It's alive!!!


So while you G1 fans tinker and play and download Apps, take heed that today also marks the official launch of the Android marketplace. Not a whole lot here we didn’t already know, take notice however, the app selection is pretty minimal right now. All applications will be free throughout the remainder of the year and as Gizmodo points out, the big guns ie premier developers will hold off on releasing apps until they can get that money!

So for now enjoy the freebies as we can be assured that a multitude of developers will be still looking to make up for some lacking features. On-screen keyboard perhaps? I know that’s something many of you are clamoring for so hopefully that’s already on the burner somewhere.

On a similar note we’re around 8 hours into launch day, I’d love to hear some feedback in the comments from those who picked up phones today. Do you love it, hate it? Is it everything you wanted it to be? Will it replace a spouse? Are you incredibly thankful its not windows mobile (Viper that one is for you)?

Android market

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