for certain sites. especially annoying if your password is not a word.

    scrolling is a pain, especially in the phone book always go by too far or clicks on a name.

    not enough options to set and manage, can’t even sort bookmarks

    battery life is suspect as well, did come with a 1GB card though but won’t hold very many text messages without deleting then oldest without warning.

    If i can’t add new apps like gmail and google maps (even though the tmo rep said I could) what is the point of this phone? as a phone it sounded nice, but if I didn’t get the 2yr agreement and data plan I wouldn’t be paying 150 for this phone but 400. I could go get a g1 and a nice digital camera for less than that. damn tmo needs to get something like the storm

    i could keep going…I’m returning this and getting a G1, sorry Samsung nice try

  • Tex

    I don’t understand why you guys are comparing this phone to Iphone, g1, & storm. This phone isn’t meant to compare. It’s a basic phone turned touch screen, and added a 1st generation GPS and basic web browser. YOu should compare it to the other multimedia phones(ie..lg vu cu920, lg rumor, samsung sway, lg venus, lg voyager vx10000 . Co’mon you guys are being a little unfair with the products that you are comparing it too. You guys hyped yourselves up on the phone setting your own expectatins of what the phone should be and the get mad when it’s doesn’t have windows and the best browser in the world. Just my opinion!
    Until next time!!

  • Add to my Bookmarks ;)

  • hi

    max stepper is right the price is really high on this phone and its not even in the same league as the iphone or g1. its a low class phone.. like the lg vu compare it to that. at least at&t sells the vu for 49.99

  • It’s doesnt support FM radio, huhuhu