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So while you G1 fans tinker and play and download Apps, take heed that today also marks the official launch of the Android marketplace. Not a whole lot here we didn’t already know, take notice however, the app selection is pretty minimal right now. All applications will be free throughout the remainder of the year and as Gizmodo points out, the big guns ie premier developers will hold off on releasing apps until they can get that money!

So for now enjoy the freebies as we can be assured that a multitude of developers will be still looking to make up for some lacking features. On-screen keyboard perhaps? I know that’s something many of you are clamoring for so hopefully that’s already on the burner somewhere.

On a similar note we’re around 8 hours into launch day, I’d love to hear some feedback in the comments from those who picked up phones today. Do you love it, hate it? Is it everything you wanted it to be? Will it replace a spouse? Are you incredibly thankful its not windows mobile (Viper that one is for you)?

Android market

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  • weenis

    i now see pac-man in the market but it says i have to pay for it.. and even if i wanted to pay for it, there’s no way to!

  • Battery life is not great, but I guess that’s to be expected with all this little thing does. Amazing, with this phone I feel like I’ve stepped into the future. I can type faster on the iphone touch screen keyboard with its excellent predictive text, but I never make a mistake with the G1 keyboard. But it is really annoying to have to flip out the screen to do a one word google search or fire off a short message. But all in all I’m impressed. And it can only get better as people design great applications and the Android platform gets refined further. Exciting!

  • caseybea

    Yeah. This phone was worth waiting a month for.

  • I hate the keyboard. The buttons are too small, they buttons on my Wing were much better. Other than that, just tinkering with it and I like what I have so far.

  • sancti

    I toyed around with it for a good (uncomfortable) 15-20 minutes at the T-Mobile store. I must say, I agree with Keegan. It was sort of annoying to have to flip out the QWERTY keyboard to do all the typing. While I do HATE on-screen keyboards (because it’s not yet perfected in it’s current state in ANY phone), I now understand it’s practicality and would like to see it implemented in the G1. I also had a had missed swipes and clicks with the touch screen but I think that may be due to not using a capacitive touch screen before (the only ones I’ve used were resistive.)

    In the end I do think that Android is one great OS with a lot of potential. An almost cute one as well with all the nicely rendered icons. The G1 as a phone has it’s appeal, but as has been pointed out, not a mass appeal like other phones. I personally like it, but I thought it wasn’t refined enough. It looked very kiddy in my opinion. I would rather have refined or business-ish but still stylish, dare I say like the iPhone (it’s appeal, not the device because I gotta have the QWERTY keyboard.)

    If devices such as the Touch Pro or the very beautiful Xperia X1 had Android, I’d be the first one to get it. But the G1 just isn’t that special. Maybe the white one will look better. The black one definitely isn’t attractive (to me), but I’m sure teenagers would love it. The bronze one was interesting.

    In all, good job Android, but HTC, you need to start coming up with better devices for the Android. And as much as I hate full touch screens, if the Android were to be ported into a device similar to the Touch HD, that would be the best thing to ever happen.. ever.

    Personally though, I’m just going to stick with buying the Touch Pro or Xperia X1 for now. Maybe next year or the year after that, I’ll jump on the Android bandwagon. Awesome device though, and if I could get it for free, I’d be one happy camper.

  • Mack

    Ive owned 2 iphones and this is way better!! Battery life sucks!!!!!!!!!! camera sucks!

  • Macho

    I ordered the black one but now i think i want the bronze one

  • Tournstone

    It does feel a little bulky and plastic. Removing the back to put in the battery all I kept thinking was “wow, it really flimsily plastic!” And what’s with this child’s house slipper they sent as a case? Can I make it any bulkier in my pocket? The zip lock baggie it comes in is more usable. I have to drag out the keyboard every single time I want to enter anything?…UGH! The 3G speeds I’ve been getting are quite amazing…but I’m paranoid about a cap on my data usage. 16gb SDHC cards will work in it I am told…and you’ll be able to find plenty of them about the same time Apple gets a 32gb IPhone ready for market. So far I can’t find much useful to do with it without my e-mail. The lack of exchange support is inexcusable (no I can’t use your “other” solution). The lack of video playback or record is unforgivable. The missing headphone jack is unbelievable. I know, it’s HTC’s fault, but if I had been a T-mobile exec in that meeting I would have made it a deal breaker. And why I cant shoot a photo and bluetooth it to a printer or my laptop? Battery life is the worst I’ve ever seen. Sure, the guide gives tips on how to extend battery life, but it basically means turning of many of the nice features (bluetooth, GPS, 3G, power…). The apps available in the “market” are toys. While fun, I see little right now I find useful. Open source will fix that? Yea, like it did on my Nokia N800.I’m still waiting on a decent address book for that beast. So don’t hold your breath. I think it’s a great phone for children or the unemployed…nice step up from your Sidekicks and/or get you hooked on 3G speeds for simple web browsing…but otherwise useless. Software updates may smooth some things over, but I’ll bet we see a G2 or something better android for some one else very soon to make up for the shortcoming here. Put me in the “hate it” group. Mine is going back on Friday.

  • Chris

    I picked a black G1 up this morning at the T-Mobile store. It was actually fun waiting in line for an hour or so here in downtown Chicago, talking with other interested people, taking part in some non-Apple buzz (for once). The local Starbucks guy even came by with free hot chocolate samples every 15 minutes or so.

    As for the G1 itself, the most glaring omission so far is the lack of an on-screen keyboard, forcing you to flip the device sideways and pop out the physical keyboard to enter any text. As a user of the iPod Touch as well, my ideal device would have both. It’s hard to enter a lot of text accurately with an on-screen keyboard, but it is incredibly convenient to enter small chunks of text without having to flip-and-open. I don’t know if this is a deal-breaker yet, but it’s sure annoying!

  • Steve

    First thing I did with the phone is have a buddy of mine call me to see how it sounded. Second thing was to had his number to my contacts list. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to transfer his number from the “call” list to the “contacts” list automatically. Seems like a shortcoming that should get fixed soon.

  • Mat

    I got mine on the 20th and every hour there are more apps being added. It’s crazy how easy it is. this phone is incredible!!

  • jon

    On my g1 now while I’m wirting this message it is awesomeee.. can’t wait til my 3g data plan starts workingg!!!

  • Shawn

    This phone will be a keeper when (in priority order):
    1. Gmail includes “send as” / “reply from” multiple e-addresses.
    2. Contacts displays and searches for company names in records without a first name/last name.
    3. Gmail includes multiple select/select all and then mark as read, delete, archive, etc.
    4. The email client preferably merges with the Gmail client or at the least includes a signature and a much more robust interface.

  • jb

    I agree with most, the physical design is a bit clunky (solid, but clunky). Android however, is so awesome I can’t believe it. Talk about potential. I think I found my new mobile OS.

  • Jessica

    The UPS guy delivered mine to the large private high school next door to me instead of my apartment yesterday (????) So I just got it this morning. The hardware looks alright, very simple, but the interface/software/screen/everything else is incredibly awesome! I was babbling like a kid on Christmas when I ripped it open in the parking lot of the high school this morning (rich preppy kids, god bless ’em). iphone looks like the ugly old stepsister compared to it. Btw, as for an onscreen keyboard…ehh, that would be ok as long as it doesn’t do that lame predictive text crap that iphone has, injecting inane words that have absolutely no use in daily language. Morons.

  • Has to be better than my Shadow

    @ Tournstone

    For a guy who seems pretty knowledgeable on mobile devices, I find it odd you seem to have not researched what this phone was about at ALL??

    You seem to be shocked by things that are/were common knowledge…size, no exchange support (yet), no headphone jack, apps in the store (all of which are currently FREE!) paid apps will be the great ones, and yes OPEN SOURCE WILL FIX THAT!!!

    Your like the guy who ordered the iphone and found out it had no physical keyboard!! Do your homework…

    I personally love mine, and yes it is MUCH better than my shadow!

  • Has to be better than my Shadow


  • So Real

    Pac man is free dude. If you read the msg before download it says it is “Worth” $9.99 but the app is actually free. Downloaded it myself, best PacMac available on a mobile device

  • Brent

    My G1 is waiting for me in a PO BOX and I can’t get to it until the 1st. I’ll be sulking in the corner, envious of everyone else.

  • Jessica

    I came from a Shadow to this too, and have no idea how I made it so long on that ugly brown – excuse me, “bronze” – thing, where you couldn’t even change the wallpaper without a third of it being cut away or covered by miscellaneous Windows garbage.

    I love that I can check email at work now, and they can’t stop me! Yay!

  • Jessica

    I mean, *personal* email :)

  • Armytank

    DOes anybody know if you can set your phone to vibrate when you get a message???

  • Mack

    Please tell me I’m wrong and you can foward text messages.

  • Galen20K

    PERFECT Picture!!!! Watching Young Frankenstein on DVD right now also, so VERY Appropriate While playing around with my G1.

    PURE Bliss!!!

    – D

  • Old Sidekick User New G1 User

    Does ne1 kno if there’s a way 2 keep ur keyboard light on longer??

  • Mack

    You can’t foward text and if you get a mms you can’t save the pic. This phone is starting to suck!!

  • dat chyk

    @Tournstone – “And what’s with this child’s house slipper they sent as a case?”

    Nevertheless, the G1 fits in my dash case if I want a more stylish accessory case for it. At least they did send us a case, regardless if some people like it or not. ALL of the problems you mentioned except for the battery life…most of us already knew as common knowledge! I agree that you should have done your homework on those common issues. If you want a better case, just go buy one…if you go to a TMo store they often have them on clearance for $9.99 and it will also fit in the new Sidekick 2008 case as well.

    @SoReal – I downloaded it too and I LOVE IT!! Yes, it was free. Everything is free right now. (until the end of the year I heard).

  • T1 Connect

    Complaints complaints complaints the phone is only a couple of days old people . Give it a chance and mack go into ur text long press a text and forward and other options are there

  • shootingblue

    Armytank go into messaging then click menu button to go into settings.

  • shootingblue

    Alot of the complaints that people have are actually on the phone. you just gotta play around with it. Remember the long touch and the menu button are your friends

  • dat chyk

    @shooting blue. that adds vibrate as an addition to the ringtone. I don’t think you can have vibrate only.

    I don’t really care though. Its not a problem for me!
    I am loving my G1 reagardless…the updates will come. Most of us knew that the phone is a work in progress and can be updated and modified with apps…that’s the whole point of why I wanted the phone. I didn’t expect it to have “everything” out of the box because if it did…then what contributions could the developers add?

    I’m hopeful that none of us will be disappointed (well, the people who did their research and homework won’t).

  • dat chyk

    Honestly, the phone is all about discovery at this point…it got released today! Play with it, try to long press and see what you get. Also, there is a tips and tricks forum for the G1 that is very helpful.

  • Armytank

    Thanks for the answer

  • dat chyk

    You’re welcome :)

  • Armytank

    I think the figuring it out thing is what makes this phone so different from every other phone. I love it. The camera is pretty good after all. Download the free picture app then you have the ability to mess with the pictures. You got to love how smooth the os runs. HOOOORAY FOR ANDROID

  • dat chyk

    @Army – Yea, cause I got mine yesterday and I have discovered sooooo many things (of course I did NOT read the manual)! But, that’s the fun part…learning it!

  • Dregur


    For messages, you can just either turn off the ringer by decreasing the volume to just vibrate, or for SMS change the ringtone to “Silent” which is at the top of the list.

  • Will

    anyone having problems sending and receiving emails with gmail on there phones cause i cant send emails with attachments or just plain emails alone.

  • Armytank

    Can you change the settings on the home clock?

  • dat chyk

    Not sure, I deleted mine.

  • dat chyk

    But, you can change the clock on ur alarm by long pressing it. so try that.

  • Anthony

    Too many people crying foul! Posting this from the phone while@work. This phone from me will come into its own when I travel. Add the video player when it returns to the marketplace and its perfect for me. 3G is blistering fast, EDGE is reasonable. GPS works great, more will out of it as it matures. Just what I wanted,for the price I wanted to pay.

  • Kevman420


    If anyone has not downloaded the PicSay app you have GOT TOO..
    It is unreal what I can do from G1 with a picture…


    BTW Most of us here go to the Forums but I gotta say there is alot covered and if you have not been there its worth a visit!!!
    I had a slow learning curve with that too but its nice also..
    THey will all be back soon if yours are missing… Mine are updating my the hour…

  • Kevman420

    They need to make a hand glove that holds G1 becasue I am having a hard time PUTTING IT DOWN!!!
    Maybe with velcro so I can just flip G1 over when I want to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… hahahaha

  • Kevman420

    Maybe even a Star Trek style arm band holder.

    I can just put my arm out and flip G1 open…

    hahahah I’m killing myself here… :-)

  • Brandon Jadotte

    im liking it so fat…..i got it round 8 am and right now im loviing it just waiting for some more applications to come in.

  • T1 Connect

    why is everyone complaning learn how to use the phone before you criticise the thing. THIS IS NOT THE IPHONE people its the g1. a whole different operatings sytem and i think it works well compared to other there are tons of things to do and to expect. if you want the jobsphone interface GO BUY A IPHONE.

  • Kevman420

    @ T1 Connect
    Tell me if I am wrong here.
    It takes a couple days to discover the powere of this thing.
    I am realizeing just how good everything is AFTER LEARNING HOW TO USE IT.
    I will admit I even jumped the gun on comments cause I was a BIG BABY my apps were not there when the PHONE JUST CAME OUT TODAY OFFICIALLY!!!Instead of being happy I had it 2 days earlier.
    I cannot say it more.
    Enough said on that!!!

  • T1 Connect

    it aint nothin kev but what im saying is google is new at a os especially a mobile os and i think they did good for thier first time around and instead of appriciating it and learning, understanding it and and adoring it people are complaining about it. and from the looks of some of these complaints it seems like some just lack the knowledge of basic operation(read the manual).

  • Kevman420

    YA man RTFM!!!

  • Kevman420


  • My G1 arrived two days ago, on the 20th. I’m in the dfw area and I’ve had about 24 hours of actual hands on experience. I have to say that although it’s shiny and pretty and all that, I’m quickly becoming bitterly disappointed.

    1. The phone refuses to notify me of new incoming email messages. I have two spop accounts set up, and although the “notify” and “check every 5 minutes” boxes are checked, the phone neither checks every 5 minutes nor notifies me when it does check and finds mail. Based on my mail server logs it manages to check in once an hour on average, and it doesn’t do this on any predictable schedule. To get my mail I need to open the mail app, and open my inbox, at which point it logs into the spop server and gets new messages. So far I have not been “notified” of a single email message

    2. There is no way to manage more than one message at a time. I cannot select multiple messages for deletion or quickly perform any action on multiple emails.

    3. I cannot copy text from one message into another.

    4. I cannot select email addresses out of an email message and add them to my contacts.

    The mail app needs serious usability work

    Instant Messageing:
    1. Four times in the last 24 hours I have gone to either YahooIM or AIM to find that the phone has logged me out.

    2. Both the Yahoo and AIM apps aren’t synching with their respective servers. Users who are available appear as not available on the phone, AIM messages from the server that notify me for example, that I’m logged in multiple times do not appear on the phone.

    3. The phone does not notify you when friends become available or log off. Other features that you’d find in any other IM program (pidgen, adium.. whatever) are absent here. I cannot, for example give my friends different notification sounds.

    The reliability problems give the phone a kludgy feel when it comes to IM. I don’t know if people are getting my messages or vice versa, so I end up asking them if they got my message, sometimes they do sometimes they dont.

    Sms is much more reliable than the other communication options. The thread/chat interface is nice too. Since I’ve been using the phone all of my SMS messages have been delivered, and only one message that was sent to me has yet to arrive (sent 12 hours ago). Perhaps this is because sms is using the traditional cell phone networks instead of 3g? The phone notifies you of incoming SMS, but I can’t give different friends different ringtones.

    I can’t seem to get the phone to work with any of my wifi sources, (home, office, sprint EVDO+cradlepoint). The phone will connect to the AP, and has negotiated everything from WPA2-PSK to open security, and has been configured statically and dynamically via dhcp. Once connected to an AP it seems to not have any connectivity at all. Web pages give the built-in error page, the mail app throws connection errors etc..

    Real live battery time on the device is about 8 hours. If you are like me and need to have the device on your hip and operational at all times, plan ahead and keep a charger, or extra battery with you.

    It’s a pretty phone that isn’t working well. I think some of this has to do with tmo’s relatively new 3g network, and some of it has to do with the brand-new OS. I’m not sure what to say about the UI oversights, it should be far more feature-full than it is, IMO the actual functionality is beyond spartan. It’s great that it plays youtube and has a touch screen and all, but first and foremost the g1 is a communication tool for me, and right now my rock-solid sidekick is kicking it’s ass in terms of being able to talk to my co-workers and friends.

  • DiZzY

    I’m loving the phone so far, its definately a change from my sidekick slide. I have a couple issues with it though. 1st AIM, there is no way to change my status and like create and away msg. Also there are times where none of my friends are online, even though im carrying a conversation with them. 2nd, my G1 has self restarted twice today. Not sure why, I doudt it was the battery or anything. The first time it happened I was attempting to im somebody and second time I was on the phone. I really hope it doesnt happen again because I would hate it if this is a regular thing. I dealt with it enough with my Slide, I dont wanna go thur it with the G1

  • Dnice1979

    I received my phone on the 21st the phone is great with some flaws but worth the wait. The battery life isn’t the best but I will deal with it youtube is better than when I had my unlocked PHON, keyboard takes a lil time to get use to overall great phone speakerphone is WAYYYYYYYYYYY beter than the IPHONE.

  • Travis

    to Tournstone

    The Bronze device is a much nicer phone IMO, I am a Tmo employee and most people are looking more toward it after seeing the black’s “cheap look”. Also iphone may be coming out with a 32gb phone but i mean come on…who the hell really needs that much memory on a phone. “The lack of exchange support is inexcusable “, well yeah but give it time, being its open source, these next few days are going to be exciting because of all of the great programs people will be creating, (Exchange E-mail, Stereo BT, Video), of course since this is the first gen phone with first gen software and im sure a new update with any major concerns will be fixed, tmobile, google, and HTC can’t afford not to. And as far as dragging out the keyboard to send a txt, an on-screen keyboard will be soon available. You should be you in the “Hater” group because andriod is the way to go!!! lol

    I’ve had the phone since last thursday switching from a Blackberry Curve and Dash and I have had zero issues. Yes we know the battery could be better but its a data phone, get over it. Also people may look at the keyboard and ask why there is a piece in their way to txt, its shaped like a banana to help contour with your hand and the reason its there is because without it HTC would have to rely on the flimsy Wing/Tilt like slider for the keypad, which no one wants. I got used to it in a couple of a days and couldn’t be happier. I am a Outlook exchange user and I can patiently wait for the update, android community is already creating it as we speak.

  • T1 Connect

    man just more complaining. it can stay like that forver dude i agree the battery does stink, but your just pointing out the flaws. nothing good about the phone and as far as the wifi use wep that wpa is a pain in the you know what. my psp wont even connect to wpa so its not just the phone and seriously how many phones allow you(besides windows mobile)to copy and paste from one message to another or have fast message switching. the things your complaining about are minor and sound fixable through updates just like a nice lunix system supposed to do. when windows mobile first came out it had mad problems and little programs, now look at windows mobile buggy as heck. way buggier than adroid and now look. aaaaahhh bliss! htc touchflo is a real sweet interface running on a buggy interface that we have to use cab files to install. at least we get a market we can download from. dude all im saying is whats all the complains for this phone isn’t even 2 months old and you dont want to give it a chance.

  • USCmed

    This phone is amazing and I gotta agree with everyone that most of all these issues can and will be fixed with wonders of open source. Rock on guys and glad I could join the ranks of satisfied users.

  • Macho

    So many bad reviews on the phone I’m dying for my g1 to come in so i can be the judge on it

  • T1 Connect

    maybe everyone should check out this thread in the forums

  • Mark

    Overall I’m pleased with the phone. As a former Sidekick user, I’m already accustomed to a flip open keyboard. I must say the SK feels more balanced in my hand typing than the G1. It’s probably due to the presence of the buttons on the right(bottom) side. Also, I’d like one click delete from the keyboard. I also get lots of sms messages from twitter and currently the G1 shows all messages from the same shortcode as one threaded list. I have to delete all the messages in the thread. I’d like to be able to delete individual sms messages in the future. It would also be nice to sort the incoming sms messages so that the most recent is at the top, rather than the bottom, and have an option that prevents the thread from always scrolling when a new message arrives.

  • Kevman420

    No bull you gotta give it another day and add some apps from market place
    The google update coming out is called rc28. These phones have rc19.
    It will be fixed.
    No way man this thing is great. I ain’t just saying that.
    I would not trade it for anything out there. Period.
    @dave if you gonna wear it at worek and need more battery until patches can
    Assist, you nees to turn of wifi and 3g for power saving. When not using those,

  • Kevman420

    A s s i s t

  • Macho

    I agree with my boy T1 and kevman the phone bashing is just to soon i know there’s a lot of cool things this phone can do and yeah there’s minor issues but those can be fix with an OTA and lets face it there’s no perfect phone even the OMightly iphone has its issues

  • southern bell

    I said the other day that i wanted to get my phone and judge it for myself, and my review is in and i love it. I like the apps and i am slowly figuring things out. maybe i dont have as many problems because i dont use im but this is a great phone that will get better tomorrow with the update!! If u personally dont like it, return it and get what ever u fancy. for me, I love my G1

  • T1 Connect

    word way more stable than windows mobile. i love the interface and a new toy. enjoy it!

  • T1 Connect

    not bashing windows mobile i love that os too but i have to take a break for a while til the wing 2 gets here

  • T1 Connect

    listen xda has a android rom with a onscren keyboard in it as soon as i find the factory rom for the g1 im in there.

  • Kevman420

    ok look
    my first pc was a tandy trs 80
    i have been working with pc’s and all operating systems for a long time
    all i want to say is this thing is very powereful
    ui is great once you know it and the way everything is blended is remarkable to say the least
    and this is a phone the size of bar of soap
    its incredible what its able to do.all I am saying is no matter how twchnical you are you ARE leaening a new OS not just using a phone
    I’m done good night all

  • Ej

    I love my G1! It has it`s issues but it`s a overall win. Typing from it right now!

  • Shawn

    Note to readers:

    Any comments that are not productive in any fashion, too negative, insulting, annoying, or inappropriate will not be approved.

    Lets keep the comments positive and productive. Thanks

    The TmoNews Team

  • Kevman420

    Hey fyi to all. Most of day yesterday I was using wifi. Well I notice when using wifi in settings it says no data connection. Only in edge or 3g and wifi turned off does it say data connection is there. So when I took it off wifi is when I think my market place updated as it then said it had data connection. Maybe this why some of you have not updated yet.

  • Kevman420

    Oh and no errors on any web page when wifi turned off! Hmmmmmmmm.
    I think I am onto something here.

  • PorkChopSanwiches

    PAC MAN NOW IN APP STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haters go suck it. 1 day after launch and they already put out some interseting items that takes 2 seconds to d’l and install. NICE.

  • Macho

    On youtube they plently of good reviews for the g1 and andriod os

  • WheresMyG1

    People are complaining about things that the phone can actually do…pick up your book and read. People are so use to ripping a phone out the box and knowing how to use it. This isn’t one of those phones.

    The phone CAN COPY AND PASTE! Menu+c and then Menu+v…try it…I did…it works.

    The LX wasn’t always able to copy and paste but with the OTA it is now. So believe me…the little flaws will be fixed with this phone and purchase an extended life battery. Try callibrating the battery as well, this definitely helps. Let th battery drain until it dies…then charge it back up…even after it says it’s complete…keep charging. Did mine for about 12hrs.

    New phones are not perfect when they release…just like that d*mn iphone. Sorry to say but we’re sort of like crash test dummies…why do you think stores have such a limited amount available??? How would it look to sell a ton of these phones that still have issues only to have impatient people beating down Tmo’s door to return it.

    Yes AIM and Yahoo are off their rocker right now…idk whats goin on with us getting kicked off, but it needs to be fixed fast…I can barely have a decent conversation.

  • Kevman420

    Its a google phone. Has anyone tried google talk?

  • thi

    I’m in love wit this phone….the functions is awesome…BUT the battery life sucks.. it only charges for a max. of an hour.. and the youtube is kinda blurry.. but the applications and games works great… I love PACman and shopsavvvy..

  • Macho

    I’m still waiting for my g1 to come but did anyone recived there update and if so what did the update do it as far as making the os better?

  • ores

    i wonder how well the videos on youtube look does anybody know does it have a clear video or is it choppy?

  • will

    video player is out on the app store.

  • Macho

    With video player does that mean you can install your own videos ? And is it free?

  • DB

    I’m having an issue with my backlight. The phone is great, etc. etc. but for some reason, the backlight doesn’t always work. It comes and goes. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    Google Talk is great.

  • MagentaGlasses

    I love, I love it, I love it!!!!. Here’s what I need to make me love it even more: an app that will stream radio, file manager, task manager, turn-by-turn navigation and a way to remove pre-installed features that I don’t use (like IM and Amazon). I’m sure all of that will come out soon and I’ll be a happy camper (not that I’m not right now).
    Oh yeah, I would like an mini-usb adapter so I can charge the phone and stream some music at the same time. I’ll be patiently waiting….

  • Macho

    @magentaglasses i thought the g1 already with a gps turn by turn application

  • Robert

    I love the G1. I agree that it does have it’s shortcomings, however I think what it offers more than makes up for what it lacks. The hardware is perhaps a little bulky, but it is a very practical design I think. Android is simply outstanding. The OS has limitless possibilities through the app store. Previous to the G1 I had an N95 and an E71, both amazing devices but I’m taking the G1 over them.

  • T1 Connect

    @ kevman yea ive tried google talk its jut like the rest of the instant messengers in the phone but its got a cool gooogle watermark in the background. by the way users and admins does anyone know what time that ota update supposed to come.

  • T1 Connect

    just created a video folder on my storage card and dumped a bunch of mpeg videos in the g1 and the video player is playing it and the accelerometer is flipping when i turn the screen

  • Jon

    will more and more things come out on the app store for free???

  • Macho

    @T1 how is the quality if the video when you play it as well as the youtube video quality?? Holla back bro

  • jon

    can someone please help me… i am downloading applications and im downloading images for my wall paper online .. i have a 8gb memory card.. and when i download anything it saves to my phone memory not to my card.. if any one can pleasee helpp

  • will

    @ t1
    How do. You. Get that. Accelerometer to. Work. With. The. Screen closed and. Not open.

  • T1 Connect

    @macho the video player quality is better than some of the videos on youtube. But the youtube part depends on the user quality when it was added but sweet it is.
    @will when I added the vid and played it. Just turn the phone in the proper directions and you’ll se the flip orientation start happening.

    Tell ya one thing this phone is one of the greatest phones I’ve ever owned and the apps are like crack man ya need to try wikitune off the meat rack and macho you’ gonna love it

  • T1 Connect

    Jon make sure your memory card is fotmatted as fat or fat32 ntfs won’t work and create a picture folder on the card and about the apps and internal storage you can’t do anything about marketplace downloads right now but 3rd party can go on memory card. Have fun kid

  • will

    Thnx T1 lol. Now. I. Need. Some. Vid’s

  • Macho

    Good looking T1….what’s wikitunes? And what the cool applications they have so far …you got me hyped lol i can’t wait now lol

  • troyboy334

    @t1 how do u get the accelerometer to work?

  • David K

    Mine died 10 minutes after I turned it on. Neither charger nor USB cable would take. Called up customer service, told that there are no replacement units available, and neither are replacement batteries. Local store (Mountain View, CA) was even less helpful. Was advised to call after November 11. Sent the unit back.



  • Macho

    Wow david that sucks sorry dude

  • T1 Connect

    yea that stinks man bad. i was thinking about that today too. but the accelerometer works by turning the phone vertically or horizontally just make sure the chin is to the right. and macho wikitude is a travel guide app it uses the cam and other hardware to give you info (even pics automatically)about your current location. its pretty nice.

  • Kevman420

    What 3rd party apps are safe? What website? Nice!!!!
    You got that thing pimped don’t you?
    That app shazaam is unreal too
    You try it? I mean it tells you the name of song someone is singing…

  • Kevman420

    @d real sorry to hear that…
    Are all stores in your area sold out?

  • troyboy334

    @t1 ok, do u have to download an app to get? If not tell me how to turn it on.

  • abi g1

    I didn’t buy a phone to replace my ipod that’s just dumb. Idk who buys a phone for a its mp3 player. The os is crazy sick I love it. And the apps are usefull and for who ever thinks that there won’t be any new apps later on are dreaming. There’s going to be a huge amount of apps later. The battery life is not great but its good enough better then the iphone (just by a lil) I seriously don’t no who would need there gps on all the time tho. Bottom line the g1 is awsome. The video player app works good. having to slide open the screen to type isn’t that bad I see it as a plus faster typing. The phone has be out to every one for a day and there’s already haters wow

  • tmofan12


  • Macho

    Does anyone know what exactly was the OTA update for?

  • taylor

    so im happy with the minimal apps for now but what the hell is the deal about paying for them? thats a crock of shit to me. i used an unlocked iphone on tmobile for about 9 months and i never paid for a single app and i got really hyped up about this and now im going to have to pay for apps? why? anybody planning on unlocking and making an installer type free app database for the G1. paying for apps is like paying to get pecker slapped in the face!

  • Kevman420

    Yo I got a question I am sure you can answer…
    If anyone else can by all means please do before I post it in the FORUM…
    I have an after market car charger I used for my Motorola Razor a year or so back…
    I can use that for G1 right? I mean it does the voltage regulation within the device right?
    Oh also I just downloaded every app except for a couple like the banking and stupid closet app…
    I figure why not there free and I wanna test them all for myself.

  • T1 Connect

    @ kevman most electronics regulate thier own charge if the charger doesn’t work with it, it wont charge but its not gonna blow up in ya face plus i tried a rzar charger and it worked including usb to cable box, pc, mac, just about anything usb so your car charger should work but try it at ur own risk.

    @troyboy you gotta download the video player from the market create a video folder on your memory card and put a MPEG video in the folder. after that you can flip all u want. make sure you disconnect ur cable after synching to see videos.

  • Kevman420

    @T1 Connect
    Thanks alot
    I just read that typically, your USB port provides 5v of power and that the normal operating voltage for most USB devices is between 4.75 V and 5.25 V.
    So I am guessing that its the same as long as its using that end connector.
    I’m gonna use it… Is it too late to add insurance… :-P

  • Kevman420

    I mean since its using that connector could voltage output be different? I dont think so…
    Does anyone have an offical G1 car charger/adapter they can look to see what the voltage output is on it. Maybe I can compare!!!

    Thanks Alot!!!

  • Macho

    Taylor there are also applications on the iphone that you have to pay for as well they’re not all free

  • Kevman420

    My bad just saw your using it fine. Is yours a Motorola charger or aftermarket and what is the voltage output if you can tell? Should be same.

    Thanks alot again…

  • T1 Connect

    not home right now cant tell but what forum discussion are you in

  • T1 Connect
  • jon

    T1connect how do you set ur memory card to that what you told me?

  • tvphil

    Has anyone tried using the G1 at a T-Mobile hotspot? I tried mine at 3 different hotspots (one kinkos, 2 starbucks) and I couldn’t get past the login page. WiFi is turned on (works fine on my home network) and I have the $35 data plan and I downloaded and installed the T-mobile Hotspot Connect kit from the Android market before I tried it at any of the hotspots. T-mobile support has no advice to offer, except to try turning the wifi off and on if it doesn’t connect. According to T-Mobile, the login page shouldn’t even appear, it should allow immediate browsing without the need to log in.Has anyone had any luck at a hotspot?

  • Solrac924

    Love the phone overall. Love the screen resolution. Don’t love how I have to charge it twice a day!! Would like to see an onscreen keyboard. Opening it to type is actually kinda fun but I’ve 2 gripes about the keyboard: 1-when typing numbers, my thumbs are barely getting in there. Not enough room. 2- I do NOT like having to hit the ALT key. I liked how my Dash allowed me to hold the key for an ” ? ! or especially the ‘. Most important app i’d like to see is to use it to tether as a modem. Playback of videos would be great too. I can’t believe they left that out. Where’s an notes app?! Ability to delete/edit bookmarks is a pain. Love the trackball when browsing the web. There should be a way to terminate apps. Need to get OEM adapter to listen to mp3’s and charge at same time. It’d be great if HTC would give them for free to compensate for the battery shortcoming, hint, hint. =D

  • T1 Connect

    @john connect your pc to your phone usb style then open my computer and youll see a new removable drive right click and go to format when the format box pops up click file system fat with allocation 16 kilobites or fat32 with allocation at 32 then click quick format and hit start reboot your phone and viola. also by doing this it will erase all the data on your card so might wannna copy everything to a folder on your pc first.

  • Kevman420

    i love how when you just get g1 you comment on dumb stuff.
    After 2 days of playing and after you download the apps from the market place you realize you need a fork with that shoe!!!
    Just got it today huh…
    Now go to forum and read. Then download apps in Market
    Then come back and post…

  • MagentaGlasses

    Didn’t T-mo said they will include headphone adapter with G1 at some point?

  • jdslim

    The G1 does not us UMA so I would assume it will work just like a any other none UMA PDA accessing hotspots.Where you would need to log in. Unlike the total internet package for pda’s I don’t think the G1 data features included free hotspots, You can try logging in with you number and last four of you social but I would call tmobile and speak to someone with the hotspot department.

  • tvphil

    Been there, done that. If Hotspots aren’t supported, why does the Android Market offer the T-Mobile Hotspot Connection Kit (for free)? Also, why would their tech support reps insist that it should work? What I believe you’re confusing my question with, is the lack of support for tethering. That is true, but browsing/surfing at any T-mobile Hotspot is.

  • tvphil

    Follow up…good news, tmobile hotspot now works. I uninstalled then reinstalled the hotspot connect toolkit, then I kept the wifi off until I got to the hotspot and (voila) it worked. This phone is great! I do agree with others, a touch screen option is needed. Hopefully one is coming in the Android market.

  • Solrac924

    What r you talking about? Where r u confused?
    Is there already an app for onscreen keys? No.
    Is there a way to enter an “alt character” in one keystroke? You tell me,
    So they developed a way to tether the G1 to my laptop to get online anywhere? Hmmm.
    As for Video player, it does not cover all filetypes nor codecs. I meant a universal video player.
    As for entering notes, I’m aware of Quicklist, but the list can appear sloppy. I’m suggesting an app to enter “neat” notes using the keyboard. Syncing with Google Notebook would be ideal.
    When I write about “terminating an app”, I’m referring to the processes continuously being run…until you power cycle the G1. They may be sleeping, but never really ended.
    i’m trying to be constructive here. I really hope Android is a success & I’m trying to help. Don’t hate. Perhaps ur rolling a lot more than just on 4/20…u shouldn’t. Pot kills brain cells.

  • Kevman420

    @ Solrac924
    I don’t know what you mean by rooling alot just on 4/20…
    what are you talking about pot for ????
    420 is my wedding anniversary dude
    Maybe you should get your head out of your A S S!!!
    I was sick of hearing about stuff we all know is going to come out… read the post your like the gagillionth person to post same bunk…
    I have high speed internet and could care less about connecting my laptop..
    Buy an aircard…
    As far as terminating an app
    Lets say your right and an app is running wich I find hard to believe as you are comparing this to Windows for some reason I think,
    I have seen no degragation in any performance…

    What yourself pal….

  • Kevman420

    hey @nutsac924

    I am sure the Android Team really values your 2 cents here…

    What a joke!!!

  • T1 Connect

    didn’t tmobile say if you get caught teatheing they have the right to terminate your contract.