T-mobile launches the G1!


I think this goes without explanation but today happens to be the 22nd of October! So you know what means, Halloween is only 9 days away, 70 days are left in the year and 14 days remain till the election. I know I know, enough of the rambling, today T-mobile launches their flagship device, the G1. Haven’t heard of it yet? Stop reading and go here, here, here and here. If you didn’t pre-order and don’t plan on waking up bright and early this morning, act now because quantities are limited! Judging by the lines today out of San Francisco tomorrow morning might be a quick sell out.

Remember, if you are one of the early risers who will be waking up early to get your hands on the G1, send pics of your store line to Tmonews@gmail.com and they will be posted to our flickr page!


P.S. Black and Bronze are still the available colors for order, White is still unavailable at this time.

BELLEVUE, Wash.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced the national availability of the highly anticipated T-Mobile G1 with Google, the first Android™-powered mobile phone. The T-Mobile G1 combines full touch-screen functionality and a QWERTY keyboard with a rich mobile Web experience, dozens of Android Market applications, and popular Google products that millions have enjoyed on the desktop, including Google Maps Street View™, Gmail™, YouTube™ and others.

Beginning today, consumers can purchase the phone in select retail stores across the country and online at http://www.T-MobileG1.com.

“During the past month, we’ve seen unbridled excitement for the T-Mobile G1 and the positive impact it will have on the mobile lives of our customers,” said Denny Marie Post, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA. “In fact, among those T-Mobile customers who have pre-ordered the phone, roughly half have traded up from a basic handset, illustrating the leap many consumers are taking to a rich, accessible mobile Web experience. Its design, functionality and value make the first-of-its-kind T-Mobile G1 a truly approachable device for the masses.”

With a fun and intuitive user interface and one-touch access to Google Search, the T-Mobile G1 is the first phone to offer access to Android Market, which hosts unique applications and mashups of existing and new services from developers around the world. Customers can find and download a wide range of innovative applications—from games to social networking and on-the-go shopping—to personalize their phone and enhance their mobile lifestyle. Even better, for a limited time, the dozens of applications available on Android Market are available free-of-charge for T-Mobile G1 users.

“With new, high-value applications constantly being added to Android Market for customers to discover, the T-Mobile G1 is the phone that grows with you,” said Post. “And as the Market continues to grow and evolve, the possibilities are virtually endless.”

Customers can purchase and carry away the T-Mobile G1 at T-Mobile retail stores and select third-party stores in major cities where T-Mobile’s 3G service is currently available. T-Mobile 3G service is currently available in 95 major cities across top population centers. For a list of cities where T-Mobile 3G service is available, please visit http://www.T-MobileG1.com/3G.aspx or see T-Mobile’s Personal Coverage Check tool, available online at http://www.T-Mobile.com/Coverage. All T-Mobile stores across the country will have demonstration devices on-hand and can assist customers with ordering the device for delivery at a later date.

T-Mobile is working to ensure that customers have a great experience harnessing the power of their new T-Mobile G1. Specifically:

* T-Mobile has established a collaborative online forum dedicated to the T-Mobile G1 (http://forums.T-Mobile.com) where customers can ask questions, share tips and get helpful information.
* All T-Mobile retail stores will open early at 8 a.m. on Oct. 22 to give everyone the chance to experience and purchase or order the T-Mobile G1.
* T-Mobile G1 experts will be on-hand at retail stores to demonstrate the phone and answer any questions.

For more information on the T-Mobile G1 in the U.S., please visit http://www.T-MobileG1.com.

Notes: Additional charges may apply to features and services. 3G service may not be available in all locations. Price and availability of device subject to change; taxes and other charges may apply.


  • For T-Mobile G1, there will be a bundle of tmobile g1 accessories online to select from; everything from Backup Batteries to Car Accessories, G1 Cases, Chargers, Cables, Headphones, Cradles, Bluetooth Accessories, and more. The list goes on and on, but basically the primary purposes of any g1 accessories are to add functionality, such as where you can use it and what you can use it with, make some features easier to use, and extend the use of the G1 Android phone.

  • Sanjath

    I got mine today. Mixed feelings. Some things are good, some definitely not so good and some quite missing. I guess there is enough coverage on good things and overall I like it.

    Not good (of course IMO):
    – Opening the keyboard is quite jerky.
    – No automatic display rotation (not sure if it has a sensor)
    – Need to wait for apps
    – Weird thing about yahoo mail, can be pulled only on T-Mo network but not using our wifi. (I guess it is upto Y! to write some app if they want to keep their users)
    – SMS should have been in the dialer.

    Really missing (must fix sooner):
    – After using iPhone/iPod virtual keyboard, I kind of like virtual keyboard as the layout changes intuitively depending on the input type. It is really pain to flip open the keyboard everytime some input is required. I hope this gets addressed soon through some third party developer.
    – Internal memory should be increased.
    – Opening up of the device for battery and SIM card or even microSD card is painful.
    – Camera: not very responsive I felt that iphone had a much better camera than this one.(is it software prob?)
    – Maps/GPS: Need a way to store the current location. I cant see using it as GPS yet.

  • I know the camera has a decent lens, because if you can manage to hit the decisive moment, things can look great and while slow, the autofocus does its job.

    As far as the camera soft+firm (..floppy?)-ware, yea, it sucks. someone has already released an app that lets you adjust color settings and do some silly fun photo stuff after the fact.. forget what its called my dead g1 is doing its initial charge to full.

    Anyone know if the camera firmware is open grounds for developers?

  • BL@Z3

    Im waitin infront of the t-mobile store on 57th st and 7th ave right now its 7:23 there’s no line here so im happy im number 1 around my house there was only a short line of 3 ppl

  • mia

    I got mine and absolutely love it. No phone is perfect. For instance, any new phone thats released is going to have its likes and dislikes. The makers want to see how well the phone succeeds before adding applications and features. The next Google phone might be even better and of course this g1 phone will have different applications you can add. Compare the sidekick to when it first came out to the new sidekicks. The g1 phone is no iphone but it has potential to compete with the iphone. The iphone has been having a lot of technical problems, it has no insurance, it has its own expensive plan etc.. The one thing i absolutely don’t like about the g1 phone is that its only 1GB. At least Google could have had 8GB

  • nasir

    Lol. Ui am waiting in front of my tmobile store it is 7:56 and I am second in line! Lol with my mother lmao! Lol I have been waiting the anticipated release! Lol I will making a review and sending in pictures shorty

  • Galen20K

    Got mine in the Mail Yesterday and its Wonderful only things I don’t like are the Slow camera response and Trying to Take off the Back Cover to reach the Battery is a Flipping NiGhTmare and I am not exagerating One Bit

  • Heartbreaker

    Does anyone know if the WHITE one is coming out?

  • Armytank

    Everyone is just getting it just wait. The more you get a ahng of it the better iim on the edge network in ohio and webpages load real fast. The gps loads fast. I’m really happy with the performance. You can push the camera half way in so that ypu can take pictures faster. Just press it in half way and you will see a green light in the top right of the screen. After you yakwe the picture you caan crop it and zoom in later. I’m really happy overall with the devive. Very solid.

  • church

    Well I’m sitting in front of the store in the twin cities in Mn(the west st paul store 2 be specific) and its a lil drizzly out, there’s no line at all and the tmo ppl are just going around doing whatever they need 2 inside… that’s aite tho I got my zune playing and only 30 mins till purchase time!

  • Armytank

    Sorry for some of the typos. Still getting used to th QWERTY. I’m going from a nokia 6263 with no buttons now I have all thwse butons.

  • Pythagoras

    I will definitely get the G1 – but I am just glad I pre-ordered the G2 so I can get mine early!!!!!!!!

  • mockerfab4

    I really want the white one…so I’ll just wait. ;)

  • HoOn

    I received mine on Monday and so far so good. I have used the iPhone before so I can compare both. I’m not overly critical for what I paid for this phone that’s why I am more forgiving than others. I really like the keyboard on the G1. There is going to be a lot of other software related glitches but thank God it’s all about Android being open. Just remember that this is version 1.0 and Android is just starting out. I can just imagine the possibilities as better hardware is released for Android. ;)

  • Payacito

    7am and been waiting in line since 2am 1st here!

  • Kevman420

    I just got back from big TMO store in NJ.
    No one on line and 2 customers buying G1.
    Combo car charger and case kit was already sold out. What did they buy 2?
    Anyway rep could not help me with much as I knew more than they did. They even asked me to stay and hang out. Gonna post pic in few as I had to RESET my phone as per them to solve my Market place issues as well as POP3 mail issues.

  • WheresMyG1

    Real talk

    The keys are slippery (or is it just me)
    The IM could be better (icons, custom away messages, signing on as invisible are missing) I suppose thats something Yahoo and Aim will fix
    The screen doesn’t rotate unless you slide it up and expose the keyboard
    Some of the apps have been freezing and I found 1 that didnt work
    Battery life is eyyyy
    No video camera
    Camera itself kinda sucks

    Way too many too name. If they could patch up the things written above I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with the G1

    It is NOT meant to replace the iphone, but finally give it some competition which it definitely does. The apps on the G1 are amazing and there are more to come.

    Safe to say that the G1 as well as the iphone are pretty much sh*ttin on almost every phone out there.

    But why is removing the back door of this phone a bit*h!?

  • illuminati

    I am at the dmv..playing with my g1 of course lol..man this phone is great…this morning on my way 2 school, I passed my local tmo store and saw a long line of people…I think they camped out….must have been at least 40 people

  • illuminati

    Passed* y did it sensor that? Hmm

  • Steve

    Drove by the T-mobile store (Dallas) at 8:00a this morning. No line. No one waiting in the parking lot. I could see sales associate and manager discussing things inside. I’ll go back at lunch to test out the phone.

  • illuminati

    Omh p a s s e d lol wtf

  • WheresMyG1

    Correction: The phone is great but the battery is bullsh*t

  • kp

    Is anyone encountering a problem when using the google search box on the g1? When I try to do a search, i get a google page that says:
    The page – http://www.google.com/ap_index – does not exist

  • Reid

    Waiting for my number to port… this is depressing. I can’t get past the initial google sign-in screen at this point.

  • kp

    I had the SAME problem on monday. Go to a tmobile store and get your sim replaced

  • Kevman420

    Ok I had to do phone reset to correct pop3 mail issues. So far ok.time will tell.

  • Lance Romance

    I have had it for couple days now. coming from a sidekick LX i have no problem typing and then chin doesn’t get in my way at all.

    Inability to set custom away messages in im programs along with avatars
    no task manager
    inability to set different themes or color variants
    Battery life is short but it is to be expected from a touch phone like this.
    it is a lot to list.
    Myspace app! (WHERE’S FACEBOOOK?)
    set mpss as ringtones
    web experience
    google maps and streetview
    notification bar is stelar
    3 home screens is a plus
    up to 16 gb accepted on micro sd cards

    there is alot more but i have to go get ready for skool :)

  • Rugar_Rell

    Anyone been to a tmobile store outside to a 3G area, to see if they were selling the G1’s?

  • Kevman420

    I stand correted still having pop3 mail issue and tmobile knows NOTHING about it. Wow!!!

  • Kevman420

    Does anyone know when Android SP1 is coming out? It needs it BAD!!! LOL

  • kp

    Rugar non 3g markets will not have g1’s in stores.
    You can only buy it online

  • Dee

    Where do you find the pacman app to play the game?

  • J

    The battery life isn’t bad on GSM networks with the G1. I could see how 3G or wifi would eat it up. Unfortunately battery technology is a limiting factor for a lot of devices out there. The devices want to get thinner but get more demanding on power.

  • kp

    Is anyone encountering a problem when using the google search box on the g1? When I try to do a search, i get a google page that says:
    The page – http://www.google.com/ap_index – does not exist

  • Kevman420

    Hey all I just got off phone with tmo. I have been informed an Android update is coming out tomorrow and will be patching registration issues and rep said maybe few other things. He said we will get message android is gonna update.

  • Kevman420

    He also told me to shut off 3g and run in 2g to save battery life. Double yikes…

  • Kevman420

    Pacman is no longer available.go figure???

  • Dee

    Boo no pacman that sucks! What a tease!

  • Dee


    Microcenter has an 8gb mirco SD card on sale $34.99 as oppose to T-mobile who is selling it for $79.99. I bought mine at Mircocenter yesterday so buy it before the sale is over…This is in the Chicago area not sure if its on sale everywhere else.

  • Kevman420

    @dee amazon has it for $19.99

  • Dee

    Time to return lol man and I thought I caught a deal, thanks!

  • Macho

    So over are you guys happy you own the g1 or are there any regrets? I just order mine this morning

  • kp

    @Macho The only regret is the battery life. This is my first smartphone so i don’t have anything to compare batter life or anything else for that matter.

    BUT, I do not at all regret getting the phone. I think it’s great!

  • Kevman420

    Overall HAPPY!!!
    Some of the improvements to me should have been addressed already.
    I am going to say something here that may piss people off but its an observation I noticed.
    Even Google Earth still says BETA!!!
    Gosh why can’t they finish something they start???
    Oh and don’t give “Its always going to be beta as their will always be improvements” BULLDUNG!!!

  • JKB

    When will the white one be available??????

  • Macho

    Where can i buy the 16 gig mirco sd card?

  • ZX10R_AC

    Got mine 2 days ago…wondered why it arrived so quickly. Awesome phone. I firmly believe that after 2 days of owning it, it is the finest phone I have owned. Very useful, and here in San Diego, 3g is pretty quick. I still haven’t completely customized it yet with tones and crap.

    One problem…..the phone will go to auto lockdown in what seems like half a second, requiring me to unlock it quite often. Somewhat a PITA, but security is important, I guess.

  • Macho

    @kevman thanx for the feedback hopefully they can fix these issues i hope this doesn’t flop

  • Macho

    How’s the youtube? And the web browser

  • Kevman420

    As far as I have researched you cannot get the 16GB card for under $100 anywhere…
    But the 8GB sells for as low as $19.99.
    I will get the 8GB and wait for 16GB to come down in price once the manufacturers greedy palms release the 32GB thats sitting and waiting for them release until they make money off the 16GB…and so on and so on… :-)

  • will

    you can. Get. The. 16g card. @ buy.com for 80 but as. Of. Now its. On backorder. Thathat is if. You don’t. Mind the. Wait.

  • Randy R.

    At everybody asking about the White G1 more then likely after Thanks Giving.

  • Jon

    Does anyone know how to make an mp3 your ring tone?

  • scoop34

    You have to scroll to the song that you want to use in the music app. hit menu > use as ringtone. So that you know this will change your default ringtone also. Go into contacts to the person you want >edit contact >go down to ringtone and the song you just made available for ringtone will be in the list. Then just go back in and change your default ringtone back to your original selected song. Hopefully this helps.

  • Tee

    Ok. So come out with cool 3g phones, but dont have 3g available to all tmo customers? Just bought a nokia 5310 three months ago. Its not 3g capable. Why? I dont know much about the technology but he they /tmo/ knew it was coming why not make all the newer phones capable of running it? Seems kinda shady and a ripoff to loyal tmo customers. Plus to not have all the bugs fixed before you pay the pretty penny?

  • Romulox

    Got my G1 on Monday & can’t put the dang thing down! Overall, i am probably most impressed with the GPS – heard that it wasn’t all that hot but i used it on the way to work today and it tracked me every step of the way! it even follows my movements inside my aapartment – scary accurate! the browser is great & snappy too, although zooming can’t quite match the iphone multi-touch. connections are suprisingly solid, i’m even getting a couple 3G bars here @ work, WAY outside Austin city limits. keyboard is the thing that is taking the most getting used to for me (typing on it now), and battery life was kinda poor @ first but after calibrating as per a very helpful post on the forums, it already seems much improved! hey kevman, love all your comments.. was that you who posted the youtube vid w/ yer kid screaming @ the end?? Priceless!

  • WheresMyG1

    Is anyone else having the issue of constantly being disconnected from the Instant Messaging service??? Aim and Yahoo in particular boot you off for no reason or say that all your friends are offline and they really arent.

  • Tmo Android

    I was at work this morning for the launch of the G1 and we had about 20 people in line. Overall I like my G1(had it since friday) and coming from a Wing its sooo much better. The battery life is bad but I use it all the time. And yes taking off the back is hard to do, but at least you can take the back off(stupid iphone).

  • thaone&only

    Does this support GSM networks? Or only 3G?
    Well anyways, the people are making it sound…it sounds kinda like a down-er… well just saying..

  • francis

    A tmobile rep hear in miami told me that the white G1 will be availible in november. Can anyone confirm it please?

  • So Real

    this phone has the fastest edge browser ever. those in non 3g areas you will b surprised

  • kdee

    Called customer service, they said white will be available in November, most likely after Thanksgiving.

    I have one on hold to pick up today for $179 upgrade price….but thinking about wiating for the white one.

    I saw the black and the bronze in store, they are OK, but the white looks great from what we’ve seen on internet.

  • MagentaGlasses

    Got mine in Richfield MN couple of hours ago. No lines, plenty of sevice reps in the store. Wow!!! What a great phone!!!! Don’t care much of IM, wish I could delete it of the phone along with some other features. Browser is great. Anyone tried to stream radio??? Most of my fav stations say “Video file is not supported”. An app anyone??? Voice dial is GREAT with numbers, and I mean it GREAT. Not so with names. Not quite enough apps in the market yet. Anybody knows of SAFE alternative sources to get apps? Battery cover seems a little flimsy. KBT is great. Track ball seems to stick out a little too much IMHO. MicroSD cover feels like it will break sooner or later. Overall- no regrets, 9 out 10. Will get 16 gig card as soon as someone confirms that G1 is capable of it (I’ve heard 8gb max).

  • Reid

    The rep at the t-mobile store that I bought my G1 from said I would have dual service until my number port went all the way through.. and that the number port should only take 2 hours max. So I waited an hour with this error coming up every time I try to log in with my google account. Then called t-mobile customer care like it said in the error message. They told me that I should just wait another hour for the port to go through… it’s been almost 8 hours since I was at the store. So I called the store to bitch at them, and the lady there told me that it will take 24 hours for the number to port and that I will have no functionality until that happens. This is depressing…

  • Tyler

    Reid, yea sometimes port overs can take up to 24 hours, sad but true all depends on when your previous carrier decides to let go of your number.

  • Is the monthly payments seriously $80/month for only 300 mins? Wow. I don’t even have 3g access here…. sigh.

  • Checkmate

    Oh by the way, the white G1 won’t be available until after thanksgiving.