Going early tomorrow morning? Send us pictures!


Will you be lining up in the morning? Was the pre-sale not for you and you like the in-person buying experience? To try and take away from the inevitable boredom that results from waiting in line we want to see what you see. Are there 25 people in line with you or two? According to our information a designated “line lead” should be there juggling, telling jokes and giving away animal balloons to the kids all while performing David Blaine like tricks help to keep you entertained. We’re kidding on most of that.

So to capitalize on your excitement and ours we are asking for you, our brave readers going bright and early to be the first to grab a ticket to send in pictures of your buying experience.

With your excitement at being being minutes away from grabbing your very own G1 and no longer being envious of those posting in the forum, send us your images to Tmonews@gmail.com. Here at Tmonews we believe that pictures really are worth 1000 words so we continue in that belief by asking you to send in pics from your buying experience!

Our flickr page will be updated as pictures come into us! View them here.