G1 Advertising Begins!

Some of our eagle eyed forum posters spotted this commercial on both the “E” network as well as Vh1 and hopefully it is the first in a long line successful marketing for the G1.  This is the first “word” we have gotten of a televised commercial, so hopefully magenta is stepping up and letting the masses know their flagship phone is in the house!


  • Tournstone

    Well, if I had seen this earlier, I might have had some clue that I wasn’t the target market.

  • gapboi954

    This is an awesome phone. I wout at AT&T and brought my G1 in today. You should have seen everyone going gaga over it. BTW I’m posting this from my beautiful broze baby now.

  • jman

    wow this is the worst commercial I have ever seen, Have you seen the iphone commercials? I love my phone they should advertise it better than that.

  • Taylor

    I was the one that saw it on Vh1. Woot Woot.

  • Kaminsky

    This is funny because I have a friend that works at Tmo and he was drooling over it. Now he is considering making the switch from Verizon to Tmo for the G1. I still debating on getting one. I am die hard BB fan so i will see what happens.

  • NY Certified

    A quick little something for those who are complaining about the hand banana shape. I want you to lay your phone screen side down. Notice how the screen never touches the surface. That’s called innovation fellow G1 users! I’m sure it’s going to save alot of peoples screens.

  • chris

    to the post above me, most phones still have a gap between the screen and the physical phone’s casing itself….but I don’t mind the chin.

  • SheShe

    that comercial was wack but i love the phone

  • Kevman420

    It’s my opinion of course but I bet this is going to be the hottest phone gift this Christmas Season.
    There is no doubt once everyone learns Android and such,
    this thing is going to be more addictive than the Crackberry ever was!!!
    I mean it when I say I go no where without G1.
    This is going to spread like wildfire…

  • Kevman420

    Anyone get a custom skin for their G1?

  • Mr. Moon

    I won’t be getting my G1 until the weekend!! But for those of you that have it, on the home screen where you can slide to the right or to the left, is that just one big picture taking up all three screens or can it be set up to where you have three different pictures on each screen!? That’s been bugging me for quite a while now. So if anyone can answer my question I’d really appreciate it. Thxs!

  • Old Sidekick User New G1 User

    Its on big pic split into 3

  • Old Sidekick User New G1 User


  • Mr. Moon

    @-Old Sidekick User New G1 User

    Thxs for answering my question. Guess I won’t be having my kid on one screen and my wife on the other!! LOL.

  • Tom

    Hey. I have a question that just popped up randomly about the G1. Many complained at the iphone for not including a removable battery. Does the G1 do this too? Or do they allow for you to swap batteries? I ask because well… I hate having to buy a new phone simply because my batteries lose their ability to keep a charge. Also, maybe I’m going on a long trip that requires me to carry multiple batteries because there’s no wall outlet or something… who knows. I just dont like the fact that my phone life is based on my battery life.

  • Algernon38

    The battery is removable yes :)

  • Shawn

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  • WXman

    The G1 has no touch keyboard for texting, but it DOES have a touchpad dialer, right??

  • CJ

    Yes, it does have a touchpad dialer.

  • J

    It will likely have a touch keyboard once someone creates the app.

  • WXman

    Ok thanks. Still thinking about getting one…but is it worth $400 to me? Not sure yet..

  • Persia


  • NY Certified

    @ Chris.
    I know that and obviously you know that but I just wanted to explain to all that were complaining about the chin. With the screen being flush to the bezel if it didn’t have the chin the screen would get destroyed. Peace out G1’ers!

  • sam

    video no longer available?

  • Kevman420

    Some of y’all just like to post stuff that does not make sense at ALL!!!
    Learn to read a little.
    Almost every comment on here is due to people NOT READING THE FACTS!!!
    Use your MANUAL and TMONEWS FORUMS and every concern on this blog is answered.
    EGADS this is getting old with lame complaints!!!
    No body is forcing anyone to buy anything.
    This particular post is about advertising and TMobile.
    How may times do the moderators have to say STOP POSTING BULLDUNG!!!
    This is a great blog and open to all, however I am afraid if we keep posting bunk all comments might soon be moderated.
    I mean stop taking the least path of resistance and edumacate yourselves a little.
    My GOD for $179.99 What do you heck are you all looking for anyway.
    I’m out for a while till next posting.
    Should be some substance to comments when patch comes out.
    Eceryone really needs to VISIT THE FORUMS!!!
    The question like is the battery removeable is unreal…

  • Kevman420

    One last thing before i go. All the webmaster of this site has to do is make one setting change and anyone who wants to post will have to be registered to do so.
    Its a matter of them checking ONE box and no one will ba able to comment unless registered and logged in. Do we all want that?

  • pkdann

    How is the signal for the G1? I am one of the Nov.10 guys so just waiting still. If anyone has used the Pearl 8120, how does the G1 signal compare to the Pearl?

  • Macho

    how is the quality of the video when you play it as well as the youtube video quality??

  • Starch
  • eric

    how do you set the speed dial on the g1 phone?

  • byost83

    They should bring back Katherine Zeta Jones. That women could sell some phones! lol!

  • Macho

    On screen keyboard is coming to the android market!!!!


  • erik_cooK

    Lol @ persia

  • g1stl

    I think the whole marketing of the G1 is bad. The commercial doesn’t really talk about the features are about how cool the phone is. And the decision not to have the phones avail in cities where there is no 3G (even though it works w/o it)is stupid. I understand that I can order online and over the phone, but whats the point of having posters, display phones with pricing and “Gold Package” pricing in-store if they aren’t gonna have it until Feb? Which is what I was told.