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T-mobile's quest to step up their game continues…


T-mobile, how you love us so lately! You’re bringing good things into the wireless world of your customers. First we get the “needs no introduction” G1. We will “Behold” the Samsung Behold in short order and now we are granted 5 megapixel glory. Three phones which are sure to appeal not just to the holiday crowds, but more so to the notion that T-mobile is heavily stepping up pressure on the competition with sexy and powerful devices at affordable price points.

The Motorola Zine launches at $99.99 after a $100 dollar mail in rebate, and is sure to please those who never want to miss capturing a moment. Be it taking your kids to the park or the UFO hovering overhead this phone is there to convince even the most doubtful of camera phone users that taking pictures with a phone is now serious business.

More pics and info after the jump!

Update: I inadvertently noted that the pricing was after a $50 mail in rebate, it is in fact AFTER a $100 mail in rebate! Apologies!


Top 5 list of Motozine 5 megapixel camera features:

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