Software update for the G1 tomorrow?


Wow, not a day after the launch T-mobile and Google are prepping an OTA update for bug fixes and “working out the kinks.” I’m not sure if I am impressed by the rapid application of this OTA update or disappointed that one is ready not 24 hours after launch.

  • What does this update do? This update will include enhancements (I don’t know what is termed an “enhancement” and one bug fix that is visible to customers makes all songs from Amazon available for listening (Which apparently has not worked?)
  • Why do I need it? So your device will perform better long term and you don’t have to worry about corrupt files from Amazon. Expect all software updates to be pushed out by the end of the month.
  • Ummm, I didn’t get mine yet. Checking your software version will help as you probably have had the new software all along and were waiting for nothing.
  • How do I check my software version? From the main screen hit Menu > Settings > About phone > Build number.  Look for where it says RC##  The initial release is RC19.  The Updated release is RC28

Expect to be notified via text message that the update is available and you will allowed to accept the update and proceed or be reminded again later. T-mobile warns that this only the first update and its going to be small to ensure that “…updates download, install, and just plain work as designed before we expect them to overhaul your experience.” Great, now where is Pac-man????


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  • Macho

    it seems like a good i order mine today so hopefuly when i get mine it should already come with the update

  • J

    I believe the enhancements is adding PacMan to the console. It wasn’t on mine and I feel completely robbed.

  • laphoneuser

    This is great. Kudos to Google for being on top of this. I expect updates and fixes to be a strong point of this OS, in terms of them coming quickly and with substance.

  • WXman

    A T-Mobile rep. just told me on the phone that you do NOT have to buy the $25 data plan to get the G1. That works out much better for me since I’d like to get my wife one but she doesn’t use GPS, heavy apps, etc. Problem is…if you buy online they force you to select a data plan. Hmm… ?????

  • dave

    @wxman, that rep was incorrect or misinformed. You absolutely do have to get the data plan.

  • jdslim

    Yes customer cares handet upgrade system corrently will allow them to process the oder with out having to update customers plan. Now what they didn’t tell you is that to be able to use the G1 you must have G1 data on your account.You can’t access any of the phones applications until you sign in using your gmail login and you can’t access the googles servers without a data feature on your account

  • SheShe

    Yes! I’m happy it so quick… I hope they allow us to add apps onto memory cards

  • WheresMyG1


  • unknown

    That is correct. The rep told you what you asked. You don’t have to get the internet-addon but if you don’t get it you’re wife will be able to call 911 and that’s it.

  • jdslim

    Corrently aps are only stored on phone. Which isn’t really that bad because most aps are just 1 to 2 megs in size so you should be able to save close to 100 apps before their be any issues.

  • bronxbear5720

    Im very happy that one is published so fast. I noticed that theres a big memory leak somewhere. I dont think they will allow us to add apps to the memory card. Yes i noticed you can use the phone without changing the plan. I wanna see if theres a speed difference with the switch. Has anyone noted a speed difference

  • WXman

    Hmm.. well another issue. Yesterday when I put the G1 in my cart at, it was showing $299. I decided not to do it yet. Today I went in there and put the G1 in my cart and went to check out…and now it’s $349! WTF??? I guess I should have bought it yesterday. Total cost was at $390…guess I’ll be waiting for a while. $390 is getting into notebook PC territory. :o( Ebay prices have skyrocketed today too looks like. Sigh…

  • Juan

    Posting this from my G1…this thing is amazing! I’m happy to hear about this OTA update. I’m bug free so far!

  • unknown

    if you werent bug free on release day i would laugh and point at you.

  • unknown

    also posting from my g1. lmao. i love the browser on this little guy

  • PorkChopSanwhiches

    I love mines! My only complaints are the same ones that most reviewers have pointed out: Bad camera, a bit sluggish at times… other than that, someone give me a spreadsheet app and this will be the last phone I need for a long long time.

    Oh… and yes, the phone looks MUCH MUCH nicer in person than in the pictures. if you’re not sure if you want this phone based on looks alone, then I implore you to go out and see it in person and not be one of those idiots who somehow knows everything about a phone they never even seen much less used.

  • Sun.ny

    Does anybody know if the video player will be added with this update. Since they said the phone comes with videoplayer available in the marketplace.

    I’m posting with my g1 FTW!!!!!!

  • T1 Connect

    Wow I really love this phone this is really good

  • Macho

    @t1 how’s the phone how’s the youtube and do you regret getting the phone holla back my dude

  • BDot


    This answers the question I had about who would handle software updates to the G1, and how would they deploy it.

    I was thinking that you’d have to upgrade it yourself manually like the Blackberry.

    Seems like the G1 just got a lot sweeter…

  • Kevman420

    Well think about it. They probably had a deadline weeks ago to start manufacturing and PACKAGING the G1’s right.
    Well the programmers have all google software classified as BETA so they get a version to the manufacturer to add to units, knowing they will have more work done after launch when they can then allow us to add the patch. To me stupid way of doing business but thats Google Beta for ya… Overall its great and I only hope as one poster mentioned here that the patch has SUBSTANCE!!! I totally understand the Android is open and people can add stuff and it will get better. But I DO think that what they had should have at least WORKED. I mean do the app and FINISH it. IM NOT TALKING BOUT THE OS. The APPS!!! In other words if you make a camera app with very limited functionality at least make those functions WORK. Now if you want to add functionality down the road we all understand that. Like adding the ability to view video and such. This can all be added. But if you have a camera allowing you to take a picture, at least make it work right. I understand other functionality will be added down the road.
    Am I making sense here?

  • g1 lover

    the data plan is absolutely required the phone will not work without it.. and i havent had any bugs on mine and ive had it for about a week now.. another thing.. the pac man game is an application in the market you must install it fromt he market… and the amazon preview songs it plays just fine… great phone

  • Kevman420

    so funny word filter cannot determine A S S correctly

  • dat chyk

    What’s up TmoNews Fam??

    Ha – I love my phone! I actually have to spend some “quality” time getting to know it better (tonight). I am glad to hear that the OTA update is coming so soon since I just got my phone delivered yesterday!! The tips and tricks section in the forum is awesome! I’ve already learned some new things today! Thanks for the info TmoNews!

  • Kevman420

    @G1 Lover
    It is not showing up for some of us in the Market Place.
    Also when I went to TMO store earlier, dude said he seen on another G1 over 200 apps in Marketplace.
    I wonder what he was on…
    Cause I have about 12-15 apps available in Marketplace without looking in last 20 mins and I even reset my phone…
    How many apps do you have in Market Place??? roughly… more than 15?

  • Kevman420

    @ dat chyk
    Ya, there is a learning curve no matter what your technical level as it is a new OS…
    And a very cool one at that.

  • dat chyk

    PACMAN is there now!!!

  • Kevman420

    BTW I have RC19 on mine…
    OK I wont start… we don’t need another 300+ comment post. :-)

  • Dime04

    Im showing 45 apps in market

  • Kevman420

    BTW alot must have happened from RC19-RC28 NO???????
    Gosh as much as I complain this is now new excitement…
    The unknown of what will be FIXED hahaha

  • Kevman420

    I know have 45 but NO pacman…
    Lots of new stuff…
    Apps are coming…
    I guess its just like what happened at the press conference…
    The GOGGLE team is LATE!!!

  • Kevman420

    Just kidding…
    Be back later ya’ll

  • CC rep. KyouKi

    Well I got mine yesterday Using a regular acount on preorder! and looking at the app store i did notice that mine had less apps then other reps that got there early! This should not be a big isssue though if it a bug it will be fix if it not then well google has desided to pull some apps. any how hope we find out soon i wanted pac man too!

  • laphoneuser

    @dat chyk:

    Where is that “tips and tricks” section of the forum that you mentioned? I couldn’t seem to find it.

  • CC rep. KyouKi

    HAHA well right after i posted i read a little more and seen a post stating PACMAN there i juct check and looks like I have 3x the amount of apps i had last night! SEE google owns just had a update with the market place if you notice at top it still states Beta. it will have it days! This phone Rocks!

  • mrcrs

    I’ve had the G1 for 2 days now and my biggest concern about the G1 is the battery life…. IT SUCKS!!!
    I really hope they resolve this issue, or at least address it like apple did with the iPhone when it was first launched and it helped a bit, not a lot but every little bit counts. :)

  • L.Krishna

    okee, dokee. all this fuss about a phone that has no video recorde r, no gps with turn by turn vocal instructions,no on-screen keyboard or phonepad. the picture doesn’t flip when you move the phone from horizontal to vertical or vice versa. and people are looking to put out an amber alert for pacman and calling this the iPhone killer? Mu ha ha ha??? kidding me??? no streaming video???
    apple is moving, as I type, to make that 16 gig masterpiece as opensource as the android. iPhone users don’t have to worry about whether they will be able to store applications on their memory card. understand why pacman went into hiding? the only EDGE this also-ran G1 has over the big I is the appearance. elegant yet rugged vs elegant and flimsy.

  • Will

    pac man is is the app store just downloaded it and played it.

  • Has to be better than my Shadow

    @ L.Krishna

    It will have a video recorder, it does have GPS and who the f needs turn by turn vocal directions, has an on screen phonepad (idiot), will have an onscreen keyboard within a month and I prefer my phone not to be constantly flipping when I move it half an inch

    You seriously must be dreaming that APPLE of all companies will make the iphone as open source as android. Microsoft is more open than apple is… Have fun in your ibasement of your iparents ihouse with your ihand, itool.

  • Kevman420

    @ L.Krishna

    You can’t come in here and bad mouth the G1 over the Apple like that.
    Current owners can chat about future doings. And critique negatively about current workings… You cant…
    Its like being Irish and saying an Irish Joke. You get away with it when your Irish…
    Now get this…
    The G1 is AWESOME!!!
    At least WE can even make our own app and make money if we want too WITHOUT APPLE INTERFERANCE!!!
    You can only DREAM…
    This device is totally open source and you sound like a DILLHOLE to me…
    G1 HAS A FULL QWERTY Keyboard… You have NOTHING!!!
    G1 Has a scanning feature that words cannot say how nice it is….You have nothing again…
    G1 has everything you said it does not…you are reading old posts and right now all apps are available you mentioned we did not have…
    I can Add and remove any memory chip I want… CAN YOU?
    G1 has all that and MORE!!!
    I can go on and on but you aren’t worth any more of my energy or time…
    So take your polished piece of proprietory, garbage mouth, turd, fruit, lovin A S S off this blog…
    And by your name YOU ARE NO GOD!!!

  • Kevman420

    Sorry bout that burst if anyone still reading this posting.
    I gotta say ANDROID is AWSOME.
    Speaking about an OS and what it can do..
    That is simply awesome
    I mean the way texting lists with thread view and replies laid out the way they are is another thing I just realized…IS VERY COOL!!!

  • david

    HUH………….# Will Says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    pac man is is the app store just downloaded it and played it.

    I can not find it………pls either not saying thing OR GIVE LINK….I want PacMan it wasn’t on either of my G1’s.

    BTW, I just put my old SIM in to get the contacts off and “LOW AND BEHOLD” WIFI, INTERNET, GPS, ETC works without the 3G/Edge/GSM working…The G1 is a LAPTOP, Hee, Hee……….

  • Will

    @ david
    i Downloaded it about 2 hours ago. i just went to the app store and checked games out and it was there with a few others that just came out.

  • Persia

    L.Krishna stfu before i crawl thru the intrawebs and shove ur iphone up ur A S S. and u keep talkin ill of the g1 and ill shove my iphone(finally replaced by the glorious G1) down ur throat. man im tired of these applefanboys coming here and talkin smack. SERIOUSLY GET UR NOSE OUTA JOBS’ A S S and ur knees must have some wear on them huh?

  • Jah

    i hope this update fixes aim

  • jon

    one thing that i have a problem with the g1 is the battery life is not very good.. maybe they can update that?

  • Persia


    AND ALSO the reason weve been hyping over the G1 and love it, is because of what it can do for us as a consumer and how it can add functionality to our busy lives. the reason u love the iphone and Apple is because of their commercial and advertising, and the fact that everyone will think ur “cool” if u have it. ur simply an imbecile that has been taken over by the overhyped “APPLELUTION”……. i had the iphone with T-mobile and now i have the G1 and it is much more capable than the iphone… and im not gonna go to the iphone forum and argu with folks there, unlike SOME POEOPLE….yes im talkin about u, if ur too dumb to realize

  • david

    Tx’s Will, I got it! I have been looking for it for a few days now…last time was this AM…BOY a lot of games are now there. For those that are looking, you have to also look in each and every sub-menu…not all like a few days ago…..guess there are to many…same they do not list them in order by name….

  • david

    Battery life depends on a whole list of things. BEST to drain it till the phone cuts off, then charge it for a few hours after the green light comes on (over night). Put the wifi/Bluetooth/GPS/Email on the desktop and click them on when you want to use them otherwise keep them off…all these will give excellent battery life unless you are one of those few (industry normal NOT G1’s specific) unlucky folks who get those .001% bad batteries from the factory – AGAIN NOT G1, as far as I know.

  • D

    Help how do i get the update i cant find it

  • Kevman420

    Hey man has anyone used the PicSay app?
    I have just used it for first time and it is FREAKING AWESOME!!!
    How great is that application?
    Gonna be time for a favorite app to date post..
    Have to put that in FORUM…
    If you have not downloaded it do it NOW and try it out.
    Market Place is filling up and I am sure everyone’s phones will start showing all apps.
    I fonally got Pacman a little while ago and as old as that game is it Rocks and My kids just said that Pacman game is awesome dad… lol
    Everyone in my house loves the G1…
    My wife just asked about a game on tv for ids for holidays and I said hang on, since I sleep with G1, and I looked it up in about 15 seconds… hahahaha
    Wonder how long my wife will allow her in the bed… LOL
    Oh and the patch gets dowmload automatically for anyone asking how to get it…
    You will JUST get it if all works the way its supposed to..
    Imagine that…
    Android IS changing the game!!!

  • Kevman420

    Need spellcheck…
    finally,kids, and downloaded meant on above post…
    You will get patch automatically from what I have been told. No need to look for it…

  • Kevman420

    Alot of stuff is in the FORUMS
    I am just starting to realize how much is in there…
    I am a sloowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww learner…

  • D

    @kevman420 thanx for the update.I can’t wait for them to get skyfire for android and slingplayer for android also i’d love zoom and video recording.

  • John Martinez

    I love my G1, it was worth the long waited upgrade!

  • X

    the gps find my location just worked one time for me..
    aim is not working @ all other then that
    got no complaints the g1 is kicking ass

  • D

    Is it just me or is anyone else sound not playing when u receive an I’M or txt?also how do u save pix u receive in an MMS?help anyone.The gps works great except street views has old views.The streets in my area is showing a store being built but that store is up now.That was during the summer.And it keeps pulling up my a

  • D

    Is it just me or is anyone else sound not playing when u receive an I’M or txt?also how do u save pix u receive in an MMS?help anyone.The gps works great except street views has old views.The streets in my area is showing a store being built but that store is up now.That was during the summer.And it keeps pulling up my location 2 blocks away from my actual location but its fine pther than that.I love the compass mode.

  • Macho

    @d the street view showing old pictures is google not the phone I’ve seen it on the pc as well

  • D

    Oh ok.Is your sound working good when you receive a txt msg cause I’m not getting any sound although its on in the settings.

  • cb5

    How do you save a mms picture msg? I receive but have no option to save!

  • Shawn

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    Any comments that are not productive in any fashion, too negative, insulting, annoying, or inappropriate will not be approved.

    Lets keep the comments positive and productive. Thanks

    The TmoNews Team

  • girafa

    Love the phone!!! I have been having some freezeups though and have to pull battery out to restart. Hopefully update will fix this. Used the live traffic during gps rushhour too, I’m mclovin it!!!!!

  • Rajesh

    I am having Commast email issue (can send, but only shows up one email and fail to load more). I searched the web and seems I am not alone, anyone got it working? How?


  • will

    @ rajesh
    im having the same issues. i cant only recieve emails but cant send any or with attachments cause it says error failed to send. hopefully when this update comes out ill will fix that issue.

  • D

    Anyone no how to stream online stations.
    Example: music?

  • jdslim

    Comcast doesn’t have a designated smmpt server so it is going to be an issue. This issue has been around for years and android isn’t to be blamed for issue. The way Tmobile got around this was by having the customer set email up using Myemail service. I havnt tested it yet but as an employyee I missed my chance to get it so I have to wait until mid november to get it.

  • Armytank

    Has anyone got the update yet?

  • D

    No update yet..Woo Woo,slingplayer is coming to android os soon according to the president of slingbox.Also according to blogs,skyfire is coming to android to.So which 1 comes 1st? Slingplayer,Skyfire or a flash player for the G1.

  • Armytank

    It also could be silver light from microsoft.
    I’ve seen it on a couple of sights

  • jon

    can somebody please help me.. i am downloading applications and im downloading pictures online for my wallpaper and i have a 8gb memory card but it isnt saving to my card it is saving to my phone.. how do i get it to save to my card and not my phone?

  • jdslim

    Aplications get saved onto phone.

  • D

    Anyone figure out how to save pix from text msg yet?I still can’t figure it out.This phone is so much better than my Wing.I can’t believe I thought the Wing was all that with skyfire and my slingplayer.The G1 is definitely the way to go..I sound like I’m an advertiser lol.

  • L.Krishna

    @ kevman420 & persia & HTBBTMS
    I don’t ever allow myself to be dragged into the gutter and I will resist the temptation this time, despite the provocation. I am, after all, the GOD OF LOVE.I will, however, ask your respective mamas to wash out those pottymouths of yours when i’m doing my lovegod thang with them later.
    now,lesson # 1:
    don’t jump to conclusions. it’s a bad habit derived from the misguided belief that you’re always right and everyone else is wrong and consequently, don’t deserve to have an opinion or the right to express that opinion. this however proves just how wrong you can be. don’t know if you can grasp that concept. get help if you need it. I won’t be repeating myself.
    lesson # 2: I, L.Krishna, in all my Godly magnificence, have been a customer of T-Mobile from inception. yes, I suffered through the growing pains of omnipoint, voicestream and T-Mob. I know what it’s like to call customer service to report a problem, wait 45 minutes, get disconnected, call back and wait another hour before getting to speak to a rep. i’ve been with this company longer, obviously, than you’ve existed in this world. that would be a little more than 10 years. i’ve earned the right to criticise whatever TF I want.
    lesson #3: try to avoid gushing and limit your use of the word ‘awesome’when trying to impress others who are skeptical of some device that means the world to you. you come across as being petty, trivial, inarticulate and illiterate. and I don’t believe you are any of those things. obtuse? yep. definitely. I keep forgetting i’m attributing intelligence to people who think it’s ‘exciting’ to not know if a problem will be fixed. not exasperating. not frustrating.
    exciting. and AWESOME!!!!!!!
    now, your puerility is beginning to bore me so let me respond quickly to your absurd assertations and accusations.WTF needs gps. why, that would be all the people who wouldn’t buy a new car that isn’t equipped with this incredibly useful device and all the others who buy and install them in their older vehicles. WTF turns out to be millions of people…all over the world. even you might find it useful when rushing off to indulge in some consumerism. you know that barcode reader thingy is going to make your life so ‘functional’ you will need something to help you navigate from store to store without getting lost. however, you won’t get much functionality from the google maps program masquerading as gps because it can identify your location, within 1700 meters of where you might actually be. i’ve had the same dumb program on my win mobile 5.0 MDA since early last year.
    don’t forget to save energy. turn off your tv before you run out to the store unless, of course, there are other people in YOUR ibasement watching HSN. I would have cautioned you about excessive ‘functionality’ in your busy lives but we need people like y’all to stimulate the economy so SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! and don’t forget to remove the adware that must be living in the darkened recesses of your desktop, you rascally, little price-matcning, price-checking sale-stalking gizmo-buying totally functional shopper, you.
    finally, forgive me for the error about the lack of an on-screen keyboard and phonepad. the model I saw at a downtown brooklyn T-Mobile store didn’t have these features.I hold myself blameless.
    peace out.

  • Armytank

    anyone get the update yet?

  • Sun.NY

    Lol @ dissertations on a Blog site

    @ army Im not sure but somethings on my G1 today the camera has more options the signal increased and the market has amillion apps now so i dunno

  • Armytank

    <ope no update for today.
    Atleast for what I know of.

  • D

    Still no update here and I got the G1 in pre sale.the pre sale supposed to get it between the 23rd and 25th according to some sites.Anyone learn anything new they’d like to share with us bout the G1?

  • deeJay718

    Still no hupdate but Im really praying that this update fixes the instant messenger services (especially AIM) but I love the browser on the phone. It actually beat my laptop. lol

  • D

    What’s wrong with aim.if u want the aim sound u just copy and paste the 1z from ur aim folder on ur pc and save it to ur sd card.then from there you just use extended rings.Hope this helped.

  • julio

    1st let me star off by saying the G1 is AMAZING (as you all know)….i just have a quick question… is it safe 2 download flash player onto the G1?

  • LJAY

    OK i have used the MDA and Wing for some time now and i was a little nervous with moving to the G1 but i did. I like the phone however there are some things that they need to update and do it quickly.

    1. Storage card access
    2. Visual message allert(i mean come on at least flash a light)
    3. add and on screen key board
    4. add bluetooth stereo headset support ( I mean come on now)
    5. let us store our programs to our memory card.
    6. the ability to actually exit a application you launched.
    7. and for crying out loud allow us to sync up with microsoft outlook..who the hell uses google contacts?????

    aside from my few issues with the phone i would reccoment it to anyone thinking about and upgrade. the issues can be easily fixed and im sure they will be down the line. As soon as you get the phone run out and by a new case. the one included sucks its nothing but a pouch and you must put it in your pocket. The battery life is also and issue for people who use the hell out of the phone which most will.

  • George

    I bought one in store today. It doesn’t have the update on it yet.

  • kiababi

    The fone is great hate the fact u can’t save pic from a pic mms have ne1 figured that yet

  • shaun

    i have rc7 on mine are u lot in the us i am in the uk so does that make a difference, buy the way i am very very happy with my g1 it is a sweet phone.

  • mark

    I bought the G1 primarily for listening to music via a Jabra SP700 bluetooth FM transmitter. The phone does not include the A2DP platform. What a joke!

  • Dave

    I recently bought the g1, I love everything about the phone except aim. Aim 2 me is really useful and important but on the g1, aim is awful. I’m about to trade in for a sidekick lx. If only the aim on the g1 can be good as the aim on the sidekicks. C’mon .! Update aim on the G1

  • Terry

    mine says RC30 whats that supposed to mean email me at if you know what it is

  • Hello everyone this for the people that are not sure how to download a pic on the. G1 from the internet. All you do is touch the pic and press till a screen comes out on your cell with diferent options scroll down till you see download. Also when you connect the G1 on you computer you have to approve the connection from you G1 before you can open a screen on the computer.