"Behold," more ninja shots


After all the G1 news in the past few weeks we’re ready to get back on track and focus on continued previews of upcoming holiday launches for magenta. Previewing the Behold a number of times has let us know you guys want more of this phone. Today we happily oblige and bring you a few shots from one of our lucky ninjas who had some hands on time with this, T-mobile’s first all touchscreen device. To answer just a few questions (again) the phone does NOT have wifi, youtube IS included, a full html browser is included as stated before and the same touchwiz interface, all previously known information. So really this whole post is just for a little more eye candy.

The expected release date remains November 10th at a price point of $149 after a 50 dollar rebate.

Seven more shots after the jump!

UPDATE: Three new shots have been added!








  • Mr. Moon

    Sweet!!! Can’t wait for the release of this device!! Well actually my wife can’t wait since I’m getting the G1. LOL. What is the price on this phone!? Anyone!?

  • WXman

    WooHOO! This is the one I’m wanting more info. on. I hope they’ve added a qwerty keyboard. And I assume it’ll be cheaper than the G1. I hope there is a concrete announcement soon about the exact launch date.

  • WXman

    I should have looked at the pics! They DID add the keyboard! Awesome!

  • Yo

    I thought the rumor was the front face camera was being taken off, but it looks like its still there?

  • T1 Connect

    wait a minute this thing has s front facing cam.

  • David

    @T1, no it doesn’t…not that I have heard. It’s probably a proximity sensor, its to small to be a camera.

  • B.

    If you guys are talking about that little square above the screen that I not a camera or anything else. Its simply the speaker you put up to your ear.

  • D. A. J.

    They also have an upgrade to this phone coming out after Xmas with an 8megapixel camera

  • l3wis

    Can we please get the on-screen keyboard for my g1

  • some dude

    why are people asking about pricing and release date in the comments when it is clearly posted above? Try reading.

    For the last time there is 100% for sure NO front facing camera.

  • T1 Connect

    oh ok thanks david. looks like you guys published the whole touchwiz thing first cause the rest of the blogosphere is just finding out today.

  • tylermobile

    I was told there will be a 100$ mail in rebate from are district manager

  • another ninja

    A few t-mobile store reps have told me that this device will be free on black friday. But only for that day.

  • Jason

    Do i hear UMA??? That is the down fall of the G1 i think, tmobile should find a way to make it work on the G1 so i dont have to by this samsung!!

  • MrSofty

    Will a data package be required with this phone or no? My wife has no use for internet access, just texting.

  • MHz

    I’ve read servers places saying this will be a Windows Moble 6 phone… but i see ZERO signs of it… has anyone confirmed?

  • Theicool

    What is in the secord screen? its a world, maybe the gps?

  • WXman

    @some dude…because if you READ what it says you’ll clearly notice the word “expected”. So somebody needs to find out for us for sure what the release date is going to be. November 10 is just a little over 2 weeks away, so if they don’t know for sure by now, seems to me it ain’t gonna’ happen then.

  • David

    @MHZ, perhaps you should heed some dude’s advice and read the article again. The pictures obviously don’t help your answer so I clearly say its a touch wiz screen. IT IS NOT WINDOWS MOBILE!

    @WXMAN, I write expected because I leave it subject to change. November 10 is the release date, stop looking for reasons to be subjective when there aren’t any.

  • So Real

    looks pretty good. any phone tmobile releases this year with a full html browser should have wifi tho cuz 3g network isn’t big enuff yet

  • Snake

    Cool weekend phone….

  • POP

    Really what phone is better the “Behold” or the “G1” ?

  • Ran

    If the phone doesn’t have wifi, does that mean you can’t have t-mobile at home?

  • danny

    oh yeash i am going to buy this one but i am litle sad because i was waiting fot the wifi but thanks t1 conect you are the best you always give us good great imformation

  • Bryan

    Is it me, or is there a lot of cobwebs in the 1st picture?

  • harri

    I still don’t understand this wifi thing.

    It has full html internet, right? So what does having no wifi mean? Do we use 3G/edge to access the internet?

    Can someone please explain this to me, I’m not exactly an internet genius…

  • yo mama

    anyone know wat the “touch wiz” thing is?

  • David

    @Harri, yes you use 3G/Edge to connect to the Internet

    @Bryan, I’ll ask them to clean up!

    @”yo mama” google “touchwiz”

    @Ran, hotspot @home requires wifi, no wifi means no hotspot @home

  • Alex

    can anyone tell me what the feature is that shows an earth, seen in one of the pictures?

  • danny

    is gps baby gps really is so nice

  • Ryan

    what is the screen size of the behold??

  • Macho

    Is this suppose to be better then the G1

  • mike

    Dont get it its going to be just like the samsung instinct which sucks of course stick to the G1 because trust me this device is going to do some marvelous things that will change the industry……….

  • Mark

    hopefully more than 3 inches

  • I hope the pink one is really going to be available.

  • mrssherico

    Does anyone know if this phone supports flash or streaming video?

  • Mr. Moon

    I know we’re supposed to talk about the “Behold” but I have a question, Ok for those of you that say to go to the Forums, how do I get there!? I’m on my BB Curve and “Forums” is not an option. But when I first started visiting this site back in May I would always go in there. So where did the “Forums” link go!? I’m running the new 4.5 version on my Curve, but even before I installed it Forums was already gone and not an option. Anyone please help out. Thxs!!

  • Alex

    ugly. I dont like it.

  • some dude

    type forums dot tmonews dot com into your browser then bookmark it.

  • thaone&only

    I think that front facing camera is only in the European model…not sure…I read that last time on sum website… I think at least..

  • DeeOh

    according to another ninja on comment #13 “A few t-mobile store reps have told me that this device will be free on black friday. But only for that day” is this TRUE?????????? can anybody confirm this???

  • ratchet

    Im.. SO getting this.

  • robert barrett

    Thank God I waited on getting the G1 and will get the Bhold instead. Shame on T-Mobile, HTC and Google for coming out with such a piece of garbage. Seems they all were looking for a way to maximize their profits on this thing. Hope it bites them all on the butt as their punishment. Fools!

  • ms_honey

    I heard a rumor this will run on windows mobile which i hope it won’t…can anyone confirm this?

  • Ben

    Does anyone know what it’s gonna cost us faithful T-Mobile customers to get this thing?

  • NY Certified

    NOT A SMART PHONE. No winmo, symbian or any os worth looking at. Nice phone to play with but not for the techperv! (Like me)

  • David

    @Ben, I would love to tell you but instead I’ll suggest re-reading the article.

  • Colver

    Frankly, I am looking forward to the MotoZINE ZN5. I dont need a touch screen (my wife has the G1), and I like the fact that the ZN5 will have wifi, and also a 5MP camera.


    Hmm, will it be required to have a data plan? :D

  • kazii

    this phone LOOKS way sleeker than the T-Mobile G1, the android opperating system is simply astonishing but the HTC phone itself is dissapointing (to look at) ..But this phone looks AWesome!! and Touchwiz, 5mp Camera (probably will be best camera phone in T-Mobile’s roster), virtual qwerty keyboard..and many other stuff will make this phone one of the best! Finally a Cool Samsung For T-MOBILE!

  • kazii

    Now, Tmonews all we need is a list of official specs for this phone…btw my local t-mobile rep. told me that this phone was coming out on November 3rd in black and “metallic” pink..So I hope this comes TRUE..:D

  • Thank you so much. This finally gave me what I needed to choose between this and the MotoZINE zn5. I’m getting this one (Samsung Behold)

  • mark

    no data plan right?

  • danny

    data plan requerid if this is requerid i dont buy no phone i wait for next year

  • Callahan24

    Well when is “Black” Friday? I have been eyeing this phone for a while now and I know that I’m going to get it. If I could get it less than $149, then hey. I will wait.

  • tato22

    the phone looks raw nice the g1 is littel and the behold is alot smaller wow nice

  • Alex

    I highly doubt this phone will be free, it’s t-mobile’s first all touch phone and i doubt they’re just going to give them away.

    and for data plan, i don’t think they force it upon you like some companies to, but to use the internet and gps and such,you should get one. people on the forums are debating between $9.99 and $14.99

    p.s. black friday is the day after thanksgiving


    Now if reviewers say the touch screen is responsive, I’m sold. :D Hello people!

  • Alex

    I’ve heard it is very responsive.

  • Armo


    ^that scares me. i was hoping that t-mobile would have SOME exclusivity on touch wiz but it turns out that at&t might get theirs before ours. also, i hope verizons omnia doesnt have touch wiz and it keeps win mo. cuz if it does then people would rather get that if it keeps the 5 megapixel cam, optical mouse AND huge screen. the at&t doesnt have a 5mp cam so its not as much of a contender. also, us cellular is also getting a cool touch wiz sammy called the delve.

    i hope t-mobile has something else up their sleeve for THIS year when it comes to all touch.

  • Well… AT&T can have one, as long as I have my phone (Samsung Behold). And what about that $9.99, $14.99 plan? Is that already a plan internet plan out, or is coming out? Cause I thought it was running on Web2go for it’s internet, and date?

  • saul

    it does kinda look like it has a foward facing cam!! in the last pic right next to the g1!!
    2 lil dots to the left of the speaker!!
    weird its on the opposite side as the uk tocco!!

  • sharmanator

    yeah those 2 little dots r sensors liek on the iPhone and iTouch.

    I just got my g1 and i love it!
    dont wait to get the “behold”

    g1 all the way!!

  • jeff

    tell me….does this phone run on batteeies or does it have solar panels? I also heard that it had an AM radio on board???!!! please,please! someone confirm before I just go wee wee.

  • jeff

    saul…that’s because in europe they drive on the left side…silly boy! surely you can see the ratioale for putting the speaker on the right in america. also this phone has a camera facing the front so that folks can say….”camera camera on the phone..why is not my brain at home?”

  • jeff

    gemasster…correct me if im wrong but I believe the behold has cheese-wiz as opposed to touchwiz. my appologies if I am wrong on this. it just occurred to me that I read an article about this the other day when I was reading about the upcoming phone launches into the boston harbour…gwiz!

  • WXman

    I heard that the Behold and that new Motorola phone will both be free on Black Friday, and that day only. Can’t confirm that. I’m waiting on more details about this phone.

    I had the Instinct briefly and I really liked it a lot. No it’s not a smart phone, but for those looking for a nice phone just to be a phone, these Samsungs are awesome.

  • Bryan

    Reply to #34 Mark…That’s what she said!

  • Alex

    So I don’t have a tmonews account so ill ask it here…. when are they going to come out with a stock ticker program for android? It seems pretty key to me…

  • So Real

    I wanna see how the browser compares with g1. The only browser I’ve seen even close 2 the g1 is the iphone

  • Theicool

    LMAO at BRIAN! Ha ha

  • B.


    I have seen printed 9×10 pictures taken by both the behold and the motozine (pronounced zeen) and I can tell you that they are both awesome. However the motozine definitely has the better camera out of the 2. Colors were much truer and the photo was sharper as well. Its not all about megapixel size, 90% of image quality is about the lense and imager in the camera. And with the kodak, the motozine will be the best camera on a phone in the US for a while.

    @ too many people.

    For the love of God. Read the damn article and prev posts before you ask a question.its rediculous reading through and seeing 3 different people ask the SAME question, and what’s worse is that it was one that was answered in the original article post. Even if you don’t read all the comments at least read the post before asking something.

  • Alex

    Yeah I think its really REDiculous too! Maybe even GREENiculous!! Sp. Ridiculous ~come on people if you are in the US know how to write the language.

  • tato22

    Hahaha why u crying let them say w.e thy want guy relax …..do i see hating

  • peestandingup

    “hotspot @home requires wifi, no wifi means no hotspot @home”

    @David, thats not correct. UMA & WiFi are different. The early Nokia & Samsung UMA devices from T-mobile were low end flip phones that didnt have WiFi onboard, but they did UMA.

    I’m still hopeful that since Sammy already has working UMA phones on T-Mobile that the Behold will include it, even if no WiFi.

  • Andrew


    Samsung did announce that they are releasing more full touch screen phones with touchwiz in the United States. However, each phone should be different for each carrier, save for the Omnia and the Pixon [which is the 8 megapixel phone-camera (its more of a camera)mentioned in a comment above] if it comes to the United States. On that note, the Omnia does have touchwiz and windows mobile. The touchwiz interface is their answer to hiding windows mobile, much like HTC’s touchflo 3D. Along the same lines, the Omnia is in an entirely different class than the behold. The Omnia is more of a PDA smartphone with some nice media features and a great camera but can not be compared to the behold, which can be considered more of a “dumbphone” with really nice features but isn’t a g1 or any other smart phone.

  • TMO

    Will this have Push email built in??? WLL email be available through a plan to go directly onto the phone???

  • Sync

    Does anyone know if there’s any required plan for the Behold?
    If so, how much?

  • Armo

    @ Andrew

    just to let u know i A LOT about phones and i knew about everything u just said. i know wat the pixon is for a whole now. and wat i meant was i hope omnia keeps the smartphone in it then dumbphone and i knew that their answer to touch flo 3d was touch wiz. but now its confirmed that verizons omnia will be smart. i was just hoping that t-mobile didnt have competition with the behold for like a month but i guess not.

    and i didnt mean for that to sound rude so dont take it the wrong way.

  • Random!!!!

    I really liek the look of it. But im still gonna pass and wait to see what the next sidekick is all about.

  • Andrew


    Not a problem I take no offense and I hope you didn’t take offense to my post. I’ve personally been keeping up with all of these Samsung phones too and I’m very excited for all of them. I would like to see the Pixon on T-mobile though. If it is announced then I’m going to feel real bad when I get the behold.

  • kazii

    Does this phone have an fm radio like the tocco? and does it have a 3.5 mm headphone jack?

  • shawnshawn

    yay i wish it had wifi but yay i cant wait till 11/10/08 i want it now just the slide thru pictures feature got me so i can show off pics of my kid instead of waiting a minute between pics like on my crummy z3 i am sick of motorola tmo only releases small screen motos blah anyway yay

  • Heyrawr

    Does anyone know if there’s any required plan for the Behold?
    If so, how much?

  • d

    yeah data plan requerid?

  • ebe

    i want know if this requerid with data plan???????? is a great qustion

  • James

    Guys READ the article and the COMMENTS above. All have been answered

  • Theicool

    I’m exited about this phn, and also for the next sidekick.

  • ppaul

    Mr. Moon the price is probably going to be $149.99

  • ebe

    this phone supports flash or streaming video?

  • Armo

    @ Andrew

    i dont think t-mobile or any carrier will get an 8 megapixel camera phone at least until the middle of next year. if they do then their 5mp cam phones wont “shine” as much. im planning on getting the behold, i just gotta find the money. lol

  • Andréa

    @robert barrett Says:

    October 23rd, 2008 at 5:29 pm
    Thank God I waited on getting the G1 and will get the Bhold instead. Shame on T-Mobile, HTC and Google for coming out with such a piece of garbage. Seems they all were looking for a way to maximize their profits on this thing. Hope it bites them all on the butt as their punishment. Fools!
    ARE YOU ON CRACK!!!! Why are the trinity stealing our money??? this phone is decent but for pure power and capability it cannot touch the G1. That said it is very pretty and it will turn a lot of heads and when people ask if it is the Iphone you will be very happy to tell them it is not. I think this phone is nice but it is not a smart phone so don’t confuse it for one

  • http://www.prlog.org/10101441-samsung-tocco-pink.png

    i would kill to have the behold that is pink like this?
    what do you think are the chances?

    oh and the free on black friday thing is all bullshit.
    absolutely not going to happen.

  • ebe


  • Andrew

    @ ebe

    Although I can not confirm streaming video, I’m pretty sure the Behold will not require a data plan like the G1 or any other smart phone. However, a data plan may be nice if you want to use the internet. As for streaming video, do you mean streaming video for video chats or streaming video online, like youtube?

  • Edgar

    just trying to know what date is coming out on and the price??// anyone email me back

  • John Martinez

    Nice phone, we’ve had the Samsung F480 phone in our store for quiet some time now. Sell like hotcakes, I spoke to our Samsung rep when she came in was surprise to see we had the Europe model, she mention to me that is the same phone T-Mobile is getting. Smart move TMO

  • David

    @Edgar….did you even read the post? Honestly all these questions are answered above.

    “The expected release date remains November 10th at a price point of $149 after a 50 dollar rebate”

  • Armo

    @ Megan

    it will probably not come in THAT kind of pink considering theres a picture of a pink one in the post that looks very different then the one u hope for.

    as for black friday, i think it will only be the Moto Zine that will be free.

  • ebe


  • ebe


  • Erika

    Will the samsung behold work without the interent plan where you have to pay monthly??

  • ebe

    no erika..
    no requerid with data plan
    Andrew Says:

    October 25th, 2008 at 8:40 pm
    @ ebe

    Although I can not confirm streaming video, I’m pretty sure the Behold will not require a data plan like the G1 or any other smart phone. However, a data plan may be nice if you want to use the internet. As for streaming video, do you mean streaming video for video chats or streaming video online, like youtube?

  • mark

    you mean yes erika… The behold WILL work WITHOUT a data plan

  • KBeezy

    UGH! I don’t know if I wanna get this or a sidekick! I am LOVING that pink & I’m happy to hear(via formus) that the pink will be released the same day as the black one. I wonder what the full retail prcie will be. Keep us updated guys!

  • diirtyboii

    Wow this phone is niice I wonder if it has haptic feedback like the lg dare and I wonder how the battery life last…


    so let me get this straight..
    this phone will be 149.99 after rebate
    and does NOT require an internet plan?
    [im 17 and i love to text i have no need for internet because i would be on facebook all day and thats not necessary..]
    and its supposed to come out the 17th?

    My main concern is the whole data-plan…
    **** will i need to get one like they told me i would with a blackberry? ****

    thank goodness i waited for the ‘new phones’ instead of getting a boring blackberry pearl [no offense] im just so glad theres FRESH phones coming to t-mo instead of just blackberrys and sidekicks!

    but can anyone answer my Q up there??

  • Andrew

    @ Saruh

    From what I’ve head : yes to 149.99, should not require a data plan (but new data charges will be put into place which include an increase on the unlimited messaging plan- don’t quote me on that) and I’ve heard November 10th, though some argue that its the 3rd.

  • Mark

    yeah i just talked to a rep.. they said the behold will be available in stores and online on November 10th

  • RC

    Any word if this will be a quad-band phone?

  • Jbreezy

    I see that it has a qwerty keypad but will this phone have a qwerty keypad for texting or will have the standard 3 digit keypad?

  • David

    OK, enough with all the hype. I am a business owner who uses a Blackberry Pearl. I have been happy with it, but am ready for a change. This phone seams to have everything I need which is: Bluetooth, 3G, nice camera, real GPS with voice, battery life, etc. As long as it most importantly works like a great phone, along with the above features, I’ll use my 250.00 loyalty credit and buy on Nov 10th. I used to run a division of T-Mobile for 10 years, but have been out of the game for over 2. I spoke with my old cohorts at TM, and they have no more info than posted here. many of your posts are incorrect, so of you want to blab about what you think, instead of what you know…maybe you should read and wait!

  • macho

    if the behold is coming out in pink why is it that they never get a front shot. is it for sure that its coming out in pink in the u.s and its not just a uk phone

  • Guatiao

    I talked earlier tonight to a CSR about getting a BB, and he confirmed the Behold is on schedule for a Nov. 10 launch, no word if Puerto Rico, where I’m from, will be included in the launch, and that they had a live unit at hand in their (New Mexico?) office to use and learn about.

  • SheB

    I have the G1 and honestly I hate it!!! Since the phone is not balanced (meaning that right part of the phone that sticks out when open) it is hard to text on. The buttons are extremely close to the surface of the phone and veryyyyyyyyyy small!! Since I am not in a 3G area it doesn’t matter to me if the G1 offers it. The camera is great in a area with good/bright lighting but it is garbage any other time. Another thing the G1 has T9 or something pertaining to that but it never worked for me. I purposely spelled something wrong and it didnt fix it at all.

    Good things though—Browser is nice, and didnt take long loading at all. Being able to add applications is nice, which I HEARD from a Tmo Rep that they might have a app- which allows people to text by using the screen, (Never knew where to go to add or develop an application,does anyone know where to go to do that????)

    Bottom line the G1 was a tad bit over-rated, and if all you plan on doing is talking, texting, and maybe email, then its not worth it!!

  • b_rice

    one thing I am concerned about is how customizable this phone will be. I have a d900 and there is a community around modding that phone. if there are certain functions you dont like or are not there you can just reflash. I have a feeling if I get this phone I will be unhappy with certain functions. maybe the pixon will be a better choice since it has an 8mp camera and is unbranded?

  • John (Dallas, TX)

    This phone is favorite among Koreans, we usually carry a few of these in stock at our store in sell quick! Should be a big hit for the USA customers when they get their hands on them, I believe the Samsung F480 is nice but wait till Samsung releases the 8 Mega-Pixel phone w/T-Mobile next year around Jan.2009

    Helps to know insider information at Samsung :)

  • abdel

    see the videos on youtube its already realsed in the uk but there its called the tocco

  • Mike

    The best part is that this is the latest in the series (480/488/Tocco/Roxy/Behold) so Samsung had time to work out the bugs. For those who compare this to the G1, you’re way off. The G1 was designed to allow people to create their own programs and mess with the OS, the Behold wasn’t. I guess my biggest question/concern, like people said before, is the data plan.

  • Danny


  • mkayyy

    So its nov 8th
    two days til the release…
    has anyone found more info on being FREE BLACK FRIDAY yet?
    idk if i should wait till then or monday?!

  • i consider it was a bit rushed, and not noted some features that not many people speak about. Everybody knows that almost all new smartphones have web, so why present that fundamental function at its bear minimum. Scroll up scroll down zoom in zoom out. Actually? which new phone doesnt try this? How bout speak about how the text rearranges itsself. Also the texting, very poor review. Why didnt you point out you should use the mic and text together with your voice? Unnoticed ALOT of different more important options