T-mobile's quest to step up their game continues…


T-mobile, how you love us so lately! You’re bringing good things into the wireless world of your customers. First we get the “needs no introduction” G1. We will “Behold” the Samsung Behold in short order and now we are granted 5 megapixel glory. Three phones which are sure to appeal not just to the holiday crowds, but more so to the notion that T-mobile is heavily stepping up pressure on the competition with sexy and powerful devices at affordable price points.

The Motorola Zine launches at $99.99 after a $100 dollar mail in rebate, and is sure to please those who never want to miss capturing a moment. Be it taking your kids to the park or the UFO hovering overhead this phone is there to convince even the most doubtful of camera phone users that taking pictures with a phone is now serious business.

More pics and info after the jump!

Update: I inadvertently noted that the pricing was after a $50 mail in rebate, it is in fact AFTER a $100 mail in rebate! Apologies!


Top 5 list of Motozine 5 megapixel camera features:

  • 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with a brilliant 2.4” landscape display! Featuring KODAKTM Imaging Technology and a xenon flash, the ZINE offers a serious digital camera experience, including Panorama capture.
  • Simple Share key! Send photos to friends with a Picture Message, send them to a compatible Bluetooth® enabled printer, or instantly upload photos to the KODAK Gallery.
  • ModeShiftTM Technology! Lights up the necessary keys to morph the phone into a camera, and then back into a phone again.
  • KODAK PERFECT TOUCHTM! Easily and instantly enhance your photos by selecting this option from the photo edit menu.
  • Wi-Fi! Connect directly to the Web from any accessible hotspot so you can post photos online to the Kodak Gallery right from your phone. Editors note: No UMA service!



  • Dylan M

    I’m so psyched for this phone. It was great coincidence that my phone threw in the towel, and now the day finally comes that this phone is released! I mustn’t waste anymore time, off to the T-mobile store! …in the morning that is.

  • James

    I plan on going tomorrow and checking this thing out to see if it lives up to its hype. I’ve been stalking this phone since I first heard about it.

  • mingkee

    no UMA?!
    this should be a great phone if you don’t need UMA and/or 3G

  • Alex

    I am 22 months in to my contract, just checked the upgrade price online for G1 it came up to $346 something like that, how the hell does tmobil is planning to keep its customers. I just gonna wait and go to at&t and get the iphone.
    I have been undecided but tmobil is making it easy for me, all I have to do is wait till the end of January.
    Besides the G1 doesn’t even have a a video player and despite the fact that the iphone has its shortcommings due to apple control is a proven technology.

  • freeQwnC

    Cooool..thats such a nice Price!! =D
    and is this the best camera phone available in the US??

  • MagentaGlasses

    Yawn…. still a moto phone. Not to excited. Will keep playing with G1.

  • Sycowulf

    Price in article is wrong, it is 199.99 with a 100$ mail in rebate. Ive gotten to use this phone a bit, I will say it is very nice, but somehow i think ill stick with my G1.

  • chris

    I’ve had a chance to handle this handset and it’s pretty slick. I’ve not really been a Motorola fan, save for the RAZR2, but this is a pretty solid handset. The ‘morphing’ keypad is much nicer than that of the ROKR E8. The 5MP camera takes beautiful pictures for a cell phone and the software is rock solid. I’m still addicted to my Blackberry Curve and wouldn’t completely switch to the ZINE but this would be a great handset to take out on the weekends when I don’t want the annoyance of all my e-mails rolling in.

  • T1 Connect

    @Alex bye!!!!! and by they way it does have a video player it has two.

  • spum


    If your contract ends at the end of January, then you are still in your 21st month. You are able to get the G1 for $179 two months before your contract ends. If your contract ends at the end of January, then you won’t be eligible for your full discount until the end of November. Clearly it’s the beginning of November so you should get your full discount in a few weeks.

  • T1 Connect

    @Alex bye!!!!! and by they way it does have a video player it has two.
    and i like this phone just seen the video review fo this phone and its really nice.

  • TMOemployee

    Alex you sound bitter, call customer service and ask for them to push your upgrade through, we can do it at 18 months but only if a customer is upset they have to wait. A supervisor has to actually push it through for you but it can be done.

  • Kevman420

    Just got RC29 for G1 today. Email POP still no good using port 25 to optonline.net
    Oh well I am used to new mail by now anyway.
    It will get it fixed down the road and if not I will be getting new phone in 6 months anyway as I always do.

  • T1 Connect

    word im buying a behold for the second line and hopefully for the wing 2 will be out after 3months of the behold for the behold’s replacement.

  • D

    What’s up with the video dude.

  • T1 Connect

    i was waiting for you to come around. in the process of making the video i found some restrictions. i cant do the video because my account is a subscribtion service through verizon online dsl and im not allowed to forward my email, i have options from msn but i dont have forwarding options. i however do have a hotmail account and if i login throught my pc’s web browser i have an option screen to forward my emails. but i think the msn extention at the end of the addresses are blocking forwarding options.

  • D

    Well I guess I’ll just work with the mobile msn.Thanks n e wayz but I don’t think it will work for me either because I have msn through verizon fios.Has anyone found a way to stream online radio or a way to use thestreamcenter.com on the G1?

  • macho

    @t1 ..so you leaving the g1 crew for the behold my dude? I been loving this g1 still can’t put it down writing this post from it …there’s a lot of cool applications. The games though they gotta stop it up a notch but yeah I love the g1 waitig on the video recorder and for the camera to get fix its to slow. I also heard a flash play was coming don’t know how true that is holla back bx in the building lol

  • By cool apps he means iSafe. It can only find me in my apartment, but doesn’t change neighborhoods very well via GPS, or even Pixelpipe beta2 which is the most effective app on market. To bad buttons are disabled, so you can’t ad files via browser. At leaset this stuff is free.The g1 takes a good picture if you don’t look at the center of the photo lots of noise in the focal point, and focus works well around it,but if you want a digital camera you’d by a Nikon D3, or D90 anyway. Guess you don’t have use for wifi at all.

  • mark

    boringggg. what we need is more news on the behold

  • mark

    hey t1, the behold wont have a data plan right?

  • Bryan

    I am not a fan of Motorola, I am pumped to see the release date of Nov. !0th for the Samsung Behold. That will be my next phone. Don’t need all the apps of the G1, plus I don’t live in a 3g area anyway. I heart Samsung!

  • thaone&only

    Plz! Mor news on Behold!! well this phone is o.k …..

  • Kevman420

    Has anyone gotten the Invisible Shield for G1? If so how is it?
    Is it worth it? Does it stay on?

  • T1 Connect

    @macho na I’m not getting rid of my g1 I got a tm506 on the other line and its gonna get replaced with a behold and when the wing 2 comes out the behold is getting replaced by that I like to switch that line up to try new phones out.

    @mark I believe the behold will house a 24.99 data plan as previously stated in a post on this blog the behold is a smatphone and if you go back a couple of articles you will see the prices just match them up

  • macho

    T1 is there a way to foward your other emails to gmail?

  • Tim

    How about some news on a new WinMo 3G phone? I can’t wait for TMo much longer before I jump.

  • mark

    okay but does it REQUIRE a data plan?

  • mark

    and T1, the behold is not a smartphone. we’ve established that since day 1 right? im not trying to sound rude or offensive. but anyway, if the behold does have a data plan then t-mobile is terrible. they have no GOOD phones for teenagers that will NOT require a data plan. like seriously, take a look at other phone carriers and look at their phones. they know they need to sell to teenagers and they know that teens cant afford a data plan for a phone. think about it t-mobile, your losing customers on dumb decisions.

  • mingkee

    I tried the phone at corp store
    the auto-focus is kinda hit or miss
    no macro mode is not good
    video cap is a big shortcoming, why it only can take QCIF or lower res?!
    by spec read on forum, Behold has QVGA res video cap

  • T1 Connect

    let’s keep it peace here but the behold is a smartphone and its going to require a data plan. just because it doesn’t have windows mobile and has a touchscreen doesn’t mean its not, yet it does have a 1700mhz signal and tmo isn’t giving 3g away for free. they’re not dumb dicesions , they’re smart decisions. don’t wanna drop a bunch of 3g high end phones on a brand new 3g network and take a chance of crashing the network(this ain’t at&t) slow conversion is better. oh and I don’t think we’re gonna run out of teenagers anytime soon so rock on tmo

  • mingkee

    about the required data on Behold
    from what I read on forum, it’s said a $14.99 or higher data and/or messaging service is required for rebate
    I’ll be qualified because I have VPN

  • T1 Connect

    virtual private networking????? what does that have to do with the data plan. give me some knowledge.

  • mingkee

    it’s “hidden” data service
    with VPN service, you can get public IP instead of pooled (LAN’d), which is essential for PPTP, IPSEC, PCanywhere
    Behold is a smartphone?!
    but as I stated, I have $20 data for years

  • T1 Connect

    thanks mingkee i gotta check this out. i know ive seen some phones with vpn like winmo phones but i always thought that required wifi to work.

  • ratchet

    I think for a phone to be a smartphone the OS can’t be proprietary and this thing uses touchwiz which is proprietary. Its pretty well established the t919 is a dumbphone with nice features.

  • D

    So has anyone noticed anything new with the RC29 update?I’ve noticed that in order to sync the G1 with the pc you now have to hit a mount button that pops up on the G1.Also when you plug in the charger b4 the update it would should a see through battery and the % of energy left for a quick second or 2 but now you don’t see it appearing anymore.Still loving my G1 with no issues.
    Has anyone found a way to get the gps more accurate cause mine is about a mile off.Or maybe its not the receiver and its Google?
    It is also official that the touch qwerty pad is ready and will be available in Q1 of 09 and I’m 90% certain the camera app is ready to although the video recording app is about 40% accurate based on what I’m reading but by december I’m almost certain you will here tons of rumors about the recording app and the price oce it hits the AM no later than Q1 of 09.
    Let’s Go G1 Woo Hoo!!!

  • Armytank

    What camera app Do you speak of for the G1?

  • D

    the same source i got the official news about the touch qwerty is where i found out about the tons of new apps to come in Q1.There was no name for it yet but it is definitely up an waiting for the price apps to come in Jan.As for the description its basically supposed to give all the basic camera features to the G1.I would assume basic means zoom and a faster snap will be in that app but the fact that its gonna be an app you have to pay for then that means its something people have been asking for through the blogs..eho knows it may even have the recordin feature although from my research,the recording feature is its own app as of now but as some1 who knows computers an took programing for a short time in school then by mid december i’d say the 2 apps can become 1 app that fast.

  • mark

    just been told it does not require a data plan if you dont want/need web or data

  • bart23

    Is there going to be any different colors insted of purple??

  • D

    guys lets not go over board on a 2G phone like that motorola.Sure its camera is gonna be one of the best but that’s all if your gonna wast your $ on that then your kidding me.Get a digital camera if that’s your reason.Get the G1,Blk Berry. Bold,Experia,or Wing 2.Everything else is not worth it.Its about what the phone can do for you and the Motorola can only do camera for you,not even 3G is rediculous.That’s not cool.

  • Less to share, more bandwidth and less saturation