Going early tomorrow morning? Send us pictures!


Will you be lining up in the morning? Was the pre-sale not for you and you like the in-person buying experience? To try and take away from the inevitable boredom that results from waiting in line we want to see what you see. Are there 25 people in line with you or two? According to our information a designated “line lead” should be there juggling, telling jokes and giving away animal balloons to the kids all while performing David Blaine like tricks help to keep you entertained. We’re kidding on most of that.

So to capitalize on your excitement and ours we are asking for you, our brave readers going bright and early to be the first to grab a ticket to send in pictures of your buying experience.

With your excitement at being being minutes away from grabbing your very own G1 and no longer being envious of those posting in the forum, send us your images to Tmonews@gmail.com. Here at Tmonews we believe that pictures really are worth 1000 words so we continue in that belief by asking you to send in pics from your buying experience!

Our flickr page will be updated as pictures come into us! View them here.


  • in austin

    guy at my local tmo store reserved one for me, they were taking names, putting em on a list. he called me tonight to confirm. i just have to show between 8-10

  • I went to the Tmo store yesterday with my G1 and they were all freaking out like wow how did ya get ur hands on that :D and the tmo guy said there going to be lining up tonight

  • McBravio

    I got my G1 about 5 hours ago and it’s great!!! All those gadget site reviews were hyper-critical. If you are an average user/tech-geek you will absolutely love this thing! It looks 100x better than pictures and feel great in the hand. My Google account loaded up fine the first time i tried. You will not be disappointed with this phone!

  • McBravio

    One More Thing… My girlfriend has a white iPhone 3G and she’s green with envy since seeing my G1!

  • yozpalang

    I was going to ,till I found out if you live out side the 3G network your T-Mobile stores won’t have it tomorrow and you have to order online or by phone and they didn’t know when you will get it.how ever if you order to night you will get it nov10

  • Niel

    I’m going, but I’m not going to be buying one, I just want to test it out. If it’s funny I’ll definitely take a snapshot.

  • tmofan12

    Does anyone know how to save the android market apps to the memory card not the phone?

  • chickie

    My hubby got his today via UPS and we were told it was on back order and wouldn’t be shipped till Nov 10th.
    He likes it but it has too much stuff on it for me that I wouldn’t use.

  • T1 Connect

    @tmofan12 im tryin to figure out the same thing


    hey im already waiting and i the first in line!!!!!!!

  • scaulen

    @tmofan12 and T1 Connect Saves to the phone only not to the card. You can save at least 100 apps onto the phone since they are supposed to be fairly small.

  • rafiki

    I’m on my G1 right now… best net experience ever… I haven’t put it down for about 8 hours!!!! This is just an amazing phone!

  • T1 Connect

    @scaulen thanks for that. wheeewww now i can sleep i was really worried about that badly.

  • tmofan12

    @ scaulen thanks.!! one more question.. what about using ringtones other than the ones the have pre set? phone is great by the way

  • T1 Connect

    @tmofan12 if you have music in your phone go to the song list and and select a song and press the menu button and go to use as rington, and for the future most of the applications in the phone you can just press the menu or long press the item to get extra options.

  • tmofan12

    @ t1 thanks… one last questions lol… does it have to be on your phone or does can u set it if the music is on the sd card? thanks in advance

  • T1 Connect

    yes you can if its on the sd card. you cant put music on the phone itself. and no the phone doesnt have to be open open the songs tab in the music playe use your trackball to select the item and press menu and select use as ringtone.

  • tmofan12

    @t1 i’d buy u a beer if u were near. thanks

  • T1 Connect

    same here

  • david

    Have the black one and the Brown one….WOW…with some very small improvements this would be the “be-all-that-ends-all” kind of thing…I can not say enough good things to match how much I am enjoying the G1’s……put the invisible shields on so they are turned off right now (until tomorrow ) and I am having withdrawal pain……

  • david

    Anyone get their G1 to connect with either the N810 or laptop…?

  • T1 Connect

    it cant there are no drivers for the phone yet so we gotta wait

  • I went and checked the store @ 4am today… there were 3 ppl there including me. I am leaving for the store again…right now!

  • Payacito

    Been at tmobile store since 2am First in line!

  • Got mine last night. But I passed by a Tmo store on te way to work and it seems like it was pretty busy. Not sure how many phones they got in though.

  • WheresMyG1

    Real talk

    The keys are slippery (or is it just me)
    The IM could be better (icons, custom away messages, signing on as invisible are missing) I suppose thats something Yahoo and Aim will fix
    The screen doesn’t rotate unless you slide it up and expose the keyboard
    Some of the apps have been freezing and I found 1 that didnt work
    Battery life is eyyyy
    No video camera
    Camera itself kinda sucks

    Way too many too name. If they could patch up the things written above I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with the G1

    It is NOT meant to replace the iphone, but finally give it some competition which it definitely does. The apps on the G1 are amazing and there are more to come.

    Safe to say that the G1 as well as the iphone are pretty much sh*ttin on almost every phone out there.

  • NY Certified

    Work right by a Tmo store and it was dead this morning. Went by at lunch and the salesman said they’ve only sold 4 units out of 50.

  • Chris

    We only have 3 stores here in San Antonio and 2 were totaly dead. No sure of the other. Glad I didn’t but it after all the comments being made here and other places.

  • jdslim

    I am not in a 3g area but has anyone seen ads for this on TV

  • Chris

    Nope. they have done no adverising at all in my area.

  • Payacito

    there was a line of 5 by the time the store opened

  • i like the magic tricks of David Blaine but Chris Angel is much better.”,: