"Behold," more ninja shots


After all the G1 news in the past few weeks we’re ready to get back on track and focus on continued previews of upcoming holiday launches for magenta. Previewing the Behold a number of times has let us know you guys want more of this phone. Today we happily oblige and bring you a few shots from one of our lucky ninjas who had some hands on time with this, T-mobile’s first all touchscreen device. To answer just a few questions (again) the phone does NOT have wifi, youtube IS included, a full html browser is included as stated before and the same touchwiz interface, all previously known information. So really this whole post is just for a little more eye candy.

The expected release date remains November 10th at a price point of $149 after a 50 dollar rebate.

Seven more shots after the jump!

UPDATE: Three new shots have been added!