T-mobile Motozine ZN5 video unboxing…

Noah from Phonedog.com managed to get his “paws” (no pun intended, well maybe) on the new T-mobile Motozine launching today. The highest resolution camera phone (5 mega pixel) available on any US carrier, T-mobile is positioning this as the ultimate picture device. Featuring Kodak technology the Motozine will certainly be with you whenever you need to capture that special moment, or if you need to capture the license plate of the car that rear-ended you. Either way this phone has a camera that rocks. Check out Noah’s unboxing and run down of the latest edition to the magenta lineup.



  • Texan

    would like to see some pictures from this 5mp phone.

  • deeoh

    what is so great about this phone??? if you just wait little bit longer t-mobile is coming out with 5 mega pixel and TOUCH SCREEN!!! Samsung Behold!!!!! might as well just get the Behold and Motorola has some bad handsets… too many defective units like W490, the first RAZR and basically most of them…

  • j

    if you would like to see pictures from this device check out the review on phonearena.com…pretty decent!

  • deeoh, you really shouldn’t say that. Even thou I really want the Behold, both are great phones. I know myself I wouldn’t mind either. Also, you can’t say cause Motorola has had bad phones in the past, that this one will be bad; that’s like making a statistic, or judgment on something you haven’t experience. Personally, me I have had great experience with Motorola. Also, people want different things, everyone doesn’t want a touchscreen phone, it’s called choices, and options, so that’s what makes this wanted, and the features you can clearly read up on make it great.

  • AndrĂ©as

    because this camera is supposed to be a lot better because of the technology… if you where to compare megapixel only you would find they are not the same across the board. I recently got a camera and the quality of the same size megapixels varied greatly. OH AND WHAT OF THE BEHOLD I am myself happy that t-mobile is coming out with more than one hi-end phone…what are you happy with just the selection of one phone? Or do you want to choose from a lot of great phones? also I do not think I would ever own a touch screen only phone… I like buttons( I am sure I am not the only one) which is why I got the G1 for myself, if it didn’t have the qwerty then I would have passed it on by. Just as you think certain things are important so do other people and sometimes they are the opposite of what you want… Thank you T-mobile for trying to provide it’s customers with great variety

  • Tmo Android

    The Zine is a very nice camera and is not running their old OS. Its running their linx OS and is very responsive. The camera is amazing and by far the best camera on any phone, almost as good as my digital camera. The Behold does have a 5 megapixel camera but the lens quality and shutter speed are not going to be nearly as good.

  • Toasty

    I personally don’t like touch screens.

    It’s called tactile response, that’s where it’s at

  • Ran

    Seems like a nice phone, but radiation levels (SAR) are so high as to be barely legal…159/160.
    Probably doesn’t bother most folks, but it freaks ME out.

  • fmonk

    The video is painful to watch.