What's the "scoop" on holiday plans for T-mobile?

I’m laughing so hard from the SNL presidential bash right now so I’m going to just let the picture speak for itself. T-mobile is definitely going to bring their A game this holiday season with a big push for the G1, the Behold and the Free Flight promotion previewed about two weeks ago.
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Flight promo countdown!

  • Pythagoras

    Beautiful! I will take advantage of 2 of those offers.

  • Pythagoras

    Actually, 3.

  • mike

    What about the Curve 8900?

  • Yeah, I kind of saw this on CellPhoneSignal hours ago, but, I love you TmoNews, lol

  • Oh yeah, I am kind of really interested in the from phone to frame thing, seeing to how my family loves photos, and we have lots of family events

  • David

    @gemmaster, sorry I’ve been working on some exciting things, you’ll get teasers in the morning. I wonder what cps has been doing tonight? Telling you more about wifi phones that don’t exist?!

  • Chuong

    Without WiFi, I’m leaning toward this phone instead of the ZN5.

    With WiFi and/or UMA, I would definitely buy this instead.

  • lol @ David, and hey… BTW, my name is David too. But, yeah they did say that, but they sure did have this little flyer thing thou, that’s one factual thing they did have. And yay for teasers in the morning.


    y the blue highlight?




  • I want to take care of a bunch of these offers. when are they happening. I want a add my wife and daughter to my plan, and the daughter wants the behold. wife my get the behold or maybe the sony if with the offer I see here.

  • kevman420

    Ya I like the SNL episode too and my G1 loves it it told me today to vote OBAM 08 FOOLS!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Incredible that T-Mobile still hasn’t released a real 3G smartphone yet. In other words, a 3G Windows Mobile smartphone.

  • sam

    lol i finally saw the G1 commercial yesterday!

  • mingkee

    probably I should hold off till Black Friday and make final decision
    get a phone (either G1 or Behold), and sign 2 more years

  • Nay

    why on the link it shows you can upgrade but when you click the only 1 available is the G1

  • sam

    Here is the link:

    I think you have to be logged in to My T-Mobile.